Buckbarrow, Wasdale

Climbs 180 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude 350m a.s.l – Faces SE

Crag features
Some good and many poor routes on a series of fifteen buttresses. Can be quick drying. Imagine(E1), West Side Story(E4), Final Curtain(E6), Too Many Hands(E2), Freebird(E1), Needless Eliminate(E1), Lakeland Pioneers(E1), Fall Out(E1).

Approach notes
Up to 20-minute walk from the road below the crag. (Note that this is a different crag from Buckbarrow Crag in Longsleddale - which is on the E side of the Lakes; thanks, Bob Pattinson).

Scarfell & Wasdale (2014), Lake District Rock (2003), Scafell Wasdale & Eskdale (1996), Gable & Pillar (1991)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2BagatelleMS 2
3CassationHS 1
4Cassation (Variation)VS 4c 2
6Ampitheater ButtressHVS 5a 1
7Girdle TraverseVS 4c  
9CarouselS 2
11Diamond RibMVS 4b 3
12EjectionVS 4b  
13InjectionMVS 4a  
14Unnamed GrooveHVS 5a *7
15Un-named Groove (Variation)VS 4c 1
16Un-named WallHVS 5a 3
17Red Garden MassacreE3 5c *3
18Just Good FriendsE2 5b *3
19The MovieE2 5c *2
20Connect 4E3 5c *1
21LothlorianHVS 5a 8
22The OwlVD  
23The Owl (Variation)S 2
24HowlE1 5b  
25HecateVS 4b  
26Dang-a-LingMVS 4b  
27Joint EffortVD 1
29Bran FlakeHS  
30Long Crag Girdle TraverseVS 4b  
32Crescent WallHS  
33Cresent CrackS  
34Cresent RidgeVD  
35Jim's WallVS 5a  
36JamieVS 4c  
37Direct FinishVS 4c  
38TramlineVS 4c  
39Slab And GrooveMVS 4a  
40ScorpionVS 4b  
41PrickleMVS 4a  
43GagarinVD 26
44The Director's CutE4 6b *2
45A Cut AboveE1 5b *8
46The MysteronHVS 5b *49
47SwipeE2 5c *5
48ImagineE1 5b **22
49Torch Song TrilogyE5 6b  
50West Side StoryE4 6a **13
51Agent OrangeHVS 5b  
52HarmonyHVS 5b  
53Wild West ShowE5 6b **1
54Final CurtainE6 6b ** 
55East EndersE4 6a *3
56WitchVS 4c *102
57The Lion The Witch And The WardrobeE4 6a  
58Too Many HandsE2 5b *19
59Pace MakerVS 4c *49
60Wee BootsVS 4b  
61Captain ScarletHS 16
62DivertimentoVD 3
63The StitchVS 4c 2
64SatinHVS 5a 4
65FreebirdE2 5c * 
67Left Hand RouteS 1
68Central LineVD  
69J.C.B. G.T.MS  
70Short And BrutishS  
71Dunn's DelightS  
73Attic Stairs 1MVS 2
74Living in SinE1 5a *3
75JunkieE1 5b  
76MainlineE2 5c 5
77Needless EliminateE1 5b **41
78BelterE4 6b 2
79Needle FrontE1 5b *20
80The Buckbarrow NeedleVS 4c *72
81The Last of the Summer WineE1 5b *27
82AtlantisE2 5b 4
83BananaVS 4c 1
84Sunset StripVS 4b 18
85RoosterS 1
86Blind FaithHVS 5a  
87Santa FeVS 4c *5
88Mark TwainVS 4b  
89HermesHVS 5a  
90Huckleberry FinVS 4c  
91FlannelE1 5b *1
93JockeyHVS 5a  
94AlchemyHVS 5a 1
95The JewelVS 4c *4
96The CrystalE2 5c 3
97JoanneHVS 5a  
98SurpriseVS 4c  
99The RuntE2 5c 2
100The CatchE1 5b *3
101JosephineVS 4b 1
102BorodinoHS 4
103ShamelessMVS 4a 1
104Cretin HopE2 5c *4
105Rob's CornerVS 4c 4
106Rob's RoofVS 4c *6
107Three Pint PrimerE2 5c  
108Epidemic CrackVS 5a  
109The GunE1 5a 7
111The White BandD  
112White Band GullyS  
113The GangwayVS 4b  
114Cromlech GrooveVS 4b  
115Cromlech Groove DirectVS  
116Centre PostMVS 4a  
118Tickle-me-FancyMVS 4a 1
119Tickle-me-fancy DirectVS 4c  
120Namless CrackVS 4b 2
123DougalVS 4b  
124Magic RoundaboutVS 4b  
126B.J.MVS 4a  
127J.P.MVS 4a  
128ShortyHVS 5a  
130HarrietE1 5b  
131Norma JeanE3 6a 1
132Lakeland PioneersE1 5b **1
133Left Edge RouteHVS 5a  
134Pinnacle Face DirectE3 6a 2
135Pinnacle FaceE1 5a 2
136Right Edge RouteE1 5b 1
137Flakey WallHVS 5a  
138Old StrandsVS 4c  
139The Great UnwashedHVS 5a  
140Attic Stairs IIS  
141Crack SpecialVS 4b  
142Back StairsHS  
143Rusty WallE2 5c 1
145Long ClimbD  
146Forked GullyHS  
150Left Face ClimbS  
152Right Face Climbnone ?  
153Rowan Tree GullyMS  
154Central Face - Lower ClimbS 1
156Pinnacle ButtressVS  
157Rib And GrooveVD  
158Bright IntervalMS  
159The WeakestHS  
160SidelineMVS 4a  
161Hard RainE1 5b  
162Gully Wall ClimbMS  
164Rib TicklerVS 4b  
165DankerVS 4b  
166Barn Door BluesHVS 4c * 
167Going StraightHVS 5a *2
168Midsummer MadnessHVS 5a * 
169Shock TreatmentE1 5b * 
170SidewinderE1 5b  
171Central Face ClimbHS  
172N.C.B.VS 4c  
173CadburyVS 4b  
174Fall OutE1 5b * 
175Fall Out (Variation Start)E1 5b  
176Startling StarlingVS 4b  
177Hidden Gullynone ?  
179The MostestMS  
180Tumbledown ChimneyVD  
181Greendale NeedleVS 4b  
182Blue PeterHVS 5a  
183Greendale CornerVS 4c  
184The Mayor WestE5 6a 1
185Collie's RouteM 1
186Pike Crag2 **4
187Queen VicE6 6b **1
188Goodness NoseHVS 5a **6
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