Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)

Climbs 267 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 29m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features

Quarried limestone, generally sound. Protection tends to be sparse. Wall is a real sun trap allowing for year-round climbing. Mainly multi-pitch routes up to about 90 metres. In the summer, escape up to the Downs and the waiting ice cream van.

Approach notes

Either scramble down from the Downs, or park the car at the car park at the bottom of Sea Walls, straight off the A4. There have been problems in the past with travellers residing in the car park stealing gear and vandalising cars.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs - Volume 1 (2012), West Country Climbs (2010), Avon and Cheddar (2004), Avon and Cheddar (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2The Halcyon Days of the BourgeoisieE2 6a 14
3Spool to TapeE1 5c 11
4Quietly ConfidentE2 6a 1
5Hard LabourE1 5a 3
6AasvogelVS 4c 12
7Curtain CallE2 5c 3
8WintersolE2 5b *52
9Stage FrightE2 5c 3
10DesecratorHVS 5a *156
11KlibE4 6a 2
12Castillos des ArenasE3 5c  
13Chalk and CheeseE4 5c 1
14The BilkE4 5c *16
15The BlikE3 5b **59
16Men of the WorldE5 6a 4
17Urban GorillaE3 6a *12
18Unknown WallVS 4c **293
19Unknown SlabE2 5c 1
20The Orang Outang out of Jungle BookE3 6c  
22RecklessE4 6a 1
23This Flight TonightE5 6a  
24DragonE3 5c **20
25The Real St WerburghsE4 6b/c  
26Unknown PleasuresE6 6b **2
27Unknown Pleasures (Final Pitch)E3 5c ***3
28Amanita MuscarinaE4 6a ***48
29Psychopath WayE6 6b * 
30Hammer HorrorE5 6a **7
31Yellow EdgeE3 5c ***148
32Quip U for LeisureE3 5c 2
33Captain SwingE3 5c **41
34The HaystackE3 5c *11
35The Imploding GalaxyE5 6a/b * 
36Was It You?E7 6c **6
37It Wasn't Me7c **2
38Tour de FranceE6 6b **6
39Duncan Goes to ClevedonE4 6b *1
41Unknown GullyVS 4c 20
42Take FiveE1 5b 7
43Hang TenE2 5c *9
44Smog of ThingsE5 6b * 
45The PusherE2 5b 8
46New HorizonsE3 5c **78
47SuperstitionE5 6a 2
48Poked OffE6 6a 3
49Hocus PocusE4 6a **39
50Conjuring TrickE5 6a 2
51CatholicsE1 5b *16
52M2E1 5b *183
53M1E1 5b **312
54Motorway MadnessE4 6a *18
55Electra GlideE4 6a *9
56Ladder of DesireE3 5c ***121
57Cuban EyesE5 6b *7
58The Rebel YellE5 6b 1
59Pigeon's NestE3 6a 26
60Crown of ThornsE7 6c 1
61I'm 55E6 6c *2
62Non-stickE2 6a 13
63The Enchanted GordonE6 6c *3
64Slap StickE3 6b 5
65Jimmy LoweE5 6c 1
66Make It Up as You Go AlongE2 5a 1
68Zero OptionE5 6b * 
69Level HeadedE7 6c * 
70AltostratusE4 5c *1
71Hot Air/Chasin' the DragonE2 5b *10
72Bop till You DropE3 5c  
73Red Hot and Chaffeur DrivenE4 5c 1
75Straight and NarrowE5 6a  
76ThemE3 6a ***116
77Keep on GoingE4 6b  
78Already GoneE6 6a *8
79Solar PowerE5 6b **11
80Slender NorrisE5 6c 7
81Big WednesdayE4 6b 9
82New Horizons IIE2 5c **315
83An Illusion of LoveE6 6b 1
84Lost IllusionsE5 6b **34
85Bold as LoveE6 6b **20
86MirageE3 6a **144
87RaindoctorE5 6b  
88Arms RaceE4 5c ***176
89Living on the SkylineE7 6c  
90Street LifeE5 6b 6
91The PoliceE5 6b  
92High ProfileE6 6b  
93Low ProfileE5 6b ***43
94Stayin' AliveE4 5c *6
95UsE2 5b *119
96Flexi-timeE3 5c 3
97Shake-timeE7 6b 1
98What about Me?E2 5b 40
99Um BongoE6 6c *10
100Rancho CucamongaE3 5c *173
101All Hail the Underdog.E5 6a 2
102BansheeE2 5c *284
103ChocoholicE5 6a 3
104Big BerthaE1 5a 3
105Who Me?E2 5a 29
106The Prince8b 9
108Pilgrim's ProgressE6 6c 2
109Sex Symbol for BuntyE6 7a 2
110The Metaphysical FlakeE5 6b 1
111For RichardE1 5a 6
112My AncestorsE4 6a 2
113Nuts in MayE5 6b  
114Dark CrystalE3 6b 8
115Statement of YouthE6 6c 1
116Slippery PeopleE3 6b 3
117CalcinogenesisE4 5c 3
118Dirty Stop OutE3 6a/b 1
119Vertically LimitedVS 4c 2
120Irish GirlE4 6b 1
121Death by ChocolateE4 6c  
122In Loving MemoryE5 6b  
123Dead Dreams Fly FlagsE5 6b  
124The Howling TombirdVS 4b 3
126Kitnova ParkHVS 5a 1
127The Minute WaltzE6 6c 1
128ErosVS 4b 6
129PathosE4 6a 5
130AresE5 6c 1
131Academic8a 44
132Senile DecayE2 5c 1
133Mellow YellowHVS 5a 1
135Happy 'cause I'm Going HomeHVS 5a 1
136Serenity CrackE1 5a 3
137Fit to DrottE5 6a  
138EarthmoverE2 5b 1
139HymacE3 5c  
140JCBE3 5c  
141Eric ExsykesE5 6c 1
142Hatti JacquesE2 5c 5
143Sod's LawE5 5c 1
145EntrailHVS 5a 28
146Just Searing Away7b+ *11
147Oil on CanvasE3 6a 11
148Eleven Years OnE3 6a 7
149The PactE5 6b  
150ThanatosHVS 5a *55
151IntestinesE4 6b 4
152One Rawl for AllE3 5c *36
153Cause without a RebelE2 5b 3
154Midnight ExpressE6 6a **11
155To Be Is Not to BoltE7 6b 10
156Train in the DistanceE6 6c 1
157Tunnel VisionE4 6c 10
158The Housing (Cave Dwellers) Act 1000 BCE4 5c 10
159The BeatE5 6b 5
160Starless And Bible BlackE5 6b *1
161Small or NothingE5 5c *6
162Whizz for AtomsE4 6a *5
163ParadiddleHVS 5c 6
164Done Years AgoE2 5c 4
165SlurpHVS 4b 22
166Lost AtomsE5 6a 4
167The Melancholy of DepartureE5 6a  
168WretchE2 5a 9
169S'All OverE4 5c 4
170PukeHVS 5a *145
172Particlesf6C+ 6b 3
173Hurts18 * 
174The Cover UpE5 6b 1
175Indecent ExposureE2 5c *37
176Wobbly BitsE4 5c 1
177The TremblingE5 6a 1
178Shakin' All OverE5 6b 1
179TremorsE5 6b 2
180False AlarmsE3 6a *8
181Gold StarE3 5c 10
183Quick FlashE5 5c 2
184The Featherless BipedE4 6a **11
185Hugh's GrooveE1 5a **9
186Bisector wallE4 6a 3
187Exterminating AngelE3 5b *15
188Who's Wall?E4 6a *10
189Defining LimitsE6 6c *2
190Terror FirmaE5 6a *1
191Comic ReliefE2 6a 9
192Pongo Sid ChilliE3 6a 2
193GronkVS 4c **652
194MorpheusHVD **839
195BastardizedE5 6a 1
196Death or DishonourE4 5c 5
197Exterminating 5b LeadersE3 5b 2
198SleepwalkS 4a **639
199MobiusHVS 4c 37
200NightcapHVS 5b 40
201Nitecap startV1 21
203Pants ChoiceE1 6a 7
204'King ChoiceE2 6b 6
205For....V4 57
206PG TipsV6 6a/b 2
207The Arete problem.V6 51
208The Squirrel's Heartf7B+ *2
209The Arete Problem SDSV7 *6
210Crystal TipsV8 6
211Most ChoiceE2 6b 21
212Choice Traversef7A 4
213Connoisseur's ChoiceE2 6b 84
214Connoisseur's SDSf7A+ 2
215Punk's ChoiceE5 6c 4
216Critic's ChoiceE5 6b *28
217The Tin DrumHVS 5a 21
218OscarE3 5b 7
219Ffoeg's FollyE2 5c **201
220Ffoeg's Folly (first pitch only)HVS 5a 118
221Coyote UglyE2 5c 2
222Last ChanceE4 6b 4
223Last SlipE3 5c ***66
224Last Slip direct startE3 5b 46
225Starfish IntersectorE4 6a 4
226Operational ReasonsE1 5a 13
227Shits and GigglesE7 6c 1
228GymslipE4 6b 31
229Gymslip traverseV3 7
230Every Smile You FakeE6 6b 2
231Fast GripE2 5b *74
232Vulcan Death GripE4 6a 2
233Chameleon FeetE4 6b 2
234Pins and NeedlesE7 6b/c 1
235Slow MotionMVS 4b 5
236NightmareS 4a **718
237Nightmare (Direct Finish)VS 4c 51
238One Scream's Enough7c *10
239One Scream's Enough Direct7c+ 1
240EdgemasterE6 6b ***7
241PadansacE2 5c **187
242Just SoE5 5c *15
243The Quiet MindE7 6b 7
244Solution PollutionE5 6a 10
245Feed Your Head EclipsedE7 6b 2
246Partial EclipseE4 6b/c *14
247StretcherE3 6c 3
248SimianHVS 5a *276
249Humdinger JuryE4 6b 3
250DaydreamVS 5a *323
251Hi, how are youVS 5a *6
252ZebedeeHVS 5a 40
253Don't SlipE5 6a *30
254The Aardvark and the FerretE6 6b 20
255SOSE4 5c 53
256SyphS 272
257Idleburger ButtressVD *496
258Smoove GrooveE6 6a *47
259The Independent RouteE7 6b 12
2605b GrooveE3 5b 83
261Floating VoterVS 4c *364
2625b WallE3 5c 81
263RG Traversef6B+ 6
264JasperHVS 5b *230
265Jumping CarrotsVS 4b 160
266CasperVS 4c 2
267Jumping BeansS 18
269Flash Gordon's Trip to MarsE4 6a 16
270anorexic little weirdoE1 5C 16
271The Bulimic FinishE1 5c 5
272Hands Up Who Wants to Die?E3 5b 7
273Flash HarryHVS 4c 7
274Another Little NumberE1 5b 11
275ImensaE3 6a 1
276Last Slip DirectE4 6a **1
277ArcturusE4 6a 6a 2
278299 With a ConservatoryVS 4c 3
279Flash Gordon lightHVS 5a 2
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Scrubbed up Midnight Express, To be or not to Bolt and Tunnel vision over the last couple of days. Bit of chalk on them as well so prime for any budding onsighters.
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