Scafell Crag

Climbs 140 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude 790m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
Pronounced Scawfell, this is a superb high mountain crag best visited in warm and dry weather. Many excellent routes of which the three stars are awarded to Botterills Slab(VS), White Wizard(E3), Ringwraith(E5), Saxon(E2), Moss Gill Grooves(MVS), Moss Gill(S), Hopkinsons Gully(MVS), Moss Ledge Direct(MVS), Woodheads Climb(MS). Length of routes is up to 120m.

Access notes
Best approached from Wasdale in about an hours uphill grind.

Lake District Winter Climbs (2012), Lake District Winter Climbs (2006), Scafell Wasdale & Eskdale (1996),
Out of print: Scafell, Dow & Eskdale (1988)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1Lords RakeI
3Rake's ProgressI
4North or Penrith ClimbM
5North ClimbIII
6The Hanging ChimneyHVS 5a
7Collier's ClimbD
8Collier's Climb Original StartHS 4c
9Keswick Brothers' ClimbVD **
10Tricouni SlabS 3c *
11Tricouni SlabIV 5
13Burning BridgesE4 6a **
14MephistoE4 6a *
15SubauditionE3 5c
16Black RiderE5 6b **
17ShadowfaxE4 6a **
18Botterill's SlabVS 4c ***
19Botterill's Slab (Winter)V 6 ***
20The White WizardE3 5c ***
21RingwraithE5 6b ***
22The NazgulE3 5c **
23Original SinE6 6c *
24FoxshooterE4 5c *
25Central ButtressE1 5b **
26Judas PriestE5 6a
27SaxonE2 5c ***
28AngloE1 5b *
29Moss Ghyll GroovesMVS 4c ***
30Moss Ghyll GroovesVII 6 *
31Long StandVS 4c *
32Narrow StandHVS 5a *
33Last StandE1 5b
34Slab and Groove RouteVS 4c **
35HarvestE2 6b
36Harvest CrunchVII 9 **
37Central Buttress GirdleHVS 5a *
38Moss GhyllS 3c **
39Moss Ghyll (Winter)IV 5 ***
40Clockwork OrangeHVS 5a
41Mechanical OrangeVIII 8
42Colliers ChimneyV 5 ***
44The GripeHVS 5a *
45Pisgah Buttress DirectS 3c **
46Pisgah Buttress DirectV 6 ***
47Moses TrodS
48Sacrificial SquaddiesE2 5b *
49Bos'n's ButtressVS 4c *
50Restless NativesVI 6
51Bridge of SighsV 5
52Pisgah Ya BasHVS 5a
53Steep Ghyll GroovesVS 4c
54Steep Ghyll Grooves (Winter)V 6
55Steep GhyllV 4 **
56Steep Ghyll Direct startV 5 **
58Right Wall of Steep GillMS
59Low Man by the Right Wall of Steep GillV 5
60Slingsby's Chimney RouteVD **
61Slingsby's Chimney Route (Winter)IV 5 **
62The Waiting Room From Steep GillMVS 4b *
63Pinnacle Face RouteVS 4b
64LeftoversVS 4b *
65The Left EdgeVS 4c
66BushwhackerE2 5c *
67Hopkinson's GullyMVS 4b ***
68Hopkinson's Gully (Winter)VI 6 **
69MoonbathingVI 6 ***
70Jone's Route Direct from Lord's RakeHS 4a **
71Jones's Route Direct (Winter)VII 7 **
72Direct from Lord's Rake to Hopkinson's CairnS 4a **
73Moss Ledge Direct and Jones' AreteVS 4c ***
74Right-Hand Edge and Pinnacle Face Direct FinishHVS 5b **
75MeridianE1 5b *
76Low Man From Hopkinson's CairnD
77Edge HogE1 5b
78Jones' Route from Deep GillS
79Gibson's TraverseVD
80Gibson's ChimneyS
81Slab ClimbVS 4c
82Bold EagleHVS 5a
83Central Route - Deep Gill SlabsHS 4b *
84Jones and Collier's ClimbVD
85Woodhead's ClimbMS 3c ***
86De Selincort's FinishMVS 4c
87Thompson's RouteVD **
88Professor's ChimneyD
89Age ConcernVI 6 **
90Centre RouteVI 6 **
91New Professors ChimneyII/III
92Old Professors ChimneyII *
93Impunity SlabsD
94Impunity Slabs (Winter)III *
95Slab FinishII **
96The Girdle TraverseMVS 5a **
97The Girdle Traverse (Winter)VII 8 ***
98Deep GillI/II
99West Wall TraverseI
101Upper Deep Gill ButtressMVS 4b *
102Upper Deep Gill RouteII *
103Great ChimneyIV 4
104The Scarlet PimpernelE4 6a *
105Upper West Wall ClimbS
106The Unforgettable FireHVS 5a *
107IxodesE1 5b *
108Def AreteE7 6b **
109AlamogordoE5 6a **
110The Great ChimneyVD
111SwillsharkE2 5c *
112Jacob's LadderHS 4a
113Jacob's Ladder (Winter)V 6
114West Wall ClimbVD **
115West Wall Climb (Winter)IV 4 **
116Doctor DeathE1 5a
117Grey BastionVS 5a *
118InsomniaE1 5a
119MorpheusE1 5b *
120Sleeping CrackVS 4c
121GobsiteVS 4c
122Great WesternIV 4 ***
123Sod's LawVI 6 **
124SodomV 6 *
125Sod AllIII
126Eye SpyV 4
127Dharma ArmourIII 4
128Chimney StackIV 4
129Deep Gill IntegraleIII 3 ***
130Insomnia RouteVS
131Swan SongE2 5c **
132XerxesHVS 5a *
135Castor (Winter)II/III
137Pollux (Winter)III
138Moby DickMVS 4a
139Red Gill WallMS
140Red Gill ButtressVD
141The BanisterM **
142The Banister (Winter)III *
143Crowley's RouteM *
144Waiting Wall *HVS 5a *
145Rakes Progress *1
146West Wall Traverse and Deep Ghyll *1
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The traditional descent is via Broad Stand, but another option - not mentioned in the guidebook - is a short ab from tat just up and left (looking out) from BS. Much better than the lethal descent, or long walk via Foxes Tarn...
Richard Alderton - 15/Jul/13
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