Crazy Horse Buttress

Climbs 138 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 424m a.s.l – Faces ?

Crag features
Brilliant limestone outcrop at Mae On, 35km from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Varied styles of climbing and shade can always be found at the different sectors. Mostly single pitch but some two and three pitch routes.

Rock Climbing in Northern Thailand (2007), A Guide to Rock Climbing in Northern Thailand - 3rd Edition

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Morning Glory6a+ **3
3Earthquake7a **3
5Reminicse6a 3
6Reunion6a+ 5
7Teamwork5c 1
8Smells Like Team Spirit6a **2
9Walk the Plank7b ** 
11Victor-eee4a 2
12Robert's Stress5a 5
13Groove Is In The Heart6b **4
14Drill and Blast, Drill and Bolt6a+ 4
15Out of the Trees (Into the Sun)5c *3
16While You Were Sleeping6a 6
17Snooze You Lose5a 5
19Mun Jai (Confident)6c **2
20Jai Yen Yen (Calm aka The Proposal)6c+ ***4
21Jai Glah Reu Blao (Are You Courageous)7a+ ***4
22Dee Jai Ti Dai Geud (It's Great to be Alive)6b+ ***6
23Sat Jai (Satisfied)6c+ ***3
24Dtatsin Jai (Decide)6c+ ***2
25Jai Det (Fearless)7a+ **3
26Pak Jai (Rest Your Heart)6a+ **10
27Blaek Jai (Strange)6b **4
28Bratup Jai (Impressed)6b+ **4
29Jai rawn (Hot Headed)6b ***7
30Ruam Jai (Together)6a+ ***11
31Jai Teung Jai (Heart to Heart)6c+ **4
32Jai Loy (Spaced Out)7a+ **3
33Dtang Jai (Conscious)6c ***3
34Hua Jai Wai (Heart Attack)6c+ *2
35Duang Jai (Flame Heart)6a+ **7
36Coo Jai (Twin Heart)5c *9
37Dtok Jai (Startled)6a+ *5
38Peuan Jai Lai (My Friend is Mean)5a 7
40Heun Fah (Ascending the Sky)5c **10
41A Route with a View5c ***13
42Skyscraper6a+ ***15
44The Gatekeeper6b ***13
45Inferno7a ***4
46Unleash the Phat Physique7a *2
47All Quiet on the Eastern Front7a ***3
49The Shining Path6b ***11
50Uncontrolled Burning6b+ ***6
51Mumipeiko6b **5
53Cool and Funky6a+ **9
54Freeblast7b ***2
55Foaming at the Mouth6c+ **2
56The Foaming Pumpus7c **1
57The Wild Pumpus7b+ ** 
58Sport Satay7a ***4
59Air Conditioner6a+ *11
60Show Off the Police6b **4
62The Muppet Show5c **20
63Ding Dong5c **23
64Rope & Rock5a **18
65Mai Roo Reuang (I Have No Idea)6b+ *6
66Magic Drop6b ***17
67Reindeer Request6a+ ***34
68Ayah!6a ***29
69The Thai Who loved Me6a+ 2
70Partners (Left) aka Steve Gumaer and Co.6b **2
71Partners (Right) aka Steve Gumaer and Co.6a **3
72A Horse with no Name5c ***3
73Bamboo Finders6b *12
74It's Got To Be Funky6a+ ***8
75The Beehouse6c+ ***7
76Blood, Love,and Steel6c ***9
77Headhunters7a+ ***2
78Free the Spirit7b+ *** 
79Baby Rock7b ** 
80A Wild Ride on a Crazy Horse8a+ *** 
81Dangerous Joy6c ***17
82Just Give Me More6a+ **4
83The Horse Knows the Way7b **2
84Tood Ma7a+ 1
85Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth7a **2
86Into the Sun6a+ ***12
87Some Like it Hot6b 1
89Sandbag6c **9
90Kee Dtak (Diarrhea)6b **11
91Gruntfest6c ***14
92Kee Gai (Chicken Shit)6a+ 5
93The Tree Surgeon6c ***11
94Crazy Hot6b ***9
95Heartbeat6a 3
97Overheat6b+ *2
98Margeritaville6a+ ***10
99Tiera Del Fuego6b 3
101Every Man's An Island6b+ **1
102The Easy Bake Oven5c ***9
103Sideshow5c ***6
104Backburner6a+ ***23
105Backburner/Incinerator6a+ ***5
106The Balance of Power7a+ ***7
107The Incinerator7a **4
108Solarise6a+ **15
109Fire in the Mind6a ***23
110Black Hole Sun6b+ ***9
111Love Me, Love My Route6a+ *19
113Destiny6b ***13
114Sage6a **21
115A Song of Stone6c ***9
116Serial Drilla6b+ **13
118Tarzan5a **8
119Rock Climbing 1015a 5
120Flapper5c 5
121Rock Climbing 1025c 5
123The Chimney Sweep6a ***19
124The Queen Bee5c 13
125Gecko5c *4
126Happy Birthday6b **9
127Samurai5c ***8
12845005a 1
130Jesse James6b 6
131Ling Jaw Jaw6a+ 5
132Monkey Around5c 9
133Miya Arom Siya (My girlfriend is in a bad mood)5c 8
134Ling Leum (Flaky Monkey)5c 1
135Shock the Monkey6a 12
136Ling Ling (Monkey Monkey)6a+ 5
138The Absent Minded Bolter7a+ ***5
139Ants in my Pants6c ***7
140The Wasp Factory7a ***7
141Bleachin'7b+ ***1
142Flushed6b+ ***8
143Intensify7b ***2
144Sexy Beast6c ** 
146Short Tail5a 1
147Cave Man5a 1
148Horse's Heart5c 1
149The Underworld5c 4
150Beautiful Mess6a *5
151Spaceman7b+ *** 
152Space Cadet7b ** 
153Space Maneouvers7b *** 
154Sun Seeker6c ***2
155Anxiety State Crisis7a ***2
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It's a very nice crag and very well maintained, but the bolting isn't great. Far too many bolts on a lot of routes, and the anchors are often two rings level with each other, which turns the rope into a twisted disaster. Surely the bolsters should know to put the rings vertically to avoid this?! Many of the expansion bolts are loose, so I'd take a spanner if visiting again. Looks like they are gradually being replaced by glue-ins.
Mowglee - 02/Jun/14
Hi, yeah updated that now, apologies I missed that when I put the route in the database. It's well known as one of the mega classics at the crag hey...
nick willis - 30/Apr/10
Get the *** stars on 'The Balance of Power' at the Furnace. It's one of the best routes at Crazy Horse. Cheers :)
Oliver Branagan - 30/Apr/10