Shelf Road

Climbs 500 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 2098m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
One of Colorado´s largest sport climbing areas. Several valleys worth of excellent bolted limestone.

Access notes
Wild camping is fine.

No wild camping allowed. You'll get a ticket. Two BLM campgrounds - sites are first come first served and $7 a night.

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
3The Tower of Beta7a+ *
4Back In Black6b
5The Omen6b+
7Sherpa Chicks6c
8Raising Arizona6b+ *
9Arizona Rising6b+ *
10Le Menestrel Cycle7b+ **
11Please Send Advil7b+ **
12Driven to Tears7b *
13Desert Rose6b+
14Paradise Lost7b+ *
15Pretty Vacant7a *
16Vapor Trails6b
17Crack to Black6b
19Welcome to The Machine7a **
20Mark Finds Bob Bolting6b+ *
21Sweat Hog6b
22The Needle Lies6a *
23John Wayne Never Wore Boxer Shorts6b
24Back Her Up Against The Wall And Caulk Her6c *
25Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Whips And Chains Excite6a *
26E = mc22 *
27Cactus Rose7a **
28Barbecuing Traditions7b+ ***
29Feathers Edge7a+ *
30Maidens Milk6b *
31Dancing Digits7a+ *
32Aliens Ate My Penis6c+ *
33Paper Bondage6a
34Handsome Alien7b
35Munchkins on Parade6b
36Ultimatum7c *
37Skin Heads Big Night Out7a+ **
38Take The Skin Heads Bowling6c+
39Canada Cooler7b+ **
40Little Boys With Little Toys6a
41Hell Raiser6a+
42Pigs In Bondage5c
43Fly Little Super Boy7a *
44Arete Verdici6c *
45Peg Leg Wall7a *
46Close to The Bone7a *
47Men Of Iron5.9 *
48The Flamed, The Pumped, The French6b+
49Promised Land6c+ **
50Clutching at Straws (to 1st lower off)6b+ **
51Clutching at Straws (to 2nd lower off)7b+ **
52Catch The Wave7a **
53Sex Wax6b+
54Best For Your Stick6b
55Dog On It6b+
56Chilli Dog6b+ *
57Corn Dog6a+
58Part Insect7b **
59Mr Peg Leg Speed Work7a+ **
60Incomplete Project7b+ **
61Echo7a **
62Anarchy X5.11b
63Inpending Doom6b
64Crack Nite6c+
65First Incisions6c+
66Bambi Meets Godzilla6a **
67Who Done It5c *
68Cold Finger5c
69Alfalfa Omega6a+ *
70Dust Lust6b+ *
71A sharp6a+ *
73Le Nouveau Riche7c **
75# 1 Super Guy6b
76Doggie Style6a
77Starving Hippies7a **
78Puking Yuppies6b
79The Flushings6c
80Flesh Tuxedo6c
81The Sweepings6a
82On The Mushroom6c
83Neapolitan Head Rush7a+ **
84Walking On The Moon8a **
85On The Ritz6c *
86Crow King6c+ *
89On Crack6b
90Off Crack6b
91Power Broker7c *
92Unnamed6c *
93Dave Dangle6c+ **
94Team Anorexia6c+
95Energy Before Ecstacy6a
96Shy Roof6c+
98Thunder Thighs6c
99Thunder Tactics7a ***
100Otis7b+ *
101Courage and Enlightenment7a
102Staying Power7a *
103Sparkle in the Rain7b *
104Once Upon a Time6b+
106Stormy Weather6a
107Heavy Weather7b ***
108Surreal Estate7c ***
109Unusual Weather7a ***
111Ice Cream Hangover6c **
112Le Pincher7c **
113Deforestation6b+ *
114Moaner6b *
115Peter Pan6c *
1165.9 Corner5c
1175.10 Crack6b
118The Arete6c *
119Suede Head7c ***
120No Rest For The Wicked7b ***
121Future Fossil7b+ ***
122Back to the Future7a ***
123No Future For The Timid7a **
124Rock Frog6b
126Concentrated Wierdness5a
127Mighty Mouse6b
128The Devil Made Me Dog It7c *
129The Lesser of Two Evils6c
130Mismatched Partners6b
131Ethics? What Ethics?6c *
132Dancin' Shoes6b+
133Tribal Boundary7a
134Primal Scream5a
136Emperor's Robe7a **
137Lime Street6c+ **
138Lime Street Right7c **
139Oaxamoxa7b **
141Living In America7b ***
142Taping Tendons7a **
143Lost Planet Airmen6b+ **
1442150 A.D.6b+ **
146Beijing7a *
147Enola Gay5.8
148Holiday in Cambodia6b *
149Breakfast in Bhopal7a *
151Traditional Trickery5.10b *
152Welcome to Shelf Road6b+ *
153Sonic Youth6c+
155Illusions6c ***
156Smoldering Horse Flesh6c **
157Family Jewels7b ***
158Precious Stone7b ***
159Easy Money6c **
16114 Carats7b ***
162What's the Combo?7b **
163Jewel of The Wild7b **
164Splitting the Stone7a **
165The Gem7c ***
166Payment in Pump8a ***
167Cache In The Vault7c+ ***
168Money Changers7b **
169Wad of Dead Presidents7a *
171Slide It In7b+ *
172Stuck In The Middle With You6c+ *
174Levels of The Game7b ***
175Whisper to a Scream7a ***
176Black 'N' Dicey6a **
177El Guapo7b *
178Puddle of Holes6a *
179U Pump It7a *
180Eat, Drink and Beat Larry7b *
181The Plum6a
182Kashmere8a ***
183I Scare Myself6c **
184Kinesthesia7b *
185Enchanted Porkfist6c ***
188The Crack's On Top6c
189Muted by Reality6c
190Suspender Man7a **
191Thank Heaven For Little Girls6b+
192Corner Pockets6b *
193Blank Frank7b ***
194Void LLoyd7b **
195Go East Old Man7b **
196The Welcoming7a **
197Call From Overseas7b ***
198Black Awareness6c+ **
199The Audition7c ***
200Mannequin7c *
201Line of Strength7c
202The Eagle Has Landed7c+ **
203The Swinging Richards7b *
205Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy7b *
206Who's Next6c+ *
207Won't Get Fooled Again7b *
208America is Waiting7a *
209Elvis solution6c+
210Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma7b *
211Air Conditioned Falls2 *
212Sneivling Rat Face6c *
214Dead Tree Crack6c
215Vail Athletic Club7a *
216Scruples7a **
217Slipper Queen7a+ **
218Porkus Non Grata6c **
219Liquid Pork7a
220Dough Boys6b
221Nameless7a *
222Jellie Bellies6b *
223Not So Killer Bees6c *
224Apple Bites Back7a ***
225Phase Dance7b *
227The List6a+
228Metropolis7a ***
229Suburbia6a ***
230Book Of Bob5.7
231Miller Time6b+ **
232Cactus Carrie7a *
233Spiney Dan6b+ **
234Bell Ringer6a+
235Turbo Road7a *
236Jump For Cholla6b+
237Little Mecca7b ***
238Cactus Drop6b+ **
239Lime And Punishment6c+ **
240Agent Orange7b **
241Farts of Horsemen7b **
242No Tomorrow7b **
243Monster Man7a *
244You Snooze, You Lose7a **
245Spice Is Nice7a
246Top Fun6c **
247Truancy6c *
248High Pocs7a
249Primal Urge7a **
250Urge To go7a+ *
251No Place For a Lady7b **
252Arms Are For Hugging6c
253New Clear Waste6b+ *
254Girl's Night Out6a+ *
255Infinite Dreams7a
256Operation Mind Crime7a
257Drunk Hicks With Guns6a+
260Crystallised Water Vapour6b+ *
261New World6b *
262Habitat for Humanity6c **
264Freeform7b ***
265Bad Brains7b *
266Matilda (extension to Bad brains)6c *
267Helter Skelter7b ***
268Partners In Crime7a **
269Cyborg6c *
270Village Idiot6c *
271Bourgeois Belay Dog6a+
272Helium Boys6c *
273Guilty by Association5c *
274Berlin Wall6c *
275Swinging Chimps6c *
276Onomatopeia7b *
277Super Duper Crack6c *
278Nice Set of Jugs6c *
279Minimum Security7b **
281Lizard With a View7a **
282Big Lizard In My Backyard6c
283Iquana Breath6c
284Black is Beautiful2 **
285Thick as Thieves7b **
286Lord of the Warlocks7a
287Exorcist7a *
288Satan's Revenge6c
289Not For Girly Men6c
290Sympathy For The Devil2
292Somatophrique Physique7b+ ***
293The Mutant7b ***
294Well Hung7a **
295Flight of The Monarch6c+ *
296Abracadabra5a ***
297In The Region of the Butterfly Pump6c *
298Elvis Is Everywhere6a+ *
299Chomping At the Bit6a+ *
300I Can Smell Your Thoughts7b *
301Come And Get It7c+ *
302Elusive Minos7a *
303Third Generation6a *
304Just Out Shootin' Blanks2 ***
305The Spider7b *
306Dungeon Crack6c *
307Remoat Control6c *
308Dragon Fire6a *
310Armies of Metaphors7a *
311Abscessed Words to Climb7a **
312Metaphysical Fictions6b
313Turbo Charged, Intercooled, Meat Machine6a
314Pig Dictionary6a **
315Stratabulge7b ***
316My What a Big Bulge7a **
317Thirteen Engines7a **
318Liquid Affair6c **
319Love Pump6b *
320Flash Back to Acid Beach6a+
321Slender Fungus6b
323True to Tradition5.7
324Sick of Tradition5.7
325No Name7b **
326No Passion for Fashion6c+ **
327This Nut's For You2
328Lunch at The Y6c+
330Menses6b+ *
331Fever6c+ **
333Bullet This6c
334Living In A Vacuum6b *
335Call To Arms7b **
336Sea Of Joy7a *
337Dolphin Dancing7a *
338Have a Blast7b **
339Wading Through A Ventilator7a
340Happy Nightmare Baby6a+ *
341Tuna, Tuna, Tuna6c **
342Soluble Fish6c **
344M & M7b **
345Montage7c ***
346Mosaic7b+ ***
347The Mural7b ***
348Monet7a+ ***
349Motif7b ***
350Morrocan Roll6b *
352Bad Intuition6b
353Crowded House7b *
354Room With a View6c *
355Sorority Girls7a
356The Sabbatical7c ***
357Le Pumping Bull7b ***
358The Skin Walker8a ***
359White Punks On Rope6b
360Pocket Rocket7a *
361Critical Mass7c **
362Mr Toad's Wild Ride7b ***
363One Tree Hill7b *
364Que Sera Sera7b *
365Crynoid Corner5.7
366Ga-stoned Again5.9 ***
368The Crack Of Dawn5.10b ***
369Black Mamba arete5.9
370Fast Food Nation5.10d ***
371Ian's Climb5.7 **
372Alexi's Climb5.5 **
373West Eclipse5.10c **
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This is a fabulous venue. Clean, quiet and very sunny. The American guide writer appears to be a full grade out all the time. Highly recommended.
Ian Jones - 15/Sep/10
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