Shooter's Nab

Climbs 111 – Rocktype Grit (quarried) – Altitude 400m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
A good little crag with a few distinctly good routes on nice crisp quarried grit. The main area is quite impressive, but the outlying rocks to the left have some hidden gems.

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Access notes
The area right of the rostrum (the prominant prow) is now open access.

The back quarry is open friday evenings and 6 nominated days a year.

You can now park in the gun club car park (mon-sat)but make sure you leave a note in your window and park considerately. Do not park in the gun club on a Sunday as it is a shooting day.

Always check RAD for the latest information before you visit.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Over the Moors (2012), Northern England (2008), Lancashire Rock (1999)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
3Pisa CakeHVD 1
4PisaS 4a 1
5Pisa DuffHS 4b  
6Unlucky JimE2 6a  
8Mason's MauserHVS 5b * 
9T34E1 5b * 
10MartiniS 4a  
11Drunk on ArrivalHS 4b  
13TapiolaE1 5b ** 
15OutvotedE2 5b * 
16Ducking and DivingE1 5b * 
17Plane FaceVS 4b  
18Orphic PowerVS 4c  
20Space SlabHVS 5a *3
21Space AreteE3 6a **3
22A Merkin WayE2 5b **3
23Merkins for AllVS 5a  
24Little BoyVD  
25Fat ManE1 5b * 
26Enola GayHVS 5a  
28fossil CrackVD 3
29Eponychial RetreatHVS 5b  
30Cuticle CrackE1 5b **3
31LegsE4 6a * 
32DwarfVD 1
34GiantHVS 5c 1
35Tickle WallS 5
36Tickle AreteVS 4c 4
37Yeah Baby!VS 5a  
38Tickle PocketHVS 5b 1
39Tickle CrackS 4a 3
40Woodbine WallS 4a  
41The ClingonE2 6a * 
43The ShroudE2 5b * 
44Cream Cracker CruxHVS 4a  
45Peek FreenHS 4b  
46TidosHS 4b  
49Blue PetreHS 4b 1
50Black CrackS  
51Rounded AreteS  
53Silly WayVD 1
54PaddingtonHVS 5b  
55Natural RouteHS 4c **7
56One Two WallVS 4c 2
57DemeraraD 3
58Hard StairVS 5a  
59Smouldering MoorsE3 6a * 
60TipperarayD 5
62The WiganE1 5c  
63Lone Stone ButtressE2 6a * 
64Lone Stone GrooveE2 6a * 
67Pocket RouteS 4a 2
68Panic KnottS 4a *6
69Barker's WallE1 5a * 
71Fourth Round, Fourth MinuteE4 6a *1
72Jumping The GunE1 5b * 
73CabrioleVS 4b 2
74Shin SkinnerHS 4b 3
75WanderlustVS 4c *8
76Eric the Cosmic FriendHVS 5b 2
77CrescendoE2 5c **7
78ThunderballA2 * 
79SweatymanHVS 5a **47
80Cool Man's WallVS 5a *22
81Rifleman's ChimneyHS 4b 17
82Slip AreteE2 5c * 
83Elbow AlleyVS 4c 1
84No Time to be 21E3 6a 2
85MagpieHVS 5a *6
86I see a dark cloudE1 5b **7
87Bull's Eye CrackVD 11
88Forgotten WallE2 5b  
89Yellowcake UFOVS 4c **43
90Redeemer's WallHS 4b 14
91Bite The BulletE1 5b *3
92Cuspidor Left-HandVS 4c 1
93The CuspidorVS 4b 3
94TindHVS 5a 12
95Born at a PriceE4 6b * 
96Ricochet WallE1 5b ***78
97Scot's WallE1 5c *17
98The LightVS 4c *7
99Light FantasticHVS 5a 19
100165 Not OutHVS 5b *1
101Poetic LicenceE1 5b  
102Second ThoughtsS 4a *14
103Ball BearingsHVS 5a 8
104SurpriseE2 5c *2
105Barney RubbleVS 4c 1
106StimrolE2 5b *8
108The Long ReachE3 6b 2
109Half Way ClimbHVD 7
110Colt 45E1 5c 2
111Chimp CrackVS 5a *22
112OlympianHVS 5b,6a 6
113Full Metal JacketHVS 5c  
114Private PileVS 5b 1
116Fairy AreteE3 5c  
117Trundle GrooveHS 4b 4
118Final Thoughts on the MatterHVS 5a 2
119Scoop WallHVS 5b 2
120Final CornerHVD 4a 6
121One Arm BanditVS 4c 5
122Slot MachineHVS 5a 1
124Girdle TraverseHVS 5b * 
127Green MantleHVD 1
128Virgin's CrackS *2
129Eeyore and the Rainbow E3 6a ** 
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.
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If climbers wish to park at the gun club there is a locked gate with a combination lock and I was told by gun club members that if I wished to enter I had to contact the BMC for the code. Also members of the gun club seem to be under the impression that Shooter's Nab can only be accessed by members of the BMC.
Deezel65 - 27/Jun/15
Ricochet Wall and Sweatyman are the best routes in the Huddersfield area and stand up to anything in the Peak.
Hardonicus - 15/Aug/08
This is where it all started for me back in about 1974. Although only a small section feels properly crag like, this palce has lots of atmosphere and some good routes. A classic at what was VD but is now HS is Rifleman\'s Chimney (I used to do it as a multi pitch as we were using short polypropolene ropes!!!). Also recommnded is Sweatyman which was VS+ which inludes a stomach traverse. Not sure about access these days, but am about to re-visit.
mike newman - 13/Aug/02