La Canche aux Merciers

Climbs 211 – Rocktype Sandstone (soft) – Altitude 79m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
Three easy circuits (white, yellow and orange) make this a popular family venue. There's also a very good blue and red circuit and some off circuit routes.

Access notes
Head South on the D64 from Arbonne La Foret and after 2km the road takes a sharpe bend to the left. Take a right turn in about 200m under the A6 motorway. Parking is just around the corner. Follow the broad track from the car park for 150m until you come to an open sandy area. The boulders can be seen in amongst the trees over to the right.

7 + 8 (2013), Fontainebleau Magique (2007), Fontainebleau Climbs (2001), Fontainebleau Bouldering (1997),
Out of print: 7 + 8 (2008)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2White Circuit No.7 1VB
3White Circuit No.7 2VB
4White Circuit No.7 3VB
5White Circuit No.7 4VB
6White Circuit No.7 5VB
7White Circuit No.7 6VB
8White Circuit No.7 7VB
9White Circuit No.7 7aVB
10White Circuit No.7 8VB
11White Circuit No.7 9VB
12White Circuit No.7 10VB
13White Circuit No.7 11VB
14White Circuit No.7 12VB
15White Circuit No.7 13VB
16White Circuit No.7 16VB
17White Circuit No.7 17VB
18White Circuit No.7 29VB
19White Circuit No.7 30VB
20White Circuit No.7 31VB
21White Circuit No.7 32VB
23Yellow Circuitf3
24Yellow 6f2
25Yellow 7f2
26Yellow 9f2
27Yellow 10f2
28Yellow 11f2
29Yellow 36f2
30Yellow 37f2
31Yellow 38f2
32Yellow 39f2
34Orange Circuitf3+
35Orange 1VB
36Orange 2f3+
37Orange 3f3
38Orange 4f3
39Orange 5VB
40Orange 6f3
41Orange 6bf3
42Orange 7f4
43Orange 8f3
44Orange 9f3
45Orange 10VB
46Orange 11f3
47Orange 12VB
48Orange 13f3
49Orange 14f3
50Orange 15f3+
51Orange 16f3
52Orange 17f4
53Orange 18VB
54Orange 19f3+
55Orange 20f3+
56Orange 21VB
57Orange 22VB
58Orange 22bf3+
59Orange 23f3
60Orange 24VB
61Orange 25VB
62Orange 26f4
63Orange 26bf3+
64Orange 27VB
65Orange 28VB
66Orange 29f3+
67Orange 30f3
68Orange 31VB
69Orange 32f4
70Orange 33f3
71Orange 34VB
72Orange 35f3
73Orange 36VB
74Orange 37VB
75Orange 38f4
76Orange 39f3
77Orange 40f3
78Orange 41f3+
80Blue Circuitf5
81Blue 1f4
82Blue 2f5
83Blue 3f4
84Blue 4f5
85Blue 4bf4
86Blue 5f4
87Blue 6f4
88Blue 7f4+
89Blue 8f5
90Blue 9f3+
91Blue 10f4+
92Blue 10bf4
93Blue 11f5+
94Blue 12f3
95Blue 12bf3+
96Blue 13f3+
97Blue 14f4
98Blue 14bf5+
99Blue 15f4+
100Blue 16f5
101Blue 16bf4
102Blue 17f5
103Blue 18f4
104Blue 19f5
105Blue 20f4
106Blue 21f3+
107Blue 22f4
108Blue 22bf4
109Blue 23f4+
110Blue 23bf3+
111Blue 24f3+
112Blue 25f5
113Quel Talon (Blue 25 SDS)f7A
114Blue 26f4+
115Blue 27f5+
116Blue 27bf4
117Blue 28f4
118Blue 29f4
119Blue 30f3+
120Blue 31f5
121Blue 32f4
122Blue 33f4
123Blue 34f4
124Blue 34bf4
125Blue 35f5
126Blue 36f3+
127Blue 37f3
128Blue 38f4
129Blue 39f4+
130Blue 39bf4
131Blue 40f4
132Blue 41f4
133Blue 42f5
134Blue 43f4
135Blue 44f5+
136Blue 44bf4
138Red Circuitf5+
139Red 1 - Ca dérape secf5
140Red 2 - Les ninetiesf5+
141Red 3 - Le Tiroir Secret / Mémoriumf5+
142Red 4 - L'autoroute du Sudf5+
143Red 5 - La débonnairef4+
144Red 6 - Maurice Grattonf5+
145Red 7 - La goulotte à Domf6A
146Red 8 - Le croisé magiquef5
147Red 9 - Par Toutatisf6A
148Red 10 - Le beau finalf6A
149Red 10b - Morphoillogiquef5+
150Red 11 - Bobol's come backf6A
151Red 12 - Pas pour Léonf6A
152Red 12b - Gueule casséef6B+
153Red 13 - Jeu de jambesf6A
154Red 13b - Le pistonf5+
155Red 14 - Sortie des artistesf5+
156Red 15 - L'enfer des nainsf6A
157Red 15b - Coup basf7A+ *
158Red 15t - Chouchou chérif6B
159Red 16 - Equilibristef5+
160Red 17 - Vous avez dit gros buff5+
161Red 18 - Les Gazellesf5+
162Red 19 - Beau pavéf5
163Red 20 - Okiléléf6A
164Red 21 - Triste siref5
165Red 22 - Grande classiquef5+
166Red 23 - Lune roussef5
167Red 24 - Rève de chevaux blancsf5+
168Red 25 - La contif5+
169Red 26 - Uhuruf6A
170Red 27 - L'air de rienf5+
171Red 28 - L'hésitationf5
172Red 29 - Les doigts d'hommef6B
173Red 29b - Kaki dehorsf6C
174Red 30 - La femme léopardf5+
175Red 31 - Hatarif5
176Red 32 - Glycolisef6B
177Red 33 - Récupactivef4+
178Red 33b - Gros osf5+
180La Baleinef7A+ **
182La Baugef6B+
183Le Blondef4+
184Les Bons Platsf6B+ **
185Les Bons Platsf6B+
186Chasseur d'Ombref6C
187Chouchou Cherif6B
188Crise de l'energief7A
189Degaine et Gainef6B+ *
190Double Facef7A
191Extortion de Fondf7A+
192Le Fondf5+
193Le Fond de la Piscinef6B+
194La Grande Marchef7A+ **
195La Grande Marche prolongéef7B
196Le Grande Nezf7B
197Gros Doigtsf7A
198Jardin d'Enfantsf6A+
200La Longue Marchef7B+ **
201Mardi Gras / Radio Crochetf7A *
202Mise en Suiff5
203Mots Croisesf6A+
204Narine Droitef7A *
205Le Nezf6C
207Paradef6B **
208La Pucef8A **
209Rage Dedansf7B+
211Le Temple Perduf6B
212Pattes de Coinf7A
213Modja *f3+
214Le Toit des Bravesf7A
215Le Toit des Braves (assis)f7A+
217Mort D'une Scorpionf7B+
218Parafine *f7A
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