Roaches Upper Tier

Climbs 257 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 450m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
Big, popular and well-worn with routes up to 30m long at all grades. More open than the Lower Tier and, except for the left-hand end, usually in condition throughout the year. Many classics to choose from (even multi-pitch) in fine positions! Best routes: Pedestal Route (HVD), Black and Tans (S), Saul's Crack (HVS 5a), The Sloth (HVS 5a), Wombat (E2 5c), Gypfast (E4 5c) and Paralogism (E7 6c).

To get there, the nearest postcode is the Roaches Tea Room just down the road: ST13 8TY

Access notes
Limited parking below the crag. Obvious track leads to the Lower Tier. Upper Tier is above (!), The Skyline the northward (left) continuation of the Upper Tier.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Western Grit (2009), Staffordshire Grit - The Roaches (2004), On Peak Rock (2003),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Western Grit (2003), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2RoosterVD *
3Centre Slabf6C **
4Chicken RunHVD *
5Freak OutE1 5b
6Fern CrackS 4b **
7HeartbleedHVS 5b
8Demon WallVS 5a *
9Perverted StaircaseVS 5a
10Simpkin's OverhangE4 5b **
11Inverted StaircaseD ***
12The Tower of Bizarre DelightsE3 5c *
13The SublimeE2 5b *
14PickpocketVS 4b
15CrenationE1 5a *
16Heather Slab GrooveD
17Heather SlabS 3c *
19Capitol ClimbHS 4a *
20WombatE2 5b ***
21Live BaitE4 5c *
22West's WallabyVS 4c *
23WallerooE2 5c **
24Wallaby DirectHVS 5a *
25Late Night FinalS 4a
27The ValveE4 5c *
28Beckermet SlabS 4b *
29Maud's GardenS 4a ***
30LybstepVS 4b
31Contrary MaryVS 4b *
32ColdfingerVS 4b
33Reset Portion of Galley 37S 4a
34Broken SlabS 4a
35Dawn PiperHVS 5b *
36Runner RouteHS 4b *
37GingE1 5c
38Damascus CrackHS 4b *
39Damascus Crack Left-Hand FinishVS 4b
40Third Degree BurnE2 5b
41LibraHVS 4c *
43Joe PublicHS 4a
44Lone AscentVS 4c
45Little PerforationsE2 6a
46WipersVS 4b
47Central MassiveD *
48AquaVS 4b
49Public Enemy Number OneHVS 5a
50Quick BrewE2 5c *
51Tealeaf CrackS 4a *
53A Short Trip To A Transylvanian Brain SurgeryS 4a
55Rotunda ButtressVS 4c *
56Rotunda GullyM
57Bachelor's ButtressHVS 4c **
58GypfastE4 5c *
59Something BiblicalE2 6a *
60Saul's CrackHVS 5a ***
61HumdingerE1 5b *
62Jeffcoat's Chimney VariationsHS 4c *
63Jeffcoat's ChimneyVD **
64Jeffcoat's Buttress VariationHS 4b ***
65Jeffcoat's ButtressHS 5a **
66The slug Trailf7A **
67Hanging AroundHVS 5b *
68Ruby TuesdayE2 5b **
69Black and TansS 4a ***
70Black and Tans VariationsHVS 5a *
71Black VelvetHVD 4a ***
72Diamond WednesdayHVS 5a *
74Hollybush CrackVS 4b **
75Technical SlabHS 4a **
76The Neb FinishVS 4b **
77GiltedE5 6a *
78Painted RumourE6 6a ***
79Pedestal Route VariationS 4a
80Pedestal RouteHVD 4a ***
81Loculus LieE5 6a **
82The SlothHVS 5a ***
83New Fi'nialE6 6b **
84One Giant Lip for MankindE6 6b **
85Central RouteVS 4b **
86The Spectatorship of the ProletariatE5 6b *
87Right RouteVD ***
88Right Route RightHS 4b *
89Kelly's DirectE1 5b **
90Skin And WishbonesE8 7a ***
91Kelly's ShelfS 4b *
92Laughing all the way to the BlankE4 6a *
93ParalogismE7 6c ***
94AntithesisE5 6b ***
95Bed of NailsE3 5b *
97Easy Gully WallS 4a
98Jelly RollVS 4b *
99Magic ChildHVS 5a
100Ped X-ingE3 5c *
101Roscoe's WallHVS 5b **
102Roscoe's Wall/Round TableHVS 5b *
103Crack and CornerHS 4c ***
104Round TableE1 5a **
105Babbacombe LeeE1 5b *
106Fly UnitedE1 5c **
107Hangman's CrackS 4a
109Scarlet WallS 4a
110War WoundE1 6a *
111Left Hand RouteHS 4b **
112Right Hand RouteHS 4c **
113Gully WallVS 4b
114Grilled FingersHVS 4c
115The RibHD
116Rib WallVD
117Rib Wall Direct StartS 4c *
118SparkleHS 4b
120Sign of the TimesE1 5c
121Calcutta CrackHS 4b *
122MistralE2 6a *
123Calcutta ButtressVS 5a *
124GenetixE3 6a *
125Stop... Carry on!HVS 5a
126Calcutta Crab DanceHS 4c **
128PepperVS 5a
129GarlicHVS 5a
130Ou est le Spit?E6 6b *
131Seams Polishedf5+
134Left Arêtef4
135Grand Theftf7C *
136The Ripplerf6A
137The Rippler Sit Startf7A
138The Bossf6C *
139Ripple Arêtef4
144Crimpy Wallf4
145Nose Arête Leftf4+
146Nose Arête Rightf5
147Nose Scoopf6A
148Nose Mantelf3+
150Big 'Olesf4+
151Joe's Arêtef6A ***
152Joe's RightV1 5b
153Pink Wallf5
154Pink Wall Eliminatef6C+
155Joe's Portholesf3+ *
156Joe's Portholes Sit Startf4+
157Joe's Portholes Eliminatef5+
158Mean Ol' Bastardf7B *
159Apocalypse Nowf7A+ *
161Nadin's Traversef7A ***
162Nadin's Traverse - Staircase Linkf7A+ **
163Nadin's Traverse - Cooper's Traverse Linkf7B *
164Jug Upf5
165Glued Upf5+ *
168Staircasef4+ *
169Cooper's Traversef6B *
171Long Boulder Mantelf6B+ *
173Don's Crackf4+ *
174Don's Crack Eliminatef6B
175Don's Arêtef3+ *
178Wing Wongf5
179The Beakf6A+
180Broken Wingf7A
183Slab Dancerf4
184Flap Dancerf7B
185The Lintelf5+
186Cheesy Moonf4
187Long Traversef4+
188Goat's Grufff4+
189Goat's Eyef6A
190Goat's Eye - Sitting Startf6B+
191The Monodoigtf7B+
192Flake Museumf6A
195Slippery Groovef5
196Arete on Leftf5
197Easy Groovef3+
198Flakes and Chipsf4+
199Flakes and Chips without the Chipsf6B
200Bancroft's 6bf7A+
201Higginson's Armf7B+ **
202Left Groovef6B **
203Right Groovef6A *
204Vague Arêtef5
205The Nosef6B+
206Juggy Groovef5
208Magic Crossingf5
210Lichenthropef7A+ **
211Crack Indirectf5+
212Crack Startf5
213Babbacombe Startf5
215Sheep Shitf7A+
216Sheep Shit Crackf7A *
219Bombay Overhangf5 *
220Calcutta Crimpf6C *
221Calcutta Meadowf7A **
222Sleeping with the Flowersf6C+ *
223Sign Startf5+ *
224Dirtnapf7B *
225Mistral Startf6B
226Limbless Limbo Dancerf7A *
227Dish Grabf6B+ *
228Calcutta Ribf5+
229Calcutta Traversef6A+ *
230The Black Hole Startf7A *
231Delhi Bellyf7C ***
232Gritstone Bouldering Pissup *f6C **
233Too Drunkf7A **
234Drunk Enoughf6C+ *
236Stretch Armstrongf6C+ **
237Roof Problemf5+
238The Squirmf4+
239The Finger/Spike Leef5+ *
240Handy Wallf4+
242Barleyf5 *
243Chasm Arêtef6A *
244Sexy Stevef6A+ *
245Scrackf3+ **
246Reachy Wallf6A
247Runnel Rouserf5
248Risky Runnelf5+
249The Gatesf7A *
250Crinkly Wallf6A
251Ride My Pimpf6B
252The Downpipef6C
253Pipe Entryf7A+
254Night Riderf7B+
255Left Slabf4
256Tiny Groovef3+
257Right Slabf3
258Cellar Dwellaf7A+ *
259Cellar Slab 1f4+
260Cellar Slab 2f5
261Easy Groovef3
263Pac Manf5 *
264Two Chipsf4+ *
265Traversed to Scrack *f5+ *
266Upper Tier Ridge *3 *
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Just to let you know the area between Easy gully and Demascus on upper tier is closed due to falcon nesting.
mevanssmith - 16/Apr/13
This crag is very green at the moment.
CharlesE - 20/Mar/11
There is presently a restriction in place on the upper tier around the Sloth/Black and Tans area for nesting Perrigren Falcons and as such much of the upper tier climbs are essentially closed. The Roaches are stupidly busy, with very noisy university and climbing clubs shouting nonsense about 'being the man' and upperclass twits shouting about what they can and can not do, paying no respect to hikers and other climbers who might want a pleasant day out. One look at the chaos, we sacked it and went elsewhere.
jimorothy - 22/Mar/09
Climbed on the Roaches (Upper Tier) for the first time yesterday. Plenty of varied climbs in a good range of grades topped by magnificent views. Rather exposed though - as we found out during the occasional downpour! Must surely be up there with Stannge for the Peak's best crag.
Dave - 05/Jun/05
Today is the 22nd of May and I would just like to offer my sympathies to the climber who fell at the Roaches today and that I wish him a speedy recovery to climbing again. Also a drink to the emergency sevices who responded with speed and skill.
Frank Morgan - 22/May/04
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