Ravensheugh Crag

Climbs 150 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 390m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
A superb crag on top quality sandstone. It suffers from insufficient traffic, presumably because of its' exposed position and the length of the walk in. Lots of hard stuff to go at.

Approach notes
Best approached by Mountain Bike. Park in the forestry commission car park between Lordenshaw and Great Tosson. Follow the forestry roads west to beneath Simonside. A track leads off West to a stile. The crag is 100 mtrs away.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Northumberland Bouldering Guide (2008), Northern England (2008), Northumberland Climbing Guide (2004),
Out of print: Northumberland (1989), Northumberland (1979)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Low Level Traversef6B  
3Extended Traversef7A  
4Easy CaveM 4
5Stomach TraversesD 10
6AmandaHVS 5b 1
7Incidentf5 2
8Rubberneckf5+ 4
9Dark Passagef5+ 6a  
10On Edgef6A 1
11Left Parallel CrackVD 37
12The Wallf5+ 2
13Central Parallel CrackVD 42
14Smooth Wallf5 2
15Limbof5+ 5c *8
16Arete-shunf6A 9
17Right Parallel CrackVD 24
18Little Idif5 5b 19
19Big Daddyf6C 6b 12
20Aminf5+ 1
22Pete's PloyE2 5b *1
23PlumblineE5 6a ***2
24The Judas HoleE5 6a **1
25Pendulum DirectVS 4c **21
26PendulumVS 4c ***76
27Hanging ChimneyS 4b *3
28Billy BiscuitE5 6a *** 
29Lapse of ReasonE5 6a * 
30Easter GroovesE2 5b *2
31Ginger SnapHVS 5b  
32Easter BunnyHVS 4c  
34Verbal AbuseE2 5c  
35Lupino Lanef8A  
36Baluster CrackHVS 5b ***14
37Baluster Crack Variation FinishHVS 5b  
38The SandriderE3 5c ***1
39CastawayE6 6a ** 
40The Trouser LegsE2 5c ***12
41The Trouser Legs Direct StartE2 5c  
42Brown TrousersE2 5c 1
43AgapeE6 6a  
44Easter CrackVD 7
45E StarHVS 5a  
46Platform RouteVD 3
47Tea Break WallMVS 2
48Coffee TimeMVS 4b  
49First Pinnacle TraverseE2 5c  
51Lazy AfternoonE2 5b  
52FelixVS 5a 1
53PussyfootVS 5a  
54CatwalkVD 5
55Index Breakerf6A+  
56Octopusf6C *1
57Reiverf7B+ ***2
58Smarty PantsE2 5c **6
59Half Minute CrackVS 5a **2
60Chasing SheepE3 6b  
61One Boot CrackVS 5a * 
62BackdoorM 3
64LaybackVD 7
65The NarkVS 4c 3
66Dawes' RouteE5 6c * 
67The SquealerE2 5c  
68Scoop CrackHS 4b *24
69Cat's WhiskersHVS 5b *5
70East WallS 4a 4
71Sunny SundayE2 5c  
72Crocodile AreteE7 6c ***1
73Ivan Dobskyf8A+ *** 
74Old Man RiverE4 6a * 
75Honeymoon CrackE3 6a ***1
76Trial SeperationE4 6b ** 
77Rock and Rolll StarE5 6a * 
78Candle in the WindE3 5c ***3
79Gates of EdenE2 5c **6
80Paradise LostE5 6b ** 
81Borstal BoyE1 5b  
82The CrescentS 4b *30
83Crescent WallVS 4b **40
84Wide Eyed and LeglessE4 5c * 
86Cave CrackVS 4c  
87First Among EqualsE6 6b ***1
88Ravensheugh CrackHVS 5a ***45
89Check out Me Tyresf8A  
90Check Out Me Pipesf7C+ ** 
91Childhood's EndE4 6a ***5
92Wild West ShowHVS 5a ***30
93RedskinE3 5b * 
94Hang em' HighE5 6a * 
95Sitting BullE3 5b  
96BuckskinVS 4c **9
97Moccasin SlabHVS 5a *15
100Penfoldf7B+ 6c * 
101T.CE3 5c  
102MoleS 4a *4
103Just ArrestedE2 5b  
104Just Icef6B 1
105On the Aretef4  
106Out of the Gullyf4  
107Out On The Wall GullyD 3
108OverpoweredE5 6c  
109Overpowered (start only)f7A 1
110Underpoweredf7A *1
111Pink LaneE1 5b *3
112Facing FactsE2 5c  
113Little LearnerVS 5a **24
114Bede CrackS 4a 13
115GreaseE4 6a *3
116Grease DirectE4 6b  
117MimicE3 5c  
118St Cuthbert's CrackVS 5a *6
119The Duergarf7A+ 6
120Slab CornerVD 4
121Zig Zag Slab Route 1S 3
122Zig Zag Slab Route 2S 1
124Capstan Full StrengthE2 5c  
125Capstan CrackVS  
126Funeral for a FriendE4 6a  
127The ConvictE2 5b  
129Heather SlabM 5
130The One That Got AwayVS 5a  
132Green GullyD  
133Steeple CrackVS 5a  
134The ApprenticeE4 6b * 
135Debbie McGeef7A+ 1
136The Magicianf8A ** 
137The Plumberf7B * 
138The SewerS  
139Soil Stack CrackVS 5a * 
140BadgerS 5
142NeptuneVS 5a  
143Trident ChimneyVD 3
145FutilityVS 4c *4
148Right Aretef5+  
149Smooth Slabf5+  
150Heptagon Boulder Traversef6B  
151Split Block Traversef6C  
152Featherweights Flakef6C  
153Scoop RHVD 1
154Little CrackS 1
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Great sunny day out, I will be back. The lichen was dry today, but produced slippery ball bearings under hands and feet - needs more traffic (or bring a soft brush). We cleaned most of the starred VSes on lead, so they should be better for the rest of 2009 at least.
jonny taylor - 12/Sep/09
A very attractive crag in a very attractive location (a `long' walk-in is no excuse!). However, I found the grading extremely stiff.
stuaart - 21/Jun/09
Why have some of the routes on here been given boulder problem grades when they are 8/9m high??
Ben Gilbert - 15/Apr/09
Needs and deserves a lot more attention. Some of the best and most impressive lines in Northumberland, probably the most classics per crag in the county, and all in a stunning location. Even the walk isn't too bad. BUT the condition of many of the routes is poor and the lichen soaks up any moisture in the air. It REALLY needs some dedicated locals to go up regularly and give it a good scrub as well as climbing - should this really be left to outsiders who will might have driven 3+ hours?? I think not. Come on people, climb and clean up here, otherwise it's a waste of a superb crag.
Fiend - 09/Sep/08
Well worth the walk, but all fairly green and lichenous after the recent damp weather. Probably better later in the summer after a dry spell.
ed woods - 25/Jun/07