Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (Cloggy)

Climbs 207 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude 707m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
Called "the best crag in the world" by Leo Houlding, Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (Cloggy) deserves a special place in the history of Welsh climbing. It has all-time classics in just about every grade, and is home to famed routes such as Indian Face and Master's Wall. Very long (up to 300m+), mostly serious, routes in an alpine setting. Some loose rock - an integral part in the Cloggy climbing experience.

Access notes
Drive to Llanberis and go up the narrow road opposite the Royal Victoria Hotel. Park somewhere here - parking is no longer available at Hafodty Newidd as the farmer padlocks the gates. (Thanks for info, Bob Wightman.) You can drive past the Youth Hostel (turn up past the Spar shop) and park in small laybys after the tarmac. Don't block access. A path leads from this track, Bwlch Maesgwm, across the valley to just before Hafodty Newidd.

>From Haftoy Newydd walk up the railway and the track until well past Half Way House, and where the track steepens, keep right along the miner's track which leads to the old copper mines, and continues as a small path contouring the cliff.Halfway House is now open for refreshments - though sadly not home-made lemonade.

North Wales Climbs (2013), North Wales Classics (2010), North Wales Rock (2006), Scrambles & Easy Climbs in Snowdonia (2005), Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (2004), Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (1988)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Boomerang GullyII
3Boomerang Gully DirectIV *
4Boomerang Left-handE2 5b *
5BoomerangE1 5b *
6Soledad BrotherE1 5b
7Little EasternVS 4c
8Bywynog ChimneyE1 5b
9Brwynog ChimneyV *
10The Arete StartIV
11The KeyE3 5c
12SinistraE3 5b
13Woubits Left-handE3 6a *
14ArchaeopteryxE5 6b *
15WoubitsE2 5b **
16Hazy DaysE4 6a **
17The MostestE2 5c **
18LuakaE4 6a *
19Naddyn DduE2 5c
20The Far East GirdleE3 5c
21The SceptreE1 5c *
22The OrbVS 4c *
23The BaubleVS 4c
24SlurpHVS 5a *
25The RepublicanHVS 5a
26Silver MachineVIII **
27RumpelstiltskinE2 5c
28Mostest Direct StartE3 5c
29Mostest Direct StartVI
30ChicaneE2 5b
31Stomach TraverseE2 5a
32Jublilee ClimbS *
33Jubilee ClimbV ***
34Route 68HVS 4c
35Land of Hope and GloryE2 5c *
36GormodE2 5b *
37Human TouchE4 6a *
38Little KrapperE3 5c *
39Feeding ShmaeE4 6a **
41CamusV *
42East GullyVD *
43East GullyIV **
45Beanland'sHVS 5a
46East Gully WallE1 5c
47Death and The MaidenE3 5c *
48ShrikeE2 5c ***
49The RumourE2 5b
50East Gully GrooveHVS 5b
51The AxeE4 6a ***
52Moonlight ShadowE4 6a
53The CroakE1 5b
54Easy RiderHVS 5a *
55GargoyleHVS 5a
56AriesHVS 4c *
57Margins of the MindE7 6c ***
58It Will Be Alright on the NightE7 6b **
59Psycho KIllerE6 6b **
60OctoE1 5b **
61The Hand TraverseE3 5c **
62Authentic DesireE7 6b **
63Shaft of a Dead ManE7 6b ***
64Fecundity RidgeE7 6b **
65Desperate StraightsE4 6a
66Pinnacle AreteE2 5b **
67TaurusE4 5c
68SpillikinE1 5b *
69Vanishing GiraffesE4 5c
70GuinevereE2 5b
71Pinnacle FlakeE2 5b *
72The SpireE3 5b
73The Spire DirectE4 5c **
74VirgoE4 6a
75Direct Finish to the East ButtressHS 4b **
76The Pinnacle GirdleE3 5c ***
78Sunset CrackVS 5a *
79LlithrigE1 5c ***
80SerthE2 5c **
81Serth DirectE3 6a **
82The LeechE4 5c **
83Opening BidE5 6b *
84PistoleroE5 6b ***
85CapricornE2 5c **
86Pigott's ClimbVS 5a **
87Wall VariationsE2 5b
88TrapezeE5 6a *
89The SweeperE2 5c *
90Chimney RouteVS 4c *
91DiglyphHVS 5b *
92DaurigolE3 5c **
93Dinas in the OvenE7 6b **
94Cathedral GraffitiE7 6b *
95Great WallE4 6a ***
96Face MeccaE9 6c ***
97Womb BitsE5 6b ***
98A Midsummer Night's DreamE6 6a ***
99West Indian FaceE8 6b *
100SpreadeagleE4 5c *
101The Indian FaceE9 6c ***
102Master's WallE7 6b *
103The Rite of SpringE7 6b ***
104The Arete FinishE4 5c *
105The Banyan TreeE6 6b *
106Blancmange SandwichE4 6a *
107Jelly RollE2 5b ***
108NovemberE3 5c ***
109VemberE1 5b *
110MediE5 6a
111Curving CrackVS 4c ***
112Curving AreteE4 5c *
113The TroachE2 5b ***
114Purr-Spire DirectE6 6b ***
115The Purr-SpireE5 6a **
116Pedestal CrackHVS 5a **
117The Organ FlagellatorE4 5c *
118ScorpioE2 5b **
119SilhouetteE2 5c ***
120The CornerHVS 5b ***
121Bold Man, Big WillieE4 6a *
122The ShadowE3 5c *
123MordorE4 6a **
124Terrace CrackVS 4c
125The East Buttress GirdleHVS 5a
126Rupert RoadE6 6b *
127Eastern TerraceM **
128Eastern TerraceI/II **
129Eastern Terrace w/ Direct StartIV **
131MoonshineHVS 5a
132Birthday CrackHVS 5a *
133Bridge GrooveE1 5a
134Arete AlternativeE1 5b
136ProminusE1 5a
137Adam's RibVS 4b
138East Wall ClimbVD
139Illegal EagleE3 5b
140Flintstone WallE1 5a
141Left EdgeE1 5a **
142The BoulderE1 5a ***
143GeminiE4 5c **
144The BoldestE4 5c ***
145The BouldererE5 5c *
146The Black CleftE2 5c ***
147The Black CleftVII ***
148Longland's ClimbVS 4c ***
149SheafHVS 4c ***
150Gecko GrooveE3 5b
151Narrow SlabHVS 4c *
152Bow-shaped SlabHVS 5a *
153West Buttress EliminateE3 5c ***
154White SlabE2 5c ***
155Sheaf DirectE3 5c
156The ArrowE3 5b
157Bow Right-handE3 5c *
158Great SlabVS 4c ***
159Great SlabVI **
160Great - Bow CombinationHVS 5a ***
161QuiverE5 6a *
162Moss GrooveHVS 4c
163Central RibVS 4c
164SythE2 5c
165Going StraightE2 5c *
166Western TerraceII
167Hidden TreasureE4 5c **
168MyneddE3 5b
169Lampard's EntryE2 5b
170SpartacusE2 5b
171Slanting SlabE4 6a *
172GaelE2 5b
173FibrinE2 5b
174BloodlustE2 5b
175ThrombinE3 5b
176Red SlabVII ***
177Bloody SlabE3 5b **
178GrovelE2 5c
179SyncopeE5 6a
180HaemaglobinE3 5c *
181Diwedd GrooveE2 5c
182The LeastestE1 5a
183The West Buttress GirdleHVS 5a *
184The New GirdleE3 5c
185Giant's TrodD
186West End IcefallIV **
188MetamorphosisVS 4c
189BeanoE4 6a
190The Steep BandHVS 5a *
191ApolloE4 5c
192Head for HeightsE5 6b **
193A Fistful of PocketsE3 5c *
194Clog DancingE2 5c *
196The Far Out West ShuffleVS 5b
197FarfallinoE2 5b **
198Slanting ChimneyS *
199Slanting GrooveE1 5b *
200WapentakeVS 4b
201Primitive RouteVD **
202Slab Climb Left-handS *
203Slab Climb Right-handHS 4b **
204Deep ChimneyVD **
205The RiddlerE5 6b **
206Sea of CloudVS 4c
207Road of GhostsVS 4c
208Sun DanceVS 4b
209Trick of the LightE4 5c *
210White Rose GarlandHS
211Seated StartE5 6b,6a
212The Ice-fallIII 4,3 *
213Tormented EjaculationE8 7a
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