Gordale Scar

Climbs 250 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces ?

Crag features
The gaping mouth of Gordale is a sight to leave most climbers awestruck on first aquaintance. The combination of its narrowing overhanging walls and the constant drone of the wind and waterfall make it a place where only familiarity tempers the apprehension. However, once you are acquainted with the place, the climbing experience is easily equal to its more popular counterparts at Kilnsey and Malham, in fact many will find it an even more compelling place to climb be it on a gripping ascent of an adventurous traditional line or doing battle with one of its huge, sustained, forearm-bursting and rope-stretching sport pitches.

Access notes
One of the biggest problems at Gordale is the ever-present danger of rockfall. More often than not rockfall is natural erosion or caused by sheep but that may not stop people blaming climbers. There is little we can do about this but we can make sure that, whenever we do climb here, we take the greatest of care not to dislodge rock onto walkers below. Be very aware that any falling rock could be fatal for those below and even a small incident may result in a total climbing ban here.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire (2015), Yorkshire Limestone (2005), Northern Limestone Route Database (2001),
Out of print: Northern Limestone (2004), Yorkshire Limestone (Millenium Supplement) (1997), Yorkshire Limestone (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2The GreaserHS 4a
3Juggy CornerD
4Grey CrackMVS 4b
5Dinner CrackS
6Old RakeM
7The CrescentS
8Slanting ScoopVD
9Sheep's CrackHVS 5a
10Keyhole RidgeHS 4a *
11Sheep's GrooveVS 4c
12Tufted DuckE2 5c **
14KatydidHS 4b *
15StingoVS 5a
16The RiddlerVS 4c *
17The SpinnerHVS 6a
18Tunnel VisionE4 6a *
19NonsuchE2 5c
20The BulgerHVS 5a
22Parallel CracksHS 4a
23The EliminateVS 4c **
24TiptoeVS 4c *
25Black KnightHVS 5a
26Overhanging FlakeHVS 5a
27BlatHVS 5c
28The GafferVS 5a
29Narrowing CrackVS 4c *
30Hang the JokerE2 5c *
31Paradise StreetHS 4b *
32Corner Tree ClimbVD
33Hidden CornerS
34The NorperE1 5b4b
35Court JesterE2 5c **
36The LyncherE2 5c ***
37yarkE1 5b **
38BushmasterVS 4c
39The ComebackVS 4c *
40King TutVS
42Promises, Promises6a *
43Special NeedsE4 5c
44I'm Forever Threatening6b+ *
45Nothing to DeclareE5 6a ***
46Decree NisiE6 6b *
47Nothing to PrepareE5 6a *
48A New UndergroundE6 6a **
49Concrete JungleE6 6b **
50The Cement GardenE6 6c ***
51Mirage8a ***
52Face RouteE3 6a ***
53Living Dead ExtensionsE5 6a *
54Mossdale TripE6 6b **
55Sweet HereafterE7 6c
56Jenny WrenE5 6a **
58RevoltE5 6b ***
59RebelE5 6b ***
60The CauseE5 6b **
61The Good, The Bad And The UglyE7 6b ***
62The UnforgivenE6 6b, 6a **
63What Grot GotE8 6b, 6c
64Three WishesE5 6a **
65What God Wants7b
66Dead Man WalkingE6 6b **
67King RatE5 6a, 6c **
68Block And Decker6b+
69The Hungerford Massacre7a+
70Nowt for Nearly6c+
71MeridianE6 6b ***
72Girdle traverse of the left wallE2 5c **
74The Black BottomE1
75The Missing LinkHVS
76Hoodlum Priest7b+ **
77Ventura7b **
78Pedestal WallE1 5b *
79Pedestal CrackHS 4b *
80Naked7b+ **
81Wise CrackE3 5c *
82Featuristic7a *
83What Do You Want Me To Do With It7a+
84Don't Matter Just Don't Bite It7a+
85Erotic Nightmare7b+
87Wire WoundE2 5c
88Crossley Yarns6b+ *
89Red Rhinoceros6c **
90Liang Shan Po7a+ *
91Palming Pavorotti's Peach7b
93Soft Option6b+
95Shallow Water Sport6c *
96Flood Gates7a *
97Water Margin7b+
98Revel In Your Time7b+
99Green Lipped Mussels7c *
101Alien Water KissE6 6b **
102Darkness BeckonsE6 6b ***
103MeggazonesE4 6a **
105Who's For Tea7b
106In The Red7b+ *
107Crash Test Dummy7a+ *
108Green Carpet6b *
109Moulin Rouge6c **
110ShadowlandsE2 5c **
111The Twilight Zone6b+ *
112SunshineHVS 5a
114DarknessE2 5c
115EnlightenmentE6 6b
116Prince of DarknessE5 6a **
117LightE2 5c ***
118CabaretE1 5b ***
119NightrideE2 5c **
121DelivertoadE6 6b ***
122LiberationE5 6b *
123DeliveranceE5 6b ***
124RedemptionE5 6a **
125Unknown PleasuresE5 6b **
126DolstoneE4 6a
127West Face RouteVS 4b *
129Burning DaylightE6 6a *
130SolsticeE5 6a **
131The Thrivin'E4 6a *
132ClimactericE5 6a
133Ward 107a
134Chemistry SetE6 6b
135Ocean Heart6c **
136Mr Trimby's Guinea Pig6c+
137Pillar and Roof Route7b+
139Ivy GrooveE3 5c *
140A Squire to MadnessE6 6a *
141A Squire to Madness - Variation StartE6 6a **
142Comedy of ErrorsE5 6a **
143Revival7b ***
144Hang onto your ego7c
145Revitalised7b+ ***
146DeconstructionE6 6b
147Masochism TangoE6 6c **
148Come DancingE3 5c
149Strictly Ballroom7b *
150Nothing Lasts Forever7b+ *
151Strictly Masochism7c ***
152Strictly Cool Masochism7c ***
153Huecool8b **
154Supercool8a+ ***
155A Grand Day Out7c+ ***
156Cave Route Left (pre-2012 trad version)E6 6c ***
157Cave Route Left-hand7c+ ***
158Cave Eliminate7c+ *
159Cave Route RightE6 6b ***
160Cave Route (original)A2 ***
161Defcon 37c+ ***
162Last Dog7b *
163Dogpoint7b+ **
164Pierrepoint7c+ ***
165Pierrepoint original start7c *
166Diminished Responsibility7c **
167Hangman Start7c+ *
168HangmanE6 6b ***
169The NooseE7 6c
170Trubble8a+ *
171The Inca Trail7c *
172Well Hung7b ***
173Gallows Humour7a **
174Ruth Ellis7c **
175Bite It And Believe ItE6 6b **
176BlissE7 6b ***
177Through TripE6
179Lucifer SamMVS 4b
181Willy NillyS
182Boy WonderVS 4c
184Obtuse CornerS
185Ambiguous AreteS
187Walnut ScoopMVS 4b *
188December DodosS
190Faked CardsVS 4c
191The JokerVS 4c
192The KnaveHVS 5a
193The JugglerHVS 5a
194FingersS *
195Cat Was WrongHS
196Pinnacle CrackD *
198Jenny SpinnerMVS 4b
199Two Flake ClimbHS 4a
200Little Flake ClimbVS 4c *
201DisappointmentHVS 5a
202BogsideHVS 5a
203TychoVS 4c
205The CornerS
206The WallHS
208Gordale Scar Waterfall (Summer)1
209Gordale Waterfall Right1 **
211Gordale waterfallIII
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It is amazing, a good walk. It is very difficult to climb but my dad mum, and me got my 6 year old sister and my 75 year old granny up there so it can't be that bad!
ryony nicholson - 19/Oct/04