Pillar Rock

Climbs 104 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude 780m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
Up to about 150m high. Large complex high mountain crag with a great history of classic routes - needs a reasonable dry spell. Thanatos/Electron (HVS), Tapestry (E4), Grooved Wall (VS), North Climb (S), NW Climb (MVS), Megaton (E1), Goodbye to All That (E1), Rib and Slab (HS), New West (VD), SW (MVS)etc, the list of real classics is endless, without even mentioning any of the 2 star routes.

Approach notes
Two and a half hour walk from Wasdale. Best bet is to mountain bike in from Ennerdale. Yes, it's a long way but the crag is superb and remote, so get to it people!

Gable & Pillar (2007), Gable & Pillar (1991)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Pillar Rock summitsummit 51
3Far West Jordan ClimbVD 3
4West Jordan CrackVD 4
5West Jordan ClimbD 3
6Jordan BastionHS 4b 1
7Central Jordan ClimbD 4
8East Jordan ClimbMVS 4a  
9East Jordan WallHS 4b  
10Slab and Notch ClimbM *89
11Pillar Rock by Slab and Notch3 ***7
12Pendlebury TraverseM  
13The Curtain and AreteD 4
14The Great ChimneyD 1
15Kipper's ChimneyHS 4b * 
17Shamrock ButtressVD 1
18Harlequin ChimneysD 1
19PhotonMVS 4c *6
20ErosE2 5b ***9
21PositronMVS 4b 1
22ElectronHVS 5a ***24
23Pauli Exclusion PrincipleE3 5c **1
24VishnuE2 5b  
25ThanatosHVS 5a ***29
26Shamrock TowerMVS 4b 7
27OdinHVS 5b 2
28The Magic RainbowE1 5b * 
29NecromancerE1 5a **3
30The Eightfold WayHVS 5a 1
31The LinkHVS 5a  
32Walker's GullyMVS 4c ***5
34pedestal WallS 4a 1
35Side SlipVS 4c  
36Over the HillE1 5b  
37SolitonHVS 5a  
38The Black WidowE2 5c  
39TapestryE4 6a ***5
40Grooved WallVS 5a ***40
41Sheol/CunningStunts/TapestryE2 5c *** 
42Cunning StuntsE2 5c *4
43SheolE2 5c **3
44North-East ClimbMS *8
45Savage GullyMVS 4b  
46North ClimbS 4a ***52
47AkhnatonVS 4c 2
48KlingsorE2 5c * 
49Patriarch of the PillaritesE3 5c * 
50ProtonHVS 5a  
51ScyllaHVS 5a **11
52PuppetE2 5b *2
53Straits of MessinaE4 6a *2
54MegatonE1 5a ***16
55RoraimaE1 5b  
56Goodbye to All ThatE1 5b ***5
57Nor'-Nor'-West ClimbVS 4c *10
58XimenesHVS 5b *3
59North-West ClimbMVS 4b ***62
60CharybdisHVS 5a **3
62GothE1 5b ***6
63GaulHVS 5a *** 
64The HunVS 4c *3
65Mirror, Mirror...E2 5b **2
66The TerroristE2 5c  
67The Appian WayHS 4b **21
68TritonVS 4c 1
69AttilaHVS 5a  
70Nook and Wall ClimbS 4c * 
71The Devil's EntranceMVS 4b 1
72ThorMVS 4b *1
73ErrVS 4b *1
74Ledge and Groove ClimbS 2
75LeptonHVS 5a  
76BosunHVS 5b  
77West Wall ClimbVD ***20
78The Devil's ExitHVS 5a 1
79StriderVS 4c *1
81Pillar Rock, The Old West Route3 ***11
82The Pulpit RouteVD 2
83GondorE2 5c **9
84GomorrahVS 4b ***13
85Gomorrah Ridge VariationVS 4c ***3
86VandalHVS 5a ***17
87SodomVS 4b *1
88CheekwoolyS **2
89Rib and Slab ClimbHS 4b ***114
90Rib and Rib ClimbE1 5a **2
91New West ClimbVD ***147
92The South-West by West ClimbVS 4c 2
93South-West ClimbMVS 4b ***30
94Boot StrapVS 4b 3
95West Jordan GullyS 2
96The Girdle TraverseVS 5a  
98Harlequin Chimneys (winter)V 6 ** 
99Photon CornerIV 4  
100Shamrock ChimneysIV 4 * 
101Walkers GullyV 5  
102Savage GullyV 6 1
103North East Climb (winter)V 6 ***2
104North West ClimbV 5 4
105West Waterfall GullyIV 5
106The Old West (winter)III 21
107Gomorrah (winter)VII 7 ** 
108New West (winter)IV 4 *7
109Tower Postern (winter)VI 6 **2
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Once into the cirque, the approach path (from Ennerdale) very vague. Wasted a lot of time on walk in and walk out because of this. Fantastic crag though and well worth the journey!
MikeLell - 15/Sep/13