Climbs 115
Rocktype Grit (quarried)

Faces SW

The Shining Walls of Troy © robin mueller

Crag features

Troy quarry is a scenic venue with good quality rock and a good spread of routes. For those learning to lead the 'Siamese slab' routes offer a good area to hone gear placing skills while the bold 'Super Snatch' will entertain the higher grade chasers.

Approach notes

No access issues but do not use fence posts as anchors, there are plenty of stakes all around the top of the crag.

Online guide book
dread-i - 16/Apr/07
5 minutes from the carpark and lots of good solid mid range routes, one or two minor classics as well. Good place to get a few routes under your belt at the start of the year.
Nick - 07/Feb/05
Some climbs have changed due to rockfalls, so grading will be changed - both up and down. Still a lot of loose stone [May 03]. Dries out fast after rain. Good climbing throughout quarry.
Danny - 04/May/03
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Long Wall 
2DeceptionHVS 5b 1
3VentnorE2 6a  
4NilsarVS 5a  
5ConianHVS 5a * 
6DuskyVS 5a  
7PisaE1 5b *4
9MandatroyE1 5c  
10Mandatroy DirectE3 6a ** 
12The Triumvirate
E2 5a, 5c * 
13AnnicMVS 5a 2
14Troy WallVS 4c 3
15Troy CornerVD 5
16Grooved AreteVS 4c 15
17DovetailE1 5b *49
18CurlewE1 5b 14
19Fallen FriendE2 5c *1
20Deep ThroatHVS 4c 8
21DistemperHVS 4c 6
22Huntington's ChoreaE2 5c *32
23Grane WallE1 5b *114
24The FleaE2 5c *22
25Two DabsE2 5c 20
26JussyHVS 5b *121
 The Tower 
28Pillar CracksVS 4c *160
29Revenge of the Bendy EntsE4 5c *28
30Pink EdgeE2 5b *47
31Quake FlakeE3 6a 3
32PurgatroyE3 6a *** 
33Super SnatchE5 6a ***2
34Loose LivingHS 4b 47
35Smoking CrackE1 5a 2
36Questionable StabilityVS 4c *67
 The South Face 
38SounderHVS 5a *109
39Sounder DirectE2 5c 36
40Sounder Right-handHVS 5a 11
41Rock LobsterE3 6a *13
HVS 5b 26
43Tess Direct (Quantum Leap)E1 5c  
44AldaniteHVS 5a 44
45Grand NationalVS 4c 12
46Solo WallVS 5a 13
47Little 'UnS 4a 15
 The West Face 
49Golden ThreadVS 4c, 4b 6
50GopherHVS 4c 94
51Helen of TroyVS 5a 66
52Troy GrooveVS 4b 218
53Overlooked CrackHS 4b 158
54Cracked WallVS 4c 166
55Siam GrooveVS 4b 44
56Slow MotionVS 4b 45
57Left Siamese TwinS 4a *433
58Right Siamese TwinS 4a *433
59Siamese AreteVS 4c *63
60Jaundice CrackHVS 5a 64
61Updraught CornerS 4a 87
62Stacked DeckHS 4b *559
63RapunzleVS 5a *374
64ShadowfaxE2 5c *31
65Mucky PupsHVS 5a 174
66Bob the GobVS 4c 128
67NovaHVS 6a *21
68SaintsE1 5c 15
69LemaHVS 5c 51
70No Right TurnVS 4c 156
71One Way StreetS 4a 203
72Little SneakVS 4c 231
73Open SesameVD 215
74StiltonVS 4c 157
 The North Face 
76Don't Look Down
E1 5b  
77Troy a Little Tendernessf7A 1
78Whoops Apocalypse
HVS 5a  
79Penwood GrooveMS 4a 2
80Penwood Forge MillHVS 5a  
81SunsalveE1 5b  
82One Step FartherE5 6b * 
83AnxietyHVS 5a 2
84Flake shakeE1 5a 1
85Reach AroundHVS 5b 1
86What I'd Give for a FriendHVS 5a 1
87PikeHVS 5a  
88Captain MainwaringHVS 5a * 
89FraserE1 5b  
90Meat in the Middlef7B  
91Magic Beansf7C  
92Dad's ArmyVS 4c  
 Little Buttress 
94The BairnHS 4a 3
95Wor LassVS 4b 2
 The Pinnacle 
97Shady Side Pillar ProblemHVS 5c 6
98Sunny Side Pillar ProblemHVS 5a 28
VS 4b *16
100Zebedeef7A+ 4
101Pinnacle Girdlef6A 28
102Steptoe And SonVB 28
103Highball PaulVB 31
104Urban SkiingV1 29
105Wellington WallV2 6
106Ee Am Reet GoodV0 18
107Ee Am Reet BetterV0 3
108Layback That Crack, Jack!VB 27
109Shelf And CrackVB 17
110Tray's WallV1 20
111Skinny MinnyVB 27
112DistractionV3 2
113CorsetV6 2
114Haul Away For RosieVB 3
115Facial Flaring (no Heel)f7A 4
116The BNCf7B+ **3
117Crawl from your holef6A+ *1
118Pinnacle Traverse - from Steptoe *f5+ 2
119Dance For Your Dinner *f7A 1
120All Your Base Are Belong To Us *f5+ 1
121Troy Arete *E3 6a *1
122Chin Dweller *f6A 1
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