Malham Cove

Climbs 303 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 200m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Central Walls of steep compact limestone with the best sport climbing in the Pennines (best grades F7a to F8c). A right wing of superb trad lines with the best routes in the HVS to E4 category. A left wing with worthwhile short,easier routes (S to E1) and short technical but less popular, hard trad up to E5. [Dave Musgrove]

Access notes
Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire (2015), Yorkshire Limestone (2005), Northern Limestone Route Database (2001),
Out of print: Northern Limestone (2004), Yorkshire Limestone (Millenium Supplement) (1997), Yorkshire Limestone (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Bobber BootsVD
3Straight CrackHS
4Straight UpVS 4c *
5Pedestal WallS *
6The ThistleHVS 5b *
7TheistE1 6b
8Th-RowsHVS 5b
9Wall And CrackVD
10FingersVS 4c
11Crown of ThornsHVS 5b
12TiaraE2 6a
13Coronet CrackHVS 5a
14Crazy PavingVS 4c
15Lost CornerE3 6a
16Reluctant PassengerE3 6a *
17RingoE5 6c *
18RageE4 6b *
19Short GrooveE2 5c *
20Rose CornerE4 6a
21Memory LaneE3 6a
22TheE2 5c *
23SternVS 4c *
24AutonomyE3 6a *
25Cy-rilS *
27Dilatory ClimbHS 4b *
28Cube RootE1 5b
29One Point Two Six (cube root two)E4 6a *
30Square RootE2 5c *
31PikestaffVS 5a *
32Flake WallS **
33RookE2 5c
34CrowE1 5c
35ChoughHVS 6a
36MagpieHVS 5c
37JackdawHVS 5a
38RavenVS 5a
39Night MovesE3 6a *
40Original RouteS **
41Hampster JamVS 4c
42Wish You Were HereE2 5b *
43SaplinkHVS 5b **
44Box of ToolsE3 6a *
45Ship of FoolsE4 6b *
46WarspiteE3 6a *
47Going DutchE3 6a *
48AidE4 6b
49Ephedrine InfluxE3 5c
50The Well Oiled MachineE4 6a
51SarcophagusE3 6a **
52The CrabHVS 5b *
53Joe SpiveyE2 5c
54MajidaeE2 5c
55HangoverHVS 5a
56VagabondE2 5c *
57ChrysalisE2 5c
58Shining UsuE2 5b
59Birgus LatroE5 6a
60The DalesmanVS 4c
61Percy ThrowerHVS 5a
63Big DripHVS 5b
64Rain DropsE4 6b
65Rain DancesE4 6a
66Rodney's RouteE2 5b *
67The Pink Pinky Goes to MalhamE3 6a
68Bolts Screw You UpE3 6a
70Brilliant, Brilliant6c *
71Bon-Appetite7b+ *
72The Highlife7b+ *
73Just Not in Lust7c *
74Mighty Fine Ass7c+ ***
75Appetite7a+ **
76Mule Variation7b *
77Henry's Route7c+ **
78Yosemite Wall7a+ ***
79Obligatory FinishE6 6b
80Against the Grain7a **
81Against the Wall7a
82Taking the Space7b **
83Taking the RiseE4 6a *
84Hands of Time7c *
85Space Race7b+ **
86Space Invaders7c+ **
87Tremelo7c ***
88The Minimum7a *
89Minimum Fuss7c+ **
90Mescalito7c+ ***
91New Dawn7c ***
92Twisted8a **
93Vogue7c+ **
94Baboo-Baboo8a ***
95Straightened8a ***
96G.B.H.8a+ ***
97Zoolook8a ***
98Well Dunne Finish8b ***
99Predator8b ***
100Cry Freedom8b+ ***
101The Great Escape8b+ ***
102Mid Ledge Spread8a+ **
103The Maximum7c+ **
104Austrian Oak8b **
105Magnetic Fields8b **
106Overnite Sensation8a+ **
107Overshadow9a+ ***
108Piggy Bank WallA3 ***
109Energy Vampire8a+ **
110Connect 48a **
111Raindogs8a ***
112Rainshadow9a ***
113Chiselling the Dragon7c **
114The DirectissimaA2
115Seventh Aardvark7b **
116Bat Route8c ***
118Bat Shadow8c+ ***
119Raining Bats and Dogs8c ***
120Rated PG7a+ *
121Consenting Adults7a **
123Victor Hugo8b ***
124Personal Services7b *
125Free and Even Easier7a+ **
126Idefix8b **
127Bongo Fury7b **
128Something Stupid7b *
129Totally Free8b ***
130Totally Free II8b ***
131The Groove8a+ ***
132Groovy Baby8a **
133Unjustified8c ***
134Overjustified8c ***
135The SuperdirectissimaA2 ***
136King SwingA2 **
137Chocolate Logger7c *
138Scavenger8a *
139Wasted Youth7b **
140Power Ranger8b+ **
141Rose Coronary7a *
142Transformer8c **
143Queen of Harts7c *
144Hartley Hare7a+ *
145Hardly There6c+ *
146Puddle Jumper7a *
147Betty Bullwhip7a+
148Snidely Whiplash7a+
149Dudley D-Good7b
150Just Another Dead End Job7a *
151A Career with ProspectsE5 6a *
152Extra OverE4 6a *
153Bolt RevoltE3 6a *
154AfterburnE4 6a *
155Sycophants7a *
156Skyjack7c+ *
157Brooklyn Girls7a *
158Frankenstein7a+ *
159Begozi and the Ledge Lizards6a+
160Redpoint No Point7b *
161The Angel Gabriella7b+ *
162Burning Rubber Necklace7a *
163Soweto Sunset7a **
164Vociferous Fledglings6c+ *
165The Scene of the Crime6c *
166Brain Dead DaveE4 6a
167Hyperspace6b+ *
168Hyperactive HousewifeE3 6a
170Romance and RealityE5 6a *
171DoukE3 5c
172ScaremongerE4 6a
173CodicilE5 6a
174CaveatE5 6b
175Cadenza/Commorient7b **
176Cadenza7a+ **
177CommorientE5 6b
178The Man and the Myth7c+ **
179The Moon's Apprentice7a
180Crash DiveE5 6b
181Local Hero7c+ ***
182Local Roof8a **
183Niagara8a+ **
184Soft Centre7b+ *
185Rive Gauche7b+ *
187CentrespreadE5 6b **
188Free and Easy7c **
189An Uneasy Peace7c+ **
190Renaissance7c+ ***
191Breach of the Peace8a ***
192Climb of the Century8b ***
193L'Ob Session7c+ ***
194Obsession7b+ ***
195Total Eclipse9a ***
196The New Age Traveller8a ***
197N'Obsession7c+ **
198Herbie7c+ ***
199Conehead8a+ **
200Main Overhang7c+ **
201Main Overhang (aid)A2 **
202Toadal Recall8a **
203The Toad of Beck Hall7b+ *
204Toad Licker7c *
205Toadally Cool8a+ *
206Serious Young Toads7c **
207The Last Toad7b+ *
208Conceptual7b *
209Conceptual Continuity8a **
210The Last Waltz7a+ *
211Seventh ToadE6 6b **
212Gorgan Direct7b
213Gorgan Directish7b **
214Duck DiveE5 6b *
215Jilted JohnE5 6a
216Gravity7b *
217Wicked Gravity8b **
218Donald DuckedE5 6b
221Letterbox WallHS 4c
222Terrace CrackVS 5b
223The Thin CrackE1 6a
224Problem WallE2 6a *
225Terrace StairwayD
226Cove CrackE2 6a *
227Good CrackE4 6c
228Ivy CornerVS 4b *
229Grandfather ClockE2 6a *
230Butch CassidyE4 6b *
231Cat on a Hot Tin RoofE5 6b
232Black DykeE2 5c *
233Terrace WallVS 5a **
234Terrace Wall DirectE2 6a
235Wild West HeroE5 6b **
236Sundance WallE2 5c **
237Swift AttackE3 5c **
238Static ContrastsE5 6b *
239The Stone TentE2 5b *
240RipsnorterE2 5b *
241Dangerous AcquaintancesE5 6b *
242Midnight CowboyE3 5c ***
243New Dawn FadesE5 6a ***
244MotomoronE3 6b *
245Motomoron DirectE4 6b
246LimehillE5 6a ***
248Amber NectarE6 6b
249GreystokeE6 6c **
250Sitting DucksE5 6a
251Stone TentE2 5c *
252The MacabreE3 5b
253Macabre (pitch 3)E1 5a
254TarzanE4 6a *
255Forth ComingE5 6b *
256Second ComingE5 6b **
257CarnageE2 5b ***
258Chasing the DragonE5 6b ***
259More Funky Than MonkeyE5 6b **
260Mulatto WallE3 5c ***
261Going ApeE5 6a
262Bad BrainE4 6a **
263El CoronelE5 6b ***
264Third Party OnlyE6 6b *
265Rubble Without a CauseE5 6b
266The Country of ManE5 6b
267Seventh GradeE5 6b **
268Carnage Left-handE1 5b ***
269ScorpioHVS 5a *
270Scorpio Direct finishHVS 5a *
272Wind and WutheringE3 5c **
273Monkey's UncleE3 6a
274Crossbones/East WallHVS 5a **
275East Wall RouteE2 6a, 5a
276CrossbonesE2 5c ***
277Thin LizzyE5 6b *
278Articulated LorisE5 6a *
279Slender LorisE4 6a ***
280Doubting ThomasE5 6b ***
281The Annihilation MixE3 6b
282WombatE2 5c ***
283Regatta de BlancE5 6a *
284ClapperclawE5 6c **
285Cathay PacificE4 6a *
286Rounded HorizonsE4 5c
287Kirkby WallHVS 5b *
288Junkyard AngelHVS 5b ***
289The KylinHVS 5b *
290The CavernHVS 5a *
291Y.A.B.O.E4 6b
292The Cavern DirectE1 5b *
293LimpetE2 5c
294Friday the 13thE3 6a **
295DaytonaE3 5b *
296Vertical CrackE2 5c
297Overhanging CrackHVS 5b *
298Just Another Very Severe (Hard)E3 5c
299Pikedaw WallHVS 5a ***
300OlafHVS 5a *
301CanuteE1 5c
302ButterfingersE2 5c
303ClubfootVS 4c ***
304SwingoverVS 5a **
305Swingover DirectVS 4c *
306SwingsideHVS 5b *
307FrivolousVS 5a
308Lightning CrackVS 5a
309Route OneVS 4c
310The Right Wing GirdleE2 5c ***
311Pumpwater meets the HulkE5 6b **
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