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Hebrides, SCOTLAND

Climbs 305 – Rocktype Gneiss – Altitude ? – Faces ?

Crag features
Along with its neighbouring islands, one of the best rock climbing destinations in Britain. Big, steep cliffs of immaculate gneiss in a stunning and isolated location, with some convenient single-pitch crags as well.

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Scottish Rock - North (2009),
Out of print: Skye and Hebrides (1999)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2Seal WallVD  
3Too Hard for the SMCS  
5LottieHVS 5b  
6Taxi for TamE3 6a * 
7More Training RequiredE1 5b  
8The Ethics PoliceE3 5c *1
9Rising DampVS 4c  
10Thuggy CrystalHVS 5a  
11SqueakE2 5c  
12The Whoop of the AviatorE1 5b * 
13No More TicksHVS 4c  
14Ticks TooVS 4c  
15The Trouser's Last StandS 4a  
16Oh No, Not Another Tick!VS 4c  
17Wing 'n' PrayerE2 5c  
19Stalking the CorncrakeVS 4c *1
20Pleasant RibVD * 
21Beach BumsVS 4c *1
22The Loneliness of the Long Distance TokerHVS 5a *4
23LazybedsHS 4b *3
24LateVS 4c *6
25EarlyHS 4b *1
26LaterD *3
2737th TickS 4a * 
28Far From the FunicularHVS 5a **2
29Dice Onions or DieHVS 5a *5
30Sand FliesHVS 5a *2
31Serious SmoochingVS 4c * 
33Time for a CormorantVD * 
34ReprieveVD * 
35Re-tyredD * 
36Spare RibS 4a * 
37First GrooveS 4a 5
38Wildlife on TwoVS 4b *1
39Third GrooveVS 4b *1
40Spicy MayhemE1 5b * 
41Designer RibE1 5a 2
42Deceptive CornerS 4a * 
43Easy OverE1 5b * 
44What Doing?E1 5b ** 
45Friends in TibetVS 5a * 
46Lobstered RossVS 5a  
47Left CrackVD * 
48Right CrackD * 
50Let Sleeping Storks LieE5 6a **3
51LifelineE3 5c ***9
52Immaculate ConceptionE2 5c ***12
53Head-Bred IanE2 5c **4
54Put a Sock in ItVS 4c  
55Ammonia ToppingVS 4c  
56Maverick PhenomenaHVS 5a **2
57Wee BairnsVS 4c  
58Two Skulls in the SunsetVS 4c * 
60Rum, Sodomy and the LashE3 5c *10
61Dogs of LawE4 6a *4
62Honorary CurbarE1 5b *5
63The Roaring 40sE3 6b *3
64Rebel without a PorpoiseE5 6a **1
65Rebel without a Porpoise Direct FinishE5 6a ***3
66Rebel without a Porpoise Pegmatite FinishE5 6a ** 
67The HerbrudeanE5 6a ***19
68The Herbrudean Direct FinishE6 6a 1
69The HerbalonerE6 6b * 
70Every Cormorant is a Potential ShagE7 6b ***1
71BARTE5 6a **1
72Jesus Don't Want me as a Shelf StackerE1 5c **5
73Sea An-EnemaE1 5b ***12
74Starboard GroovesHS 4b *2
75It's Not the Size that Matters...VS 4c  
77Up Before the BeakE3 5c ** 
78Deflated FlightVS 4c * 
79Shags with AttitudeE3 5c ** 
80Cracking CornerS 4a ** 
81Truly StunningVS 4c * 
82Quartz WaltzVS 4c * 
83Butterfly KissesVS 4c ** 
84Wok on the Wild SideHS 4b  
85Stealing BeautyHVS 5a * 
86Mussel CrackS 4a * 
87SweetnessE1 5b ** 
88Hunting the GripperVS 4c * 
89Groovy AttitudeVS 4b * 
90Splitting the GrowlerS 4a * 
91Barnacle BelayVS 4c * 
92Now It's Freda's TurnVS 4c * 
94What the Eagle?E3 5b ** 
95The Tomorrow PeopleE4 5c * 
96Tickled PinkE2 5b * 
97Aukward EscapeE4 6a ** 
98Where Seagulls DareE3 5c **9
99Raiders of the Lost AukE4 5c **10
100Fondue MacpacE6 6b **1
101In Profundum LacuE5 6a ***14
102The BonxieE6 6b ***7
103Huffin' 'n' PuffinE6 6b *** 
104What! More PuffinE6 6b ***1
105I Suppose a Cormorant's Out of the Question Then?E5 6b ***6
106The Ancient MarinersE5 6a ***13
107What! No MarinersE5 6b ***1
108What! No PuffinE6 6a ***1
109GugaE5 6b ***5
111Amber NectarE5 6a ***8
112ElysiumE4 6a ***13
113UE4 6a *1
114E-upE2 5c *1
115OiE3 6a * 
116BravuraE7 6b *** 
117Spit in ParadiseE4 6a ***10
118More Steam McPhail!E6 6a *** 
119U-EiE2 5b ***47
120U-THE3 5c ***14
121Mixmaster SnipeE1 5b **16
122Paradise RegainedE4 6a ***3
124The Three Mantras of HesitationE3 6a * 
125Dopes on a RopeE1 5b * 
127Redemption ArkE6 6b *** 
129The 36th ChamberE4 6a *1
130ChockarockaholicE2 5b **1
131Fools Rush OutE2 5b * 
132Flight of the Wibble-Wibble BirdE2 5c * 
133UnnamedE2 5b ** 
134GeomancerE6 6b ***2
135Parting ShotE5 6a ** 
136Jonny ScuttlebuttE5 6a ***1
137Vomtanion and the Three PunterneersE5 6a ** 
138Strawberry JellyfishE2 5b * 
139ArchipelagoE3 5c **1
140Ug-SpudchuckerE3 5c * 
141Fat LesE3 5c * 
142Ship of FoolsE5 6a ***6
143At the Drop of a HatE3 5c * 
144BlueE2 5b * 
145Fuhrer of the Sausage PeopleE3 5c * 
146ShamblesE3 5c *2
147Endolphin RushE3 5c ***48
148Adenosine Tri-HarderE4 6a *1
149Spring SquillE1 5b ***83
150Stealing a Seal's GazeE1 5b *9
151Oh No, Norman's in Reverse!HVS 5a * 
152Corncrake CornerHVS 5a **2
153Spooky PillarHVS 5a *4
154Oatcakes for LunchE1 5b **2
155Wee HottieE1 5b * 
156Hyper BalladE2 5c **5
157MollyhawkE1 5b **4
158The Posture JediE2 5c **2
159A Horizontal DesireE2 5c * 
160Stretch It OutVS 4c * 
161Warm UpS 4b * 
162One Foot in the GraveVS 4c **1
163Run Daftie RunE1 5b ** 
164Squat ThrustHS 4b * 
 Climb nameGradex
165Squat Thrust (Right Finish)HVS 5a ** 
166Prominent Nasty-Looking Offwidth GrooveE2 5b ** 
167Blo' na GaelHVS 5a *3
168Wind Against TideE1 5b ** 
169Wind Against Tide (Right Start)E1 5b ** 
170Tide RaceVS 4b *** 
171Cup FinalVS 5a * 
172Stiff Upper LipVS 4c * 
173Stiff BrieseVS 4c ** 
174At LastVS 4c * 
175Bald EagleVD * 
176Partial BastardE3 6a *3
177RaindanceE1 5b *1
178Beast It Like a KipperVS 5a * 
179Silver FoxHS 4b **2
180Treasure IslandVS 4b * 
181Grey CossackVS 4c * 
182The Curious BulgeHVS 5a 4
183Yob and Yag go Climbing - Part 2E2 5b **3
184Shags and the CityHVS 5b *2
185The Elephant of SurpriseHVS 5a **2
186Redundancy ManHVS 5a ***15
187Bye Bye to the WidowsHVS 5b ***14
188Shipping ViewsE1 5c * 
189Off Wid Emily's BikiniE2 5b **2
190Cereal KillerHVS 5b ** 
191Geovah's TicknessHVS 5b 1
192Ice Box ProseHVS 5a * 
193Wine Box ChimneyE1 5b * 
194Corn Choked CornerHVS 5a **1
195ApathetickVS 4c 1
196The Dip of DoomHVS 5a 1
197Refrigerator PoetryHVS 5a ** 
198Muses from AfarVS 4c * 
200Washed Out Yummicks on the Road to TransitionHVS 5a **2
202SquiggleS 4a  
203AbsolutionE1 5b ** 
204The HatmanVS 4b  
205Retreat Unthinkable!E1 5a  
206Yob and Yag Go ClimbingHVS 4c * 
207The Complete WorksS 4a *2
208Anthology AreteHVS 5a * 
209The Abridged VersionS 4a *2
210Wiggly WallHVS 5a ***26
211Wu-Tang ForeverE1 5b * 
212Conch CornerHVS 5a * 
213Winos in a Barren LandE3 5c ** 
214Wu-Tang Will SurviveHVS 5a *1
215The Engine RoomVS 4c  
217PoopVD *3
218One Last LookE4 6b ** 
219101 DamnationsE7 6b *** 
220The RavenE5 6a ***18
221Thursday's Setting SunriseE5 6a **3
222Don't Fool Yourself GirlE4 6b * 
223Bogus Asylum SeekersE3 6a ***9
224Corncrakes For BreakfastE2 5c ***49
225The StowawayS 4a *4
226IncommunicadoE2 5c *14
227Pause for JawsE2 5c **12
228Human CargoHS 4b *27
229GeovannieE1 5b **27
230PabbarottiE1 5b **23
231The ImmigrantHS 4b *7
232Notorious BIGE3 6a ***21
233Wetter Than a Day at the BeachE1 5b ***41
234Who Shot RJE2 5c **32
235Illegal AlienHVS 5a **39
236The CraikE3 6a ***20
237In the PinkE2 5b **5
238Castlebay CastawayVS 4c *2
239Party KitchenE2 5c **1
241Full Fathom FiveE2 5c * 
242Northumbrian RhapsodyE5 6b **1
243Child of the SeaE5 6b ***3
244Hebridean OverturesE5 6b *** 
245Sturm und DrangE5 6b * 
246The PriestE1 5b ***44
247Prophecy of DrowningE2 5c ***76
248The Breath of LifeE3 6a ***1
249The Great ArchE7 7a ** 
250Crash CourseE6 6b ***1
252LeftieVS 4c ** 
253Das Ist Doch die Situation HeirS 4b * 
254Es Gibt Reis BabyHVS 5b **1
255KatzenkloVS 5a 1
256GeniestreichS 4b * 
257Chilly DickVS 5a *1
258TelephonmannS 4a * 
259Pat and PatachonS 4b * 
260Orang Utang KlausS 4b * 
261Snipe CornerS 4a  
262Shortbread FingersS 4b *1
264Nothing to DeclareVD * 
265Customs and ExerciseE1 5b * 
266Prophecy of PaddlingE1 5b * 
268One Armed BanditVS 5a  
269The Missing ArmVS 4c  
270Afternoon ShowersE1 5b * 
271Thirty Metre Cheese CourseHVS 5a * 
272Barra CrackVS 5a  
273The Frailty of LifeE2 5c **1
274Ta Mo ChridheS  
275Black GuillemotVS 4b * 
276Mr DressupS 4a  
27815 Minutes of FunE1 5b **2
279Zen Left-HandE2 5b ** 
280Zen and the Art of Corncrake ManagementE3 5c ** 
281Zen DirectE4 6a ** 
282Wee FreeVD **1
283Corncrake ChorusHS 4b **1
284Escape from AllanishM **1
285The Cruel SeaVS 4c ** 
286Ripple SlabS 4a ** 
287Un-namedVS 4c ** 
289Wee BillS  
290More Whine and WhiskeyHS  
291Tick Tack ToeVS 4c * 
292BooshE5 6a **1
293Harry HoofterE2 5c * 
294Bint There Dun ItE1 5b **14
295Hoofer's RouteE1 5b ***28
296The RampHS 4b **5
297SkuaedHS 4b *1
298Cast and ShadowHVS 5a *1
299Right ChimneyVD * 
300HypnotiseHVS 5a **12
301Fracture ClinicE2 5c **15
302Squeeze JobHVS 5a *2
303Rite of PassageE4 6a *1
304Honey TrapE6 6a ** 
305More Lads and MolassesE5 6a **4
306Fear an BhataE4 6a **1
307As Sound as Mr JAE2 5b **5
308JA's MaelstromE4 5c *2
309Sugar Cane CountryE4 6a ***31
310Brother RayE5 6b ** 
311Vitrified CindersHVS 5b **1
312Buckets for BreakfastHVS 4c **9
314Tick-tackVS 4c  
315Another TickHVS 5a  
316Double TickE1 5c  
318Midget GemD * 
319Just a TickHS 4b * 
320Windy CornerHS 4b * 
321Sudden SquallE2 5c * 
322Riff-Raff-RoofHVS 5b * 
323Headless DuckE1 5b * 
325Squall WallHS 4b * 
326TempestVS 4c * 
327EliminatorHVS 5a * 
328ZephyrHVS 5a * 
Access notes
By boat!

The island has been uninhabited since 1912 and is now owned by the National Trust. There is a designated camping area next to the ruins and above the bay on the east side of the island.

Access to some sectors (Great Arch, Pink and Grey Walls) requires 100m abseil ropes.

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The Outer Hebrides offer the best climbing in Britain.
Ian Jones - 30/Jun/10