Summit Quarry

Climbs 107 – Rocktype Grit (quarried) – Altitude ? – Faces S

Crag features

Faces SE round the pool. The E2s round the pool are good, as are the E2s on the buttress just north. [Goi Ashmore]

Approach notes

The Owners of the road most people park on have put up "No Parking" signs due to irresponsible drivers, please use the carpark that is BEFORE the wooden bridge - Lets not make access worse.

2 new belay stakes installed at top of Canalside butress
& the routes Cleaned of Grass

A block has come away on Alexander / Brightspark above overlap this winter, but doesn't appear to change grade

Western Grit (2009), Lancashire Rock (1999),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Short CrackVS 4c 8
3Fluted ArÍteVS 4c 4
4Fluted WallVS 5a 5
5Central CornerVD 8
6Cracked WallVS 5a 6
7Clueless GrooveVS 4c 2
8'Artins AreteVS 4c *1
10First CircleE2 5c *4
11JaggernathE4 6b *6
12Lines In The SandE6 6c 2
13The Last LinkE7 6c 2
14Sam I AmE5 6c 2
15Son of SamE7 6c **1
16Pylon DirectE6 6c **2
17Pylon ParentingE6 6c 2
18Indirectly ResponsibleE7 6c 1
19Responsible ParentingE7 6c **1
20GroundbaitE2 5c *2
21Sunny DayHVS 5b 3
22The ChudE1 5b **1
24Wall ClimbVD 4
25TwixtHVS 5a *21
26Windy WallHVS 5b *14
27Double MantelS 4a 4
28The CrabVS 4c *33
29Creepy CrabVS 4c 6
30Layback CrackVS 5a **35
31StartersVD 24
33The CoffinVS 4c 4
34The ShroudE2 5c **11
35The Shroud: Turin FinishE2 5c **1
36Grave's EndE1 5b ***28
37Grave's End Direct StartE1 5c **2
38Laying ByE3 5c **7
39Satin TrimE2 5c 1
40OrderHS 4a *35
41Free Spirit (with side runner)HVS 5b 7
42Free SpiritE2 5b 6
43DisorderHS 4a **45
44Cnig's DirectVS 4c 6
45Cnig's UnderhangVS 4b 11
46Alexander the GreatHVS 5b *21
47BrightsparkVS 4b 18
48Laser BeamS 4a 8
49DelicatessenVD 3
50Take AwayD 4
51PickwickD 4
52SwordfishHS 4b 2
53SquidVD 6
54SunstrokeVD 4
55SunshineVD 2
56Who Dun It?E1 6a *4
57Derek Did ItVD 1
58KnuclistVS 4c  
59HangmanE3 5c 1
60The NooseHVS 5a 1
61Gardener's NightmareVS 4b 1
62Th'wayVS 4c 1
64EpicoffS 4a 5
65Giggle PinVS 5a *2
66Slight WallHVS 5a *8
67Way OutHVS 5a 6
68Start, and Finish DirectlyE1 5b *1
69CombinationVS 5a *2
70ExitHVS 5a *6
71L.M.J.HS 4b 2
73Black WallHS 4a 4
74Tit BitVS 4c 2
75TidemarkS 4a 1
76KebabS 4a 2
77BabkeVD 2
78Play it Again SamS 4a 1
79Hart to HartVD 3
80SamVD 1
81MasVD 1
82CasablancaHVS 5b 3
83Buttertoe WallHS 4a 7
84Ankle StrapVS 5a  
85Cheese BallsE1 5c  
87LatentestHVS 5a 4
88SplitE1 5c *2
89High TideHVS 5b *1
90PersonalityE2 6a **1
91Sea CruiseE3 6a  
92Sinking FeelingE2 5c 2
93Split Leg CornerHVS 5a 3
94HawkeyeE2 5c **3
95The NooE2 5c 1
96HotHVS 5a *3
97ComfortableE1 5b * 
98ColdHVS 5b 1
99ShortyVS 5a  
100Dry RunHVS 5b  
101GardenerHVS 5b 1
102Moroccan RollE1 6a  
103It's SlippyHVS 5a 3
104BlinkersHVS 5a 2
105Pull HardVS 4c 2
106Pull Hard (Wall Finish)VS 4c 1
107Combined OpsHVS 5b  
108YesVS 4c 3
109MaybeHS 4b 3
110The Pit GirdleHVS 5a, 5a  
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There has been further rockfall in the same area, one large block has come to rest on the ledge
agolay - 22/May/12
There's been a fairly large rockfall recently it affects two routes severly - Take away and Pickwick, it may have also affected Delicatessen and Swordfish but to a lesser extent. The grass at the top of the crag appears to have been cleaned up to prevent anyone falling through it.
agolay - 28/Apr/11
A pleasant little venue - minor, but peacefully situated with some good, often bold routes (take your RPs, Offsets, Swedges, Peenuts, Sliders, Ballnuts, RocknRollers, filed down handplaced Rurps etc etc). The Pool Wall, small but impressively sheer and clean, is well worth a look - see BMC guide for details (and note the very good Hawkeye is a solo...).
Fiend - 06/Jul/04