Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)

Climbs 161 – Rocktype Dolerite – Altitude ? – Faces S

Crag features
The crag that is always warm and often dry when clouds hang over the Llanberis Pass a few miles away. Many routes in the low Extreme grades, including the classic Silly Arete (E3 5c) as well as plenty for the VS leader to go at. Very little below VS, but the other Tremadog crags have plenty of those.

Approach notes
Often hard to identify routes from the road due to trees. Walk off the top rather than abseiling, to save the trees.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

North Wales Climbs (2013), Tremadog (2010), North Wales Classics (2010), North Wales Rock (2006), Tremadog and Cwm Silyn (1989) (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Forest View's Shattered CracksS 1
4K.M.A.HS 4a *392
5MadogVS 4c **544
6MyomancyHVS 5b **239
7Falling Block CrackS 4a *723
8MistookVS 4c *408
9GwyneddVS 4b *312
10Rammer's RouteVS 5a *325
11MarathHVD 123
12MTNS 4a *636
13Central AreteS 169
14Central StaircaseVD 335
15Bulging WallHS 4a *478
16Quatre Fois DirectVS 4c **613
17MeirionyddE1 6a **246
18Tu'ShaeHVS 5a 30
19Unnamed Severe In GuidebookS 8
20Girdle Traverse Of The Upper TierVD 1
21GoopE4 6b 4
23Badger's ButtressVD 3
25Next of Kin / Drug TestHVS 5b 2
26RingwraithE3 6a 2
27Helsinki WallE1 5b *143
28Olympic SlabVS 4c **152
29Blade RunnerE4 6a *17
30The OlympiadE2 5c 9
31OrodruinE2 6a **8
32SurrealE6 6b ** 
33The Unreal FinishE6 6b *** 
34Surreal McCoyE6 6b ** 
35Plastic NerveE2 5c **64
36StromboliHVS 5a **274
37The Creature VariationE1 5b 1
38Hitler's ButtockE5 6b **7
39Sexual SalamiE5 6b ***26
40Cardiac AreteE4 6a ***51
41The Agony and the EcstacyE5 6b *1
43Rhywbeth BachVS 4b 3
44Mab y BwthynE1 5b 2
45Saffron SunsetHVS 5b 2
46FearE3 6a 2
47Mab y MynyddE2 5c 2
49Tam LinE2 5c 2
50Fine and MellowE1 5b * 
51Electric EdgeE2 5c *5
52Mons MegHVS 5a 1
53HuntleyVS 4c 2
54MillipedeHVS 4c  
55Eifionydd WallHVS 5b 6
56StrempanE2 5b 1
58R.I.P.VS 4c 1
59Curved AirE4 5c *3
60Pengo's EliminateE4 5c 2
61CerberusE1 5b 1
62Rock 'n' RollHS  
63Basin StreetE3 6a  
64Oak Tree WallVS 2
66Tea Time AreteVS 5a 11
67Ave Atque ValeS 16
68KrakatoaS 9
69GwrywgydiwrE1 5c 3
70TerraquaE2 6a 8
71Strumpet BlowerE1 5c  
72EtnaS 11
73Pear Tree VariationVS 4c 31
74Silver CrowE1 5b 7
75The StrugglerE2 5c *13
76BorchgrevinckS *58
77Borchgrevinck / Poor Man's PeutereyS **153
78Groove of HorrorE5 6a **6
79StrapiomboHVS 5b ***59
80ErebusE3 5c **17
81No Holds BarredE6 6c ** 
82Tall DwarfsE3 6a *8
83Poor Man's PeutereyS 4a ***1331
84Great WesternVS 4c *212
85Monkey PuzzleE1 5b 69
86Monkey Puzzle/PincushionE1 5b **8
87The QuakermenE2 5c 22
88Harvey Proctor's Spanking SlapE2 5c 61
89PincushionE2 6a **246
90Silly BillyE2 5c 6
91Silly AreteE3 5c ***266
92FingerlickerE4 6a ***92
93Fingerlicker Direct FinishE6 6b ** 
94BarbarianE1 5b ***501
95ScratchVS 4c **847
96MangoletsiE3 6a **42
97Mangoletsi Direct StartE2 5c 18
98Mangoletsi SuperdirectE5 6b ** 
99Mangoletsi The Original WayE3 6a *20
100Spare RibE4 6a ***20
101ItchE2 6a *96
102Rhych dy DinE2 5b **33
103Scratch AreteHVS 5a ***1118
104Ivy CrackE1 5b 15
105Slabby FluesS 1
106Peripherique (Girdle Traverse of Peuterey Buttress)E1 5b **5
107Laser CrackE1 5b **22
108Blobby Goes BallisticE1 5b  
109IntegralE2 5c *24
110Integral DirectE3 5c **18
111Limited EditionE5 6b  
112The ToitE4 6b 3
113The SandbaggerE5 6b  
114The Dune ChildE4 6b 1
116FandangoE1 5b 19
117LucretiaVS 3
118Lakeland GemVS 1
119Whistling RufusHVS  
120Clown of ThornsE1 5b 2
121Technical MasterE2 5c **9
122WandaVS 4b 3
124RapunzelVS 5a 1
125Attractive Mature Lady (Will Visit)E2 5b  
126Bucket RiderE1 5b 8
127AlcatrazVS 4c **60
128Hey!E1 5b 8
129HollowayHVS 5a 76
130Back to NatureE3 6a  
131CrocadilloE2 5b *25
132Crocadillo VariationE2 5b **4
133StrangewaysVS 4c 9
134Holloway/CrocodilloE2 5b **2
135AgoraphobiaHVS 5a  
137Life in a DayE3 5c  
138BroadmoorE1 5b  
139Psyche 'n' BurnE6 6c ***3
140VulcanE4 6a ***116
141FalconE1 5b ***275
142Sonic SinbinE4 6a *1
143PippikinE4 6a ***26
144ScarecrowE3 5c *17
145Scarecrow Direct StartE4 6a  
146The StealE4 6b  
147SteelfingersE2 5c 26
148Raven's Nest WallE2 5b 4
149Dead Rooks Don't SpeakE3 5b  
150Rookery NookHVS 5a  
151Gothic GroovesE1 5b 9
152W.O.B.HVS 4c 9
153Stormy WeatherE3 6a  
154Hogmanay HangoverHS 4b **113
155Hogmanay Hangover Direct FinishHVS 5b 12
156Omerta CrackE3 6a  
157Hogmanay GirdleE3 5c *1
158ValerianE1 3
160CircusV7 **2
161FunfareV3 1
162Bored Sillyf5+ 5b ***1
163Jungle Hand Jivef6C 1
164Full Gasf6A+ *1
165Holler For The Dollarf6B+ ***1
166Greenbackf6C *1
167Nickles N Dime'sf6A+ 1
168Le Mansf6A *1
169Easy Peelerf2 1
170Mental Magnetf6A+ 1
171ArÍte Eliminatef6A 1
172Independence Dayf6B *1
173Arctic CircleVS 1
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don't try to walk off to the right looking up. chest high brambles and no path. no path to the left from falcon/vulcan area so abseil is the only viable option for descent.
rurp - 16/Oct/12
DO NOT abseil off if possible/practical. It's lazy, antisocial and erodes the trees.
victim of mathematics - 03/Sep/12
abseil off if possible to prevent erosion of the paths
cankerblossom - 02/Sep/12
I don't believe this is Dolerite. More likely to be Micro-gabbro with Mica schist at the base. Dolerite is a term over used in outdated surveys.
Ian Jones - 23/Nov/10