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Rocktype Limestone

Faces SE

Sam jumping End of Land © redsteve

Crag features

On the east coast of the southern tip of the isle are two small areas nestling under the lighthouses. Barrel Zawn is a pleasant little bouldering area with some intense and powerful problems on slopers and tiny crimps or pockets above a shingle beach. The beach can vary in height and the problems are at their best when the beach is low. Sector Pom Pom offers a similar style of power-packed routes situated in another delightful little bay with a a frozen wave of gritstone pitted with infrequent pockets.**SEE BELOW** Sadly neither place holds anything for beginners but both are great for a spot of sunbathing or a picnic and are only 300m from the car park. Irate landowner causes problems in summer. No legal reason for denying access but it is still best to keep away. A few metres south of Barrel Zawn is the excellent low/mid-grade bouldering area of Hidden Cove, with several quality problems in the range V1 to V6 above sandy landings.

January 2014: Pom Pom rock has been totally demolished by storm waves. See [Stuart Morris]

Approach notes

Barrel Zawn and Hidden Cove - Park at the main Portland Bill car park (or for free back at the layby). From the lighthouse, walk behind the cafe. The north-facing zawn is found 100m left (looking out) up the coast path just before a large quarried rock platform. Hidden Cove is directly behind the white "building" by the Lobster Pot Cafe. Sector Pom Pom - Park as for Coastguard, in the layby before the Pulpit Inn. Walk down the road past the Pulpit Inn then, at the bend, head left down a private track with the open field on the right. Follow the track around past the beach huts to the cliff-top. Turn left then after 20m follow natural rock steps down into an open cove with a prominent pinnacle. To the left is a fine wave of rock.

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R.I.P Sector Pom Pom, we had a good run.
Joe W-O - 08/Jan/14
There are a handful of good problems on the wall on the 'back' of the Hidden Cove (south side), below the Lobster Pot. Low tide required. See black and white photo of John in the gallery below. Think there's a B+W photo of Alex on one of them in my gallery too. All about V0/1/2, all climbed around the same time as Hidden Cove was developed (2001 ish), but never reported. Also a few extra problems on the left of Hidden Cove (south) that aren't in the CC guide - all sit/crouch start under the sharp bulge and power through to the ledge. See B+W photo of Jimbo in gallery.
Ben Thorne - 21/Apr/11
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Warm-up Wall 
2Entirely at Your Own Riskf5 4
3Liable to Give Wayf3 *3
4No Liabilityf5+ *3
5The Signs of the Timesf5 *4
6The Warning Signs Were Theref5+ *4
7Early Warning Signsf3 *3
8Stinkmataf6A **3
9Iron Curtainsf7A+ **1
10Groove Leftf5+ *2
11Groove Rightf5+ *2
12Writer's Blockf5+ 3
13Block and Tacklef4+ 3
14Blockbusterf5+ *3
15Blockheadf4 2
16Breeze Blockf4 2
17Jenga Masterf5+ *3
18Road Blockf4 3
 Pulpit Overhang 
20Flake Escapef6A *1
21Rock-over Prolapsef6B+ * 
22Sunset Sessionsf4 *1
23Work Sucksf4+ *1
24Earth Shadowf6A ***3
25Analemmaf6B+ *1
26Azimuthf5+ *2
27Winkle Pickerf7A ***1
28Winkle Picker Directf7B *** 
29Forced Widef4 *1
30Easy Groovef3 1
31The Undateablesf6A *2
32Date Nightf6C+ ***4
33Double Datef6C ***2
34Time Lapsef6B **3
35Flying Aretef6A *1
36Bent Pigeon
6c S0 * 
37Clarence6c *1
 Pulpit Rock 
E3 6a *3
40End of the Land...
E4 5c * 
41The Good of Sleep
E1 5a 2
HVS 4c *1
43Edge of Beyond
HVS 5c *9
44Bleating Nincompoops
4c 5
45Rapture of the Deep
HVS 5b **11
46Swirling Pool
HVS 5a *5
 Undercut Buttress 
48Exhibitionismf5 *1
49A Public Spectaclef4 *1
50Roll Up, Roll Upf5+ *1
51Roll Up, Roll Up, Sit-startf6A *1
52Don't Look Johnnyf4 *1
53Tourist Attractionf5 *1
54Curtain Callf4 *1
55Back Stagef6A  
56Exit Stage Leftf6C **1
57Exit Stage Rightf6B+ ** 
 Working Class Boulder 
59Working Class Manf4+ *2
60Twerking Classf5 *1
 Swiss Cheese Wall 
62Cheese Slickf5+ **2
63Many Tentacles Pimping on the Keysf4+ *2
64Reblochonf4 *1
65Emmentalerf4+ *2
66Sbrinzf3 *1
67Gruyèref5 *1
68Schabzigerf6A *1
69Appenzellerf4+ **2
70Bündner Bergkäsef5+ **2
71Mutschlif5+ *1
72Raclettef5+ *1
73Tête de Moinef4+ *1
74Fribourgeoisf4+ 1
75Tilsiterf3 1
76Mont d'Orf4+ 1
77Formagginif4+ *1
78Limburgerf3 *1
 Obelisk Wall 
80Terror Tacticsf4+ 12
81Kiss and Tellf6A *2
82The Poxley Pocketf6B *1
83Penny Lanef4+ *12
84Stake Through the Heartf6A 10
85Ground Hogg Dayf6A 3
86Willow's Crackf4+ **13
87Angel Dustf4+ ***17
88Batarangf6A *1
89Buffy's Groovef5 ***15
90Bladef6B ***10
91Vampire killersf5+ **12
92Silver Bulletf3 17
93Sea Sprayf4+ *16
94Trinity Slabf5 *1
95Trinity Wallf3 *1
96Trinity Right-handf4+ *1
 Boulder Cove 
98Three Blind Spicef6B *1
99Old Spicef6B+ **1
100Five Spicef6C **1
101Twice as Spicef6B *1
102Spice Squadf6A *1
103Naughty but Spicef5+ *1
104The Spice Presidentf5+ 1
105Of Spice and Menf4 1
106Sharpe's Goldf4 *1
107Sharpe's Siegef6C *1
108Sharpe's Perilf5+ *1
109Sharpe's Peril, Sit-startf6A+ *3
110Sharpe's Eaglef5+ *1
111Sharpe's Eagle, Sit-startf6A+ 5
112Sharpe's Swordf4 1
113Sharpe's Sword, Sit-startf4+ 4
114Sharpe's Traversef6B **1
 Promontory Roof 
116Promontory Aretef4 1
117Promontory Groovef3 1
118Little Rooff4+ *2
119Riders on the Stormf7C+ ***1
120Devil Facef7A *4
121Devil Forcef7B+ ***1
122Well Hungf7B+ *** 
123Children of Poseidonf8A *** 
124Hungoverf7B ***1
125Force Majeuref7B ***6
126Hoffman's Proceduref7A+ ** 
127Hoffmajeuref6C+ ***3
128Promontory Cornerf4+ *2
129Promontory Flakef5+ *3
130Promontory Slabf5+ 2
 Lighthouse Beach 
132Fraggle Rockf3 *2
133Uncle Travelling Mattf5+ 2
134Mokey Fragglef4 *2
135Boober Fragglef4+ *2
136Gobo Fragglef5 *2
137Wembley Fragglef5+ *2
138Red Fragglef4 *2
139Gnat's Chufff4+ *2
140Lighthouse Flakef3 *2
141Indecisionf6A *5
142Indecision, Sit-startf6B+ ***4
143Cross Courtf6A **3
144Foghorn Leghornf5+ 3
145Foghorn Leghorn, Sit-startf6C *2
146Guiding Lightf5+ 3
147Keep Your Light On for Mef5 3
148Cold Light of Dayf4+ 3
149Light Clubf3 3
150Miller Lightf3 3
 Cafe Cove 
152Cheesy Chipsf5+ *2
153Carrot Soupf6A *2
154Ploughman's Groovef4+ *2
155Clotted Creamf4+ *2
156Cheese Boardf5+ *2
157Sunday Roastf5 **2
158Light Bitef5 *2
159Crab Sandwichesf5+ **2
160Dorset Cream Teaf5 *2
161Left Craven for Moref5+ 3
 Hidden Cove 
163Keep Your Anemones Closerf6A 1
164Sworn Anemonef6C **1
165Once More For The Cameraf5+ *8
166Cut, It's a Wrapf6A+ *2
167Champagne Breakfastf4+ 1
168Low Bulge Traversef6B+ ** 
169Sponsorship Scamf4 2
170Not Worth the Licence Feef5 2
171Gone for Lunchf4+ 2
172Cube Routef6A *2
173Mr Bicesterf7A+ *** 
174Mrs Bicesterf6A 2
175Mr and Mrsf7A **2
176Waste Pipef3 1
177Skid Markf6A *13
178Guru Petef5+ *18
179Warm-up Traversef4+ *2
180Youth Of Todayf4+ 14
181Loaded Questionsf5+ *15
182Hip and Trendyf5+ 19
183The Hidden Traversef6C+ **1
184The Hidden Wallf6B+ ***10
185The Hidden Nichef6A+ **19
186The Hidden Linkf6B+ **1
187The Hidden Eliminatef6B+ **10
188The Hidden Crackf6B **13
189The Hidden Groovef5 *2
190The Hidden Escapef5+ *21
191The Hidden Alternativef6A *2
192The Hidden Rooff5+ ***17
193The Hidden Jumpf5+ **16
194The Hidden Cornerf6A *2
195The Unhidden Flakef5 *1
196The Unhidden Wallf6A **1
197The Scary Roof TraverseV2 *11
198Buffery's NoseV2 3
199Country File
V0 14
200Marsh Beauty
V1 11
201MarshmallowV0 7
202Adams Triumph
V2 14
 Barrel Zawn 
204Barrel Zawn Traversef7B *1
205Eranuf7A * 
206Uvarvuf7A+ * 
207Barrel Rollf7A *1
208Barrel Groovef6C+ *1
209Cooper Trooperf6B+ *1
210Half Measuresf6B+ * 
211The Barrelf7A **3
212Over a Barrelf6B *5
213Under a Barrelf6C+ * 
214Ramplinef5+ **9
215Corner Laybackf4+ 6
216Deviantf6B 3
217Cornflakef3+ 10
218Hanging Slabf5+ **1
219Hanging Slab Rightf4+ *1
220Barrel Zawn Aretef6C ** 
221The Flake Escapef6C *2
 Mugley's Plain 
223First Aretef6A *1
224Mugley Ducklingf4+ 2
225First Cornerf4 2
226Mugley's Slotf4+ *1
227Up and Overf3 4
228Second Aretef4 2
229Second Arete, Sit-startf5 *1
230Second Arete Rightf4 3
231Second Arete Right, Sit-startf4+ *3
232Rusty Wallf4+ *4
233Rusty Wall, Sit-startf5 *3
234Classic Flakef4 *5
235Mugley's Scoopf5+ 4
236Descent Crackf3 7
237The Good, the Bad, and the Mugleyf5 4
238Second Cornerf5+ 4
239Third Aretef5 *4
240Streaky Wallf6A 5
241Mystery Boltf6A+ 2
242Third Cornerf4 **7
243Fourth Aretef4 5
244Fourth Arete, Sit-startf5 5
245Central Slabf3 6
246Fourth Cornerf3 7
247Fifth Aretef3 5
248Mind the Gapf5 5
249Mugley's Rampf5+ **5
250Mugley's Ramp, Sit-startf6A **6
251Mugley's Crackf4 *6
252Layawaysf4+ *5
253Mugley's Intermittent Flakef4+ *6
254Mugley's Big Flakef4 6
255Head Flakef4 6
256Fifth Cornerf3 5
257Sixth Aretef6B+ *2
258Sixth Cornerf3 4
259Mugley Bettyf5+ 4
260Mugley's Flakef3 *4
261Flake Outf4+ *4
262CH Groovef5+ *2
263CH Groove, Sit-startf6A+ *2
264Mugley's Ribf6B+ *1
265Mugley's Rib, Sit-startf6B+ 2
266Mugley's Groovef6A *2
267Mugley's Groove, Sit-startf6A 2
268High Edgef5+ *1
269High Edge, Sit-startf6B *1
270Mugley's Wallf5+ *1
271Mugley's Wall, Sit-startf6A *1
272Seventh Aretef4 *3
273Mugley Uggf4 2
274Eighth Aretef5+ *2
275Mugley As Sinf3 2
276First and Lastf5 *2
 Deep Zawn 
278White Pony
V2 9
279The World's Best Mono
V5 *5
280Salty Sea Dog7a+ **1
281Sugar Daddy
7a+ *27
282All Things Being Relative
6a+ 67
6a+ 38
284The Red Crane Traverse
5a **169
285Red Crane Wall
6a 52
286Wall of Squares
6a 57
 Red Crane Wall 
288Red Crane Groovef5 1
289Red Crane Groove, Sit-startf6A 1
290Red Crane Arete Leftf6B **1
291Red Crane Arete Left, Sit-startf6C+ **1
292Red Crane Aretef6A **1
293Red Crane Arete, Sit-startf6B+ **1
294Red Crane Flakef5+ **1
295Red Crane Flake, Sit-startf6A ***1
296Red Crane Eliminatef6A *1
297Red Crane Eliminate, Sit-startf6B+ **1
298Red Crane Cornerf3 2
299Red Crane Notchf4+ *1
300Red Crane Notch, Sit-startf5+ 1
301No Notchf5+ *1
302No Notch, Sit-startf6A *1
303Red Crane Crackf4+ *1
304Red Crane Crack, Sit-startf5+ *1
305Stepped Aretef3 *1
306Stepped Arete, Sit-startf4 *1
307No Aretef3 *1
308No Arete, Sit-startf6A *1
309Wide Groovef4 *1
310Wide Groove, Sit-startf6A *1
311Right Wallf6A 1
312Right Wall, Sit-startf6B+ 1
313The Pacifierf4+ *1
314The Pacifier, Sit-startf6A **1
315Moment in Timef3 *1
316Chronostasisf5 *1
317Maniaf4+ *1
318Dissociative Amnesiaf3 *1
319Parallax Shiftf4+ 1
320Temporal Vortexf4 *1
321On European Timef3 *1
322Losing Timef3 1
 Hardy's Corner 
324Slopey Traversef6A ***1
325Left Wall Traversef6A+ **1
326Full Traversef6B+ **1
327Magic Carpetf6A 1
328Ninety Degreesf4+ **1
329Set Squaref5+ *2
330Le Crunchf6A *1
331Hardy's Cornerf3 *2
332Parallelismf6A *1
333Pythagorasf6A *1
334Hardy's Wallf5 *1
335Hardy's Crackf4 **1
336Brutal Hardyf6B *1
337Hardy Laid Backf6A+ *1
338Melting Pointf5+ *1
339Right Wall Traversef6B+ *1
 Little Zawn 
341Against the Clockf5+ *1
342The Keyf6A 1
343Meter Revengef6A+ *1
344Zero Tractionf6A *1
345Amphidromic Systemf6A *1
346Tide Linef4+ *1
347Storm Surgef6B+ 1
348Salt Water Intrusionf5+ 1
349Nadirf6A+ *1
350Zenithf6A+ *1
351Syzygyf6A 1
352Apogeef5+ 1
353Perigeef5+ *1
354Ebb and Flowf4 *1
 Pom Pom Beach 
356Nemean Lionf4 1
357Lernaean Hydraf5+ *1
358Golden Hind of Artemis.f6A+ **1
359Erymanthian Boarf5+ *1
360Augean Stablesf4+ **1
361Stymphalian Birdsf4+ 1
362Cretan Bullf4+ *1
363Mares of Diomedesf6A 1
364Girdle of Hippolytaf6A+ **1
365Geryonf6A *1
366Hesperidesf3 *1
367Cerberusf4+ *1
 Sector Pom Pom 
369El Scorchio6c *1
370Maximum Grrr...7b * 
371The Favourite GameVD 2
372L'Eau Profile7c * 
373Private Dancer6b  
374Jug City4a 1
375Jugalicious3 3
376Matt's Dilemma3 14
377Games Without Frontiers4a 7
378The Dog's Bollocks6a 10
379Time and Tide4c 6
380Thirty Years Young
E3 6b 1
381Burbage Belle7c * 
382The Big Blue7c+ **1
383Ninth Wave7a+ *3
384Zimmerframe with Attitude7c 1
385The O'lympets6c+ 1
386The WavebandV9 ***2
387Honorary Froggatt7b+ *1
388Pocketful of Shells7b 2
389A Girl of the Limberlost6b 1
390The TemptressE1 6a 2
391Island SpellVS 2
392Flake CrackD 2
393The Huts Have Eyes6a+ 2
394Somewhere West of Laramie6a+ 1
395Not in Kansas Anymore6a+ 2
396MermaidD 2
397Beautiful LosersVS 1
398Hidden in ReverseV1 1
399Portland's Heel *f6A+ 1
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