Climbs 71
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 271m a.s.l
Faces W

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Crag features

Close to Cratcliffe and Robin Hood's Stride, Clifftop Boulders offer more excellent bouldering in a pleasant setting. The main boulder itself is actually the lower section of a medium-sized edge which overlooks some farmland. There is a small selection of quality problems which should give plenty of entertainment for the dedicated boulderer. The easy problems are little more than warm-ups.

Approach notes

The best approach is from the back road which leads from Elton to Alport. From the west end of Elton, turn north along a lane. Park at a bend, on a corner, by a gate and water trough. From here, follow the path below a big quarry. Keep on the lower left-hand path and continue around into a field. From here the edge can be clearly seen beyond some trees. To get to the actual block, you need to scramble over a drystone wall and an electric fence. Take care with both of these crossings, one for your sake and the other for the sake of the farmer's wall.


Peak Bouldering

The Peak Bouldering Rockfax is a massive book covering a huge area including all the main bouldering venues of the Peak District. It includes many more low-grade problems than have ever been documented before including 17 circuits with problems at V0+ 5a and under, and a further 21 circuits with problems at V2 5c and below.
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Is this because people are not following the approach in the guidebook? The approach route is not through the quarry its following the footpath below and left to reach the field, then looping round to the right.
Offwidth - 03/Dec/11
Apparently a farmer has been having a go at folks for climbing over his fence so best not to approach the crag through the quarry. instead walk up the road to a footpath on the left, handrail the wall to the top of the hill until you see a gate in the corner of the field, go through this, turn left and at the end of the field you will see some tubing on the wire over the wall where you can get over, this brings you to the top of the crag.
tallsop - 28/Apr/11
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Rock Woods/Filthy Crag Q 
3Kodosf7A 5
4Kamalaf6B+ 3
5Kangf6B 4
6Llamatriculationf4+ 2
 Big Girl 
8Hand in Glovef6C * 
9Big Girl's Crackf5 2
10Big Girl's Browf7A+ ***6
11Big Girl's Brow Right-handf7A **3
12Roller Bowler Currantf7B ***8
13Sweet Chariotf7B+ ***1
 Green Rib 
15Another Green Ribf6A 4
16Green Slabf6B *3
17Purest Greenf3+ 3
18Spring Greensf6A 2
19Spring Greens Sit-Start
f7A 1
 Wind Shark 
21Wind Sharkf7B+ **1
22Wind Shark Standingf6C *3
23Llamatronf6A+ *2
24Shadow Sharkf7A+ **1
 Clifftop area 
 The Lozenges 
27Trocherf4+ 1
28Cough Dropf6A 1
29Lozf6B 1
30Ding, Dang, Dongf6B+ 2
31Togf6A 2
32Lozengerf6B+ 1
 The Last Slab 
34WraparoundV1 1
35The DraperV3  
36Last Slab LeftV0  
37Last SlapV2  
38Last Slab Right
 Triple Buttress 
40Curlyf4+ 3
41Larryf3 8
42Mof3 8
43The FarmerV2 4
44DenseV4 1
V0- 9
46His NibsV0- 11
47Pteridiumf4 3
48Honk HonkV0- 12
 Little Cave 
50The Golden EggV10 ***2
51Fury EggV10 ** 
52Sheep DipV5 *6
53Kong WubbaV5 *4
54One Brown Bottlef3+ 4
 Cow Pat 
56Pat BooneV1 4
 Clifftop Boulder 
58Little Traversef3 8
59Nose on LeftV0+ 54
60Nose DirectV2 *74
61Long NoseVS 5a 1
62Right NoseV1 *77
63Emergency RoomV6 *14
64Brad's BreakV5 **43
65Brad's Block TraverseV8 ***11
66Clifftop ArÍte LeftV7 **15
67Middle WallV4 *101
68OriginalV3 **104
69Boing BoyV6 *104
70Cracker BlockV4 *45
71Steep ArÍtef6C 29
72High Reversedf6C 1
73Rib ArÍteV3 *23
74Small RibV5 4
75Appetite for Distractionf7A+ *1
 Clifftop Upper Blocks 
77Motogof3+ 2
78Bye Jupiterf4+ *2
79Stinkhornf4 1
80Thorn Pitf5 1
81ArÍte on LeftV2 *2
82Tor Blimeyf5 2
83Brads Boing Traversef7A+ *1
84Brad's Block Reverse Traversef7A+ 1

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