Ravenswick Quarry

Climbs 106 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 80m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Good Bouldering on the White and Black walls, along with some higher routes. The Alcove offers climbing up to about 12 metres. A good 'Super highball Venue' only a minute from the road and a mile from Hutton-le-hole..

*BOULDERING GRADING AND STARING* Many of the problems were origionally over-graded and hence some of the newer problems are also probably soft for the grade. Many of the grades have since been tweaked to keep inline with other areas, but grades may be found to still be soft....Even more confusingly, the very modern problems are likely to bit stiff for the grade as they are deliberately un-soft... (2010) Consensus has improved the situation since that was written and the grading is thought to be spot on (Aug 2011)

STARRING- Most problems are eliminates, based on a peak limestone style system. The lines are never going to be superb, as the obvious holds are avoided, so instead the stars are offered for quality of moves and holds and sustained nature.

Lots of data constantly appearing for this crag from many different sources, so this database may lag behind a bit... Email me if you have issues- franco cookson.

Approach notes
Wander down path. See Climbonline.co.uk

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

North York Moors and East Coast Bouldering (2014),
Out of print: North East England (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Rambler's RibVD 10
3Stepped AreteVD **20
4Humble BeginningsVS 4c 4
5Badger CrackHS *16
6Amateurs' Eliminate5c 1
7Ravenswick EliminateVD 8
8Crazy ChildE1 4c 2
9Alcove CrackMVS 4b 2
10Dooge's VariantHVS 4b 2
11Alex's ScoopHVS 4c *11
12Left UnconquerableHVS 5a 25
13Right UnconquerableVS 4c **16
14Crystal RibE1 5c 7
15Crystal WallS 4a *33
16Crystal AreteVD 29
17MonograptusM *30
18Burgess RouteD 26
19Burgess AreteD 22
20Crumble WallD 30
21Unconquerable TraverseV1 5b 3
23Tilted CrackHS 3
24Lazing on a Sunny AfternoonVD 10
25Guw aann!!!f6A 2
26Gok wannf5 2
28White crackHS 2
29White WallE2 5c 2
30Central WallHVS 5a *10
31Franco's WallE1 5b *6
32Luddite RebellionV2 5b 4
33Arete ClimbVS 4c 6
34Phils' WallE1 5b 3
35The GutterS 3
36Gutter CrackVS 5a 4
37Bummelzug Directf6B 6
38BummelzugE3 5c *5
39SolsticeHVS 5b 5
40FredE4 6b *6
41Tax DiscE3 6a *1
42Black MagicE3 6a *6
43Phil's CrackHVS 5a 2
44Jug ClimbVS 5a 4
45FriendsE1 5c 3
47The True Black Wall Traverse7c+ ***2
48Chris's mates crackV1 1
49Chris's white stripeV1 1
50White Wall TraverseV2 5b *31
51Traverse from Gutter Crack to the Flake (jug finish)f6B **7
52Traverse from Gutter Crack to the Flakef6C ***5
53The Bummel Circuitf6C+ *2
54The Bummel Circuit Alternate Finishf6B+ **2
55Dark Matterf6C+ *3
56Film Noirf6C+ *3
57The Pigeonf6B **7
58The Condorf6C *5
59Jerry's Gastonf6C+ *3
60The Shiversf6C 3
61A New Lifef7A *1
62Jeffrey the Gimpf6B **2
63Eccles Cakef6B+ 6
64Maroonedf6B+ 7
65Maroon Undercutf6C+ 2
66Maroon Circuitf6C+ **2
67Strandedf6B+ **7
68Hidden Treasuref7A *7
69The Mutiny Projectf7B+  
70Pick a peck of pickled pepper (formerly pick pocket)f6A *3
71Rum Rum, Watch ya Bumf6C+ **2
72Bird Machinef7A+ **3
73Snakef7A+ *1
74Pinchf6C *10
75Flake Attackf6C 1
76Project 2f7B+ * 
77Pheasant Runf6B *3
78The Pleasant Pheasantf6B+ *3
79Proj 3f7C  
80Pheasant Attackf6C **1
81Traverse Of The Black Wallf7A+ **10
82The One-Eyed Angry Piratef7A *3
83Layaway DynoV3 6a *4
84Winter Traverse'f7A 4
85Jug DirectV3 6a *3
86Jug EliminateV4 6a 2
87CornflakeV4 6a 1
88Continuity Errorf6A+ **5
89The FlakeVD 4
90No Deal!f6A *2
91Deal!f6B **2
92Cross with the Choss about the Corner!VD 1
93Crack on!VS 4c 1
95Gutter GutsXS 4c 1
96Rough and TumbleXS 4a *1
97Rock SpitXS 4b 1
99The Cloak of Evening ShadowE4 6a *1
101Rosie and JoanneHVS 4c *2
102Bad Moon RisingS 4a 1
103Saucy Badgers ReturnHVS 5a *2
104Birthday BombHVS 5a 2
105Cross with the Moss about the CrackVS 4c 2
106Sam's Problemf6A 1
107Dark Timesf6B 2
108Problem 21f7A 2
109Problem 23f7A+ 1
110The Silence NYM problem 22f7A 2
111Neutrino *f6C+ **1
112Bird Machine MkII *f7A 1
113Magician's Traverse *f6C 1
* Climbs listed in red are waiting to be checked by a crag moderator, and may not be accurate.
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The Trad climbing here offers nothing special, but is a useful crag for those from the south moors, or perhaps the climber seeking shelter from a windy or rainy blakey ridge. The bouldering on the other hand is nothing short of superb- once one gets one's head around the eliminate climbing style. Some excellent moves at all grades above font 6a and one of my favourite venues. There is endless potential for increasingly hard eliminates and although often sharp, the holds are beautiful. It takes a real local to accurately predict whether the crag is likely to be dry- generally speaking, if it's rained for less than 2 days after a long dry spell, then it will be dry, if it's been on off rain followed by strong winds it will be dry, if it's rained a lot for a long time then it will be wet. Even in a wet state there is often a dry patch to mess about on.
Franco Cookson - 06/Sep/11
good all weather crag. some good easier climbs in the alcove. the best being crystal wall, right uncorquerable, monograptus and stepped arete/mumble beginings. The bouldering eliminates on the black wall are really good and quite steep, ideal for finger strength. There are also a few test peices at aroung E3/E4 and some good choss practice if your that way inclined. Most amusing route has to be 'the gutter' though.........
Sam Marks - 23/Jun/11
Having just spent a sunny afternoon at the crag which is my local crag I've come to the conclusion that this is a great venue for soloing, I'm not so sure I'd bother bringing my rack along with me again next time, couple of pads did us just fine today.
EBclimbing - 12/Aug/09