Wilton 1

Climbs 253 – Rocktype Grit (quarried) – Altitude 225m a.s.l – Faces NE

Lancashire Bouldering (2014), Western Grit (2009), Lancashire Rock (1999),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1The DeepHVS 5a 2
2Barbara AnnHVS 5b  
3RhondaA2 2
4GrassyHVS 5a 3
5Rugosity AtrocityE2 5b *6
6Willow WallHS 4a 2
7Asleep for YearsVS 4b 9
8Press IntrusionsE2 5b 1
9Falling WallE1 5b  
10Willow AreteE1 5b *11
11It'll Be Rude Not ToE6 6c **2
12KurmaVS 4b 2
13AdidasHVS 5a  
14PumaE3 5c **6
15The Foot of an Oncoming MexicanE4 6b * 
16ZaplingE3 6a *1
17Merchant CrackHVS 5a 3
18La RueHVS 5a  
19Perimeter WalkE7 6b *4
20Beyond the PerimeterE5 6a **5
21Flimnap the PirateVS 4c *4
22Reeling in the YearsVS 4c 2
23Big AlE3 5c 1
24Baby AreteHVS 5a 1
25Rope 'n' RubberE2 5c  
26Grotty MuckdenVD 1
27TryptophaneHS 4a * 
28Pot-PourriVS 4c  
29Under the MatE4 6a  
30Lady Grinning SoulHVS 5a  
31ValineVS 4c  
32LandVS 4b  
33Boy RacerE5 6a 1
34ProlineE1 5b *5
35First CutHVS 5a *3
36Green WallVS 4b *6
37The Pretentious GalleryE5 6b **2
38DinahE1 5b 1
39EliminatorE3 5c * 
40RubyVS 4c 5
41InsertionHVS 5b 1
42JeanVS 4c *10
43Gravitational ExperimentE4 6b 1
44Crow's-nestE1 5b 1
45Headbutt WallE4 6a 1
46Eccles' EscalatorVD 4
47Lime StreetS 4a 2
48Ordinary RouteE1 5b  
49Is it Cheesecake or Meringue?HVS 5a 1
50Power of the MekonE1 5b *1
51GrovelS 4a 1
52Regatta de BlancVS 4c **9
53StreakerVS 4c 2
54GeorginaS 4a 2
55JawsHVS 5a *1
56The MouthVS 4c  
57UmmagummaHVS 5b 1
58The Devil's AlternativeE5 6b  
59DeodandE1 5b *13
60Silently ScreamingE3 6a **5
61TransfigurationVD 2
62ItE1 5c 3
63ThisVS 4c 2
64The Pit and the PendulumE6 6c ** 
65ErythrocyteVS 4c 2
66SleepwalkE4 6a ***3
67TornadoHVS 5a 2
68AstradyneE5 6b ** 
69Houses of the HolyVS 4c  
70ParadoxE2 5b ***130
71ParasiteE5 6b **6
72Leucocyte Left-handE2 5c **53
73Leucocyte Right-handVS 4c **104
74The HackerE4 6b *5
75Central RouteE1 5b ***256
76MaxE3 5c ***110
77Wombat ChimneyE1 5b **82
78The Soot MonkeyE6 6c **4
79Toxic BillberrysE8 7a  
80SteeplejackE1 5c **3
81LoopyE4 6a ***21
82Clean SweepE5 6a **6
83FriendsHVS 4c 3
84The CornerVS 4c *21
85L'AreteE4 6a 2
86PeanutsHVS 5a *21
87Horrock's RouteVS 4b 53
88FingernailS 4a **369
89Orange PeelS 4a *108
90Flingle BuntVS 4c *140
91SarahHVS 5a 2
92Spider CrackHVS 5a *47
93Jubilee ClimbE2 5c 21
94Eastern TerraceM 71
95Lazy FridayE4 5c **32
96CameoE1 5a ***398
97PathetiqueE5 6b *2
98WedgewoodHVS 5a 5
99Big Frenchief5 1
100ChristeenaVS 4c **243
101Christine's Socksf4+ 1
102Christine AreteE3 5c *24
103DawnHVS 5b ***418
104InnominateE3 6b 11
105EliminateVS 4c **258
106AnnE1 5b *326
107CheatE3 5b **215
108Modern GirlE4 5c *4
109Rambling RouteVD *299
110Bird ChimneyS 4a *273
111Flywalk Slabf7A * 
112FlywalkVS 4b **353
113Flywalk DirectVS 5c 43
114FlytrapHVS 5a 61
115Veteran Cosmic RockerE4 6c 2
116ScimitarD 97
117Max's DilemmaM 1
119Geoff's WallE1 6a  
120Baby's BottomHS 4b  
121BrontosaurusS 4a 3
122StegosaurusVD 3
123Nappy RashE1 5b  
124OppositionVD 8
125Spec CrackD 4
126PowerageE5 6b  
127Jimmy NipE3 6a *3
128TitanosaurusE4 6a  
129The Boulder Problem in the SkyE4 6b 1
130White CrackVD 1
131GoonHVS 5a *2
132Crater TraitorE6 6a 1
133Red Flowers are RedE2 5b  
134Dandelion GrooveS 4a 4
135PrickpocketHVS 5a  
136SnakebiteE4 6a  
137Manglewurzle RibHVS 5a 8
138Isle of WhiteE4 6a ***18
139White Slabs BuntE3 6a ***41
140White LightninE5 6b **1
141Strawberry KissE7 6b *3
142Remembrance CornerVS 4c 22
143Lone Aretef5+ 1
144Break Dynof6A 1
145Lone Arete Rightf5+ 1
146SobeitE3 5c **14
147SupercrackE3 5c ***57
148Life in the Fast LaneE2 5c  
149In MemoriamE2 5c 1
150PatienceHVS 5a *8
151ImpatienceE2 5c  
152DraculaE2 5b 3
153Niche IndirectE1 5c  
154Western TerraceS 4a *9
155VampireE3 6a *1
156Scary GeorgeE4 6a ** 
157SpikeE4 6a **13
158Run Wild, Run FreeE6 6b ***1
159Ego TripE5 6b **3
160K.P.E6 6b **2
161JosserE5 6a **1
162Welcome to the PleasuredomeE5 6b * 
163Frightful FredVS 4c **14
164Jimmy Mac, Bin Man ExtraordinaireE2 6a  
165BohemiaHVS 5b 5
166Daring DanE5 6b ** 
167AdrenalinE4 6a ***13
168Chocolate GirlE7 6c **5
169Plenty of ZzzzsE2 5b ** 
170KnuckledusterHVS 5a *20
171GiganticE8 6c **1
172Thin AirE5 6a * 
173Hot AirE5 6b * 
174Nothing FantasticE3 5c *6
175The Finishf5 1
176BlackoutVS 4b **57
177Sitting DucksV0- 5b 2
178Baby Faef6B+  
179Clapped OutE4 6b *3
180Master SpyE4 6a ***34
181Counter IntelligenceE5 6b **7
182Master Spy DirectE4 6a ***25
183Wipe OutE2 5b ***97
184Wipe Out startV0- 4b 3
185Wipe Out variation 1V1 5b 2
186Snakey BV6 6b 5
187Black MambaE4 6b **9
188Mamba startV0- 4a 4
189Shaggy MambaE6 6b ** 
190Black Dog BluesE5 6b  
191Shaggy DogE4 5c **3
192Kettle CrackE2 5c  
193Fall Out ChimneyHS 4a 2
194MyrmidonE5 6b * 
195Overtaker's ButtressE3 5c 1
196Twazack Left-handVS 4c 1
197Twazack Right-handVS 4c 1
198RebellionE1 5b  
199Roll OverE2 5b 1
200DinosaurHVS 4c 2
201Slap HappyE3 6a  
202Knock OutVS 4c *45
203Great SlabVS 4c *10
204Virgin's DilemmaHVS 5a **54
205999HS 4c ***470
206Left EdgeHVS 4a **16
207Coffin CrackVS 4c 3
208Green ChimneyD 3
209Chance EncountersE3 5c * 
210SusanVS 4c 1
211La MorteHVS 5b 1
212Undertaker's CrackVS 4c 2
213Join the Army, Get Yourself KilledE5 6a **7
214Soixante-neufE2 5c *7
215Graveyard DirectS 4a 5
216Graveyard SlabHS 4a 7
217Laid BackV3 6a 5
218Laid Back variation 1V5 6b 2
219Laid Back variation 2V2 5c 3
220Graveyard SlapV1 5b 5
221Graveyard Slap SitterV3 6a 2
222Graveyard OrdinaryM  
223Bolton ButtressS 4a 1
225Saturation PointHVS 5a  
226Coffin Digger's SpadeS  
227CatalespyHS 4b  
228Neddy's WalkVD 1
229Crash and BurnHVS 5a  
230ApeVD 3
231Squeeze Mef6B  
232The Very Cheekf6B  
233Horrorbixf6A *1
234Overhanging WeetabixE2 5c 2
235The Crack (aka Overhanging Weetabix)V0- 4b 6
236The OverhangVS 18
237The Movef7A *2
238The Move Sit Startf7A+ 1
239The Move (no back wall)f7B 1
240Horror AreteVS 5b *16
241Horror Aretef6A *4
242AvoidanceD 9
243ChockyS 6
244TombstonedHVS 5a  
245Dave's ProblemV0 5a 2
246Happy CampusV1 5b 2
247Munchkin TraverseV1 5a 2
248The Fist FinishHVS 5b 1
249ChristinaVS 4c **15
250Beer Belly Sit Startf6C *3
251Beer Bellyf6B+ 5
252Ells AreteV4 6a **1
253Grey And White GirdleHVS 5a *1
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Rock up to Wilton 1 on Sat 14th/Sun 15th Sept..for the First Ever "WiltonFest". http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/t.php?t=550408 Much work has also been done to clean up some great routes on the lesser used sections of the quarry too, ready for leaders! Get down the allotment end to climb some newly cleaned quality routes that haven't had ascents in decades!
mcb - 02/Sep/13
Wilton One\'s one of the crags that\'s easily reachable from Bolton. I\'ve climbed there, and think it\'s one of the best crags in the area, well worth a look. There are plenty of stakes, suitable for self-protected routes and top-roping. The easiest routes are around the so called \"graveyard\" area, (yeah, very reassuring!) and at the opposite end of the wall, on the extreme left. The hardest routes are in the middle of the wall. And this is a big wall, a good three days solid climbing to be done here. Check out rockmonkey.co.uk for relevant information for young UK climbers.
Will - 31/May/02