Climbs 179
Rocktype Granite
Altitude 300m a.s.l

Hamish on 'Right Arete' © andrea83

Recently Re-kindling a fire inside me for granite bouldering. Loads of problems from V0 - V7 and soon beyond! Great work from Sean and the Bodmin Team!
El3ctroFuzz - 02/Dec/12
Yeh, he actual tor above the farm. Little do people know its like the Font of bodmin moor!
El3ctroFuzz - 30/Sep/08
Trewortha Tor? As in, above Trewortha Farm? There is climbing there?
Robfromcornwall - 21/Jan/07
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Just Good Friends Area 
2MerlinE6 6b **1
3Just Good FriendsVS 5a **42
4Bath With a FriendE3 6a 5
5More than Just Good FriendsHVS 5a *2
 Stairway Buttress 
7Aping About
VS 4c 2
8Tone Deaf Brakes Boogie
E3 6a  
9Trewortha Mountain Hop
HVS 5c  
10Blue Mood Monday
E1 6a  
11Stairway to DevonHS 4b 9
 4b Buttress 
13Screw Your CourageE1 6a  
144b Or Not 4b?HS 4a/b 4
 Mentalshelf Buttress 
16MentalshelfVS 4c 5
17Mentalshelf harder start
VS 4c?  
E1 5c  
19Right Side ShowHS 5a  
 King Arthur's Bed 
21TrewellardE5 6b  
22For Chuck Steak, Treehugger
S 4b  
 Eastern End Bouldering 
24Eye, If4 1
25La Baleine à Cornesf7B ***1
26Louche Queue
27Beast of Bodminf7B+  
28Green Cave Crackf4 1
29Left Wallf6A 4
30Wallf6B 2
31Rounded Flakef4+ 19
32Right of Rounded Flakef4+ 5
34Undercover finishf5+ 6
35Super Wooferf5+  
36Short Crackf6B  
37Undercover Traversef6B  
38Snowyf4 5
39Samanthaf5+ 4
40Right Samanthaf4+ 2
 Flake Wall 
42By a nosef3+ 1
43Flake Wallf4 1
44Runny Nosef5 1
 'Twas Filthy Boulder 
46Filthy left hand arêtef4+ 1
47Filthy runnel and slabf5 2
48Filthy arêtef6A+  
49Three pebble wallf5 4
50Filthy right hand arêtef4+ 1
 Opposite Warm Up Boulder 
52Kimf4+ 1
53Shimf3+ 3
54Himf4 2
 Warm up Boulder 
56Pull to releasef5 1
57Screaming Eaglef6A 2
58The Alienf6A+  
59Green Goblinf6A  
60Leftf3+ 3
61Middle of slabf3+ 3
62Slab and overlapf4+ 3
63Jumperf5 3
64Funky Drummerf6A 1
 Undercut Boulder 
66Wringpiecef4 2
 Monolith below JGF 
68Loner Aretef6A **4
69Monolith Left Arêtef4+ 1
 First and Last 
71Easy LHf3 1
73First and Lastf6A 1
 Lost in Space Buttress 
75Lost me nerve finishf6A 1
76Lost in Spacef6B ** 
 Pavarotti Boulder 
78Three Tennersf5 3
79Pavarotti's Nose Leftf4 1
80Pavarotti's Nosef4+ 3
81PN variationf6B+ 1
82Steptoef7A ** 
83Larger Than Lifef6B *2
85I'm Behind Youf6A 6
86This Is How We Dof7A+ **1
87Pavarotti's Backsidef6B 1
 Nice Arse Boulder 
89Elephant's Arsef4+ 12
90Reasons to Squealf6A+  
91Bum Creepersf6C  
92Slap on the Cheekf5+ **19
 Just below Nice Arse 
95Long flakef4+ 7
96Parallel Linef5 6
97Go Prof5+ 2
 Chickenhead Slab 
99Chicken Wingf3+ 3
100Headless Chickenf6A 1
101Peckers up!f6A 1
102Wishbonef5+ 4
103Pouletf5+ 1
104Chicken Lickenf4+ 2
 Mustang & Bobo Boulders 
106Mustangf6C **1
107Braxton Hicksf6C *1
108Richer Than Richf6B+ 5
109Too Richf6A 4
1102 Black Knobs Wallf6A+  
111Bobof6B * 
 Dirty Wall Block 
113Old and Rustyf5+ 2
114It'll end in smearsf6B+  
115Dirty Wallf5+ 3
 Mentalshelf Buttress bouldering 
117Distressed Treef4+ 1
118Hollow flake on topf3+ 1
119Rainmanf4+ 2
120Mentalshelf startf4+  
121Rock Overf5+ *1
122Big Dick LHSf5+ 1
123Big Dickf5+ *3
124No Hawkersf6A  
125Right Side Show start
126Right Off Stagef5  
127Apian Aretef6B+  
 Mentalshelf Buttress Area 
129A Nice Dayf4+ 1
130Work The Shaftf5+  
131Due Eastf6A 1
132Full Moonf6A+ **3
133Beaten To Itf6A  
134Left finger flake leftf4+ 1
135Left Finger Flakef4+ 1
136Finger Flakesf4+ 5
137Left of VSAf4 3
138Very Slopey Aretef6A 5
 Paddy Slab 
140Paddy Slab Leftf4 2
141Up the middlef4+ 2
142Paddy Slab RIght
f4+ 2
 Below Paddy Slab 
144Lovely Aretef5+ 1
 Philosopher's Stone 
146Left side storyf5 1
148Philosopher's Stonef6A+  
149Hurry up Harryf6A+  
 Coppice Boulder 
151Left Arêtef5 1
152Rail to pinchf5+ 1
 Double Boulder 
154Great Bustardf6C  
155Little Bustardf6B+  
156One for the ladiesf5+ 1
 By-passed Boulder 
158Extrasf5+ 1
159Hand Relieff6A+ 1
161Stiff Pullf5 1
162Andy's Stiff Pullf5+  
163Nice Onef5+  
164Groove and wallf5+ 1
165September Sunspotf5+ 1
166Snakebitef6B+ * 
 Druidical Basin Wall 
168Druidical basin wallf5+ 1
 Blood Brothers Buttress 
170True Bloodf7A ***1
171Blood Brothersf6C *** 
 45 Degree Wall 
173Red Admiral Crackf5+ 1
175Perched boulder arete and crackf6A 1
 My Left Foot 
177My left footf6B+  
178Carrock Fellf5+ 2
 Near Solitary Boulder 
180South face arêtef5+ 1
181Slab left arêtef3 1
182LH slabf4+ 1
183Slab middlef5 1
184Feature and slapf5 3
185Foot feature step upf3 3
 Solitary Boulder 
187Up and Overf6A 1
188Sleeping Beautyf6A 7
190Crystal Tipsf6C **1
191SB Crackf6A+  
192Crackf4+ 19
193Right Aretef5+ ***34
194East Facef5 16
195East Face Slab Onlyf5+ *9
196Right of East Facef4+ 2
 Stile Area 
199Sean's Stile Arête
 King Arthur's Bed: Artic Roll 
201Arctic Rollf7A *** 
 King Arthur's Bed: The Blob Area 
204Budgie Smugglerf4 3
206The Blobf4+ *2
207Blue Sky Thinkingf5+ ** 
208Uniform Dawn
f6C+ ** 
209Woman in Redf6B *1
210Pink Ladyf5+ 2
211One Directionf4+ 1
213Ride 'em cowboyf6A  
214Pinback Pollardf5+  
215Thin Crackf5+  
 Fence line Boulder 
217My first Navajo Indianf6A 1
218Zipperf5+ 1

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