Shepherds Crag

Climbs 148 – Rocktype Rhyolite – Altitude 140m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Up to about 50m high. A very popular crag, mainly due to its easy access though many of the routes are of great quality. Brown Slab Routes(D-VS), Finale(HVS), Aaros(E1), Ardus(MVS), Adam and Eve(VS), Kransic Crack(HVS), Fishers Folly(VS), Grasp(E1), Bludgeon(E1), Little Chamonix(VD), Derision Groove(MVS).

Approach notes
Park at the cafe below the crag if there is room(refreshment stop obligatory!). Five to ten minute approach.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Lake District Rock (2003), Borrowdale (2000),
Out of print: Borrowdale (1990)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Free "n" easyHS 5
3Final ActE2 5c  
4Groove and CrackVS 4b 21
5Meet on the LedgeHVS 4
6Brown Crag TraverseVS 4c *13
7Downer's DelightE1 5b  
8Dark MattersE3 6a **3
9VespaVS 5a *6
10VesperVS 4c **42
11ParlaphoneE2 5c 2
12American BeautyE5 6b 2
13Dire StraitsE3 6a *3
14Rough BoysE5 6c 1
15Parting ShotE6 6b  
16Brown Crag GroovesE1 5b **143
17Brown Crag Grooves DirectE3 6a 3
18SeamusHVS 5b *10
19Brown Crag WallVS 4b **462
20FrontlineHVS 5a *8
21TheseusE1 5b 4
22Could Be The LastE1 5b 1
23ConclusionE1 5b **496
24EvolutionE2 5c 6
25RattleMVS 4b 6
26PTOVS 4c 13
28Brown Slabs FaceVD **566
29Brown Slabs AreteD ***1077
30Brown Slabs DirectVD ***1552
31Brown SlabsD **1351
32Brown Slabs CrackVS 4c **1026
33Brown Slabs Crack OriginalMS 182
34Shadow WallE3 5c **2
35Brown Slabs TraverseVS 4c 20
 100' SLAB AREA  
37Gibbon VariationHVS 5b 5
38100 Foot SlabM 15
39Sylvan WayMS 5
41A Few Dollars MoreVS 4c 2
42A Fistful of DollarsVS 4c *12
43North Buttress GirdleE1 5b 3
44DesperationS *75
45TarzanE2 5c 2
46ImagoE1 5c 21
47FinaleHVS 5a ***444
48ScallywagE3 6a  
49JawsE1 5b **87
50SlingsVS 4b *43
51encoreHVS 5a **9
52Evel KneivelHVS 5a **126
53OvationE1 5b **16
54AarosE1 5b ***338
55Saturday Night BeaverE3 6a *1
56Ardus - Direct FinishVS 4c **135
57Short NoticeVS 4b *39
58ArdusMVS 4b ***1370
59Savage MessiahE3 6a *9
60SinVS 4c *8
61Golden DeliciousE2 5c 2
62Delight MakerHVS 5a **115
63Magnetic NorthE1 5b **20
64EveVS 4c ***1013
65KatherineHVS 5a *12
66AdamVS 5a ***940
67Crunchy FrogHVS 5a **85
68True NorthE2 5b **88
69Central GirdleVS 4c **9
70North ButtressE1 5b **122
71North Butress (variant)VS 4c 2
72P.S.E1 5b **219
73P.S. Direct FinishE3 6a 8
74P.P.S.E2 5c 9
75GemmaHVS 5b *25
76Turning the NorthVD *41
78Shepherd's DelightMS 35
79SymbiosisHVS 5b 2
80Bluebell WallVD 2
81Attic StairsM 7
83Chamonix GirdleHVS 4c **5
84Stoned AgainHVS 5b 5
85Stony SilenceHVS 5b 5
86Hollow StonesVD 9
87North RidgeVD 9
88T.D.M.HVS 5a 5
89C.D.M.VS 4c **247
90M.G.C.E2 5c **530
91ShannaE2 5c 21
92Fishers FollyVS 4c ***1304
93Fishers Folly Direct FinishVS 4c, 5a 89
94Twittering HeightsE4 6a *4
95Kransic CrackVS 4c **286
96Lower Girdle of Fisher's Folly ButtressMVS 4b 7
97Kransic Crack DirectHVS 5a ***851
98Creeping JesusHVS 5a **335
99The GraspE1 5b **220
100Poop and ClutchE2 5c 4
101ChamonixHS 4b **426
102True CrossVS 4c **55
104CreamHVS 5a *27
105CrescendoHS *572
106The BludgeonE1 5b ***347
107Missing Link finish to BludgeonE3 5c 3
108Little ChamonixVD ***3781
109ScorpionVS 4b *49
110Hee-HawVS 5a 48
111Straight and NarrowE3 6a **9
112Hippos Might FlyE1 5a *28
113Monolith CrackHVS 4c **196
114Monolith ChimneyS 4a 17
115ExasperationE3 6a 6
116PorcupineE3 6a **56
117The Black IcicleE1 5b **207
118Devil's WedgeHVS 5a **46
119The WitnessE6 6b  
120GeronimoE6 6c **2
121The Devil's AlternativeE6 6b *23
122Bob MartinsE2 5b *6
123Rogue's GalleryVS 5a *21
124Rob's RouteE3 6a 2
125Wild SideE3 6a *23
126Wild SheepE2 5b ***61
127Black SheepE2 5b **25
128Derision GrooveMVS 4b **264
129Ker PlunkE5 6a *2
130InclinationE4 6b **8
131ExclamationE6 6b * 
132Shepherd's ChimneyVS 5a **131
133Thin AirHVS 5a *28
134Shepherd's GullyMVS 4b **86
135Battering RamE3 5c **67
136Stone TapeE3 6a **29
137The FouE2 5c 4
138Donkey's EarsS 4a **895
139Donkey's Ears Chimney StartMVS 12
140Mule TrainE2 5c 8
141Bits 'n' PiecesVS 4c *69
142Human RacingE3 5c 1
143Ant HighwayMVS 4b *233
144Odds 'n' SodsE2 5c 5
145EthelredHVS 5a 21
146Jackdaw Ridge DirectVD **227
147Jackdaw RidgeD *694
148PlugE1 5b 8
149Why NotMVS 4b 78
150Just Another ExpeditionHVS **5
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Great crag for it accessibility. Grade range for all climbers. Harder routes not so polished, and definitely not over rated.
ben_armstrong - 10/Aug/15
Have had two ticks after a visit 26/06/10. Remember to check your skin carefully. Otherwise a great crag made even better by the nearby cafe!
Steve Palmer - 29/Jun/10
Busy, polished and over rated.
camw - 23/Jun/06