Dow Crag

Climbs 143 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude 778m a.s.l – Faces E

Crag features
Mainly long routes up to 100m in a superb mountain setting. Notoriously chilly even when the sun is shining! Classics - Arete Chimney and Crack(MS), Abraxas(E3), Eliminate A(VS), Giants Crawl(D), Nimrod(E1), Holocaust(E4), Tumble(E4), Catacomb (E1), Pink Panther(E2), Leopards Crawl(HVS), Murrays Direct(VS), Murrays Route(S), Close to Critical (E4), Pandora's Box (E5), Shining Path(E5), Paths of Victory(E6), C Ordinary(D), Hopkinsons Crack(HS).

Approach notes
Park in the carpark at the top of the tarmaced section of the Walna Scar road - it's no longer permissible to drive any further. 45 mins to 1 hour steady uphill walk. (Quick access for a Lakes mountain crag). No winter climbing on A or B buttress except gullies. (See Lake District White Guide).

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.


Out of print: Dow, Duddon & Slate (1993)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Woodhouse's CrackD 2
3Slingsby's Pinnacle South East RouteM 1
4Slingsby's Pinnacle North West RouteVD 1
5Blasphemy CrackVS  
6The GeekVS 4c  
7Easy GullyM 22
8Easy GullyII *42
9Easy Gully Right BranchIII 4
11Easy RakeI 5
12Crock's CrawlVD 1
13LemontydeHVS 5a  
14Abrahams RouteM 9
15Trident RouteHS 4b *15
16Necklace RouteHS 4b *13
17Arete, Chimney and CrackS 3c **312
18ArÍte, Chimney and CrackV 5 ***10
19Gordon and Craig's RouteS 3c **66
20Southern CircuitMVS 4b  
21The BalrogE2 5c *14
22AbracadabraE5 6a * 
23AbraxasE3 5c **21
24IsengardHVS 5b **142
25Samba Pa TiE2 5b **84
26Eliminate 'A'VS 4c ***596
27SilenceE2 5c 3
28Brocklebank VariationE3 6a  
29Side WalkE2 5b ***73
30North WallVS 2
31Great GullyVD 8
32Great GullyIV 5 5
33Great Gully - Traverse and Slab VariationIV 5  
35Easy TerraceII *45
36Broadrick's RouteHS 4a *5
37Broadrick's DirectVS 4a *7
38Broadrick's CrackHS 4b *7
39Giant's CrawlD **588
40Giant's CrawlIV 4 10
41Misty Mountain HopE3 6a *7
42NimrodE1 5c ***134
43Four SticksE3 5c 4
44GenocideE4 6b *3
45HolocaustE4 6a ***65
46TumbleE4 6a ***51
47Pandora's BoxE5 6b **3
48CatacombE1 5b ***75
49Security RiskE4 6a  
50Another Fine MessE4 6a  
51Hyacinth RouteHS  
53Giant's CornerS 3c *31
54The Issel RoofE2 6a 7
55Pink PantherE2 5c ***89
56Leopard;s CrawlHVS 5a **212
57Ildi KissE3 6a  
58TarkusE1 5b **67
59RoughE4 6a 2
60Murray's DirectVS 4c ***305
61Free FlightE5 6b *1
62AstrakhanE2 5c 1
63Born FreeE1 5b 1
64Murray's Super DirectE2 5b **31
65EliminatorE1 5b 2
66Murray's RouteS 4a ***454
67The Simian ExitHS 1
68B Buttress VariationsE1 5b *7
69Rock It To RussiaE1 5b  
70MadamHVS 5a 3
71PortfolioE1 5c *4
72Abraham's RouteHS 4a *95
73Eliminate BHVS 5a *21
74Second TestE2 5c 1
75Woodhouse's RouteVD *27
76Woodhouse's RouteIV 5 **1
77Woodhouse's Route Variation FinishHS  
78Woodhouse's AreteE6 6b *1
79Pincher MartinE5 6a  
80CriticalE6 6c * 
81Close to CriticalE4 6b *1
82Great Wall Variation FinishHS  
83West Face RouteI  
84The Shining PathE5 6b **9
85Paths to VictoryE6 6c ** 
86HesperusE2 5c *7
87Central ChimneyS 4a **35
89SiriusHVS 5a **23
90Southern SlabsS 3c *25
91'C' Ordinary RouteD ***446
92Ordinary Route CV 5 ***7
93Hawk RouteS 3c *8
94CharmerHVS 5a 4
95Eliminate 'C'VS 4c **98
96Intermediate GullyMVS 4b *21
97North GullyIII 4 *4
98Broadrick's CrackVI 7 * 
99Hopkinson's CrackVI 7 ***2
101Intermediate GullyVI 7 *1
102'D' Ordinary RouteVD *56
103Raven RouteS 3c *9
104Murray's CrackHS 4b *9
105Jones' RouteVD *5
106Great Central RouteHVS 5b **45
107The NorsemanE4 6a *1
108Hopkinson's CrackHS 4a ***61
109Easter RisingE2 5c *2
110Black WallHVS 5a **23
111AdharaE4 6a  
112LazarusVD 17
113Branch ChimneyVD 2
114The CageHVS 5b 1
115SnibboMVS 4b 1
116North East ClimbVD 4
118Easter Gully - Scoop RouteIII *1
119Cave PitchM 5
120Blizzard ChimneyD 2
121Private HighHVS 5a 1
122Blizzard RidgeMS 1
123South ChimneyD  
124The ScoopM 4
125LevitationS 1
126National HeathE3 5c 4
127Dow Jones IndexE4 6a  
128North WallHS 1
129Black ChimneyD 1
130Black ButtressS  
132Left Hand Route (Route 1)M 5
134Winstanley's RouteMS  
135Minor's RouteD  
137North Gully Ordinary RouteHS  
138North Gully Broadrick's RouteHS  
139High LifeE2 5b  
140Gate CrasherE2 5b  
141Acid HouseE4 6b  
142Pete's PartyVS 4c  
143Pete's Party Variation FinishVS 4c  
144QuestVS 4b 1
145Real ChimneyM  
146The Girdle TraverseVS 5a  
147F buttressIII 3 *4
148'A' OrdinaryE7 6c **2
149E ButtressIII 3 **2
150Dow Crag summitsummit 316
151Arette, Chimney And CrackMS 2
152Artful DodgerHVS 5a **1
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Probably the best crag in the Lakes, it has classic routes at every grade. The notoriety that this crag is cold comes from those idiots who insist on starting their routes in shorts and t-shirts. Always carry (and wear!)an extra sweater.
Alan Phizacklea - 03/Oct/02