Sron na Ciche

Climbs 147 – Rocktype Gabbro – Altitude 568m a.s.l – Faces NW

Crag features

The massive, complex cliff on the south side of Coire Lagan is the most popular mountain crag on Skye, with plenty of well-established classics at most grades. These vary from very long mountaineering adventures on the Western Buttress to fierce short testpieces on the iconic Cioch, and everything in between. The adjoining buttresses of the Cioch offer numerous lower-grade classics, while the Eastern Buttress is the go-to for immaculate Extremes.

Skye: The Cuillin (2012), Scottish Rock - North (2009), Rock Climbing in Scotland (1990),
Out of print: Skye and Hebrides (1999)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Girdle TraverseVD **3
3WhyVS 4c  
4Antonine WallE1 5b  
5Kinloss GullyVS 4c  
6The Team MachineE4 5c **1
7ConfessionE4 5c * 
8Zigzag RouteM * 
9SpockE3 5c ***20
10Vulcan WallHVS 5a ***94
11The Chambre FinishE2 5c **8
12UhuruE3 5c ***12
13DiuruE3 5c *** 
14Clinging OnE4 6a *** 
15DilemmaE3 5c ***6
16PocksE3 5c *** 
17Creag Dhu GroovesE3 5c ***4
18ZephyrE5 6a * 
19The PlungeVS 5a  
20EnigmaE3 5c ***4
21StrappadoHVS 5a * 
22Strappado DirectE2 5c **3
23The SnakeHVS 4c ***14
25Magic CasementHVS 5a * 
26MagicE4 6a *** 
27The ConjurorE3 5c ** 
28PrestidigitateurHVS 5a 1
29Caravan RouteHS 1
30Direct RouteS 4a **27
31Hangover RouteVS *2
32East Wall RouteS * 
33Chimney RouteD * 
34Trojan GrooveHVS 5a * 
35HelenE3 6a ***1
36Spartan GrooveE1 5b ** 
37The JokerVD *1
38Jack o' DiamondsVS 5a **11
40Shangri-LaVS 4c ***38
41The RattlesnakeHS 4b 1
42Mistral ButtressVS 4c **2
43Boreas GroovesVS 4c  
44Eastern GullyHS 5
45Eastern Gully (Upper Section)2 *7
47The Terrace (to Cioch Slab)M *10
48The Terrace (Continuation)VD 1
49TennatteE2 5c  
50PetronellaVS 4c **48
51Stormy PetrelVS 5a **12
52Rat on a StickE1 5b *3
53Little GullyD *63
54Little GullyIV 1
55Acapulco WallE3 5c *1
56BastinadoE1 5b ***17
57The Nipple (aka Grooves Eliminate)E2 5c *4
58Cioch GroovesHVS 5a **75
59Cioch Grooves VariationE1 5a * 
60CD ROMHVS 5a *5
61Cioch DirectS 4a *344
62Crembo CracksHVS 5a **42
63Cioch WestS 4a ***316
64West Ridge of the CiochS *2
65BananaHS 4b 1
66Slanting Crack of Cioch GullyVS  
67Cioch GullyVD *38
68Cioch GullyIII * 
70Collie's RouteM **111
71Collie's VariationVD **1
72Arrow RouteVD ***472
73Arrow Route DirectS 4a 22
74Cioch Slab DirectVS 4b **22
75Cioch Slab CornerD *155
76Slanting CrackS 4a *11
77OxytocinE2 5c * 
78Overhanging CrackE2 5c **6
79The GatheringE7 6b *** 
80The HighlanderE6 6b **1
81EroticaE3 6b ** 
82The PrizeE2 5c **2
83LowlanderE2 5c * 
84Cioch NoseVD **165
85South-West FaceM *6
86South-West Face VariationHS  
88Pearly GatesVS 4c  
89Slabby Wall CrackVS 5a  
90TemerityE4 6a ** 
91Left Edge RouteS  
93PietyVS 4c **3
94DepravityVS 4c *2
95VanityE2 5b  
96AtroposE1 5b **6
97IntegrityVS 4c ***383
98Trophy CrackE1 5b ***49
99KruggerandE3 6a ** 
100The Venus TransitE3 5c * 
101Ghost RidersE2 5b * 
102Wallwork's RouteVD ***92
103Wallwork's Route (Faux Pas Variation)VS  
104Archer Thomson's RouteVD **11
105FidelityVS 4c  
107Box-King RouteVS 4c *2
108AjaxHS 4b 2
109YanksS *6
110Crack of Doom Direct FinishHS 4b **1
112Crack of Doom Direct ApproachS 3
113Quick DoomS *1
114Vaughan's RakeS  
116SternumHVS 5b **1
117Rib of DoomVS 4c **2
118Crack of DoomHS 4b *20
119Crack of Double DoomVS 4b ***15
120Doom FlakeS * 
122Amphitheatre WallVS 4b * 
123Hang FreeE2 5b * 
124Amphitheatre AreteM **12
125Amphitheatre AreteIII  
127Mallory's Slab and GrooveVD *32
128Diamond SlabVS  
129Dimaond Slab Direct FinishVS 4c * 
130Angel's PavementS 1
131East Wall and Central Gully AreteVD 1
132Central GullyVD 2
133Central RouteHS 4b **5
134Central Route Direct FinishE1 5c ** 
135Trap Face Route DirectVS 4c **10
136Trap Face RouteVS 4b *4
137Trap Face Route (Variation Start)VS 4c * 
138Trap Face Route (Variation Finish)S * 
139Trap Face Route (Alternative Variation Finish)VD ** 
140Central SlabsS  
141MedianVD **27
142AB RouteS * 
144West Central Gully and Arete ClimbVD 6
146Chimney and Crack ClimbVS  
147Engineer's SlantVD * 
148CoronationS 2
149Parallel Cracks RouteVD **4
150Cooper's GangwayVS  
151Apex RouteS  
152Western GullyM 6
153Western GullyIII  
155Central ButtressD ***6
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