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North Yorkshire, ENGLAND

Climbs 280 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 350m a.s.l – Faces SW

Weather forecast

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0.0mm rain
8 °C
17 kph

0.3mm rain
Sunny periods
12 °C
33 kph

1.3mm rain
12 °C
26 kph

2.2mm rain
Sunny periods
12 °C
13 kph

4.3mm rain
11 °C
15 kph
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More: mwis: Peak District & Yorkshire DalesMet Office: Yorkshire Dales

Northern England (2008), Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering (2001), Yorkshire Gritstone (1999),
Out of print: Yorkshire Gritstone (1990)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2Pathside P1f3 1
3Pathside P2f3 1
4Pathside P3f4 1
5Pathside P4f4 1
6Pathside P5f4  
7Pathside P6f3  
8Pathside P7f4 1
9Pathside P8f3 1
10Pathside P9f4 1
11Pathside P10f3 1
12Pathside P11f4 1
13Pathside P12f3+ 1
15Starsky Aretef6C+  
16Dragon Wallf7C+  
18Martin's Aretef7A+  
19Truffle Wallf3  
21Embsay ButtressHVS 5
22Fat Man's AgonyVD 4
23Fern CrackVD *20
24Grassy GullyM 17
25Woodside wallS 7
26Woodside ButtressVS 4b *5
27SeresVS 5a  
28WallflowerVS 4b  
30Trench Footf6C+ 2
31Trading Placesf6A+  
33PitouE3 6b  
34FitouE2 6a 2
35High Plains Drifterf6C  
36Ron's Crack If6C 4
37Palm Gemf6B+ 8
38Sultan of Blingf6B+  
39Left Aretef6A+  
40Left Centref6A  
41Right Centref7A  
42Right Aretef4+ 2
43Fly By Wiref7B+  
44Renegade Piperf7B+  
45Rampant Bilberryf6C+  
46Big Nose P1f4 2
47Big Nose P2f5 2
48Big Nose P3f3 2
49Big Nose P4f5 2
50Big Nose P5f4 3
51Big Nose P6f3 3
52Trojan Rooff8A  
54Twistedf7A+ 1
55Pitter Patter P2f5 1
56Pitter Patter P3f4 3
57The Rose Bowlf5 2
58Bowl Aretef4 3
59Pitter Patterf3 2
60Steady Eddief6A+  
61Green Thingf6A  
62The Huntedf7A  
63The Unforgivenf7A+  
64Mucho Kumbuf7B+  
67Soft Optionf6B  
69Jungle Feverf6B  
70No Culture Clubf6A  
71Bear Marketf5+  
72Carlsson Aretef7A+  
73Pine Aretef6C+  
75Pine Groovef6B+  
77Wharfe Traversef6C+  
79EdgeHS 4a *249
80Route 1VD 154
81Route 2VS 5a **333
82Route 2.5HVS 5a *94
83Route 4HVS 5c *55
84Route 3S 4a *73
85Trivial PursuitVD 15
86Dirty TackleS 8
87Peep Showf5  
89Right Returnf7A+ 1
90Controlf6B 2
91Cold Callf7B+ 1
92The Helpf6B+ 1
93Stone Roadf6A 5
94Softly Spokenf4+ 4
95Little Easyf3 3
96Short Livedf3 2
97Master Blasterf7C  
98Finger Blasterf6C  
99Dewhurst MillVS 4c *4
100Cave CrackVD 48
101Midget MorselMS 18
102Shelter StoneHS 4b 22
103Safe From Harmf7A+  
105Twilight Zonef7A+  
108Twin CracksVS 4c *14
109Ledge ButtressVS 5a 6
110Leaning WallVS 5a 3
111Side SaladVS 2
112Traverse and CrackVD *96
113Tiger RagHS 4c *75
114Basic TrainingS 17
115Ryan's FollyD 22
116Gently Does Itf6A  
117Diet Pepsif6B 35
118Pepsi Maxf7A 1
119Pepsi Aretef5  
120Splash Wallf4+  
121Chockstone CrackD *108
122Kendo Nagasakif7B+  
123Bilberry CrackVS 4c *51
124Bilberry WallVS 5a 4
125Bilberry Eliminatef6B+  
126Hidden WallVS 4c 1
127Friction SlabMVS 4b 2
129Slab and NoseS 4a *71
130Slab and Nose VariationsHVS 5a *35
131Mother's Little HelperE2 5c *16
132Family MattersHVS 5b **27
133The SoleHVS 5b ***211
134Sole DirectE3 6c 2
135Malcolm's RouteVS 4c *7
136West Wall ClimbVS 4b *105
137Frost AnimalsHVS 5b 5
138Jug WallHS 5
139Craven CrackVS 4c *160
140Walker's WallHVS 5a *98
141Walker's Wall Chimney VariantHVS 5a *25
142Griffith's ChimneyHS 4a *28
143LonglurchE2 5c *8
144A Reach too FarE3 6a  
145Moulson's ClimbS 4a 24
146Problem ButtressHS 4a 11
147Crookrise CrackS 4a *23
148Easter CrackVD 9
149Crack ClimbVD 4
150Indirect Little CrackE1 6a 2
151Face, Arete and Wall ClimbVD *79
152GrovelhogVD 9
 Climb nameGradex
153PerplexityHVS 6a 1
154InductionD 11
156Full Craven Traversef6B+ 1
157Throttle Stopf7B+  
158Craven Traversef6A+ 1
160Autumn Wall Directf6A+  
161Hard Candyf6C  
162Pinch and Pushf6A  
163Frost Animalsf5+  
164West Wall Climbf5  
165Malcolm's Routef5+  
166Sole Directf7A  
167The Sole Startf5+  
168Sole of Discretionf7B+  
169Old Sole Traversef6C 2
170Slab and Nose Aretef5  
171Slab and Nose Wallf5+  
172Long Lurch Variationf7B+  
174Smooth Aretef6C 1
175Craven Mantelf5  
176Craven Slabf5+  
179Gallowgatef7B 1
180War Cryf7B+  
181Running Battlef7B  
182Indirect Little Crackf6B+  
183Leaning Tower Aretef6C 2
184Razorf7C 3
186Octopus DirectVS 4c *170
187OctopusS 4a 225
188East of The RiverVS 5a 68
189Diagonal CrackVD **363
190Winter RainE2 5c 62
191Old LaceVS 5a **159
192Old Lace Direct StartVS 5c 21
193Arsenic SlabS 4a **262
194The Jolly Pleasant ScrambleM 25
196Arsenic Slab Directf6A 13
197Pebble Eliminatef6A+  
198Old Lace Directf4+  
199Arsenic Traversef6C+  
200Central Slab Right Hand (YGB prob 3)f3 1
202Cat's WhiskersVS 4c **107
203LyndhurstE1 5b **33
204Long ClimbVS 4b ***281
205Elm Tree WallE3 6a *5
206The ShelfE2 5b ***111
207The ForagerVS 4c *43
208Open ChimneyVD 57
209BusterS 4a **131
210Buster DirectHVS 5b *25
211Chockstone ChimneyVD 38
212Narrow CrackMS 4
213Bull's HornsVS 4c *8
214Bull's EyeVS 4c *3
215Crooked chimneyD 5
216SunstrokeHVS 5a *4
217Sunstroke DirectHVS 5b *5
218Slip 'n' SlideE6 6a ***18
219Duck 'n' DiveE5 6b * 
220Green CrackVS 4b 9
221KnuckledusterVS 4c 8
222Knuckle CrackVS 4c *8
223Straight CrackS 3
224Leaf Crack and SlabVS 4c *11
225Long DayHVS 5a *2
227Winter TraverseE1 5a *3
228Ice FallE2 5b *1
229WonderloafE2 5b *11
230Pen SketchesE2 6a 1
231Walker's FarewellHVS 5b **53
232A Lifetime's DreamE4 6b *1
233WalkoverE3 6a **8
234QuashquiHVS 5b *1
236Left Hand RouteVS 7
238MoonshadowHVS 5b *3
239FlakeS 69
240SpellbinderHVS 5a **54
241Flake WallVS 4b *89
242Flake Wall Direct StartVS 4c 2
243Mothers MilkVS 3
244HovisE1 5c ***107
245Hovis Directf6B+ 42
246Hovis Super Directf7A 25
247WholemealE3 6a *7
248Mighty WhiteE4 6b **10
249Small BrownE4 6b ***20
250Massive AttackE5 6b **2
251Slingsby's ChimneyHVD 4a **54
252Fear No EvilE2 5c *1
253Premium WhiteE1 5b *2
254Chimney ButtressHS 4b *21
255The Flyf7B 8
256Fly Arêtef7A **1
257Crease Direct - RouteE1 6a **106
258Crease Direct Start - Boulder Problemf6A 41
259Crease AreteE2 5c *5
260CreaseVS 5a *85
261Slingsby's GirdleHVS 5a **1
262RushlightS 99
263Rushlight (variant)MVS 4b 7
264StreakletE2 6b 3
266Barry King Sizef7A 48
267Barry King Size SDf7A+ 23
268Ron's Crack 2E3 6b *28
270Footprint Arete LefthandHVS 5a 4
271Footprint Arete RighthandMVS 4b 6
272Footprint SlabMVS 4b 5
274Happy Landingsf6B+ 5
275Problem 2 Happy Landings Boulderf6B+ 4
276Problem 2af6C 4
277Problem 3 Happy Landings Boulderf6B+ 3
278Problem 6 Happy Landing Boulderf4+ 2
280Ruffian Boulder Problem 3f7A 3
281The RuffianVS 4c 10
282The UrchinVS 4c 5
284Jason's Rooff7C+ ***5
285Sunshine Slab RighthandMVS 4a 6
286Thin AirHVS 5a *7
287Sunshine Slab LefthandVS 4c 5
288GentianS 4
290Sadcocs Wallf6B+ 9
291Traverse Big Break On Sadcocks Wallf5+ 6
292Sadcocs Low Traversef6C 1
294Karjalaf7A+ 15
296The ScoopHS 4b 8
297Scoop WallHS 4a 6
299Trig point boulder 1,problem 1f7A *1
301Pixie Titsf7B+ 5
302Pixie Tits (standing start)f6C 7
303Troll's Aretef7A+ 5
304Problem 2, Hobgoblin Boulderf7A *3
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Access notes
No dogs are allowed at the crag. Park at Embsay Reservoir, SD 999544, then walk along the side of the reservoir to the access point onto Barden Moor. Cross the stile onto the moor and follow the path steeply uphill for a few hundred metres until a stile is reached which enables the wall to be crossed to reach the rocks. [Rod Witham]
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

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Scoop buttress has recently had a clean and is well worth a visit.
petellis - 22/Mar/09