Climbs 134
Rocktype Quartzite
Altitude 220m a.s.l
Faces SW

It goes where?! Sophie looking out the "giant roof crack" on Black and Tan, Holyhead. © neil the weak

Crag features

A very different experience from the Gogarth sea cliffs, but the Holyhead Mountain crags provide some good, albeit short, routes of all grades on variable quality rock. Some parts of the crags covered with grey lichen, which can make the rock slimy when damp. However, the rocks still dry out reasonably quick on a windy day.

Mainly single-pitch routes to 40 metres.

Mixture of slabby buttresses and steep walls, mostly on solid and clean quartzite, up to 130 ft. Good for a relaxed day or mileage, or just some short but quality extremes or lower grade stuff. The harder routes should not be unerestimated though. Some of the best short pitches in North Wales too, I kid you not.

Approach notes

Park at South Stack; follow the Upper Tier approach until the path divides, just before dropping down towards Gogarth Bay. The crags are easily seen from here. No access issues.

ksjs comments: somebody needs to swap / amend names for Final Solution, Penny and Katana to reflect correct route names (see Gogarth North, Groundup). theres also some climbs missing: Big Jim and Croissant for example.

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ANGLESEY pre-1974 County Top
David Carpenter - 02/Sep/13
A nice little crag. The slabs routes were pleasant two pich routes for the novice. 'Stairs' route is a mini classic and a must do at easy svere.
Marcus Tierney - 20/Jul/06
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Ramp A 
2Holyhead Mountain summit
summit 46
3CorkscrewVS 5a 25
4ThumbscrewVS 5a 18
 Ramp B 
6Vegetable Garden
VD 57
7M WallHVS 5b 19
E4 6a  
9CandlestickHS 4b **292
10Puffin ShuffleHVS 5c 8
11RomulusVS 5a *134
12RemusHS 4b 110
 Ramp C 
14Wally's FollyVD *191
15Pigeon Hole CrackS 4a *383
16Primrose HillVD 103
17The Wandering PrimroseS 4a *392
18The Wandering Primrose VariationVS 4b 24
19Primrose Hill Gutter
M 59
20Goin' Down Slow
S 4a 23
21Aint going downHS 4b 6
22P.C.H.E1 5b 16
23BreakawayE2 5c *4
 Ramp D 
25StairsS 4a *356
26Stairs Direct
VS 5a 46
27Teenage KicksS 4a *195
28The GripVS 4c *67
29Spreadeagle Crack
HVS 5a 9
30The Three Amigos
E5 6b * 
 Ramp E 
32Broken CornerS 10
VS 4c 160
34PlimsoleD *169
HVS 5a 15
36GrendelE2 5c *44
37CursingVS 4c **286
38Cursing Direct StartHVS 5a 20
39Skinned UpE4 6b *11
40Little Women
HVS 5a 31
41TeaserVS 4c *576
42Step On The Wildside
HVS 4c 32
VS 5a 209
44Birthday PassageVS 4c *266
45Pleasant SurpriseHS 4b *430
46A Seagull Called my Name
HS 4b 100
47New Boots and PantiesS 4a *534
HS 4b 72
49Old Boots and Cut-Offs
HS 4b 70
50Mrs Murdock
S 4a 276
 Ramp F 
52Mental Block
VS 5a 34
53Oh Man, I Gotta Have a Wildebeast
E1 4c 45
HS 4b 90
55C'est La Vie
HVS 5b 36
56The AbbeyVS 4c 20
57The Abbey Direct Finish
HVS 5b 3
58The SumpD *134
59Sump DirectHS 4b *205
60The Elephant's Arse
S 4b *229
61Kit KatVS 4c **5
E2 5b  
E1 5b 5
64The CrackVD 14
 Yellow Wall 
66The Raver
S 27
67Bloody FingersHS 4b 20
68A Seagull Ate My Crisps
E4 6b * 
S 4a 89
70WindE1 5b 27
VS 4c 68
72Uhuru (Direct Start)E1 5c *18
73Jones' Crack
VD 14
74Bran FlakeE2 5b **274
E2 5c 9
E3 6b 6
77Mirrored in the Cleft
E4 6b * 
78Big JimE3 6b *30
79King Bee CrackHVS 5a ***883
80Snakebite Wall
E4 6a *38
81Trouser Snake
E4 6a 2
82Penny (Katana)E4 6a **192
83Sai Dancing
E3 6a **82
84Final SolutionE3 5c **77
85Trhern Arete
E5 6a *1
86Twilight Zone
E4 6b  
87The Electric Spanking of War Babies
E3 5c *1
88The Electric Lady Charlotte
E3 5c  
89PatienceVS 4c *17
90A Slow Brew
E3 6a  
91Drying Out
E3 6a  
 Quartz Wall 
93The Unblue Crack
E1 5b 24
94AndoverVS 5a *138
95The Arrow
E3 5c 2
96See Emily Play
HVS 5a *74
97TensionVS 4b **917
98Black and TanVS 4c **756
99Point Taken
E2 5c *8
100Breaking the BarrierE1 5b ***880
101The EchoesE3 6a *41
102Sisters Crack
E2 5b 14
103ReliefE2 5c 20
104BruversHVS 5a **719
HVS 5a 25
106Apostrophe (Direct Finish)
E2 6a 1
VD 75
108Dreaming of Home
E3 5c  
HS 4b 23
110Blackfoot VariationVS 4c *1
111Time to Reflect
E1 5c 19
112TempestS 4a *310
113ScissorhandsE1 5b 12
114MomserS 4a 17
115Tinseltown Rebelion
E2 5c  
 Central Slab 
117Black Owen
VD *157
118Slab Direct
VD *249
119Lost Hope
HS 4b *140
120Route 66
D 43
VD 355
VD *562
123SnowfallVD 140
124Rock and Ice
HS 4a 233
125Comfortably Numb
VS 4c 134
126The Mad ScientistHS 4b 30
127Albany LodgeE1 5b 29
 Sub Slab 
129DelicateD 45
130Get off my CaseVD *25
VD 422
 The Pillar 
133HammerS 4a 66
VS 4b 41
135SupriseE1 5b 39
136The 5 Pound Curry DebacleVD *1
137Hot LipsE5 6b *1
138Deepest CondolencesE3 6a 4
139And Over to TensionVS 4c *2
140BunnetVD *3
141The Right Hand FinishVD 1
142Candle stick
M 2
143BSE3 5c 6
E2 5b **2
E1 5b 1

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