Wharncliffe Crags

Climbs 464 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 250m a.s.l – Faces W

Access notes
Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Burbage, Millstone and Beyond (2006), Eastern Grit (2006), On Peak Rock (2003),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Gritstone East (2001), Peak Climbs - Stanage (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Tailor's CrackVD
3Gallipoli RockVS 4c
4InsurrectionHVS 5b
5Face ClimbVS 4c
6The View From HQHVD 4a
7Gallipoli ChimneyM
8Heather GroovesD
10SteeltownE5 6b *
11The MoireE5 6b *
12The MoireV6 *
13QuerpE3 6b
14Querp Direct StartV1 5c
15Outside RouteHS 4b *
16The NoseVS 4c *
17The Tip TestE3 6b *
18Inside RouteD *
19Inside EdgeHVS 5b
20Left Prow ChimneyD
21Prow to ProwS 4a
22Right Prow ChimneyD
23Green AreteVS 4c
24Exonian's ReturnHVS 5b
25ProudE1 5c
26Teresa's SlabHVD 4a
28Pylon CornerD
29Pylon CrackD
30Quern CrackS 4a
31Quern Crack Through Route/ Cave Inside RouteM
32Jimmy Puttrell is a LegendVS 4c
33Hamlet's ClimbVD *
34Hamlet's Climb (Direct Finish)VS 4c
35Hamlet's TraverseVS 4b
36Requiem of Hamlet's GhostE1 5b *
37The Crack of DoomS 4a *
38DespairE2 5c
39Chockstone ClimbD
40The Crack of DelightM
41Earth BluesE5 6b
42Scarlett's Wall AreteVS 4c *
43Scarlett's ClimbHS 4a *
44Scarlett's Edge (The Scarlett Letter)HS 4b
45Scarlett's ChimneyD
47SuspenseVS 5b
48MelliciousE1 5c
49Tensile TestE1 5c *
50Elastic Limit (direct start)V2 6a
51Elastic LimitE1 5c
52Elastic Limit (direct finish)V4 6a
53Forget-me-notS 4a
54AbairE1 5b
55Handover ChimneyD
56Handover AreteHVS 4c *
57Handover GullyM
58Patricia's WallE1 5b
59Patricia's Wall (with arete)VS 4c
60Cracked AreteVD
61Legover AreteVS 4c
62Monolith Crack/Foot and BackVD
63MignonVS 4c
64Reet PalVS 5a
66Mantelshelf PillarHVS 5a
67The MantelshelfHS 4b *
68Back and FootVD
69Unnamed CornerVD
70Unnamed GrooveD
71QuicksilverVS 5a
72More Fool youHVS 5b
73Rook ChimneyD
74Rook Chimney CavesD
75Letter-Box ButtressVD
76Post HornVS 4c *
77Tears before Bedtime (left hand)E2 5b
78Tears Before BedtimeE4 6a *
79ReveilleE4 6a
80Curved BallsVS 4c
81Letter-Box AreteVD
82The Girdle TraverseS 4a
83Alisha's SlabM
84Rusty Peg AreteHD
86Easter SaturdayM
88StruggleS 4a
89Mantleshelf Slab LeftS 4a
90Mantelshelf Slab RightHS 4b
91Mystery MirrorHD
92Mystery RouteVD
93Cave ManHVD 4a
95Corner IndirectHS 4a
96Addy's AdditionHVS 5c
97Paraffin JackE1 5c
98The CornerVS 4c
99Slab and CornerHS 4a *
100Photo FinishE1 5b *
101Dead HeatE5 6a **
102RenrockE1 5a *
103Renrock ChimneyM
104Slabby GrooveHD
105Slabby StepsHD
107Black WallS 4a
108Hard CheeseE1 5b *
109Cheese CutD
110Cheese Cut CrackD
111Cheese BlockVS 4b *
112Not Cheese Cut Flake/Cheese Cut GrooveM
113Not Cheese Cut Flake Variation (right)VD
114Cheese Cut Flake LeftHVD *
115Cheese Cut FlakeVD *
118Bilberry Side FaceHS 4c
119Bilberry FaceS
120Bilberry Face DirectHS 4b
121Mosh-pit ExileVS 5b
122Owen's DilemmaVS 4c
123Imaginary Boulder ClimbHS 4c
124Authentic Boulder ClimbVS 4c
125Zigzag ClimbS 4a
126OcumenHVS 5a
127Zigzag SlabM
128Railway WallVS 4c
129Easy GrooveD
130Chimney GrooveVD *
131Pinnacle AreteE1 5b
132Cumberland Crack/Cumberland GrooveHVD
133Subterranean BluesHVS 5a
134V GrooveVD
135Wheelspin WallVS 5a
136Wheelspin Wall RightVS 5b
137Cumberland TraverseS 3c
138Gully SideVS 5b
139North Side RouteHVS 5a
140BaalE2 5c
142Pete's SakeHVS 5b *
143Leftover Chimney/Thin ChimneyD
144Overhanging ChimneyVD *
145Ma'sonE2 5b *
146Drum and KicksE1 5b
147Overhanging CrackVD *
148The By-PassVS 4c
149Pass ByE1 5c
150En PassantE1 6b
151PasserineV7 6c
152Split ChimneyD
153SplitterE1 5b *
154Split Chimney WallHVS 5b *
155DeltaHS 4a
157Omega RibVS 5a
158Omega ChimneyD
159Alpha Arete StartD
160Alpha CrackM *
161Alpha Plus, Beta MinusVD *
162Beta PlusHS 4a
163Beta Crack Left Hand FinishVD
164Beta CrackS 4a **
165TrapezeHS 4a *
166TrapeziumE1 5c
167The Great Chimney (inside route)D
168The Great ChimneyHD *
169Great Chimney CrackS 4a
170Thrown AwayE2 5c *
171Great Buttress AreteE1 5b ***
172Great ButtressVS 4c *
173Just A MinuteE1 5b *
175RemusS 4a
176Fly WallHS 4a
177Fly Wall GullyM
178Central TraverseHS 4b
179Gold LeafHVS 5b *
180Leaf ButtressVS 4c *
181Leaf that crack aloneVS 5a
182Black Slab Left ChimneyD 4a
183Chimney and CrackHS 4b
184The WarpVS 4b
185Black Slab ChimneyHD
187Black Slab LeftVD *
188Black Slab CentreHD *
189Black Slab RightD *
190Black Slab Right (direct start)VD 4a
191Black FingerE2 5c
192Diamond WhiteE3 5c *
193Anzio Breakout/PilgrimageE4 6b *
194Puttrell's ProgressS 4a **
195The FlueD
196The Flue DirectM
197Helping HandE1 5c *
198Monolith CleftM
199As You Like ItVD
200Black CrackVD
201Beyond the PaleHVS 5b
202Black CapE2 6a
204CorkerS 4b
205Corker wall 1HD
206Corker wall 2HD
207Corker wall 3HVD 4b
208Little FellowE2 5b
209BolsterE1 5b *
210First Pillar Route 1HVS 5a
211First Pillar Route 2E1 5a
212Summer LightningE1 5b
213Flake ClimbVS 4c *
214SchardE2 5b *
215The ElfHVS 5a
216Dilemma RoofV0+ 5b
217Dilemma Elminate Wall (left)V0 5b
218DilemmaVS 4c
219Dilemma Elminate Wall (right)V4 6a
220Christa's ChimneyM
221Christa's TwinHD
222Defile LeftS 4b
223Brand New NothingE4 6a
224The Blue DefileVS 4b *
225BlasphemyE4 6b
226Defile ChimneyD
227DuplicateE1 5b *
230SidewinderHS 4a
231Frigging SawE3 6a
232FrontsiderVS 5a
233HimmelswillenVS 4c ***
234Serrated EdgeE1 5b *
235TeufelswegD *
236Y.M.C.A. CrackVD
237Dragon's HoardE6 6b **
238Cardinal's TreasureE4 6b **
239Banana WallE3 6a *
240Two Tier ClimbS 4a
241Tower FaceHS 4b ***
243Down to EarthE4 5c *
244On the AirE5 6a **
245Journey into FreedomE7 6b *
246Seconds OutE5 6b *
247Pointy Block ProblemV5 6b
248Hell Gate GullyM
249News at ZenE3 5c *
250Desolation AngelE6 6b ***
251Hell GateVD **
252Hell gate VariationVD 3c **
253Gavel NeeseE2 5b **
254LuciferE3 6a *
255Hell Gate CrackHS 4b **
256Joie-De-VivreE2 6b
257Primal VoidVS 5a *
258Ce ne Fait RienHVS 5b
259Well Now It IsE2 6a
260WheelbraceVS 4c
261Green GrooveD
262FootlooseVS 5a
264ObscenityHS 4b
265FalkwayVS 5b
266AmnesiacHS 4c
267Amnesiac (direct finish)HVS 5b
268Central RouteVS 4b
269Bay WallE2 5b
270Central Route DirectE1 5c
271Ganto's AxeE2 5c *
272Belle Vue chimneyM
273Problem BulgeE1 5b
275Hollyoaks CrackVD
276Hollyoaks SlabHVS 5b
277HollyoaksVS 4b *
278Holly CrackVD *
279Holly ScoopE2 5c *
280The ThornE1 5a
281Upwardly MobileE1 5a
282Unnamed CrackS 4b
283Unnamed CrankV4 6a
284Wienie RoastHVS 5a
285Hanging RockHVS 5a *
286PicnicHS 4a
287Missed Me!VS 4b
288Crack OneD
289Second CrackVD
290Crack ThreeVD
291Short WallV0 5a
292Mad as a Mad ThingVS 4c
293A Moment of MadnessE1 5a
295Two Tree TripS 4a
296Footin MouthHVS 5a
297Too Wide for SomeS
298Bring Back the BirchHVS 5a
299Notice Board Left Hand ButtressVS 4c
300Notice Board SlabHS 4a
301Lundy CallingE1 5b
302Awkward FinishVS 4b
303Just CommitE1 5a *
305Rib TicklerHS 4a
306Paper BirchE1 5b
307NardilE3 6a
308Body BlowE1 5b
310October ClimbS 4a
311October Arete OriginalHVS 5a *
312October AreteE2 5c *
313Autumn WallE4 6a **
314Deepcar Named DesireE5 6b *
315EquinoxE3 5c *
316Chockstone ChimneyVD
317Tiered PillarHVS 5a
319V for VictoryE1 5a
320Waxing LyricalVS 4b
321The Candle SnufferHVD
322Long John's OrdinaryS 4a
323VaponaE2 5c
324Spider CracksVS 5b
325Grammarian's ProgressVS 4b **
326Grammarianís DirectHVS 5a *
327GwynE2 5c *
328Grammarians Face VariantE1 5a
329Grammarian's FaceE2 5b *
330Long John's EliminateE2 5b *
331CannaeE2 5b
332Long John's Super DirectE2 5b *
333Long John's Short ChimneyVD
334ImpishV5 *
335Imp WallV3 6a
336Long ChimneyD *
337Long Chimney VariationVD *
338InclusionHVS 5b
339Richard's RevengeVS 5a **
340Lord of the DanceE3 6a
341Face DanceE4 6a
342Lincoln CrackHVD *
343Long John's AreteV4 6a
344Big BirdHS 4b
345ErganweaselV3 *
347Harrison's Half HourVS 5b
348Puttrell and Watson's RouteS 4b *
349Greenwood SideVS 5a
350Little WingE4 6a *
352ChangelingE2 6a *
353MarkE2 5b *
354S.M.O.E2 5c
355Holly RouteD
356EmmaE1 5c
357Chimney and CrackVD
358Spanish CaravanE1 5c
359La ManchaE2 6a
360ContemporaryHVS 5a *
361Same RainHVS 5a
362AntiqueE2 5c
364Hanging ChimneyS 4b
365Gone for a BurtonVD
368Big CornerVD
369Mr Mojo Risin'E5 6a **
370Easy GullyD
371Ridge ClimbHS 4b
372Just a Little BitE2 5b
373Rainbow CrackD
374Corner ClimbVD
375Crack and WallS
376Trouser BrowserHS 4a
377FizzVS 4b
378Even ChanceHVS 5b
379Long OddsE5 6b
380Toss UpE5 6a *
381Chancer WallS 4a
382ChancerVS 4c
383Chancer CrackD
385Cascade ClimbVS 5b
386Cascade Climb VariationHS 4a *
387Flying AngelE1 5b
388Fountain of YouthE2 5b
389Watson's CrackHS 4b *
390Spring TideE2 6b
391BedrockE5 6b *
392Puttrell's CrackVD *
393Pocket ButtressVS 4b **
394Pocket Buttress DirectE5 6a **
395StinkpitE2 6a
396Deep ChimneyVD
397Deep Chimney VariationD
398CadenceE1 5b *
399Penis TownE1 5c
400First Clean AreteHS 4b
401EnvyS 4a
402The George Formby Appreciation SocietyE2 5c
404Slab and the Beanstalkf6A+
405Sneaky Little FingersV6
406Pixie's AreteV0- 4c
407LembasV5 6b
408Kim SpanV6 6b
409Dirty Rooff6B
410Link UpV3 6a
411Hard MantelV4 6b
412Outllook RoofV3
413Pete's RouteV1 5b
414Hard StartV7 6b
415Slappy MovesV3 6a
416Similar PocketsV3 6a
417PocketsV3 6b
418Pockets (sit start)V6 6b
420Confidence TrickE1 5b
421Sleight of HandHVS 5b
422This Year's ModelE5 6a
423AndrewHVS 5a
424HarveyS 4a
425Mind GameE1 5a
426Split DecisionE1 5b
427NorwandHVS 5b
428Byne's RouteS 4a **
429Rossiter's RouteHVS 5b
430Scarlett's CrackVS 5a **
431Bass ReliefHVS 5b
432Brooks' RouteHVS 5a *
433DorenutsE1 5a
434Southern RouteS 4a
435Top HeavyVS 4c
437Blu Wig Sheepf5
438FishboyV6 6b
439Jellyeyes left areteV2 6a
440JellyeyesV8 6c
441Jellyeyes (with undercut)V6 6c
442Jellyeyes right grooveV1 5b
443The AreteV3 6a
444The Bear PitV8 6c
445Easy Aretef3
446Dragon SlayerV7 6c
447The Skylight ClimbM *
448The Dragon's DenV3 6a
449Big FlakeV0- 4b
450JorgeV8 6c
451Jorge Easyf6A+
452Jorge Jrf6C
453Crouching TigerV7 6c
455Blunted (no footblock)V7 6b
456Blunted (high start)V4 6b
457Sweet ReleaseV9 6c
458PDB Lodge Buttress Problem 14f3
459PDB Lodge Buttress Problem 13f3
460PDB Lodge Buttress Problem 12f3
461Famine CracksHS 4a
462Ogilvie's CornerHVS 5a
463Ogilvie's Corner (direct start)HVS 6a
465Middle WayE1 6a **
466NightjarE3 5c *
467AngusHVS 5a
468Lodge Buttress DirectVS 4c
469OpportunistE2 5c
470Clean Hands MickE1 5c
471Clean Hands Mick StartV1 5c
472PDB Ewden Wall Problem 6f4
473WindfallE2 5c
474Ewden EdgeVS 4c
475Ewden WallVS 4b
476Crazy Legs CraneV4 6b
477The Parson's FinchV8 6c
478PDB The Slab Problem 1f4
479PDB The Slab Problem 2f4+
480PDB The Slab Problem 3f3
481Cockyxf6A *
482Pass OnVS 5a
483The Tall and The Short of It *E4 6a
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Excellent crag for beginners and experienced climbers
danrhodes1987 - 12/May/09
Good crag. If your looking for a bit of solitude you may just find it here, except for the motocross bikes and the noise of the road.
Jonathan T - 02/May/04
Wharncliffe is a great crag and provides a wonderful evenings soloing.
Michael birkby - 04/Sep/03