Goblin Combe

Climbs 160 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces S

Crag features
Quality steep and sound limestone. Very quick drying. Climbing is strenuous, but generally well protected, with quite a few real gems.

Very under starred in the current guide.

Watch out for ticks in the summer.

Access notes
Restrictions apply from 25 February - 30 May. Reason - Nesting Birds

There is a ravens' nest at Eagle Rock on the route 'Orcrist'. Routes on the left side of the crag from 'Hive Queen' to 'Route March' should be avoided until the nest has been vacated - likely at towards the end of May.

Situated about eight miles SW of Bristol, just beyond the village of Cleeve on the A370. From Bristol, turn east along Cleeve Hill Road just before the Lord Nelson Inn. Carry on for about

400 metres until you reach a small car park by a quarried wall. A small track leads into the Combe itself from a small building to the left of the quarry.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

South West Climbs - Volume 1 (2012), Avon and Cheddar (2004), Avon and Cheddar (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2LeberkaseVD 4a 11
3Fix The SqueakE3 5c *29
4Strong Arm TacticsE3 6a 3
5The Goblin's TeasmadeE2 5b *53
6Give us a BreakE4 6a 7
7PeapodHVS 5a 34
8Edge of MirkwoodHVS 5c 26
9The Forest GateVS 4c 15
10The GurnjugsE4 6a 1
11Relief MassageE1 5b 5
13BilboVS 4b 5
14Gurt SuperbVS 4c 2
15Toot SweetHVS 5a 2
16Blah Blah BlahE2 5c 1
17Cleve Toot and the MaytalsE3 6a 1
18African DoctorE3 6a 1
19Peroxide BlondeE5 6b 1
20That's my NumberE4 6a 1
21Bungo DirectVS 4c 3
23BomburD 2
24OwletVD 11
25The GimbliesS 4a 10
26Gremlin GrooveHS 4b *14
27Bowser's CastleHVS 5a 6
28Bard the BowmanHS 4b *395
29GirionHVS 5b *5
30Girion DirectE2 5c 9
31Girion Direct Superdirect StartE3 6a 2
32RadagastVS 4c 40
33The Naked RamblerVS 4c *5
34Moments in SpaceE2 5c 31
35ElrondVS 4c *355
36The Shadow of MordorE4 5c 2
37NazgulE5 6a *13
38ShagratE2 5b 48
39PreciousE2 5c 11
40GollumE1 5b *218
41The Goblin QueenE3 6a 20
42Smaug The DragonE1 5c **162
43Cloak and DaggerE3 5c *7
44The Goblin KingE2 5c **124
45BullroarerE1 5b 50
46MithrilE4 6a *35
47Mithril Direct FinishE5 6a **8
48Mithril / The WargsE4 6a **3
49The 'Oh No!' ZoneE6 6b 7
50The WargsE4 6b **24
51Modern TimesE5 6b *4
52GondolinVS 4b *326
53The Moves! The Moves!E3 6a 15
54GundabadE1 5b *298
55GanjagoodHVS 4c *5
56NecromancerVS 4b *204
57NecrophiliaE2 5b 3
58LongbeardHVS 5b 24
59Treebeard DirectE1 5c *9
60TreebeardVS 4c *201
61Greybeard (Treebeard variation)VS 4b 55
62Open KnightlyHVS 5a *25
63Greybeard (original)HS 4a 6
64Hordes of the ThingsE2 5c  
65Jive TolkienE5 6b  
67Trolls' ChimneyHD 5
68Michael MulletE3 5c 3
69NobalicksE2 6b 2
70Obelisk CrackS 4a 156
71Crocker's Office RockerE1 5c 1
72PebblesVS 4c 25
73BolgS 4a 321
74Betwixt and BetweenVS 4b 9
75LegolasHVS 5a 157
76BrandybuckHVS 5a 34
77Brandybuck Direct.E3 5c 4
78Legless on BrandyVS 4c 35
79A Parcel of Small ChildrenVS 5a 1
80PearlVD *45
81NecklaceS 4a 3
82Saving Brian's PrivatesS 4a 3
83Your Very Good ElfHS 4a 13
84Galadriel's GashD 1
85Queer LodgingsE1 5b 6
87Horology HorrorVS 4c 2
88Pippin VariationsE1 5c 13
89PippinVS 5a 153
90Skwozed inE3 5c 18
91OutlandsVS 4b 3
92Disaster AreaHVS 5a *350
93Disaster Area VariationE2 5c *21
94Deo volenteE2 5c 19
95EsgarothHS 4b *496
96Idee FixeE4 5c 12
97Too Much TolkienVD 49
99Sometimes ForgottenS 2
100Sometimes LostVS 5a 2
101Sometimes HiddenS 4a 12
102Hidden Strength, Visible WeaknessHVS 5b 3
103BalinVS 5a 1
104DwarfinVS 4c 1
105DainS 4a 134
106SarumanHS 4b 136
107GandalfHVS 5a *144
108The Clockwork FingerflakeE1 5b 41
109The Clockwork Fingerflake VariationE2 5c 2
110DurinVD 120
111Elf-likeHVS 5a 3
113Trim The FringeVS 4b 5
114The Hive QueenE2 5b 7
115ThorinVD 76
116PruckVS 4b 1
117Sales RepVS 4c 1
118Quality Of SacrificeE5 6c **2
119AtonementE7 6c ***4
120Impossible Walln9+ 7b+ ***1
121Killer AntE3 6a 5
122HawkwordE4 6a 1
123OrcristVS 4c 53
124The Black RidersE1 5b *102
125The Israel BluesE3 5c *21
126Hollow RingE4 6a  
127GlamdringVS 4c *103
128Route MarchVS 4c 6
129GolfinbulVD 1
130Hitler's BunkerVD 2
131GloinHS 4b 10
132Battle With the BulgeE1 5c 4
133JampolsHVS 4c 6
134BifurVS 4b *284
135Scrambling RemainsE1 5b 45
136Kick the hobbitE2 5b 11
137The HobbitS 167
138The White TowerE4 6a *26
139Gift TolkienS 4a 122
140The Holly and the EddieE2 5c 2
141The Gnome KingHS 4b *306
142Shots of the AlmightyE4 6a 5
143Bilbo's RevengeHVS 5a 73
144Not GolfinbulS 4a *17
145The Route with No GnomeVS 4c 4
146Wielding the Mystical Sword of Owld BulchytVS 4c 3
147Everything is AwesomeHS 4a 1
149Wild Thyme and Woodlice (left hand)HS 4b 2
150Thyme LordHS 4b *10
151Cry Your Eyes OutHS 4a 2
152RoalHS 4a 4
153Sky LarkingVS 4c *13
154Air ChoirE1 5b 3
155Central LineE3 6a *2
156GanderflankingVS 4c *6
157KoriVS 4c *8
158CarlHS 4b 8
159Shake OffVS 4c 3
160Shake, Rattle and RollVS 4c *4
162The OrdinaryHS 5b 1
163Settlement CrackVD 4
164HaustVS 4b 3
165Fall Of The LeafS 4a 4
166UrglesD 4
167Iron Age SexE1 5c 1
168An Inevitable OutcomeHVS 5b 1
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Currently restoring the overgrown routes. Gremlin Groove and Radagast both now in tip top condition.
Pylon King Against Capit@lism - 11/Mar/14
Pulled a hold of Mithril a few days ago, it's marginally harder but not enough to change the grade.
remus - 08/Sep/12
Really excellent crag and a much higher quality of climbing than the star distribution would suggest. Though the tick infestation is severe!
Kemics - 21/Jul/12
A reminder to watch out for ticks, I have picked up at least one on three out of four trips here in the last couple of years. Do do a thorough check when you get home!
Bobling - 12/Aug/11
Don't leave anything of value in your car as it has been known for the local scumbags to break in to them for a rummage!
maresia - 29/May/09
Beware of ticks. Nasty little baggers which can quickly turn a day of climbing into chimpanzee level and style of grooming. Make sure you have long sleeves and trousers or a decent repellent. (if they work on ticks!?!)
Piers - 23/Jun/08
Gift Tolkien has a roosting barn owl at the top in cracks in the wall. Maybe think twice about disturbing!!
liz j - 03/Sep/07