Harrisons Rocks

Climbs 384 – Rocktype Sandstone (soft) – Altitude 61m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features

Popular with groups and becoming well worn on the easier routes. Please use soft soled shoes and clean your feet on a carpet sample before climbing. There are large bolts above most climbs and a 3m length of static rope should be adequate to ensure your belay karabiner hangs over the edge of the crag to avoid damage to the rock from moving ropes. Car park, toilet and an "Honesty box" to pay for upkeep of site at exit of car park. (Please note: This will change in Nov 2014 due to the loss of Sport England financial assistance. Parking will be £3 per day). Often crowded on warm weekends. Please help to avoid further damage to the crag. If you witness poor belaying, please advise on the correct method ;-) Ropes running over the edge of the rock will destroy the crag. So will dogging routes that are too hard for you and climbing with dirty feet.

Access notes
No leading - the rock is far too soft and will be irrepairably damaged when you fall off. Soloing or toproping only. Take a second rope to extend belays at the top to avoid damage to the rock and your rope and preferably some carpet to put under any potential rub points or clean your shoes on before starting to climb.

Take the road S from Groombridge, past the old station on the left. Take the R fork; 200m further turn R again down a narrow lane signposted "Birchden Wood and Harrisons Rocks". Car Parking £1 per car, please donate more if you're in a minibus. From the car park, various footpaths lead in a southerly direction to the crag - about 10 minutes walk. Camping available on the Julie Tullis Memorial campsite adjacent to the car park, currently £2 per person per night although this will increase in Nov 2014 to £4 per night.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Southern sandstone bouldering (2012), Southern Sandstone (2008),
Out of print: Southern Sandstone (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Groovy Graemef5+
4Sunset Wallf5+
5Layaway Curef6A
6torque wrenchf6B 6a+ **
7Finger Flowf7A 6c
8original routeV2 5b
9West Face Routef5+ 5c **
10Strong Strugglef6C+ 6b
11Papillionf6C 6a **
13back breakerf6C 6a **
14Full on Flingf6A+ 6a
15The SheriffV5 6b ***
16Silver Starf6A 6a
17Triggerf5 5b **
18Ok Corralnone 3a *
19Ragtimef6A 5c
20Ziggyf6A 6a
21Red Riverf6A+ 6a
22Pianof6A 6a
23Alligator snatchf6B 6b
24south island surpriseV0
25Serendipitynone 5c *
26Demons of Deathnone 6a
27Special Invitationnone 6b
28The Violent Spratnone 6b
29North boulder girdle traversef6B+ 6b **
31The Rampnone 2b
32DJ face the musicV2 5b
33Central Routenone 3a
34Usurernone 3a
35Trees are greenV0+ 4a
36Photinianone 6a
37Teddy Bear's Picnicnone 6a
38New Hatnone 6a
39Central Groovenone 5b *
40Dynamonone 5c *
41Usurpernone 5b *
43Penknifenone 5a
44Breadknife Buttressnone 4b
45Kukri Wallnone 3b
46Kukri Wall Directnone 4c
48Laraletmenone 5b
49Ringletnone 5b
50Twigletnone 6b
51Eyeletnone 4b *
52Singletnone 5b
53Davenone 3a
54Deep Thoughtnone 6a
55Donnone 2a
56Toadnone 5c
57Elasticnone 5c
58Tight Chimneynone 3a
59Tight Chimney Slabnone 4b
60Gilbert's Gamblenone 4b
61Ejectornone 4a *
62Sand Pipernone 6a
63Shyttenone 6b
64Trip of the psychedelic tortoisenone 6a
65Carreranone 5b *
66Open Chimneynone 2b *
67Cottonsocks Traversenone 4b *
68Root Route 3none 5b
69Root Route 2.75none 4c
70Root Route 2.5none 5b
71Root Route 2none 6a
72Root Route 1 1/2none 5a
73Root Route 1none 4a
74Blackeye Wallnone 5c
75Slanting Cracknone 5c *
76Counterfeitnone 5c *
77Right-hand Cracknone 4a *
79Smear Campaignnone 5c
80Corridor of Uncertaintynone 6b
81Sticky Wicketnone 5c
82rotten stump wallnone 5c
83rotten stump aretenone 6a
84Sliding Cornernone 5b *
85Awkward Cracknone 6a
86Easy Chimneynone 1b
87Fingernail Cracknone 1b
88Dinosaurusnone 5c
89Smiliodonnone 5c
90Tomcat / Simon's Wallnone 5c
91Panther's Wallnone 6a *
92snoutnone 5b
93Snout Cracknone 3b *
94Mantelpiecenone 5c
95Beech Cornernone 3a
97Blue Peternone 5c *
98Blue Murdernone 6b *
99Slab (a.k.a. Diabollickal Crack)none 5a
100Slab Directnone 5b **
101Slab Cracknone 5b *
102Lager Frenzynone 6c *
103Lager Shandynone 6b *
104Celestial's Reachnone 6a *
105Hangover IInone 6a
106Hangover IIInone 6a ***
107Hangover Right HandV6 6b **
108Luncheon Shelfnone 5c *
109Long Laybacknone 5a ***
110The Flakesnone 6a ***
111Flakes Directnone 6a *
112Coronation Cracknone 6a **
113Supernaturalnone 6b
114Vampire's Ledgenone 5c **
115The Limpetnone 6b **
117Dark Chimneynone 2a ***
118Dark Chimney Buttressnone 5a *
119Nut Treenone 6b *
120Icarusnone 6a
121Spout Buttressnone 5c
122Spout Crossingnone 5b *
123Windowside Spoutnone 3b *
124Casement Wallnone 5b *
125Pelmetnone 5b *
126Bow Windownone 4a **
127Bow Window Directnone 5c *
128Finger Stainnone 5c *
129Sashcord Cracknone 4a *
130Big cracknone 4c *
131Neighboursnone 6b
132Way Downnone 1a
134Quarterdomenone 5b ***
135yosemite big wall climbnone 5b *
136Giant's Staircasenone 2a
137Lost Arrow Wallnone 4b *
138Arrow Cracknone 2a
139Gardener's Question Timenone 6a
140Longbow Chimneynone 2a
141Gristnone 6a
142Quivernone 5c *
143That Man's an Animalnone 6b
144Toxophilitenone 5c *
145Little Sagittariusnone 5c *
146Sagittariusnone 5a **
147Archers Wall Directnone 5c *
148Archer's Wallnone 5c *
149Stupid Effortnone 5b *
150Long Cracknone 4b **
151Riverdancenone 6a
152What Crisis?none 6c **
153Slim Finger Cracknone 5c ***
154Vulture Cracknone 5c *
155Missing Linknone 6a **
156The Stingnone 6a
157Marcus's Aretenone 6a
159Horizontal Birchnone 3a
160Jumping Jack Flashnone 6b
161Downfallnone 4b
162Pig tail slabnone 2a *
163Left Edgenone 2b *
164Original Routenone 2a
165Big Toe Wallnone 3b
166Greasy Cracknone 4a
167Directorsnone 5c
168Giant's Earnone 5a *
169Junend Aretenone 3c
170Happy Daysnone 3b
171Snake's Crawlnone 1a
172Little Cavenone 2a
173Signalbox Aretenone 5b *
174Mountain Railwaynone 4b
175Saint's Wallnone 5c
176A Killling Jokef7A 6c
177Left Circlenone 6a
178Right Circlenone 4a **
179good fridaynone 5c
180Small Chimneynone 2b
181small wallnone 5b
182Reserved /Goats Head Soupnone 5b
183Goats Do Roamnone 6a ***
184St. Gotthardnone 4b **
185Monchf3+ 3c
186Hard furkaf4+ 4c
187Grimy Grimself4+ 5a
188Eigahhhhhhf5+ 5b
189Yound Frauf6A 5c **
190Hachoo Hornf5 5b
191Verbierf3 3b
192Simplon Routenone 4a *
193The Sandpipenone 4b *
194The Sewernone 4c *
195Sewer Wallnone 5c
196Monkey's Necklacenone 5b ***
197Powder Monkeynone 6b *
198Orangutangnone 5c **
199Baboonnone 6a
200Oliver Jamesnone 6b **
201Monkey's Bownone 6a *
202Moonlight Aretenone 4c ***
203Starlightnone 4c **
204Matt's Fingertipnone 5a
205Tempestivitynone 6c *
206Araldite Wallnone 5c
207Easy Cleftsnone 1b
208Noisome Cleft No. 2none 3a
209Noisome Wallnone 5b
210Noisome Cleft No. 1none 3a
211One-Two Traversenone 5a
213Passage Chimneynone 2a
214Forester's Wall Directnone 6a *
215Indian Summernone 6a *
216Forester's Wallnone 5b **
217Bonanzanone 5c *
218Sossblitznone 6a ***
219The Republicnone 6b **
220The Niblicknone 5b ***
221Niblick Direct Startnone 5c ***
222Pincenibnone 6a *
223Pinch Aretenone 5b ***
224Wellington's chimneynone 3c
225Wellington's Nosenone 3b **
226Lady Janenone 5c
227Sabre Cracknone 4b
228Kicksnone 6b
229Wellington Bootnone 6b
230Belts and Bracesnone 5b *
231Jetsamnone 3b **
232Flotsamnone 2b *
234Wildcat Wallnone 5c
235Woodside Blossomnone 6a
236Deadwood Cracknone 4c *
237Toeing the Linenone 4a *
238Tame Variantnone 2b
239Tame Diedrenone 2a *
240Stagnone 5c
241The Vicenone 4c **
242Toevicenone 6a *
243Handvicenone 6a
244Victorianone 5c
245The Clampnone 5c
246Rhapsody Inside a Satsumanone 5b
247Corridor Routenone 4a
248Birch Nosenone 5b
250Fat and Middle-agednone 6a
251Knight's Gambitnone 5b
252Knight's Movenone 5c
253Skin Jobnone 6b *
254Reach for the Skynone 6a
256Square Boulder Aretef6A 5c *
257The Stomach TraverseVB 4b **
258Square Boulder Layawaysf6A+ 5c
260Set Square Aretenone 5b *
261Sandbagnone 5c
262Sunshine Cracknone 4c **
263The Knamnone 6a *
264The Manknone 6a *
265Dr. Peppernone 6b **
266Piecemeal Wallnone 5c **
267Karen's Kondomnone 6b
268The Chimneynone 2b **
269Chimney and Traversenone 3a
270Ericnone 6a
271Reverse Traversenone 5c
272Two-Toed Slothnone 5a *
273Tab Chimneynone 2a
274Soft Rock-ernone 5c
275Arustunone 5c
276Agent Orangenone 5a
278North-West Cornernone 5c **
279Wooly Bearnone 6c **
280West Wallnone 5c ***
281South-West Cornernone 6a **
282Apple Crumblenone 5b **
283Isolated Buttress Climbnone 4c ***
284Isolated Buttress Climb Direct Startnone 5b
285Edward's Wallnone 5c
286Edwards's Effortnone 6a *
287Diversionnone 5c *
288Birchden Wallnone 5b ***
289Halibut Gibletsnone 5c *
290Birchden Cornernone 5c ***
291Crowborough Cornernone 5c **
292Mr Spacemannone 6a **
293Wailing Wallnone 5c **
294Wailing Eliminatenone 6b
295Boysen's Aretenone 6a *
296Boulder Bridge Routenone 2b ***
297High Traversenone 5c **
298Girdle Traversenone 5a *
299Powder Fingernone 6b
300Green Fingersnone 5c *
301Krypton Factornone 6b
302Bloody Fingersnone 6a
303Bloody Staircasenone 6b
304Plumb Linenone 5c
306Jaggernone 5b
307Ear-ringnone 5c
308Big Cave Route 2none 2a *
309Big Cave Route 1none 2b **
310Smith's Traversenone 2a **
311Baldrick's Boulderdashnone 5b
313Forget- Me -Notnone 6a
314Second Chancenone 6a *
315Last Chancenone 5c *
316Spider Wallnone 5b **
317Cave Wallnone 5c *
318Crack and Cavenone 4a **
319Grant's Wallnone 6a
320Tiptoe Through the Lichennone 6b
321Grant's Groovenone 6a *
322Grant's Cracknone 5a **
323Thingynone 4b *
324Thingamywobsnone 5b
325Whatsanamenone 5b
327Purple Nastynone 6b
328Little Cousinnone 5a
329Rum and Ribenanone 4b
330Rum and Cokenone 5b
331Bovver Bootnone 5c
332Cunning Stuntsnone 5b
333Cabbage Patch Bluesnone 5c
334Back Passagenone 3a
335Tiptoe Thru the Tulipsnone 5b
336Biceps Buttressnone 5c
337Finger Poppernone 6b
338Crucifixnone 5c *
339Scout Chimney Leftnone 2a
340L.H.T.none 5c
341Scout Chimney Rightnone 1a
342Garden Slab Leftnone 5a *
343Garden Slab Rightnone 5a *
344Muscle Cracknone 6a *
345Hector's Housenone 6b
346Cornernone 6a
347Magic Wallnone 6b
348Philippanone 6a ***
349Shodannone 5c *
351Half-Crown Cornernone 5b *
352Wander at Leisurenone 5a *
353Birch Tree Cracknone 4a *
354Birch Tree Variationsnone 6a
355Birch Tree Wallnone 4c
356Tree Rootnone 1a
357Stalactitef6A 5c *
358Skid Marxf6B+ 6a *
359The Scoopnone 5c *
360Scoop Aretenone 6a *
361Easy Cleft Leftnone 2a
362Wooly Jumperf6C 6b
363Pull Overnone 5c
364Right hand sit start (to Pullover)f7A *
365Easy Cleft Rightnone 3a *
366Short Traversenone 1b
367Senarranone 5a *
368Hell Wallnone 5a **
369Charon's Chimneynone 3a *
370Baskervillenone 6a *
371Far Leftnone 5c **
372My Dear Watsonnone 5c
373Elementarynone 5c **
374Dennis the menacenone 6c
375Desperate Dannone 6a **
376Unclimbed Wall Direct Finishnone 6a *
377Unclimbed Wallnone 5b ***
378Wizzards Progressnone 5c
379Unclimbed Wall Direct Start/Finish (Wizzard's Shuffle)none 6a *
380Unclimbed Wall - Direct Startnone 5c ***
381jingo wobblynone 6b
382Right Unclimbednone 6a *
383Isometric Chimneynone 1a
384Sunraynone 5a
385Eliminatenone 6a
386Solsticenone 5c **
387Bulging Wall/Zig Nosenone 5c *
388Zig-Zag Variationsnone 5b
389Zig-Zag Wallnone 5a ***
390Todd's Traverse (Boundary Wall Traverse)none 5a *
391Riftnone 5c *
392Smartnone 5c
393Witches Broomsticknone 5c
394Maxnone 6a
395Neutralnone 6a
396Stubblenone 6b
397Meat Cleavernone 6a *
399Wanderfallf3+ 4b **
400Don Juanderf4+ 5b *
401Zac Loftusnone 4c
403Route 26 at Harrisons in southern sandstone bouldering guideV0
404Route 48 at Harrisons in southern sandstone bouldering guideV0
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USER FEEDBACKLogin as Existing User to add your comments
Quality weekend on Sandstone again. Stayed at a new campsite-Green Hedges Farm, campfire weekends website. Absolutely made the weekend, the owner David is a legend and will have the fire started for you on your return from climbing each day so you can relax and cook some food :-)
finter22 - 07/Aug/12
Lovely place and great climbing. Was a shame to have come back to the campsite to find our tent smashed to pieces and our belongings rifled through. Had to cut a 3 day trip down to just that day. Will definately climb there again, but will certainly not be camping.
Tumblefluff - 30/Jun/12
If camping wacht out for squirrels, they will break into your tent to get food. top tip don't leave food laying around.
jay923 - 02/Jul/08
Harrisons RULES, the camping,people, climbing and senery is perfect.Begginers or experts all who go fall in love with the place. And it would'nt be the same without Frank and his guitar
zac skinz - 05/Jul/06
Harrisons is a great crag, lots of fun and easy to get too.. but don't get so hung up on it that you forget the other sandstone sites in the area that are less crowded and also great fun. Great spot for early summer impromptu climbing, go during the week if you can.
Rob - 08/Jun/06
Would one of you good climbers tell me if the camp-site is open year round? Was planning to drive over from Devon this Friday for a scamper but do not want to turn up and get turfed off! Cheers - Steve
Steve - 15/Mar/06
I like Franks guitar playing, it wouldnt be the same without a night round the campfire entertained by him. The campsite is excellent value, good climbing if you start very early during summer weekends.
Big Steve - 22/Dec/05
Careful where you pitch your tent. We pitched ours near a teepee and had to endure a loud performance for hours on end by someone called Frank. Apparently he couldn't hear our cries of disapproval, and it went until after 1am. My advice is, if you hear someone tune their guitar near your tent, tell them to be quiet immediately before you lose your sanity. Or bring ear plugs. Would otherwise have been a very nice campsite.
alex - 29/Mar/05
no chalk please it does look ugly, and you can climb the flakes without chalk.I did it and im not one of these crack climber.
brixton climber - 08/Mar/05
i learn it all from there, my first climb every year since 1990 is at harrisson rock on new years day. i cant undestand why they go to fontainebleau, when they have south sandstone at home.When you climb at harrisson you can climb anywhere. i just love it.
brixton climber - 08/Mar/05
harrisons rules! climbs are excellent and wheather as wonderful.. All in all a great day out to a beautiful place. Highly recomend it for beginners to intermediates who enjoy a shorter pitch or bouldering.
David Adams - 04/Oct/02
Re Tony Harris\' comment about the Campground. Sandstone Climbing Club (now in its 51st year) set up a sixteen-pitch climbers campground as a memorial to Juli Tullis, formerly a club member, who died on K2 in August 1986 after reaching the summit with Kurt Diemburger. The campground is wardened by Chris Tullis (phone 01892 863659), Julies\' son. The site is adjacent to the car park at Harrisons Rocks, where there are toilet faclities (no showers). The fee is 2 per person per night paid by the \'Honesty System\' (see the campground noticeboard). Booking is not normally necessary. Turn up, pitch and pay up! The single pitches are in secluded clearings among birch and fern undergrowth. Please use the site carefully and respectfully, to enable us to maintain the facility. Enjoy yourselves!
Doug Stone - 21/Jul/02
There is no mention of the Julie Tullis Camp facility in the information provided
TONY HARRIS - 18/Jul/02