Climbs 168 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces S

Crag features
A sport climbing quarry with many great technical wall climbs. Sheltered from the wind and with easy access.

Access notes
Winspit Quarry is situated 1.5km south of Worth Matravers and is reached by a pleasant stroll down a picturesque valley. Park in the main car park, which is situated on the right as you enter the village. The approach path starts down a lane below the village pond.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs - Volume 1 (2012), Dorset (2012)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Warm Love6a *191
3The Skin Room7a+ 6
4Think About It6a+ *242
5Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...6c *69
6Restless Heart6b+ **114
7Any Old Time6b *149
8Bread Knife4a *497
9Post-coital Snooze6a+ *313
10Iron Bar5a *561
11A Different GameM10 **7
12The Chestnut Mare7b+ *14
13SmackdownM7+ **1
14Mini Line6a 152
15Book 36c+ 13
16The Fantastic Mr Faz6a+ 78
17Idiot Village6a+ *222
18Autumn Leaves5c *263
19Flux Capacitor5c *218
20Eromon6c 9
22Inner Sanctumf6B+ *1
23Piss Flakef4+ 1
24Piss Mantelf5+ 1
25Piss Crackf4+ 1
26Inner Aretef6A+ *1
27Steve's Traversef6B+ *1
28Layback No Flakef5+ *1
29Sloping Ledgef6A *1
30Flake and Ledgef5 *1
31Outer Aretef5 *1
32Anthill Mobf6B+ **1
33Bulletproof Bombf6B+ * 
35Free Entre-prises5c 101
36The Genius of S.K.6a 66
37Solstice7a+ **34
38Avenging the Halsewell7b ***124
39Ancient Order of Freemarblers7a **131
40Billy Winspit7b **58
41Peppercorn Rate7a **167
42Smiling Assassin7a+ 17
43So Naughty5a *570
44Insanely Yours6c+ *46
45Jargon Eater6b+ *183
46Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ **431
47I Thought You Had It!7a **56
48Gallows' Gore7a **72
49Red Rain6c+ ***203
50Queen Anne's Men6c **247
51Exuberance7a *167
52Stone Mason6a+ **650
53Hitachi and Girls6a+ 125
547a+ Took Me Lung4c 478
55Resin Devotion6a *531
56Insect Graveyard6b *344
57Know What I Mean Pal6a *662
58Playtime with Playtex6c+ *12
59Tom's Patience4a *1006
60The West Face Direct (wall of death)6a 66
61Tend my Daisy6a *104
62Pump Me Tenderly6c+ *217
63Pump Me Tenderly (Direct start)6c+ *46
64Pump My Daisy5c **81
65Cold Day6b 58
66Anne-Marie Paid my Fee4c 589
67Nine Years Absence6a *500
68Tailwind6b+ **18
69The Vixen Bitch from Hell7a+ *33
71Agonies of a Dying Mind7a *38
72Dick Dastardly7a+ *21
73Korean South Face Route6c+ *6
74Lips of a Stranger6c+ 11
75Fragile Mind6c+ *22
76Card of Hearts7a+ *13
77Chrissy6c **77
78Chick Power7c **7
79Revhead's Hi-roller7b+ **16
80Scott Arms Race7a *3
81First Dazes of Summer6c *35
82Mackerel5a **540
83Stargazy6a+ *199
84Knickerless Crutches6b+ 60
85Premenstrual Princess6b+ 26
86Damnation Game7a+ **50
87Frightened of the Sun7b+ *12
88Disbelief Suspended7b+ **17
89Disbelief Reinvented7c **5
90Disbelief right hand7b+ 5
91Souls of Mischief7c+ **14
92The Pizza Express7c+ **2
93Lunacy Booth7c ***29
94Nosey6a+ 32
95Rampant Love Jugs6b *124
96Plaice a Bolt5a *141
97Fishy Business5c *162
98Silver Bream Machine6c *45
99Gorilla Tactics6c **69
100Flashheart Direct6b **161
101On the List!E2 5c 1
102Rubics HexVS 5a 8
103Hot Beef Injection6b 177
104Birthday Treat5c 273
105The BatA2 *1
107Beyond BurmaVS 4b 10
108Angkor WatHVS 4c *1
109LowestoftHS 4b *11
110Face the MusicHVS 5a **2
111Still WatersD 2
112Dingle DellVD 7
113GoosebridgeHS 4b 10
114TrumptonVS 4c 9
115Camberwick GreenVS 4c *14
116NarcissusS 9
117Echo CornerS 8
118Echo ChimneyVD 14
119Echo GrooveS 12
120Bread and PickleVS 4c 5
121Flying PhoebeVD 5
122GeaVS 4c 3
123HereaboutsVD 3
124Boxing Day Diet PlanVS 4c 4
125''99HVS 5a 3
126Spring HillHVS 5a 2
127Turkey WingHS 4b 4
128Saturday StrollVD 4
129TenS 4a 9
130The MagusHVS 5a 3
131BarneyHS 4b 6
132Corner, Traverse, and CrackS *6
133Immaculate AreteXS 5c 1
134FirstS 3
135NaniVD 3
136CephalapodHVS 5a *3
137Mark's RouteS 4a 6
138Cup Final DayE1 5b 1
139East of EdenE2 5c 1
140Cosmic SwingVS 4c 1
141Sunday JointHS 4b 1
142Uncertain SmileHVS 5b 2
143Beginner's LuckVD 5
144SandstormS 4a 10
145Ceri's RouteHS 5a 16
146TentaclesE1 5b 1
147Co-CoHVS 5a 1
148Bo-BoVS 5a 4
149Can't Touch ThisHS 4b 21
150One Move WonderHVS 5b 5
151ForswunkenE1 6a  
152Alternative EducationVS 4c 5
153InterventionS 12
154Exit RouteD 2
155ChristineS 8
156Grit Your TeethS 4b 1
157Dream ToppingHS 4
158Emmy's RoofVS 5
159Praying MantleHS 11
160InsectitudeS 15
161Who Needs Friends?S 12
162mike's route S 4a 2
163The Gullible Armadillo's Tail *HVS 5a *2
164Pete's KnobHVD 7
165China in your Hands *E1 5b 1
166Tetris *S 1
167Strathcarron *HS 4b 1
168Sectioned *7b+ **1
169Mental Stealth Act *7c ***1
170Happy Feet *7c **1
171New Dawn Fades *7c ***1
172Orange Groove *4a 1
173Dambusters *7a+  
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The cave on quarryman’s wall at Winspit has been turned into a toilet, complete with in-situ bog roll. THIS IS NOT ON. Climbers are the main users of this part of the quarry. There is a toilet in the car park at Worth Maltravers and plenty of countryside very close by where you could bury your shit if you really can't wait.
duncan - 28/Oct/13
We climbed here as a fallback venue as the sea was too rough to climb on the cliffs. I wouldn't describe it as "a superb venue" - the rock was of dubious quality and the routes were good but not fantastic.
Andrew Barker - 14/Sep/10
We climbed here as a fallback venue as the sea was too rough to climb on the cliffs. I'm not sure I'd describe it as a "superb venue" - the rock is of dubious quality and the routes we did were good but not fantastic.
Andrew Barker - 14/Sep/10
A superb venue, with a good variety of routes, Quarrymans Wall is a good spot to catch the sun early in the day then move round to the east facing side later in the day to catch the sun. Post Coital Snooze has a lovely crux move. There is also lots of rocks to jump off into the sea and cool off during the summer sun. Highly recommended. Fact: The original Doctor Who was filmed there.
mammal - 02/Mar/06