Carrock Fell crag

Climbs 230 – Rocktype Gabbro – Altitude 241m a.s.l – Faces E

Crag features
The main event here is the excellent bouldering. All the problems are listed with reference to their numbering/sector position within the LakesBloc April 2012 Carrock Fell guide.

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Route info: Short slabby easier routes about 25m high on two buttresses. Some serious lichen. Slabs Left (D), Recess Route (D), ose Tree Route (VD), Slape Crags Arete (VD), Slape Crags Direct (MVS).

Access notes
Five minutes from the road directly below the crag.

Eastern Crags (2011), Lakes Bouldering (2006), LakesBloc Website

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2The Clay Machine GunV5 *
3No Block WallV0
4Bourneville BoulevardV2
5Misty Mountain HopV3 *
6ArrowheadV3 *
7Bishop RageV4
8Mexican RumbleV9 **
9Tijuana Cha-chaV6 *
11Problem 1V0+
12Problem 2VB
13Problem 3V1
14Captain KirkV3 **
15Captain Kirk SSV5 **
16Buck RogersV7 **
17Bucky O'HareV1 *
18The Bohemian GirlV0-
19Pack Up Your TroublesV3 **
20Sons of the DesertV2 *
21The Music BoxV2 *
22Laughing GravyV5 **
23Laughing Gravy SSV7
24Hawthorn AreteV3 *
25Problem 13V0+
26Problem 14V1
27Old SpiceV6
28Humpback TraverseV2
29Hi KarateV8 *
30MonstroV8 *
31Whale TailV0
32Dark DonkeyV5 *
33Dark MuleV4
34Ledge LeftV1
35Poison ArrowV1
36All ThereV4
37Kit's Slab LeftV5
38Kit's Slab RightV5
39Ghetto StyleV8 **
40Knight RiderV10 ***
41Hasselhoff VariationV9 **
42RailblazerV9 **
43Kit's Grooved AreteV3 ***
44Losing My FeathersV8 *
45Come All Ye FaithfulV8 *
46Terrace WallV2 **
47Terrace Wall SDSV8
48Moai GrooveV4
49Beebop & RocksteadyV9 ***
50Hang 10V6
51Absinth Makes the Heart Glow LongerV6
52Monkey TrunkV8+ *
53Hanging CrackV0
54Hanging SlabV2 *
55AlgorhythmV8 **
56Rose to the TopV3
58Widescreen EntertainmentV5
59The Quartz StreakV1
60Medium BallV3 *
61Offwidth Crack (P3 Rockfax)V0+
62Cave RouteV8 *
63The ProwV9 **
64Lean-ToV2 *
65CarcinogenicV5 *
66The NicheV5
67Problem 9V4
68Hanging AreteV6
69Problem 11V1
70Undercut Boulder Front Face TraverseV8 **
71Undercut AreteV5 **
72Ground ForceV7 *
73Problem 14V1
74Problem 15V2
75Havoc BoxV4 *
76The Vex FactorV8 *
77Vesicle GraffitiV3 *
78No Pain, No GainV3 *
79Via DolorosaV3
80Punks TraverseV5
81Generation TextV8+ *
82Punk's LifeV7 **
83Get a lifeV7 **
84Super Yum YumV12
85Da FunkV7
86FangtasticV3 *
87Off the GridV11 **
88The GridV9 **
89Hockstack & Two Broken ToothbrushesV8 *
90Mr. MultiverseV9 *
91Problem 26V2
92Problem 27V3 *
93Problem 28V2
94Tombstone AreteV5 *
95North WallV5 **
96Badger AttackV5 **
97Get a GripV11 *
98The JuiceV5
99Flame OnV9
100Embrace for ImpactV7 **
101StratosfearV5 ***
102StarcomV6 ***
103Manta ForceV7 *
105Needle AreteV0
106Stiff Upper LipV3
107Problem 3V1
108White StreakV3
109Frustration SlabV1 *
110La'al CaveV3
111Toblerone TussleV8
112Little GrooveV3 **
113Problem 8V3 *
114AreteV5 *
115Problem 10V2
116Lip TraverseV7 **
117The Sound of One Al SlappingV2 **
118The Sound of One Al Slapping ReverseV3
120Problem 13V2
12147V5 *
122Problem 14V2 *
123Purple SlabV3 **
124TC's AreteV6 *
125Howff RoofV4 *
126Howff AreteV4 *
127Snake CrackV3
128Snake Crack WallV0+
129Left AreteV3
130Left WallV4
131Right AreteV0+
132Right WallV3
133Bastard TraverseV3 *
134Problem 24V3
135The BastardV3
136The Man They Couldn't HangV4 *
137Pull Your WeightV5 *
138Punch Your WeightV7 *
139Sing A RainbowV6 ***
140I Can, I Can'tV5 **
141The Mile High GuyV5 **
142I Can See For MilesV3 *
143Slow Children & AnimalsV1
144OrisonV6 *
145Peppermint JamV9 **
146Peppermint Jam (stand)V8 **
147Mint RoyaleV10 **
148Mint DirectV8
150Leopold Von BuchV9 ***
151HomeV13 **
152Low Traverse 2V2
153Sitting Block DirectV5
154Are You Sitting Comfortably?V2 *
155Up & OverV0
156Magic EyeV6 *
157The NoseV7 **
158The Nose LowV8 *
159Problem 2V3 *
160Problem 3V3
161Problem 3 Low StartV6 *
162McHaffie's CrackV7 *
163McHaffie's Crack (since hold broke)V8
164McHaffie's Crack (stand)V4 *
165High FlyerV5 *
166Ye Of Little FaithV6 *
167Gift of the GabbroV4
168Problem 8V5
169Lip TraverseV8 **
170Problem 10V2
171Problem 11V3
172Problem 12V2 *
173Slopey AreteV6 **
174Problem 14V1 *
175Problem 15V2
176Problem 16V2
177Problem 17V1
178MushroomV2 **
179Problem 19V0+ *
180Problem 20V5 *
181Problem 21 (Stand)V2
182Problem 21 SDSV5
183Problem 22V7
184Problem 23 (Crack)V8
185Problem 24V7 *
186Boardman's AreteV2 ***
187Boardman's Arete SDSV5 **
188Boardman's Right HandV5 ***
189Rouse's WallV5 ***
190Rouse's RHV7 **
191Problem 28V7 **
192Fast Cars & Camper VansV6 **
193Dan's WallV8 **
194MetronomeV11 **
196Crystals Ripped My FleshV2
197Left AreteVB
198Slab CentralV0 *
199Right AreteV0-
201Problem 6V3
202Problem 7V3 *
204Problem 9 (stand)V0
205Problem 9V2
207Little BroV4 *
208Lichen WallV0
209Lichen AreteV0 *
210Problem 15V0-
211Al's WallV2
212Canada DryV5 **
213Nova Scotia AreteV5 ***
214Problem 19V0-
215Problem 20V0
216Problem 21V0
217Popping with ConvictionV3 **
218Problem 22 (Stand)V1 5
219Problem 23V4 *
220Razor WallV2 *
221Problem 25V1
222Gang 3V1
224Right Crack DirectVS **
225Right CrackVD *
226The ScoopMS
227Slabs LeftD *
228Recess RouteD **
229Rose Tree RouteVD *
230Slape Crags AreteVD
231Slape Crags DirectMVS
233Trough Gulley left hand finishIV 5 **
234Trough Gully-Icicle start??
235Carrock Fell IcefallII/III
236Trough GullyII/III
237Barker's SlabVS
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Bring some spare skin!
Fluvial - 06/Jun/10
Slabby climbing on a quiet gabbro crag. Well worth the effort if combining it with a bit of bouldering on the fellside boulders below the crag. Protection isnt always good but the climbs are all at friendly grades and it all adds to the character.
martin_whitton - 02/Sep/06
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