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High Rocks

East Sussex, ENGLAND

Climbs 312 – Rocktype Sandstone (soft) – Altitude 90m a.s.l – Faces NW

Crag features
High Rocks is a designated SSSI, National Monument and owned by The High Rocks (opposite).

All climbers should visit the lower bar BEFORE entering the rocks.

Climbers should pay the £10 entrance fee (2010) and obtain a ticket/receipt. Season ticket holders (£45, 2010) should sign the book. Please DO NOT enter the grounds without a ticket.

The highest of the southern sandstone crags - 12m. Plenty of classic climbs, including the oft-tried Infidel (6a). Lots to keep everyone, including the wandering grockles, amused.

NB: ACCESS CONDITIONS ... By ignoring the access conditions (which are very simple and include having a valid ticket when you enter the grounds) you are jeopardising access to this crag. It is not strictly necessary to phone in advance at present but please call in at the lower bar and pay for entry or sign in if you have a season ticket. Failure to heed this advice will likely lead to the reintroduction of the 'booking system' or the eventual closure of the crag. If you don't want to pay, please do not risk losing access by entering illegally - stay away... The BMC and local climbers have invested considerable efforts (and money) in maintaining access to High Rocks.

Phone number is 01892 515532 - ask for the manager. Detailed contact information is available at

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Southern sandstone bouldering (2012), Southern Sandstone (2008),
Out of print: Southern Sandstone (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2Orion Cracknone 4c **12
3The First Cracknone 6b ***2
4Missing Linknone 6b ** 
5Anaconda Chimneynone 4a **6
6Anaconda Cornernone 5b **2
7Fungal Smearnone 6b * 
8Bone Machinenone 6b  
9Addernone 6a **5
10Boa Constrictor Chimneynone 4b **7
11The Second Generationnone 6b ***3
12Cobra Chimneynone 4a 3
13Renascencenone 6b ***2
14Steps Cracknone 5b ***19
15Chimaeranone 7a ** 
16Moving Staircasenone 6b ***6
17Judynone 6b **1
18Telegram Samnone 6b * 
19Rag Tradenone 6b *1
20Eft Chimneynone 3a 2
21Chockstone Chimneynone 2b 4
22Salad Daysnone 6b **4
23Leglocknone 6b *3
24Too Tall for Timnone 6a *1
25Cut Steps Cracknone 6a **3
26Too Hard for Davenone 6b *1
27Bell Rock Transverse Passage Route 1none 5a *2
28Bell Rock Transverse Passage Route 2none 5a *1
29Bell Rock Transverse Passage Route 3none 4c  
30Stranglernone 5a 2
31Deadwood Chimneynone 2b 3
32Bell Rock Passagenone 4a 1
33Spider's Chimneynone 3b **1
34Insinuation Cracknone 2b 1
35Wye Chimneynone 4a 2
36Slab Chimneynone 2b 1
37One of Our Chimneys is Missingnone 2b *2
38Smooth Chimneynone 4a **3
39The Chutenone 5a 2
40Krankenkopf Cracknone 5b **10
41Spankedf7A ***3
42Krakennone 6b *4
43The Dragonnone 6a ** 
44Robin's Routenone 6a *5
45So What?none 6b * 
46Dysenterynone 5c *1
47The Prangnone 6a **2
48Magneticf7A **14
49Lobsternone 6a *6
50Infidelnone 6a ***25
51Henry the Ninthnone 5b **41
52Warning Rock Buttressnone 3b 1
53Jawsnone 5c **6
54Orcanone 5c *4
55balcony directnone 4b ***9
56Boysen's Cracknone 6a **8
57Conchitanone 6a *4
58Marquitanone 5c *14
59Lucitanone 5c *21
60Cool Bananasnone 6c **1
61Effienone 5b **25
62Cheetahnone 6b *1
63Coronation Cracknone 5c ***29
64Hale Boppf7C 7a *** 
65Bad Bloodnone 6c 1
66Krait Aretenone 6b ***14
67Shelter Aretenone 5c *8
68Shelter Chimneynone 2b *7
69Shelter Passagenone 4b 3
70Shelter Slabsnone 5b 2
71The Oligarchynone 6a 1
72advertisment wall directnone 5c ***51
73Advertisement Wallnone 5b **71
74Engagement Wallnone 6a **31
75Dyno-Sorenone 6b **7
76Quirkusnone 4c 6
77Dirty Dicknone 4b 25
78Crypt Cracknone 4a 7
79Death Capnone 6b * 
80Mervin Directnone 6b * 
81Crack and Wall Frontnone 5c **5
82Crack And Wallnone 4b 5
83Hut transverse aretenone 4c *5
84Educating Airlienone 6b **1
85Kinda Lingersnone 6c ***2
86Kinda Lingers Sit Startf7A+ **2
87Kinda Lingers Sit Down Startf7C ***1
88Unforgettablenone 6c **1
89Boonoonoonoosnone 6b **4
90Firebirdnone 6a *5
91Mulligan's Wallnone 5c **7
92Bludgeonnone 5c * 
93Celebrationnone 5c **27
94Chez's Dynof7A **7
95Hut Transverse Passage - Rufrock Routenone 3a *3
96Hut Transverse Passage - Central Routenone 3b 2
97Tilley Lamp Cracknone 6a **12
98Lord Traversef6B 6a **9
99Nemesisnone 6b ***17
100A Touch Too Muchnone 6b **5
101Viper Cracknone 5b 6
102Shatterednone 6b *2
103Easy Cracknone 2a *8
104Bald Finishnone 5a *3
106Crack Routenone 4c **43
107Pinchgripnone 5c *12
108Pussyfootnone 5b **22
109Sweaty Pussynone 5c+ ***5
110Swing Facenone 5b *19
111Birthday Aretenone 5b **23
112Birthday Wall (Sequins of Cosmic Turbulence)none 5c *5
113Sequins of Cosmic Turbulencenone 5c 11
114Roof Routenone 5a *18
115Rockneynone 5c 5
116Cough Dropnone 5b *2
117Long Stretchnone 5c *9
118Roofusnone 6b *2
119Idnone 6a *2
120Bludnok Wallnone 5c *8
 Climb nameGradex
121Rhino's Eyebrownone 5a 4
122Navy Waynone 5c *8
123Bow Spiritnone 6a 1
124Odin's Wallnone 5c **17
125Something Cracknone 6a 2
126Degeneratenone 5a *19
127TestimonyV1 5a **9
128DeliriumV2 5c *5
129Holly SlabV0- 4a 8
130Honeycombnone 6b **16
131Craig-y-blanconone 6a *19
132Dagger Cracknone 6a *2
133Final Destinationf7C ***1
135Ordinary Routenone 4a *29
136Graveyard Groovenone 5c *2
137Tool Wallnone 6a ***6
138Forknone 5c **21
139Knifenone 5c ***22
140Dinner Platenone 5c **22
141Simian Progressnone 5a ***47
142Breakfastnone 5c 1
143Simian Facenone 5b *34
144Monkey Nutnone 5b **20
145The Sphinxnone 6a *13
146Simian Mistakenone 5c **29
147Sputniknone 6a *11
148North Wallnone 5a **17
149The Helixnone 5a **3
151Outside Edge Routenone 3b *14
152Jabberwockyf6A 6a 5
153Holly Routenone 2b *10
154Miss Embassynone 5c 9
155JPSnone 6a **23
156JPS/Z'Mutt Link Upf6C+ 2
157Z'Muttnone 5b *46
158Z'mutt Directf6B+ 2
159bonattiV2 ft5b *2
160Brenvanone 5c **47
161Brenva Sit Startf7B **13
162The Crimpsf7C **2
164V8V8 ** 
165PadoleVB 2c 1
166AvonVB 3b 3
167SablonsVB 3c 1
168The Gibbetnone 5b 2
169Bow Cracknone 5a 2
170Old Kent Roadf7A 6b ***6
171Orrer Cracknone 5c *3
172Barbed Wire Fencenone 5b 5
173Rampantnone 3a 4
174The Limitnone 5a 6
175Slap Happyf6A 6a ***7
176Can Openerf7A 6b **2
177Scrap Aretenone 5b 2
178Yellimonone 4a 8
179Cumberlandnone 5c 5
180Extendernone 5c 2
181Tricky Dickynone 5b 3
182Honeycomb Direct Startnone 6b *1
183Simian Face Direct Startnone 5c 2
184Simian Mistake Direct Startf6C 6b 2
185BellyflopVB 2b 1
186HornliV0- 5a *1
187No Hands SlabVB 3a **1
188Central Routenone 2a 1
189Turret Wallnone 2b 1
190Yew Tree Cracknone 4b 1
191Annexe Slabnone 5b 3
192Wonderwallnone 2b 1
193Monolith Cracknone 3a 3
194Shivvy ChimneyM 3c *1
195CamilleV0- 4a 10
196AlfredVB 3a 10
197Bowling Green AreteVB 2b 8
198BuonarrotiV0+ 5b 7
199EpsteinV0- 4a 5
200EmileVB 5a 7
201Maze CrackVB 2a 5
202CorotVB 3a 6
203Maze ChimneyVB 2b 5
204Reine SofiaVB 2a 3
205SandmanVB 5a 5
206RodinVB 5b 6
207FiorentinoVB 3b 5
208Zolaf5 5a 3
209Gauguinf5+ 5b 4
210Elephantf6A 6a 1
211Sloper problem (right of mojo)f7A **4
212Roller ClimbVB 2a 4
213MonetVB 2c * 
214Chimney Wallnone 4b 3
215Happy Days Variationf6C 5
216Monolith Girdlenone 2b 1
217Brushwood Chimneynone 2b 1
218The Fonzf7A 1
2196B on Happy Days boulder, right of treef6B 1
220Happy Daysf7A **3
221route 209 (Dyno)f6C 1
222SS Bouldering Problem 38f6C ***1
223SS Bouldering Problem 50f6A 1
224SS Bouldering Problem 51f6A+ 1
225SS Bouldering Problem 52f5+ 1
226SS Boulder Problem 47f6B+ *1
227SS Boulder Problem 48f6C **1
228SS Boulder Problem 199 ssf6A **1
229SS Boulder Problem 221f6B+ **1
230BarbizonV1 5c 1
231Maze Chimney finishing leftVB 2a 1
232Carbon Fibref6C 6b ***1
233Moss Side Storyf6A+ 6a *1
234Awkward Cornernone 5b 1
235Solonone 5a 1
236Wall right of Solonone 5c 1
237Amelia's Little Problemnone 4c 1
238Picassof6A 6a 1
239Silly Cornernone 3a 1
240Mojof7B ***1
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Access notes
No leading. Soloing or toproping only. Take a second static rope (8 - 10m)to extend top belays and preferably a carpet sample to clean your feet before you climb.

>From Tunbridge Wells, take the A264 for East Grinstead; after 2km (1.2mi) on Rusthall Common turn L at signpost to The Beacon and High Rocks: follow down the narrow hill to a 'Y' junction (rocks visible opposite) where a right turn takes you over a railway bridge and to the High Rocks. The crag entrance is on the left and car park a bit further on the left. Please pay (or sign in for season ticket holders) in the lower bar BEFORE entering the grounds.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

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USER FEEDBACKLogin as Existing User to add your comments
Though I would give a quick updated as I went there the other day. Not much has changed. Still 10 to get in, still a little bit of glass. Pretty quiet overall.
lostpixel - 28/Jun/12

visited there today. i wasn't impressed by the amount of broken glass around not just at the bottom of the routes but mid way up and on the top. i wouldn't of minded if i had not paid the 10 entrance fee but it is clear that they are not looked after as much as they should be. Sticking to Harrisons and Bowles in future
silverpim - 20/Jun/10

Try the SDS start to Krankenkopf, using only jams for the hands. It uses a nice finger/thumb stack if you can reach it. Trad 6a or V2. Jump off when you get your feet on the ledge at 12 feet.
Oliver Hill - 09/Jun/09

I love this crag. Haven't been since the vegetation was cleared and am looking forward to seeing what it's like (although I'll be too weak to do anything there now!). There is still potential here for some very hard new routes (I abbed some lines 18 years ago and they've not been done yet). J
seagull - 11/May/07

high rocks has recently been restored, meaning that allot more of the rock is in condition. the friction of the rock is unrivaled as far as southern sandstone goes
ian h - 04/Apr/05

A wonderful outcrop with a pub not 100 yds from it. Hard though, very hard. Great bouldering problems and really tough routes. The friction is less here than on other local sandstone even in perfect conditons. Not a first time foray for those punters fresh from the plastic.
JoHNY - 02/Jul/04

Traverse above Bum Dragon 7c is called 'crosstown traffic' and is 7c w/ broken hold. There is a SDS in the middle of the wall starting just right of the boulder that is good. SDS to Brenva is 7a. There is also a new traverse going starting as the SDS to Brenva and traversing left low to finish on the right arete- 'the slowpull'. Also repeats of 'Vandal' have called it 7b. Alot of other hard to describe probs in the 7b range.
pete - 08/Aug/03

lots of cool new bouldering happening in the form of starts to routes. brenva sit start fnt 7b bum dragon fnt 7c+ (traverse behind honycomb) coast to coast fnt 7b+ (traverse behind honycomb) high rocks dyno fnt 7b+ (direct to celebration) kinda lingers bum start fnt 7c vandal fnt 7c+ (roof left of judy) shatterd start fnt 6c. bad blood direct start fnt 6c. lord traverse fnt 6b
rob - 19/Apr/03