Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)

Climbs 147 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 115m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
One of Northumberland's finest crags. Good routes are evenly spread throughout the grades, except at the very top and bottom ends. Bouldering is less extensive than in the Woods, but there are some excellent problems.

Access notes
Turn off the A1 at Fenwick and head towards Lowick. Turn left at the cross roads before Lowick. The crag can be seen on the left. Park considerately near the gate and follow the track to the crag.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Northumberland Bouldering Guide (2008), Northern England (2008), Northumberland Climbing Guide (2004), Northumberland Bouldering (2000),
Out of print: Northumberland (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Fence Post CornerVD 10
3The Seventh DayE5 6c * 
4The SabbathE4 6a *1
5Original SinE4 6a **23
6Tsar BombaE5 6c  
7BaptismE2 5c *3
8Quarry Aretef7A *8
9Active ServiceHS 5b 51
10Active ServiceHS 5b 24
11The Fat Lady Sangf6C *33
12Smooth Operatorf6C+ *14
13Mantel Madnessf5+ 59
14Dirtyf4+ 51
15Easy Peasyf4 43
16IncisorS 4a 69
17Quarry Slab Traversef6A+ 14
18Canine WallD 38
19New RecruitE2 5c 4
20DoglegE1 5b 44
21Bird's Nest CornerVD 56
22Chicken RunE1 5b 10
23PeewitS 4b 39
24The FaggotE2 6a 3
25Bar Skittlesf7A+ *4
26Devil's EdgeHVS 5a **270
27Back to the EggE2 5c *37
28Learning to Flyf8A **1
29Prickly CornerS 5a 7
30Fat SlagsE2 5c 11
32Simon Templarf4+ 13
33The Saintf5+ 33
34ParityHS 4b *284
35TrinityVS 4c **517
36Waverly WaferE2 5c 51
37Waverly VariationVS 4c 54
38TemptationM *91
39ThreadbareHVS 5a 27
40Pink Socks on TopE1 5b 71
41Saint's ProgressS 4b *250
42Holy Mother of Inspiration (Don't Fail Me Now)E3 6a 19
43St. IvelVS 4c **354
44LitanyVS 5a *104
45Metaphysical Manf6B 6
46Saint's AreteHVS 5b *27
47BedeE2 6a 2
49The Scoopf6B+ 4
50The Aretef6B 4
52Just PassingMVS 5a 5
53Easy TraverseD 56
54OHB Low Level Traversef5+ *15
55OHB Lowest Level Traversef6A+ 6
56Cloister WallHS 4b **281
57Lost PropertyHVS 5a *58
58Hot SpringE3 6a *11
59Birdlime CrackHVD 4a *270
60The ElevatorHVS 5a **122
61The Elevator (Direct Finish)E3 6a  
62Irresistable CompulsionE3 5c  
63Coldstream CornerHVS 5a ***308
64Roof LHf6C 4
65AlbatrossE6 6c *27
66Roof RHf6B 25
67Fragile Lip Traversef6A 2
68AlbatrossE6 6c 1
69Penitent's WalkHVS 5a *67
70PaternosterE3 6b 2
71Oxter WallE1 5b 23
73CC Traversef5+ 5
74CC Low Traversef6C 1
75Cheviot CharlieE1 5b 19
76GibletsE1 5b 6
77Dirty BumVS 5a 4
78PellagraE2 5c 1
80Burns OfferingM 15
81Neb SWf7A+ 1
82Upstart's DownfallVD 24
83HogletVD 13
84Conifer DirectS 4b 104
85Ramp and WallS 4b 50
86Double DeckerE1 5b 6
88West Wall Traversef6A 1
89Fawlty TowersVS 4c 49
90Green Greenyf5+ 22
91DiminuendoS 4b 87
92Moment of Gloryf6A 9
93The Traversef6C 1
94Not the Traversef7A+ 6
95The Crackf4 8
97Headbanger Directf5+ 3
98HeadbangerE1 5c 21
99The Pincer DirectE1 5c 2
100The PincerHVS 5b *74
101Flake CrackS 4b ***895
102Oral SpoutE2 6a  
103Wasted TimeE1 5b *178
104Wasted Time DirectE2 5c *36
105TacitationVS 5a ***654
106Central Wall Traversef6C  
107Posh Traversef7A+ 1
108Prime TimeE4 6b *1
109Prime Timef7A+ **14
110Prime Time SSf7B+ ***32
111Northern Territoryf7C+ ***5
112Northern Territory (low sit start)f7C+ ***1
113Australia CrackE3 6b ***2
114CataclysmE6 7a 1
115OversightHS 4b *21
116Holly Tree ArêteS 4a 14
117The GladeMVS 4c 88
119EenyVD 152
120MeenyVD 284
121MinyS 4a 236
122MoS 4a 258
123Christmas Tree Arete Indirect LHf6A 13
124Christmas Tree Arete Indirectf6C 15
125Christmas Crackerf7A+ 1
126Christmas Tree Arete Indirect RHf6B 13
127Christmas Tree AreteVD *465
128Christmas Tree Arete (Direct Finish)VS 4c *311
129Space Buttress Traversef6A *1
130Gargarin's GrooveHVS 5a **281
131Elder BrotherE4 6b *2
132First BornE4 6b **19
133An Anniversary WaltzE5 6b * 
134SpacewalkE2 5c *98
136West Wall GrooveVS 5a 8
137West WallHVS 5a 24
138The AdderHS 4c 5
139Spirit on MarsMVS 4c 6
140Deception WallHS 4c *147
141DeceiverHVS 5b 63
142Deception CrackHS 4b **569
143Wilfred PricklesHVS 5a **601
144Deception Traversef5+ 4
145Fakir's CrackVD 169
146Fakir's GrooveVD 127
147Fakir's SlabHVD *210
148Slab and GrooveVS 5a *288
149Slab and WallVS 4c *424
150Slab and AreteE1 5b 95
152John's WallS 4b 61
153Chris's AreteHS 4b *143
154Chris's Twinf6B **2
155Twin CracksS 4b 180
156Twin Cracks Traversef6A 6
157Twin Cracks Traverse Sit Startf6A+ *1
158Climbing Up The Wallsf6B 1
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Brilliant crag, one of my favorites, best bit is lack of noise as it is a fair distance from busy roads. flake crag rulz!!!
pheonix - 30/Apr/06