Attermire Scar

Climbs 251 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 400m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
Above the bustling town of Settle is an area of unusual limestone out-croppings that are collectively known as the Attermire crags. The landscape is fairly stark but on a good day is a lovely place to climb and the crags are popular on long evenings in summer. The majority of the climbs on the main limestone edge at Attermire are quite short but pack in the moves. The rock and protection is generally very good on the pitches described here and the lines are strong. The more distant Victoria Cave is a sport climbing crag that is in complete contrast to the main area with long steep and intimidating lines.

Access notes
Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire (2015), Yorkshire Limestone (2005), Northern Limestone Route Database (2001),
Out of print: Northern Limestone (2004), Yorkshire Limestone (Millenium Supplement) (1997), Yorkshire Limestone (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2I Remember SellaS 8
3Pockety WallVS 4c 2
4Cave RouteVS 4c 9
5Short ChangeHVS 5b  
6PennyHVS 5a *12
7Flake ClimbS 4c *18
8Coeficient of RestitutionE2 6a  
9Flower PowerVS 4c **52
10Ingleborough WallHVS 5a **17
11Overlapping WallHVS 5a **29
12Overlapping MistakeE1 5b *2
13SundownerVS 4c **31
14Zig-ZagS 4a 47
15Little Corner (the hard one!)HVS 5a 4
16Slanting Slab VariantHVS 5a *7
17Slanting SlabHS 4a 38
18Right of PassingVS 4c 11
19Wrinkle SlabVD *75
20Wrinkle Slab DirectVS 4b **35
21Black GrooveHVD 28
22Wrinkle PickerHVS 5b *1
23Twin CracksHVD 12
24Trade RouteD 6
26ThrutchHS 4b 7
27HankS 4a 7
28Legal LimitE4 6a *4
29Piston BrokeE4 6b *1
30Neon CrackE2 5c *17
31FlickerVS 4b 23
32GingerVD 54
33Green BeamE2 6a *7
34Blue LightV5 6b 9
35Lantern CrackHVS 5a *8
36Lite FantasticE1 5a * 
37Apollo CreedE2 5c  
38Red LightHVS 5b **68
39StarlightE3 6c *1
40Ultra BrightE4 6b *1
41Legover GrooveHVS 5b *16
42Between The SheetsHVS 5b *5
43Safer DeckE4 6a *2
44Graphite GrooveE1 5b 19
45ContortionistE1 5c 4
46FergusVS 4c 7
47MoonlightVS 4c 7
48Stout CrackS 4a 3
49Snail Crunchers ParadiseHVS 5a  
50SagabonaHVS 5a *2
52Rite of ReleaseHVS 5b  
53Double OverhangE2 5c 1
54Selling PupsE5 6b * 
55LugubriousE2 5c 1
56The BenderVS 5b 4
57HypotenuseE2 5c  
58PythagorasHS 4b **44
59Tomorrow WasE3 6a *1
60Flight of the CondorE3 6a **3
61Twin GroovesHVS 5b *6
62Big Jim SladeHVS 6a *1
63Banana CrackE1 6b/c 4
64Overhanging CrackHVS 5c 5
65Look Back In AngerE1 5c  
66White MagicE3 6b **1
67TrudgeVS 5b *20
68Catholic High School Girls in TroubleE3 6a **7
69Catholic BoysE2 6b 1
70Little CornerS 4a 27
71Pimple GreaseHS 4b 22
72Big CornerVD 24
73Close HookS 4a 3
74Deep Pre-Meditated LinesE4 6b **1
75MasterpieceE5 6c **1
76Richard the TurdE1 5c *2
77Halcyon DaysE1 5b *13
78The Dark TruthE3 6c  
79White LiesE3 6c 1
80Show Me Your NutsHVS 5a 1
83Cracking FinishVD 4a 16
84Evening AreteD 7
85Narrow PillarHVD 5
86Alcove SlabS 4b 41
87StrawsE2 6b *1
88Pump it UpE1 5c **9
89Smitton by AnguishE1 6a ***5
90Mr LoHVS 5b *4
91PurgatoryVD 23
92BlasphemyHS 4b *30
93Grumpy Old MenVS 4c 7
94Dizzy LizzyMVS 4b *21
95Topsy TurvyVD 14
97DestructionS 4a 16
98RasputinMVS 4c *12
99Long WangE1 5c *6
100Newsreader's DelightVS 4c **19
101The GamblerHVD 14
102Thank GodHVS 5c *9
103Paul's PreambulationS 19
104'A' ClimbMS 4a *36
106Descent RouteM 4
107Dead GiveawayE1 5c 1
108Burnell's BlunderHVS 5b  
109FreebyVS 4c 7
110The GangwayHS 26
111Fading ChanceVS 4b 1
112CensusHS 4a 34
113UnchainedVS 4c *14
114Weakest LinkHVS 5a *1
115Mellow YellowHVS 5b **60
116Accelerating Finger JugE4 6b  
117High White StonesE5 6a 1
118MatadorVS 4c *54
119Spasticus ArtisticusE5 6c 1
120Blind PanicE4 6b *3
121BrutusE2 5b **46
122ComerE2 5c **29
123Ex-FriendE6 6c  
124Main OverhangE4 6b **4
125Red TerrorE6 6c * 
126Amber GamblerE3 6a **18
127Technically SpeedingE4 6b **3
128Energetic GambleE3 6a 1
129Flling Scar/Love BitesE2 6a 1
130Recessed SlabHVS 5b *16
131Thunder WallE3 6a *8
132EscapologistE4 5c 1
133Kentucky Fried Movie 1HVS 5c *4
134Kentucky Fried Movie 2VS 5c 3
135Cave CrackMVS 4b 12
136Yellow MelonHVS 5a *4
137Lemming EssenceE2 5b 1
139HeatwaveMVS 4b 5
140Easy Man's WayD 13
141LaybackS 4a *19
142Hot StuffVS 4c  
143FetteredMVS 4b *8
144Chains Of FreedomVS 4c **4
145Shuffle CrackVS 4c 5
146QuakerVS 4c *15
147StrictionS 4a 7
148Broken ChimneyD 6
149Route February 2ndVS 4c 11
150Chrome YellowE2 5c  
151DeterminationMVS 4b 7
152Ape and EssenceE3 6a  
153T.D.C.E2 6a * 
154LaybyHS 4b **21
155TipsterE2 5c *3
156Wasted SpaceE2 5c  
157Overhanging Chockstone CrackVD *5
158Red Terror pitch 2E4 6a  
159Amber Gambler pitch 2E2 6a 3
160Whiz-PoppingE4 6a 1
162Straight CrackMS *46
163Spider WallHS 4b **36
164Spider's WebE2 5b **9
165Open GullyD 19
166Power DrainHVS 5a  
167FlakeyHS 4a **52
168Time Machine DirectVS 4c 11
169Time MachineHS 4a *33
170FantasyMS **77
171Rite of WayHVS 5b **3
172Right of PassageVS 4b *2
173SmilerVS 4c *6
174Nettle CrackVS 4c *21
175The StingHVS 5a 1
176Startling RabbitHS 4b 4
177Second thoughtsS 3
179Viper DirectHVS 5a **15
180ViperHS 4c *10
181Child's PlayE3 6b  
182Quad CrackE3 5c ***8
183Flake OutE4 6b * 
184Cave GullyS 1
185Wild GarlicVS 4c 1
186Dave's RouteE4 6a  
187Niche CrackS 6
188Go For ItHVS 5c  
189Flagon CrackHVS 5b *3
190PlumblineE2 5c *5
191Cooper's WallVS 5a *7
193The NebHVS 5a 3
194Prophets of DeceitE2 5c **2
195TenacityE1 5b **1
196The ExorcistE5 6a  
197Crab NebulaE2 5b *2
198The OmenE4 6b **1
199Lakeland RetreatHS 2
200Nest CrackS 2
201Dry LineE1 5c *1
202WhetlineHVS 5a 1
204Delta ButtressS 1
205Main StreetVS 4c 1
206Sun KingE1 5b *2
207Sun QueenE2 5c **1
208The Gorgon Buttress DirectVS 4c 1
209Rogue ElementHVS 5a * 
210EuryaleE1 5c ** 
211Ebb TideHVS 5a * 
212Birthday GrooveHVS 5b * 
213Cave DirectHS 4b *1
214All AloneS *8
215Spring DayMVS 4b 1
216El DiamanteHVS 5a **9
217What Do You Think About Rolf HarrisE1 5b **1
218AbstinenceHVS 5a *1
220The Thin CrackVS 4b *17
221Hares Wall DirectE1 5b ***13
222Hare GripE1 5b ***2
223Hare's WallVS 4c ***22
224MoonshineHS 4b ***52
225The SweltererHVS 5b *5
226Softly-SoftlyMVS 4b 8
227No Hiding PlaceE3 6a ** 
228Laid BackE4 6a * 
229Orang UtangHVS 5b * 
230SpicHS *3
231SpanS *8
232Bob's Your UncleHVS 5a 2
233FlankerVD 6
235September ArteteVD 2
236Summertime BluesE1 5b *2
237Bella Lugosi's Dead7a **4
238Driller Killer7a **2
239Young Frankenstein6b+ *7
240Hammer House of Horror7a **3
241Driller Killer 27c  
242Offwithereds7a+ ***2
243Fused FictionE3 5c ** 
244Assorted Jams7b+ * 
245Mollygone6c+ **3
246DelightHS 1
248Victorian Dig6c+ 6
249Sven Vath7a *12
250Soulsports7b+ **1
251Victorious8a ** 
252Lost In Thought and Lost In Time7b+ ***7
253The Jaws of Grip7a 1
254The Squealing7a 2
255The Howling7a+ *1
256We Climb Rocks7a+ *1
258Sleepless in SettleS 1
259Warrendale WallMS *1
260BrentVD 1
261BruntVD 1
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Had a great 2 days climbing at this crag, also lost 1 camera battery and memory card and a car key, if anyone finds them please please contact me. Chris 07807231515
qboyd - 03/Jun/11
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Dedicated centre.
"23.5m tall wall area. Free standing fin. 74 lines in total, 48 lead lines, highest 23.5m & lowest 12m. 26 Top rope lines, Highest 13.5m & lowest 6m...."