Pass of Ballater

Climbs 110 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 300m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
The quick-drying Craig an t'Seabhaig at the Pass of Ballater provides some brilliant, steep climbs on generally excellent Cairngorm Granite.

Popular with Aberdonians - excellent wet weather alternative if Creag an Dubh Loch and Lochnagar are shrouded in cloud.

Surrounding woodland provides interesting flora and fauna - esp. ants.

Climbing possible Mar-Dec.

Must-dos: Peels Wall (E4 6a), Rattlesnake (E3 6a), Anger and Lust (E2 5c), Smith's Arete (E5 6a), Lucky Strike (VS 4c), Little Cenotaph (HVS 5b)

Access notes
Erosion is a problem - please keep to obvious paths.

Scottish Rock - South (2008), North East Outcrops (2003), Rock Climbing in Scotland (1990),
Out of print: North East Outcrops (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2The JokeE3 6b
3JanusE4 6b **
4Cheap TrickE4 6b *
5Left Hand CrackVS 4c
6Right Hand CrackHVS 5a
7Right Hand Crack Variation FinishE2 5b
8Original RouteVS 5a **
9FingerwreckerHVS 5c *
10Wrecker's TraverseE3 5c **
11Peel's WallE4 6a ***
12Peel's Wall - Right Hand FinishE4 6a **
13Smith's AreteE5 6a ***
14Idiot NationE5 6b
15Dod's Dead CatE2 5c *
16Little CenotaphHVS 5b **
17Pink WallHVS 5a **
18Green LaughterHVS 5b
19FlibbertigibbetVS 4c
20Green WallHVS 5a
21Swine Before PearlsVS 4c
22Jackdaw GrooveHVS 4c
23Jackdaw's EdgeE3 5c
24Crumbling DiceE2 5c
25Black Custard - left hand startE3 5c
26Black CustardE1 5b ***
27High SteppaE2 6a **
28First SlipHVS 5a
29Jam CrackS *
32Swivel HeadD
35Aftershave Direct FinishHS 4b *
36SkidmarksHVS 5b
37Razor's CrackVS 4c *
38Razor BackE2 5c
39Jumbled Blocks CrackVD
40Ping PongS
41Close ShaveHVS 5a
42BrutVS 5a
43BrutalE1 5c
44StinkerE1 5b **
45Fungus FaceE1 5b
46Cowardie-CustardHVS 5a
47Lime ChimneyVD
48Ton Ton MacouteE5 6b
49Juniper CrushE5 6a
50Cavemen Go ClubbingE4 5c
51Lucky StrikeVS 4c ***
52She's Not So SpecialE1 5b
53Pretzel LogicE3 5c **
54Dubh ClaisE4 6a
55RattlesnakeE3 6b ***
56SupercreepsE1 5b *
57Scary MonstersVS 4c *
58Silent SpringE1 5a **
59Medium CoolVS 4c **
61Wiry MastersHVS 4c
62Tough's BrushE2 5a
63The Dance of the Wu-Li MastersE1 5b
64The Dance of the Wu-Li Masters Direct FinishE2 6a *
65The Dance of the Wu-Li Masters Right-Hand FinishHVS 5b
67Private PartsE6 6b **
68Captain CopoutE4 6a **
69IsolationVS 5a
70The TerroristHVS 5a
71DistemperE5 6b **
72Cold RageE4 6a **
73Hot TemperE5 6b ***
74Anger and LustE2 5c ***
75Anger and Lust Right-Hand FinishE4 6b ***
76Lech GatesE4 5c **
77OrageE3 6b
78Bottle of SmokeE4 6a *
79Creak and SqueakHVS 5a
80MandraxVS 4c
81The SplitsHVS 5b
82Giant Flake RouteVS 4b *
83ConvoyVS 4c **
84Stoned ImmaculateE5 6a *
85DramboE6 6a *
86Drambo DirectE6 6a ***
87Bluter CrackE4 6c
88Bluter GrooveE3 6b ***
89BluteredE1 5a ***
90Demon DrinkE5 6b **
91Doctor DipsoE4 6a *
92Hangover WallE2 5c
93Larup HeadE3 5c **
94Alcoholics AnonymousE2 5b *
95Bad Back BluesS
96Back SliderE2 5b
97Strawberry RippleVS 5a *
98Plane SliderE3 5b
100Chopped P.O.R.G.VS 5a
101ShiversHVS 5a
102Rock 'n' RollHVS 5a
103The Glaswegian ProblemE1 5c
104Press UpE1 5c
105Wild ThingHVS 5c *
106Corvid's ChimneyVD
107JingsHVS 5b **
108Help m'BobE5 6c
109Hairy BaboonE2 6a **
110Fat DorisE5 6b *
111Slender LorisE1 5c
112CrivvensHVS 5a
115Aid My RobertVD
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Nesting birds with chicks at the top out of Giant Flake Route at present.
Lamb - 20/May/14
who keeps stealing the screwgate from the ab tat around the tree above blutered/giant flake route etc? please stop it. its petty and cheap.
mulletcocktail2000 - 16/Jun/09