Climbs 300 – Rocktype Gneiss – Altitude 764m a.s.l – Faces NE

Access notes
Access is delicate park in the village and walk to the blocs. Do not park down the tracks near the blocs!

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1Area Nivo Bassa: Hopperf7A
2Area Nivo Bassa: Swinger Clubf7A+
3Area Nivo Bassa: Opus Dayf6C+ **
4Area Nivo Bassa: Benedetto Semitiepidof6A *
5Area Nivo Bassa: Senza Dentif7B+ *
6Area Nivo Bassa: Triadef7A
7Area Nivo Bassa: Triade Extendedf7A+ **
8Area Nivo Bassa: The Great Shark Huntf8B
9Area Nivo Bassa: Made in Norwayf7B ***
10Area Nivo Bassa: Palpa Tinaf7A+
11Area Nivo Bassa: Arabaldf7B *
12Area Nivo Bassa: Arabald into Lonelinessf7B+ *
13Area Nivo Bassa: Loneliness of a Long Distance Runnerf7B+ *
14Area Nivo Bassa: Zatopekf7B **
15Area Nivo Bassa: Kiss Mef7C
16Area Nivo Alta: Prime Ribf7C
17Area Nivo Alta: The Pocket Problemf7C
18Le Vent Nous Porteraf7C+ ***
19Area Nivo Alta: Ping Pong Boulderf7C
20Area Doctor Med: Doctor Med Dentf7B ***
21Area Doctor Med: Euro Millionsf7A+
22Area Teamwork: Team Workf8A **
23Area Teamwork: Pause Caffef7C
24Area Barriera: Super Sizemef7C+ **
25Area Boogalagga: Easy Goingf7B *
26Area Boogalagga: Doctor Smallf7A
27Area Boogalagga: Boogalaggaf8B
28Area Boogalagga: Miss Schweizf8A+
29Area Boogalagga: Doctor Multifitf7B
30Area Boogalagga: Globetrotterf7A
31Area Boogalagga: Doctor Pinchf7C+
32Area Boogalagga: Doctor Jumpf7C+
33Area Deliverance: Schwarzes Lochf7A *
34Area Deliverance: That Goes Leftf7C+ *
35Area Deliverance: Svenskif7B+ *
36Area Deliverance: No Misteryf8A
37Area Deliverance: Schule des Lebensf8A+
38Area Frecce Gialle: Mushroom Traversef7A+
39Area Frecce Gialle: Vitelozzof7A
40Area Paese: Corto Intuitof6B+
41Area Paese: Power Rangerf7B+
42Area Paese: Bushmillsf6A+
43Area Border Line: Agilityf7B+
44Area Border Line: Border Linef7A
45Area Border Line: Scimmiwagenf5+
46Area Freak Brothers: Crystal Wallf5
47Area Freak Brothers: Freak Brothersf8A **
48Area La Soucoupe: Dach Von Linksf7C *
49Area La Soucoupe: Virtuvian Manf7C **
50Area La Soucoupe: La Soucoupef8A+ **
51Area La Soucoupe: Buboid SDSf7A
52Area La Soucoupe: Party Boostenf7C *
53Area La Soucoupe: Willenburg Dachf8A ***
54Area Gnolla: Gnollaf6A
55Area Gnolla: Coperton Ladyf6B+
56Area Gnolla: Celtic Earringf5
57Area New Age: New Agef7B
58Area New Age: Vai Sciallof7A+
59Area New Age: Diagon Halleyf7A
60Area New Age: Coment Tu T'appelsf7B+
61Area Les Doigts Verts: Les Doigts Vertsf7C+ **
62Area Les Doigts Verts: Le Pilierf7C+ **
63Area Les Doigts Verts: Variante Miltonf7B+ *
64Area Rah Plats Plats: Number Onef7A **
65Area Rah Plats Plats: The Shieldf7B+
66Area Rah Plats Plats: Fu**ing Movef7C
67Area Rah Plats Plats: Eisprung RHf7C *
68Area Serre Moi Fort: White Handsf6B
69Area Serre Moi Fort: Selection Doorf7A
70Area Serre Moi Fort: Smooth Operatorf6B+
71Area Serre Moi Fort: Piramidef8A
72Area Centrale: Papa Razif7A
73Area Centrale: Rizlaf6B
74Area Intercessor: Falco Pellegrinof6B
75Area Intercessor: Intercessorf8A+
76Area Monolithe: Coast to Coastf7B
77Area Monolithe: Graffiti Brazilf6B+
78Area Monolithe: Le Monolithef7B+ **
79Area ?: Auto Pilotf7B+ ***
80Area Le Mur du Son: La Bouillabaissef7A+ **
81Area Le Mur du Son: Energia Oscuraf7B+ **
82Area Le Mur du Son: Le Mur du Sonf7C+ **
83Area US101: Walking in the Desertf7B **
84Area US101: Collateralf8A+
85Area US101: The Electric antf8B
86Area Altirolo: Autokinof6B+
87Area Altirolo: By the Wayf7A+
88Area Prizeist House: Prizeist Housef7C+
89Area Fiume Ticino: Geh Kotzenf7C+
90Area Fiume Ticino: Ciprinidef6A+
91Area Schattental Fiume: Ades Balaf6B
92Area Schattental Fiume: Red Rainf6C
93Area Schattental Fiume: Giuliaf7A
94Area Schattental: Vasco di Gamaf7A ***
95Area Schattental: Powerstripsf7C ***
96Area Schattental: From Dirt Grows Flowersf8B+
97Auto Pilotf7B ***
98Fengshui Mastersf7A ***
99Vitruvian Manf7C ***
100Sepis Boulderf7A
102Bella Gnozaf7B
104Serre Moi Fort (standing)f7B+
105Kill Billf7A
106Happy New Yearf7B **
107Drop Stopf6B+ *
108Give me 5f6C *
110The Aviatorf6C+ ***
111Talk to the Windf6C+ **
112Bottle After Bottlef6C+ ***
113Bella Nickif7A *
114Eyorjoif6B ***
115Giurin giuretaf3
116Light House Theatref5
119Cuccu Mef5
121Madame Pompidouf5+
122Die Roboterf6A
124Venere Creolaf6A
125Buenas Tardes Amigof6A+
126Karma Policef7A+
127Clin d'oeilf7A
128Lascia che siaf7A
131Weather Chanelf6C+
132Le Cadeauxf6B+
133Chads Bulgef7A **
134Gaudium Maximumf7A *
135Area Frecce Gialle: Jack in the boxf6B+ ***
136Area Frecce Gialle: Perlef6B+ **
137Area Paese: Souvenirf8A ***
138Area Frecce Gialle: Solbrisf6C **
139Area Schattental Fiume: Negritaf6C **
140Area Schattental Fiume: Chads Bulgef7A **
141Area Schattental Fiume: Voltarenf6B **
142Area Schattental Fiume: Pet Terapief6A+ **
143Area Schattental: Microcosmosf7A+ *
144Area Schattental Fiume: Rock a Billyf6B **
145Los Cursosf7A
147Area Deliverance: Schwarzes Loch Rightf7A
148Area Deliverance: Matusalemf6C+
149Area Deliverance: Quasimodof7B+
150Area Paese: Smemoryf7A
151Area Rah Plats plats: La Mossa Del Barbieref7A+ **
152Area schattental: Pet Terrapin ssf7B+ **
153Area Paese: Collapsef6B *
154Area Les Doigts Verts: Lemon Treef6C+ ***
155Area Paese: Swing Offf7B **
156Birdsf7C ***
157Area Boogalagga: Big Pawf8C ***
158The Shield Traversef7B
159The Real Shieldf7C
160Slooper Attackf7A
161Numa-numa Songf7B
162Saludos Amigos (stand)f7A+
163Tomahawk Traversef7A
165Le saut du gros Nicof7B
166Le flipperf7B
167Komilatorf8A **
168Area Paese: Black Jackf6C+ **
169Area Deliverence: Ram Jamf6A *
170Area Centrale: Jim Nook's Traversef6A+
171Area Rah Plats Plats: Carepef6C **
172Area Boogalagga: Confession of a Crap Artistf7C ***
173Bella Gnoccaf7B **
174Brechstangef7C ***
175Lackerli crackf7A
176Blues Traversef6C
177Mea Culpaf6A+
178Fast Foodf6A
179Body Checkf6C
180No Chippingf6B+
181Palp fictionf7A
182Kebub by nightf7A
184Kiss mef7C
185Shadowfaxf8B ***
186Area Nive bassa: Ragazzo profumatof7A+
187Area Nivo Bassa: Garibaldf7A
188Area Nivo Bassa: super ottif7B+
190Area La Soucoupe: bottle after bottlef6C+
191Area Paese: techno feetf6C
192Area Paese: urbi at urbif6C
193Area Paese: Il volo del colibrif7B+
194The Alphane Moonf8A **
195Area Teamwork: Kit Dynamitef8A *
196Area Centrale: Les Cliques a Claquesf7C ***
197Area Paese: blocco 20 unnamed problemf7B+ **
198Area Paese: Tetto Bazf7A+ *
199Area Nivo Bassa: Rechtsrutsch *f6B
200Area Nivo Bassa: Triangolo *f6C+ ***
201Area Nivo Bassa: Non Voltarti Indierto *f7B **
202Area Schattental Fiume: Feccia X *f6C **
203Area Schattental Fiume: Neverland standing start *f6B+ **
204Area Barriera: Supersize Me *f7B *
205Dr Crimp *f7C
206Area US101: The Arete with the Pocket *f8A **
207Area US101: Delusions of Grandeur *f8B ***
208Area Centrale: Kanizsa *f6C **
209Area Centrale: Salsa Dura *f7A **
210Area New Age: L'Idoletto *f7A
211Area Serre Moi Fort: Frogat Traverse *f7A
212Area Schattental: Fairplay *f7C
213Area Schattental: Oroglione *f7A **
214Area Schattental: Oroglione Seduto *f7B **
215Area Nivo Bassa: Slimeline *f7C **
216Saltamartin *V3 6b+ ***
217Area Deliverance: Blocco 8b - 5 *f4
218Area Deliverance: Blocco 8b - 4 *f5+
219La baronessa *f6A
220Area Deliverance: Blocco 35b - 5 *f6A+ *
221Area Deliverance: Blocco 35b - 6A *f5
222Galileo bis *f6A
223Area Deliverance: Blocco 40a - 3 *f3
224Area Deliverance: Blocco 40a - 4 *f6A+ *
225Walker on Earth *f8A **
226Serre Moi Fort *f8A ***
227Casa Pecora *f7C+
228Prima La Signora *f7B+
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