Twilight Zone

Climbs 100 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces ?

Crag features
The Twilight Zone is the collective name for two small, interesting limestone buttresses in close vicinity of each other. Some of the best quality limestone in the Eglwyseg valley can be found here, with everything from smooth slabs to wild roof climbing.

Approach notes
The crags can be found near the second tributary

valley down from World's End Crag. Coming from Llangollen, just over the humpback bridge near Plas yn Eglwyseg farm the road bends sharply right, and a few metres up the road after the bend there are some small pull-ins on the right. Park here, or further up the road on the lay-by to the left. Walk back over the bridge to where a sign for a public footpath can be found. Walk up the field to its left to where the woods start. Fight your way through the woods until you come to a fence; surmount this, and soon the crags will be in full view in front of you.

Clwyd Limestone (2005), (1995), Clwyd Rock (1993)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Dinner in PotsdamVD  
2Fraggle RockHVS 5a  
3BreakerHVS 5b  
4HungoverHVS 5b  
5On LineS 4a 38
6ExtensionVS 4c 7
7Funeral CornerHS 4a **126
8Inter Digital PauseHVS 5a 2
9Penetration FactorVS 4c *39
10SidestepHVS 4c 1
11Ruth's RambleVD 32
12LoranS 4a *61
13Sunday DriverVS 4c *26
14Wood Pigeon CrackHS 4a 7
15Going to a Go Go7b+ * 
16Go-a-Go-GoE2 5b *4
17High ImpedanceE2 5c *5
18AttenuationVS 4c 6
19MoncrieffVD 4
20Ivy Tower ChimneyVD 3
21Cow ParsleyVD 10
22SkullionVS 4b *39
23The ClearoutVS 4b 1
24Helme's HighwayS 4a 30
25EclipseHVS 5a 16
26OneginS 4a 6
27To Cut a Long Story ShortVS 4c 13
28PrideVD 62
29PrejudiceD 32
30FlawseVD 15
31SlothVD *70
32Pinnacle CrackHVD 13
33InterfaceVS 4b 1
34RiboflavinS 4a 6
35Open to Offa'sVD 4
36TerminalVS 4c  
37Charlie's Podium5a 1
38Constantinople6a 2
39Spiderpig6b+ 2
40Disappear7a+ 1
41Manakin7a+ * 
42Puppet Symphony7b+  
43Bolt in the SnowE2 5b  
44JabberwockyE2 5b  
45ShadowE3 6a  
46Slim Faster6c 1
47Crash Diet6c+ * 
48Calorie Control7a * 
49Hungry DaysE3 5c * 
50Bitter EnderE1 5b *3
51Bitter EntryE2 5c ** 
52Forced EntryE3 5c **1
53Tizer the SurpriserHVS 5a  
54Central GrooveHS 4b 10
55The PancakeHS 4b 9
56Starting BlockHVS 4c 4
57Race RiotHVS 5a *9
58Twilight ChimneyHS 4b *15
59Jittering TowerHVS 5a 1
60FrejusHVD 5
61AgayS 4a 13
62AntibesVS 4b 8
63Running WildHVS 5a 2
64VolentiS 4a 24
65The GiftS 4a 18
66ZillaVD 20
67FrolicVS 4a 2
68RootsVS 4c 9
69No GripsE2 5b *6
70Missing LinkVS 4b 8
71The Last FlingVS 4a 1
72Continental ChocsVS 4b 7
73PagodaHVS 5a 4
74Rising ChampHVD 4
75Misty DawnS 4a *32
76Shakin' StevensVS 4b 1
77Happy ValleyVS 4b *31
78Rock SpecialE3 5c * 
79HowlingE1 5b *1
80Ten Percent SpecialE2 5c *2
81MasungiHS 4b 9
82The AvengerVS 4b 3
83The Land of FairiesE1 5b 1
84PitmungoS 4a 8
85ChâteauVS 4a 4
86UniteS 4a 8
87H BlockE1 5a 1
88Bay of PigsE1 5b *1
89The Tiger AwaitsE2 5b *1
90The HeistVS 4c 1
91Stay Alert MalcolmHVS 5a *5
92Hyper Medius Meets Little FingerE3 5c *1
93Little FingersVS 4c  
94FingerbobsE4 6a * 
95Old TimerVS 5a  
96Orange TimeVS 4c  
97Home TimeE1 5b * 
98Fine TimeVS 4b  
99Crumples5a 1
100Snow FlakeVS 4c 2
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A great crag, with stupendous views across the valley. Some superb quality rock on the routes, but quite loose up top - helmets recommended. Building a belay at the base of the climbs isn't the worst idea - not somewhere you'd want to be falling off and dragging your belayer down the hill!
Otis - 24/Aug/14
Went there yesterday. Nice, unbusy (we only saw one other group all day) mountain crag. Some great rock, but some loose stuff too!
lemon - 13/Jul/09
Not a fun place, approach chossy, base of crags reasonably steep grass, descents iffy due to steep slippy grass. Wont be returning.
Nige G - 27/Oct/05
A better description of the approach is 'cross the stile and stream behind the house and head diagonally left uphill across the field passed a marker post to a stile and gate on the north edge of the wood. Follow the track along the side of the wood and the path up the valley towards the crags'
rod pirie - 06/May/05