Kangaroo Point

Climbs 293 – Rocktype Ignimbrite – Altitude 5m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
Kangaroo Point is located in the heart of the city on the south bank of the Brisbane River. The main cliff, which forms the wall of an old quarry, is approximately 600 meters long and 20 meter high.

This is an immensely popular venue owing more to its convenient location than the picturesque nature of the rock. Manny of the routes are bolted with carrot bolts since there is a distinct lack of natural protection.

At night the cliffs are flood lit with an array of massive sodium vapour lights which makes for a truly beautiful sight from on or across the river and permits climbing at all hours.

Kangaroo Point Rock Climbing Guide (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Pommy Bastard20 5
2Dirty Situations16 *3
3Untouched16 3
4Tigers Eye17 3
5Pre Menstrual Tendons22 1
6Lost In Space17 4
7Malcontent14 2
8Kiwi20 1
9Tiger Stripe16 4
10Pterodactyl (D)17 **4
11Pterodactyl18 **6
12Socketh It Unto Me18 2
13Tombstone Row15 2
14Pass The Bosch17 **5
15Arrow19 2
16Cox's Overhang17 *4
17Bridal Party19 1
18Bubonic Man19  
19Moonlight Dilema10 *1
20Dysentery DF19 * 
21Gynecology19 * 
22After The Gold Rush20 **1
23Crossed With No Name V20 ** 
24Lesbian Printshop Workers22 ***4
25Far Out Brussel Sprout19 * 
26Juice20 ** 
27Chip-a-Hold-Away22 ***5
28Cucumber Castle23 ***3
29Gangbang Wall23 **1
30Brisbane Bitter24 ***3
31Bottle Stopper15 2
32David Mac15 *1
33Insomnia15 1
34Radioactive Cheerio15 1
35Wrinkled Welsh Weenies15 * 
36Blood Oath16 *1
37Wounded Knee18 **1
38Idiot Wind21 **6
39Rear Entry21 ** 
40Crimes & Mis...22 ** 
41Fowl Deeds In The Cookhouse22 ***2
42Ode To The Lesser Breasted Droopy Nippled Screeching Wood Duck24 ** 
43Gobble22 ** 
44XXXX25 **3
45Wages Of Fear24 ***1
46Be A Robot For Jesus26 *** 
47Hanger WallA1 *1
48Magic Carpet RideA1 *1
49Short Stack *13  
50Crap Corner *15  
51Earth to Stella *21 * 
52A Quickie Before Dinner18  
54More Bolts Than metres25  
55Web *17  
56Brickie's Butt Crack LHF *18  
57Brickie's Butt Crack RHF *18  
58Brickie's Butt VS-LHF *13  
59Brickie's Butt VS-RHF *13  
60Plumber's Bum *23 * 
61Snake in the Grass *20 * 
62Olos VS *17  
63Olos VF *19  
64Olos *15 1
65The Olos Slab Unchipped *26 *** 
66The Olos Slab (pre 2000) *25 *** 
67The Olos & Crimes Connection *23 ** 
68Crimes and misdemenders *22 ** 
69Surrender *19 ** 
70Sa-raie *23  
71Love Hurts *23 *1
72NUT *19  
73Wrath of Grapes VF *19 ** 
74Wrath of Grapes *17 *2
75G & M's Climb *22 **1
76Samson's Pillar *16 1
77Saul and Dave's Excellent Adeventure *22 ** 
78Gynaecology *19 *1
79Postmodernist Blues *20 **1
80Zac The Printshop Worker *20  
81Zac *20 1
8232A *20 1
83Crossed With No Name V *20 ** 
84Crossed With No Name *22 * 
85Chubba Chipsm)ods Start *V1  
86Chubba Chipsm)ods *19 *** 
87Robbie's Robust Runners VF *16 * 
88Robbie's Robust Runners16 * 
89Robbie's Robust Runners DS21  
90After the Gold Rush20 ** 
91Juice20 ** 
93Wounded Knee18 **1
94Burning Fragment21 * 
95Nightfell13 *1
96Mank mistress18  
97Pass the Bosch17 **2
98Vegemite17 1
99Prickles20 ** 
100Radioactive Cheerio D19 *1
101Radioactive Cheerio15  
102EGO LHV18  
103EGO23 * 
104Silly or Serious19 * 
105Dream Killer21  
106Halva16 ***6
107Kiwi20 * 
108Kiwi RHV20  
109Another Faustian Dilemma23 ** 
110Another Faustian Dilemma LHV18 * 
111Another Faustian Dilemma RHV21 *1
112Salt Sity Waltz15 1
113The BulgeV1  
114Tiger Stripe15 * 
115Tiger's Tail14 5
116Tiger Eye17 * 
117Slippery When Wet17 *1
118Wind in the Willows15 *1
119Crap14 *1
123Dirty Situations16 * 
124Saturn Return19 * 
125Insomnia15 *1
126Gungle Gim14  
127Gungle Gim Right12  
129Stephen's Eyeful Tower14  
130Bottle Stopper15 2
131Street Ruffians15  
132Slow Cure17 1
133Standing Room Only16 3
134Without Council Approval16 1
135Slime Fresh16  
136David Mac15 2
137Cornflake Crack14  
139The Hyena's Heinie VS14 1
140The Hyena's Heinie13 3
141The Lemur's Femur14  
142The Trad Rebellion13 1
143The Bee's Knees16 1
144The Duck's Nuts14 2
145Date Anatomy12 4
147Ring Around the moon 16  
148Lost in Space17  
149Pre Menstrual Tendons23 1
150Froth22 *1
151Keepings Off20  
152Arrow19 * 
153Blue Veined Custard Shooter20  
154Valve Replacement Technicians20  
155Far Out Brussel Sprout20 *2
156Move Over Brussel Sprout20 *2
157Mr Plow19  
158That Boy Needs Therapy14 2
159Manacubus19 *1
160Drill HoleV1  
161Plunging for Mudbunnies19 *1
162Around The WorldV1  
163Tuesday Afternoon Walk16 1
165Frontier Psychiatrist16  
166Eddy Goes To Gay Bars P117  
168Pink Berets21  
169Bouncy Castle23  
170Busted Xylophone22  
171Pommy Bastard20 1
172ExterminatorV3 1
173The Rasp21 1
174Dolerite Dreaming21 1
176Bombadil17 3
178Tombstone Row15 *2
179Alien Sex Fiend21 * 
180Eddie Goes to Gay Bars19 * 
181Idiot Wind Low TraverseV1  
182Idiot Wind High TraverseV3  
183Idiot Wind DS21 **1
184Idiot Wind21 **2
185Sounds of Silence22  
186The Stoats Stepped Out21 **1
187Socketh It Untome V18  
188Socketh It Untome VF19 1
189Socketh It Untome18 *1
190Mission Impossible VF19 *1
191Mission Impossible17 *2
192Another Girl Another Planet21 *1
19342 Wheels24 * 
194Nic Chips Diffs24 ** 
195Dysentery DF19 *2
196Dysentery17 *4
197Bubonic Man19 1
198Bridal Party19 1
199Wedding Crashers21 * 
200Stemming the Void20  
201Exhilarant17 *2
202Hanger Wall Arete22  
203Gangbang Wall DS23 * 
204Gangbang Wall23 **1
205Bitter Gang Bang23 *** 
206Hanger WallA1  
207Brisbane Bitter24 **1
208Brisbane Bitter24 ***1
209XXXX25 ** 
210Chippers-XXXX link25 ** 
211Slippery SlabV2  
212Chip-a-Holdaway StartV1  
213Chip-a-Holdaway23 ***1
214Anonymous14 3
216Anonymous Arete19 1
217Bloody Oath Arete16  
218Bloody Oath RHV16  
219Bloody Oath16 2
220Stoats Clips Bolts18 1
221Punks in the Gin24 * 
222Euthanasia21 * 
223Euthanasia V22 * 
224Pterodactyl D17 1
225Pterodactyl18 1
226Heap of Shit20  
227Honed and Buffed24 * 
228Wages of Fear24 *** 
229Cucumber of Fear24 * 
230Cucumber Castle23 ***2
231The Big TraverseV1  
232BARFJ Traverse V3  
233Be a Robot for Jesus25 *** 
234The Sinister Pathway27 *** 
235Be A Robot For Jesus26 *** 
236Moonlight Fantasia VF18  
237Moonlight Fantasia V18 1
238Moonlight Fantasia19 *2
239Bufo Marinus TraverseV6  
240Bufo Marinus DF25 * 
241Bufo Marinus25  
242By Ignorance VF12 1
243By Ignorance13 1
244By Ignorance RHV17 1
245Ground Point Zero25 * 
246Squawk22 * 
247Gobble22 ** 
248The Bolting Gestapo19 * 
249Adam's Rib DF16 1
250Adam's Rib14 1
251Adam's Rib DS18 1
252Dollarman24 * 
253Pig City24 * 
254(Unknown 1)2  
255Pocket Calculator29  
256Pocket Calculator RH Variant-117  
257Pocket Calculator RH Variant-214  
258Crud Corner8  
259Wrinkled Welsh Weenies15  
260Bird Dance for Shiva23  
262Steaming Wally26 ** 
264Nic Pic Dics23  
265Responding to Purely Rabito20  
266Responding to Purely Rabito17  
268Stone Hinge10  
269Diagonal3 1
270Slippery Dip10  
272Play School11 *2
274Cloak of Darkness13  
275Offal6 1
276Moonlight Dilemma10  
277Arete13 1
278White Dopes on Punk21 * 
280Cox's Corner8  
282Finger Pop18  
283Cox's Overhang17  
284Cox's Diagonal14  
285Piles22 **1
286Rankin's Rape VFV2  
287Rankin's RapeV0  
288Cox's RapeV1  
289Cox's Edge13 * 
290Short Wall RHV16  
291Short Wall16  
292Keep the Wasp Off the Tiger19  
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This is a very popular cliff!!! Situated by the river in the heart of brisbane. It is used mainly in the evenings by the public and lots of groups as it is flood lit until 3am...so may involve queing at times. Mostly quiet in morning and around mid day. it also gets ALOT of sun in the afternoon! (Most people ue it as a top rope venue. Mainly sport.) Some trad available but do so with caution!
Graeme J Glover - 14/Jan/10
i the middle of brisbane, good bouldering on slipperry rock, not very busy when i was there, the river at the bottom, lovely place for a sunday pic nic
brixton climber - 06/Mar/08