Climbs 266
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 183m a.s.l
Faces SW

Brian Rossiter enjoys the last rays of winter sun. © nigel baker

Crag features

The short crags of Giggleswick South conceal themselves exremely well amongst dense tree cover, and offer only tempting glimpses of grey limestone even in the middle of winter. The climbing at Giggleswick South is reasonable with a choice of styles from the newly developed easier grade sport climbs on the Lower South Buttress, to the limited number of short but rewarding traditional lines more often than not on superb rock located on the Upper Crag. For those bent on difficulty the G-Spot has a micro classic.

Approach notes

Giggleswick South is split into two areas - South Upper (plus the G-spot) and South Lower. Each area has its own parking and approach path as set out below. All approaches are from parking pull-offs located on the road that runs west out of Settle towards the A65 (Ingleton amd Kendal).

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Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire

Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire covers some of the best limestone crags in the UK including the big three of Malham, Kilnsey and Gordale. Alongside these titans are numerous other destinations that offer both sport and trad climbing throughout the grades, ranging from the intimidating walls of Blue Scar and Trow Gill to the long lines of newly-developed low to mid-grade sport crags such as Moughton Nab and Giggleswick South. Trad climbing is also well catered for on the walls and escarpments at the likes of Trowbarrow Quarry, Twistleton Scar, Attermire Scar and Witches Quarry.
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Get over it. All that scree boulders around the bottom of the crag were once part of the crag. Its bloody limestone. If you don't want to climb loose rock get on the grit. Then you'll be moaning about the sand!!
Grit Wraith - 11/Apr/15
Loose rocks on cygnet chewer before the third bolt. A lot of loose stuff was coming down this afternoon, very busy up there.
thepinkwaffle - 06/May/13
Sector Swallows Nest is very loose, all the routes we climbed had a lot of suspect rock. A big block slid off the the bottom of The White Spider, landed 6 inches from where I was belaying.
1poundSOCKS - 26/Jun/11
Not a rockfall in the true meaning of the word - more a prolonged H and S session apparently ;-)
Bulls Crack - 13/Apr/11
There has been a big rockfall in the area around The Third Man. There is still some loose material waiting to fall so be careful crossing under this area.
Bob - 26/Sep/10
Apart from the Swan and Laughter buttresses plus the odd route here and there..dire. Short, loose and worthless sums up a lot/most of the routes.
Bulls Crack - 13/May/10
a great crag with a big veriation of routes when it sunny it gets very warm but is shelterd from the wind
Rob - 01/Apr/04
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 The U-Bend 
2Ducksqueezer's route4c 9
4Bagdad CafeVS 5a *1
5ForeplayE1 5c 3
6Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer7b+ 20
7Violent New Breed9a+ *1
8Militia8a+ **3
9Wet Beaver6c+ 1
 Upper Crag 
11GorgonzolaVS 4b 15
12Yew Tree RibHVS 5a *17
13Yew Tree Corner
S 10
14Pinnacle DirectVS 4b 18
15February WallVS 4c *37
E2 5c 3
17Broad SwordE3 5c ***15
18Broad Sword DirectE4 6a **3
19Fine SpeedingE5 6a * 
20Mutton DaggerE3 5c ***61
21Prime CutE2 5b *29
22Cut a LineE4 6a *5
23Mint SauceE2 5c *20
24Sir LoinE1 5c **52
E1 5b 1
26Little CornerVS 5a *34
27Central CracksS 4a 9
28FlakerHVS 5b 7
29The Glory SeekersE2 6a *5
30The Wally HuntersE1 5c 3
31The ArchesE1 5c *59
32Return of the Glory SeekersE2 6a *5
33MeerschaumHVS 5a *63
34SatoriHVS 5b *19
35Too close for comfortE2 5c  
36Damage caseE1 5c 3
37Left-hand Siamese TwinHVS 5a 2
38Right-Hand Siamese TwinVS 4c 7
39Frank Bough's PartyE4 6b  
40Power PinchE4 6b **7
41Orient ExpressE2 5c 1
42Go Johnny GoE2 5c **22
43Slap and GiggleE1 5b *29
44Custard CrackVS 4b *50
45Touch and Go
HVS 5a 3
46Dyno-MightE1 5c *3
47BlancmangeMVS 4b 19
48Lancaster Bomber
HVS 5a *16
49SpitfireVS 4c **13
50Iron Wall DirectVS 4c ***13
51Iron Wall
HS 26
52T-BoneMVS 4b *22
53Neck EndVS 4c 5
54Cheese and CrackersVS 4c *8
55Coffee and CreamVS 4c *7
56Flake and Groove
HVD 25
57Sticky ToffeeMS 7
58Nice BunsVS 4c *11
59Summer Pudding
HS 4b 16
60ThoughtafterVS 5a *8
HS 4b 24
62After 8 CrackHS 4b *11
63Jelly and TrifleS 4a 6
64Trifle Wall
S 12
 Stone Cold Buttress 
66Mini Gem5c *73
67Winter Warmer5a 67
68The Sun Trap6a 71
69Little Cracker5c 50
70Harvey6b 43
71Holly Tree Groove5a *67
72Stone Cold Sober6a 48
73High Adventure6a 10
74Tipsy Crack5a *65
75The D.T.s4c *6
76The Primer4c *60
77DDD6c 4
78Deus Ex Machina6b+  
79Under Pressure6a+ *59
80Bella Calcio6b **53
81Mi Vida Loco6c+ **9
82Stone Cold Crazy6c **28
83Saving the Day6a *35
 Dressage Buttress 
85Whoa Boy5b 4
86Gee Gee Groove6c *2
87How to Train Your Dragon7a *2
88Crack the Whip4c 9
89Flying Change6a 4
90Shadbelly6c 1
91Well Shod6a 4
 Sector Limelight 
93Wall MinorVS 4c 1
HVS 5a 3
95Seven Up5c 10
96Twilight6a *13
97Gael Force6b 12
98BlackoutHVS 5a 4
99Moseley Shoals7b **4
100Out of the Limelight7a+ **20
101Light Touch6c+ *4
102Flake Out6b+ **9
103Underhand Arete6c *10
104The Thin Blue Line6a *21
105Ivy League6a 7
 Anchor Buttress 
107Suspend-Eid6b *8
108Comic Relief6a 10
109Chris Nick Direct6a 7
110Ground Up5c 11
111Weather Beaten6a+ 8
112Wicked Grin6a+ 10
113Midnight Brambler6c **17
114Bramble Jelly5c *12
115Yorkshire Brambler6b *27
116No Wavering5c *35
117Low Stern6b+ *15
118Rawhide5c *45
119Bonanza5b *44
120Two for One5c *22
121Tomertil6b *22
122Adjusted Hours6a+ *32
123Walking with Dinosaurs5c 2
124One Hundred and Twenty-One Not Out6a+ * 
 The Wilderness Walls 
126Quivering Timber
VS 5a *2
127Nutbush6a+ *22
128City Limits
E2 *7
129Suburban Sprawl6b *10
130Uptown Girl6b+ *9
131Salus Arete6c+ *4
132Salus6c *14
133Tusk6b **24
134Chance Encounter6b *7
135Real Gone6b 10
136Yew'll be Lucky5c 15
137Road Block6b+ **26
138Freeway6b **37
139Slip Road6a *27
140Slip Road Direct6c 4
141Fallen Heroes6a+ *12
142Easy Lovin'6b+ 8
143Walk the Line6a *26
144Rambling on my Mind6a+ *23
145puckoon5b *83
146Norman Wisdom6a *38
147The Little Waster6b *43
148Red Dwarf6a *50
149Just Like That5b 52
150Little Britain7a *22
151Get Shorty6a+ *49
152Sergeant Bilko6a+ 19
153Maypole5a 17
154Morris Dancer5c *18
155Home Economics6b+ 5
156Joker's Wild6c 3
 Sector Bonhomie 
158Gunpowder Plot5a *47
159Penny for the Guy5c 49
160Remember Remember6c 8
161Fire Cracker6b 7
162Amical Rivalite6a+ **106
163Fiddlefingers6b+ **86
164Pensile WallE1 5b **21
165Bonhomie (trad)
HVS 5a **33
166Bonhomie6a+ ***68
167Diversion5c **182
168Orange WallVS 5a *3
169Peripherique6b *36
170Tiger in the Woods7a *19
171Tiger in the Woods Left7a 7
172Prowling Around6b **40
173Feline Fun6b **29
174Cat-Man-Do6a+ *50
175Richard of York6a *86
176Rainbow WallVS 5a *8
177Rainbow Warrior6b *30
178Swinging the Cat6b 1
179Gave Battle in Vain6b+ **68
180Malheureuse6a **35
181José Bové6b 30
182J(CB) Variant6b+ *10
 The Garden Wall 
184Buddy Red Cat4c 111
185Minnie6a+ *76
186Mighty Mouse6c+ *47
187Taking The Mickey6a+ 88
188Rat poison6a *141
189Atomic kitten6a *164
190Over The Garden wall5c 170
191Crazy Paver6a+ *67
192Gerry CanVS 4c 1
193The Constant Gardener6a **130
194Displacement Activity6a+ *66
195Babel5c 37
196Loggerheads5a 14
197Gully Bulls Travels6b+ *5
198Drummer Boy Deviant6b+ 2
199The Drummer Boy6c *3
200No Holds Barred6b+ *6
201Martha Victoria Jubiliee7a 4
202Ken's Cakewalk6b 2
203Squeak Too Soon6c *5
 Sector Laughter 
205Comic Strip6b+ *13
206The Punch Line6b+ *30
207Never Never Corner
HVS 5b *4
208Never Say Never6a+ *7
209Finger of Fun7a+ *25
210Last Stand6a+ *10
211Slappy Christmas6c *8
212The Best Medicine7a *80
213One Foot In Gargrave7a *4
214First Footing6c 10
215Evening CrackVS 4b *3
216Titter Ye Not6c **36
217Silent Laughter7b ***62
218The Hoarse Whisperer6c+ **10
219Heavenly Whispers6c+ ***95
220Bring Me Sunshine7a 8
221Arnold PalmerE1 5b *10
222HustlerHVS 5b *4
223Rib Tickler6c **85
224Lazy Days6b **57
225The Joker6a+ *53
226Tee OffVS 4b *3
227The Gift5c *36
228Mettle Would6b+ 11
229Funny Girl5c 62
230Lost Balls6a+ *27
231Rock an' Droll6c **4
 Sector Golf 
233Golf Course CrackVS 4c 3
234Pitch 'n' Putt6a+ *108
235Par Three6c *76
236Four Iron6c *49
237In the Rough6b 29
238A Good Walk Ruined6b *35
239Out Of Bounds4a **119
240A Big Slice6b 8
241The Belfry6b+ 4
 Sector Swans 
243She's Not Yew5b *158
244It's Alright Mama6a+ *47
245The Third Man5a 44
246The Third Man (trad)
VS 4c 1
247Sun Sessions6a+ 11
248Henry Apprentice6a+ 40
249Harry Limestone6b+ 40
250Water Hazard6a+ *114
251Practice Putt6a+ 123
252Chip off the Old Block6a+ *211
253Match Play5c 347
254Chopping Block6a+ 164
255Swans to Steele6a+ 102
256Swan Lake6c+ *70
257Get Out of Town6c+ *98
258The Ugly Duckling6a+ *178
259Swan Hunters6b+ *67
260Cygneture Tune5c *277
261Cygnet Chewer5c 142
262Wing TraverseVS 4c 11
263Whooper6b **125
264Swansong6a+ **171
265Black Swan Rising6b ***297
266The Mute Swan6b ***242
267Mutant Sunshine6b *103
268Cygnet Ring6b 5
 Sector Swallow's Nest 
270First Pillar5a 181
271Exit Cracks6b *112
272The Flat Iron6a+ *159
273The Shattered Pillar5c *249
274The Ice Hose6a *279
275The White Spider6a+ *250
276The Second Ice-field6a+ *235
277Alpiglen5c 367
278Kleine Scheidegg5a 332
279Traverse of the Gods6a 4
280The Hinterstoisser Traverse6b 6
 Trad Routes that need sorting 

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