Baildon Bank

Climbs 180 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 200m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Baildon Bank, loved and hated by generations of climbers in equal measure, is a hard sandstone quarried crag with occasional capping blocks of gritstone. A wry sense of humour is a must for climbers partaking of its many delights, and with good reason: sensational routes with divine and majestic sequences do have a notoriety for turning into worrying Elvis-leg bonazas and games of that favourite local pastime 'throw hand-holds from the crag' are all too often unwittingly commenced. Saharan top-outs which shower would-be eagles with sand and dust also tend to add food for thought. However, let us not be mistaken, Baildon Bank provides some of the finest climbs in the local area. There is an even spread of grades, with lower to middle grade routes like Hades (VS) and Epitaph (HS) - both 20m - smashing many of the '100 Classic Climbs in Yorkshire and the Peak District' routes out of the water. As for the Extremes, many are as good as you are likely to find anywhere in Yorkshire. Okay, Almscliffe might not give you the spray paint vandalism, broken bottles, little urchins from the local estate hanging around and so forth, but hey, the pubs are a lot closer to the crag! While the Roaches have that air of Whillans and Brown, so too does Baildon Bank have the imprint of legend Ian Clough, follow in his footsteps... if his holds are still attached that is.

South facing, Baildon Bank is one of the warmest of West Yorkshire crags, and tends to remain fairly sheltered from strong winds. Back in the day someone thought it was a good idea to paint the numbers of the routes on the crag, then many were subsequently repainted with different numbers, these can prove extremely confusing to Baildon Bank rookies - try to ignore them, they tend to bear no relation to anything useful regardless of which Yorkshire Gritstone guide you are using.

Access notes
2 minutes from the road. Park on Green Lane 200m after Cliffe Ave branches off. Easy to trundle along the crag picking lines. Except the bottom Quarry, which is overgrown and mostly hidden in the trees above the Cricketer's Arms (BD17 7NE) and the infamous Box Quarry which was last visited by Percy Harrison Fawcett during his search for Eldorado in the 1920s, needless to say, he did not return.
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Yorkshire Gritstone (1999),
Out of print: Yorkshire Gritstone (1990)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2KarenS 3
3Karen Right HandE1 5a 1
4GrotS 5
5Gold RingsVS 4c 5
6La Cathedralle (DANGER WARNING)VS 4c 4
7Pearly GatesS 4a 60
8Pearly Gates (alternative finish)E1 5b 6
9Nude GrooveHVS 5a *34
10AnthraxE7 6b *2
11Toss offHVS 5a 11
12HadesVS 4c ***196
13EpitaphHS 4a **193
14Epitaph DirectVS 4b **112
15Future TimesE1 5b 22
16Going for OnenessE1 5b 3
17RamE1 5b *25
18Pinnacle FlakeS 7
19ChimneyD 4
20RipS 4a 89
21Big CurverHVS 5b *40
22LeewayVS 4c 6
23SlitHVS 5b 5
24MoriaE2 5c **52
25IntrepidE6 6a **7
26The FlakesE3 5c *24
27Fizzicle FizzleE3 5c *1
28ScarE2 5c ***152
29Scar WallE5 6b *14
30Paddy's RouteVS 4b 79
31Twin CracksS 4a 21
32Rocking ChimneyVD 12
33Red WallHVS 5c 1
34PromenadeM 24
35Layback CrackVD 49
36AdamskiMVS 4b 7
37Pea PodS 4a 27
38Whillan's AreteVS 4c **51
40Syrett's CrackE2 5c 1
42Cold BumS 1
43Yellow WayS 7
44Lay AwayVS 5a 12
45CavernVD 1
46Flake CrackHS 4a 3
47Adam's AppleHS 4b 1
48Sensational ExposureM **20
49Bramble CrackVS 4c **67
50The FinHVS 5a 3
51Sabre CrackMVS 4b 2
52Matey's CrackVS 4c 4
53Born FreeS 23
54BlackVD 83
55AndS 4a 75
56TanVD 81
57DoodleVS 5a 39
58ConchHS 4b **193
59HornS 6
60RufVS 5a 22
61No TopVS 4c 1
62Heaven CornerS 3
63Agnostic's AreteS 4a **78
64MissoutE1 5a 36
65To A Reckless FlashE4 6a 7
66Half CrackMVS 4b 3
67The Great AdventureHVS 5a *2
68Dan Dan the Fighting ManVS 4c 2
69JammyS 7
70HMS AmethystS 4a **144
71JoannaVS 5a ***137
72ArufeMVS 4c *24
73AnnudarufeVS 4c 10
74PoisonS 4a 25
75Last DayHVS 5a 10
76Turk in the HoleHS 4a 3
77Heave TooE3 6b *1
78PulloverVS 4c 4
79Jericho WallVD 20
80Curving CracksHVS 5b 11
81PillarMVS 4b 17
82Stubby LegsVS 4c 3
83Do KnotHVS 5a 4
84FingersE1 5c  
85Rampart AreteE2 5c *2
86SwingoverE3 5c ***9
87Wombling WallE4 6a ***9
88Prairie StepsS 4a **115
89Count UpVD 8
90Potch WallVS 1
91Hotch CrackD 3
92Quaint Rock WallS 4a 5
93Banana GrooveS 3
94Bee StingHVS 4c 4
95Monkey PuzzleVS 4c 6
96Monkey Puzzle Left Hand FinishHS 4b 2
97Coronation StreetS 4a 19
98All Fall DownS 4a 1
99MashS 5
100South WallHVS 5c 1
101BygonesVD 10
102The BlobD 3
103Camera ShakeHVS 5b 1
104Broken OffVD 9
105CrackerHS 4a 4
106SatireE2 5b ***8
108Descent RouteM 3
109BlockheadVD 4
110DiffD 3
111ArkansasS 1
112Cleanstone WallE1 5c *3
113Lost GoldHVS 5a 4
114V RouteS 1
115ViperVS 4c *9
116Mandy Fly MeE2 5b *7
117TriangHVS 5a *17
118DesperadoE3 6a **2
119HemispheresHVS 5b 1
120Anne of CleavesE3 5c **6
121EnterpriseE2 6a 1
122BipodMVS 4c 1
123Hergest RidgeE4 5c  
124FuturamaVS 4c 1
125LightningHVS 5b 1
126Carnival CarouselHVS 5a 1
128Blade Runnerf7A ***4
129Armageddonf7A+ **4
130Who Are We Without Moonf7A+ **5
131Zenaf7A+ 1
132The Green Wingf7B **8
133The Mantlef6C **2
134The Singing Postmanf6C * 
135Chips OriginalV0- 1
136Epitaph LayawaysV0- 5
137Hades StartV0- 5
138Huffin' and puffin'f7B ** 
139Problem 5 - Hades roof areaV5 2
140Armagedon reach aroundV5 3
141Problem 14 - Hades roof areaV0+ 2
142Problem 8: Hades Roof AreaV5 *5
143Hades Traverse LowV5 *2
144Lay away: boulder startV3 **6
145Lay Away RHV4 *4
146Problem 16 - Hades roof areaV3 2
147Slopey TraverseV5 2
149S.M.I.L.EE5 6a *2
150Ulley RightVS 4c 1
151SpiderHVS 5a 2
152GesticulationE4 6b 2
153Steel MonkeyE1 5b 2
154CrucifixHVS 4c 3
155Green WallS 1
156Petrol Powered Garden ToolsE1 5b *2
157OlleyE3 5c 1
158RampHVS 5a 4
159JumperHVS 4c 1
160QuietusE3 6b *1
161ChipperE3 5b *1
162Cool TricksterE5 5c **2
163Congressman DilbeckE6 6b/c **1
164Last EdgeE5 6b ***1
165Saw Off *HVS 5b 1
166Back Crack Corner *MVS 4b 1
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One of Yorkshire Grit's best kept secrets.
Ewan Russell - 29/Jan/10
The bank is situated half way up a hill on the way to Baildon moor. You get there by taking a left at the pub (sorry can't remember the name) before you get into Baildon proper on the main road, then parking on the road below the crag. There's then a five minute walk up to the rock. The paths not too clear but it's pretty much opposite a playground. The banks not made of the best grit and in places it's just dangerous; on the right hand end (as you look at the crag) there are some really nice routes though. Well worth a stop on the way to Shipley glen.
djberry - 17/Mar/08
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