The Cobbler

Climbs 139 – Rocktype Mica schist – Altitude 800m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
The dramatic triple peaks of The Cobbler offer some excellent climbing through most of the grade spectrum in both summer and winter.

The South Peak has two different facets. The open and sunny South Face offers bold climbing on good slabby rock. By comparison the North Face is gloomy and dark, providing some classic winter routes.

The Centre Peak, although rather sprawling, includes an impressive rocky pinnacle which forms the mountain's summit, and the lower buttress gives some good winter climbing, including The Cathedral (X 11).

The North Peak's upper tier presents two massive overhanging noses of compact rock which are the most impressive rock features in the Southern Highlands. Tracking through steep ground are a choice of classic routes of all grades from Severe to E7. At least 10 routes merit a 3-star rating, including Whither Whether, which is the best-positioned VS pitch in Scotland, and the sensational steep prow of Dalriada.

Access notes
Two approach options. The fast but less scenic option follows a faint boggy path from Glen Croe up the back of the mountain. Alternatively, from the pay-and-display car-park at Succoth take the main Cobbler path as far as the dam. Either cross the river above this and follow the ridge above to the peak, or continue up the path until a left branch that leads into the corrie between the peaks.

Scottish Winter Climbs (2008), Scottish Rock - South (2008), Arran, Arrochar and the Southern Highlands (1997), Rock Climbing in Scotland (1990),
Out of print: Scottish Winter Climbs (1996)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1The Cobbler TraverseII ***
3Porcupine WallS
4Dicers GrooveE2 5b *
5EtherealE6 6b **
6Sleeping GasE6 6b *
7Glueless GrooveE2 5b *
8Ithuriel's WallE2 5b **
9Gladiator's Groove DirectE1 5b **
10GebE4 6a **
11RaE4 6a **
12OsirisE4 6a ***
13HorusE6 6b **
14Ardgartan AreteVS 4b **
15Ardgartan WallVD 3c *
16Pygmy WallIII 5 **
17South-East RidgeM
18South-East RidgeII/III *
20JughandleIV 5 **
21LovehandleIV 5
22Bow CrackHS 4b **
23S CrackVS 4c **
24S CrackVI 7 ***
26AeonoclastVI 6 **
27Sesame Groove DirectIV 6
28Grassy TraverseIII *
29Southern FreezeE2 5b
30RuskolineE5 6a *
31Deadman's GrooveVS 4c *
32Deadman's GrooveVII 7 ***
33Grossen ZinnenS
34McLean's FollyE1 5b *
35North Wall GrooveS
36North Wall GrooveV 6 ***
37North Wall TraverseIV 5 **
38Viva GlasvegasVIII 7 *
39Gibber CrackVS 5a
40Gibber CrackV 7 *
41Slack's RouteHS 4b *
42Nimlin's Direct RouteVD **
43Nimlin's Direct RouteIV 5 *
44Bell's RouteD
45Bell's Route (Sloping Ledge Variation)VD
46Bell's Route (Rutherford's Variation)VD
47Naismith's RouteD
48Original RouteM
49North-West CrackVS 4c
50Cupid's GrooveVS 4c
52The AreteD *
53The AreteIII *
54MacGregor's LedgeVD
55Doorway RouteM
56Doorway RouteII
58Chimney RouteV 7 **
59Lobby DosserHVS
60Cave RouteIII 4 *
61Drugs are for MugsV 6
62The CathedralX 11 **
63Centre GullyII
65Overhanging RecessS
66SpainkillerE1 5b
67Chimney AreteVS 4b *
68Right-Angled ChimneyD *
69Right-Angled ChimneyIV 5 *
70Cat CrawlVS 4c **
71Direct DirectHVS 5b **
72Direct DirectVII 9 *
73Wild at HeartE6 6b ***
74Wild CountryE6 6b ***
75Wide CountryE5 6b ***
76Punster's CrackS ***
77Punster's CrackVII 8
78Trans am Wheel Arch NostrilsE4 6a *
79Evening StrollE2 5c *
80Right-Angled GullyVD *
81Right-Angled GullyIV 5 *
82Right-Angled Gully DirectS
83Right-Angled Gully DirectV 6 **
84Rise to the OccasionE5 6a *
85Rest and be ThankfulE5 6a ***
86Club CrackE2 5b **
87Right-Angled GrooveVS 4c *
88Right-Angled GrooveV 7 *
89DalriadaE7 6b ***
90Whither WhetherVS 4b ***
91Grey WallHS 4a **
93Ramshead WallD
94Ramshead WallIII
95Ramshead RidgeD
96Ramshead RidgeIV 5 **
97Moonlight AreteE2 5c
98Whether WallVS 4c **
99Ramshead GullyVD **
100Ramshead GullyIV 5 **
101Echo CrackHS 4b
102Echo CrackVI 7
103IncubatorHS 4b *
104IncubatorVI 7 *
105Recess RouteS ***
106Recess RouteV 6 ***
107Northern HeatwaveHVS 4c *
108Fold DirectVS 4c *
109Fold DirectV 7 *
110Piper's LamentE3 5b
112N'GombiVI 8 *
114McSod's WayIV 5 *
115Maclay's CrackIII 4 **
116MegabyteVI 6 **
117Great Gully WallS
118Moss CrackVD
119Great GullyII **
121GimcrackVS 4c
122The MogVS 4c
123Spinal RibVS 4b **
124GimcannaV 7 *
125North Rib RouteHVD *
126North Rib RouteV 7 **
127Great Gully GrooveIV 6 *
128LuluIV 6 *
129Heart ButtressIII *
130Soul GrooveIII
132Chockstone GrooveII
133Chockstone GullyII
134A Crack in the CloudsE3 6a ***
136North WindsE3 6a *
137North GullyI
139GearlessS *
140Straight FlushE2 5b **
141100 Foot WallD
142Lumpy CustardE1 5b **
143Comical CornerS *
145The Lost PinnacleVS 4b *
147Telapathy CrackS
148Cobbler CaveVD *
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