Trym Valley Gorge

Climbs 105 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 50m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Several natural limestone outcrops with some outstanding harder trad lines and a few bolted test pieces. Some of the outcrops in danger of being lost to the ivy. Single pitch routes to 30 metres.

South West Climbs - Volume 1 (2012), Avon and Cheddar (2004), Avon and Cheddar (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Nazi HaircutVS 5a 1
3Brighten UpE3 6b *1
4Dumbing DownE2 6a 2
5So SoE3 5c  
6PsocidE3 6a 1
7The Albino FleaVS 4c 7
8SheilaHS 4a 12
9Albert SpanswickHVS 5a 11
10Cupid's ScoopVS 4c 1
11GulliverHVS 5a 3
12If You Can't Be With The One You Love, Love The One You're WithE1 5b 2
13Goram's ChimneyVD 23
14Goram's CrackHVS 5b *28
15The ConformistE6 6b **5
16A38E6 6b ***17
17Efflux VelocityE4 6b  
18The FlueVS 4b 3
19The Chinese HatHVS 5b 1
21Mother's DelightE2 6a 1
22Let's Release those Big-value BallsHVS 5b 3
23In It to Win ItVS 4b 3
24World At War7a 15
25War on Words7c *1
26The Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash7b *24
27Wave No White Flag7c **22
28Remembrance7b+ **5
29Burnt OfferingsE6 6b **3
30Terrorist7b+ *15
31U N Resolution7a+ 25
32My Uncle OswaldE3 6a 4
33All the TrymmingsE2 5b 4
34SpornosexualE1 5c 2
36Supersod's LawHVS 5b  
37Thrown into DarknessHVS 5a  
38Rubble SurpriseVS 4b 7
39Blott on the LandscapeE1 5c 10
40With EyebrowsHVS 5a *29
41Love at On-sightE4 6a *1
42ShaftE1 5c *14
43Jolly RogererE5 6a *4
44Body TalkE2 5c 2
45MindwarpE4 6a  
46LongbowHVS 5b *18
47StrongbowE3 6a 2
48LegoverE4 6a  
49Lovers' SpliffE6 6b 1
50IncestE4 5c 1
51Lover's GrooveE3 5c *5
52ForeplayE3 5c  
53Blow Your Own CrumpetHVS 5a 10
54Blue SkiesE1 5b *6
55Smiling at MeVS 4c *1
56ShiteVD 2
57Rule of LoreE2 5c 1
58Irish Bank ManagerE1 5c 1
59A No SexE4 6a *1
60October StormE3 6a  
61Gimpel the FoolHVS 5a  
62No IdeaHVS 5a  
63Top DropHVS 4c 1
64Stan Ogden's Beer GutVS 4c 3
65The BoyfriendHS 4b 2
67WendyE1 5c 4
68BrokeVS 5a 4
69RIPHVS 5a 5
70Sacrificing ParentsE2 5b 5
71Perky PythonVS 5b 1
72TruantHVS 5b 6
73Acrobatic AnacondaVS 4b 7
74Bristols in BloomHS 4b 5
75Ding Dong The Witch Is DeadVS 4c 6
76The White WormS 4a 1
78Scorpio AfricanusHS 4b 3
79Blackthorn BlossomHS 4a 1
80Percy ThrowerVS 4b 10
81Duff PaddyVS 4b 1
82Mummy's BoyHS 4a 5
83Leon, Mouth of the SouthHVS 5a 4
84Leon, Mouth of the South (sit start)V1 5b 3
85WinterschlafV2 5c *2
86Blue Dreamsf6A 5c *2
87Clothes for HeroesVS 4b 1
88Frank FrenzyHVS 4c 6
89Direct ActionVS 4b 5
90Direct Action (Direct)E1 5c 2
91Elephant's ipodVS 4c 3
92Elephant's EyeVS 4c *65
93GestapoHVS 5a 9
94Ve Haf Veys of Making you TalkE2 5c 17
95KGBE1 5b 46
96SecuricorVS 4b *69
97Flake CrackS *66
98Two HootsHVS 5b 1
99Three 'F'in' LoutsE1 6a 8
100Elephant's TraverseV1 5a 6
101Valley of NoiseE4 6a 4
103St Jude ComethS 4a 2
104Barking MadE1 5b 2
105Too Many DogsHVS 5a 1
106Writing on theWallE2 5b 4
107Screaming Dog-owners' DoomE3 5c *1
108Vivoque Sedilia SaxoE4 6a **11
109Nympharum DomusE4 6b *6
110Write OffE6 6b *10
111The GreengrocerE2 5b 3
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Removed some brambles and ivy at the base of Lover's Leap today, which should make a couple of the climbs accessible again. Hopefully more cleaning to follow soon...
pheotleyr - 27/Feb/13
A really nice place to climb, spoilt by the c*nting chavs and their arsewipe dogs.
Urgles - 23/Mar/12
As of today the Lover's Leap is clean from Rubble Surprise to Smiling at Me and most of the routes have been climbed recently. Elephant rock is clean as well (I think the wardens may be keeping it clean, at least the path at the bottom). Butcher's cave is also clean, any beta on Nypharium Domus would be appreciated!
thomasadixon - 04/Jul/10