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These details were last updated on 02/May/2014

San Vito lo Capo Salinella

San Vito lo Capo, ITALY

Climbs 517 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 26m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
This page is now only for the Salinella cliff, the long cliff by the sea that stretches from Calamancina in the north to the entrance of the El Bahira campsite in the south. Other crags in the area now have their own crag entries, check them on the map.

PLEASE READ THIS!! When adding new routes to the data base please include a location, there is no index in the guide

Near the town of San Vito Lo Capo in NW Sicily. The most developed sectors are near the El Bahira campsite and to the north at Cala Mancina.

New in 2012 is Di Roccia di Sole 3rd ed ISBN 978-88-96634-53-0 from Versante Sud, this guide covers all of Sicily, with full coverage of San Vito lo Capo

The third edition of the Gebro Verlag (Sicily Rock 3 2013) guide is back from the printers (1 Dec 13) with 960 routes with 110 new from last time. This guide covers all of the San Vito /Custonacci area.

There are now over 1000 routes in the area covered by the Sicily Rock guidebook.

PLEASE READ THIS!! When adding new routes to the data base please include a location, there is no index in the guide.

Access notes
About 1h30m drive W from Palermo airport or an hour N of Trapani airport. Many Ryanair flights to Trapani and straightforward by bus to San Vito (Airport-Trapani, Trapani-San Vito). EasyJet to Palermo, bus transfers not as frequent and require a 1km walk in Palermo. Transfers from both airports by El Bahira and Pineta campsites and many local San Vito firms.

Many apartments and villas all around. When booking apartments or villas check the small print (usually only in Italian) carefully, there are often extra charges for extra persons (over 2), air con/heating, and cleaning (I have seen 90!). There are deals to be done out of season, try direct contact with the owner. Also check the location, websites use San Vito as the area as well as the town, some villas are 15km away.

Many climbers stay at El Bahira because of the location at the foot of the crag.

It is possible to stay at the El Bahira campsite at the foot of the crags(tents, bungalows, mobile homes, villa) without a car but it is a 3km walk from the town, El Bahira will pick up from San Vito after shopping or from Trapani bus.

No access restrictions except for the area behind the El Bahira camp site where it would be polite to ask at reception. The campsite owner specifically asked for that area to be bolted and welcomes climbers.

If you are looking for a special meal out there are many good restaurants in San Vito, but I can specially recommend Pocho - Albergo Ristorante, well signposted on the road into San Vito, a few hundred metres after the El Bahira turning.

Sicily-Rock (2013), Di Roccia di Sole - Climbing in Sicily (2012)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2Cerott'volante7a+ *1
3Scusassi7a+ 1
4Star Tak5c 1
5Principino6b+ 2
612 Storditti7c 1
7Stringi Tuo An7a+ 1
9Salto nel Buio5a 11
10Salto nel Buio (Direct Start)6a 2
11La Caduta Degli Dei5a 11
12Attenzione6b 17
13Giornata Ecologica6b 18
14Topi Sfrattati6a 25
15Oltre Manica6a 25
16Graticula6b+ 2
17Slay Back6b 16
18Super Santos8a  
19Stolen Glory6a 16
20Beam Me Up Scottie7a 6
21No Postcard Home5a 1
22Road To Nowhere6a 4
23Jammin' In The Name Of The Lord6b+ 5
24Fearless Boogie6a+ 5
25Ritter Sport6a+ 14
26Forgefix6b 5
27Alfa Romeo7a+ 3
28April Skies5c 8
29Walk the Dinosaur5a 16
30Johnnie Walker7a+ 2
31The Riddle7a 9
32If Cows Had Wings4a 16
33Tu Mio5c 10
34Strani Sono...Senza Pancia5c 5
35Donati A Gianni5a 8
36Marmot4a 25
37Performing Seals4a 27
38Rabbit4a 30
39My Little Pony4c 32
40Lions, Tigers and Bears5c 34
41Sheep4a 30
42Beautiful Hamster5a 31
43Il Ladro di Panda6b+ 2
44Caldo Umido6b 7
45Red Necks6b 10
46Toyo 176c 4
48Variante Robin8a+  
49Canna Biologica6a+ 4
50La Nnicchia6a+ 2
51Mal Di Shiena7c 1
52Banana Biologica7a+ 4
54La Rizzagliata6c  
55Pianoro Caffe6b+ 1
56Ciao Ori6b 1
57Le Sirene de Cala Mancha6a+ 1
58Debs5c 4
59Scotties World6c 4
60Maria5a 8
61Elisa5c 17
62Chiara O.5c 17
63Ragnetta6b 3
64Molloblocco6b 2
65Via della Zanzare6a+ 9
66Nini5c 14
67Crusader7b+ 4
68Bianca6c 4
69No Drill Party5a 9
70Mannara6a 5
71Scorpione In Letargo6a 4
72Calze Nere6a+ 10
73My Head Hurts, My Feet ...5a 10
74Evil That Men Do5c 7
75Cimitero delle Lumache6a 8
76Dolores6b 9
77Mezzi Cruccho6a+ 1
78Miracoli6b+ 2
79Ladri Di Moschettoni6b 1
81Variante X7a 1
82Ypsilon6a 4
83La Mia Ombra7a+  
84Cuscino di Suocera6c 1
86Il Domatore Di Capre6b+ 1
87Gaspare7a 2
88Melchiorre6b 3
89Balu Yoghi e Bubu7b+ 1
90Bue6c 2
92Classic Deluxe6a+ 4
93Silvester6a 3
94New Year's Greetings6a 3
95Guten Rutsch6a+ 2
96Magic Woman6b 5
97Dreams Got Reality6a 4
98Tick5a 13
99Trick5a 13
100Track5a 14
101Alligator6b 2
102Kaiman5c 3
103Leguan6a 7
104Waran6a 1
105Happy Ötzis5c 8
106La Piccola5c 7
107Il Nonno5c 7
108La Nonna5a 15
109La Femmina5a 9
110Für Christian5c 9
111Due Giganti Sulla Roccia6a+ 6
112Lavoro di Domenica5c 10
113Climb Easy4a  
114Red Arête5c 3
115Right Wall6a 6
116Lo Stagnone6a 5
117Tanti Auguri Daniele6b 3
118Dall'alba al Tramonto6c 2
119Sposerò Pippicalzelunghe6a+ 4
121Gatto Silvestro6a+ 4
122Il Coniglio Va A Sinistra6b+ 2
123Megghiu Pessi Ca Depressi6b 6
124Un Mondo A Parte6c+ 2
125I Benefattori6a 2
126Primo Trip5a 2
128Licantropia6a+ 5
129Gayordo7b 1
130Scassapagghiaru7a+ 1
131Ricotta Salata6a+ 3
133Lenny5a 2
134Arthur4c 2
136Central Pillar4c 2
137Trad Route3+ 2
138Dorian4a 2
139White Rite6c 1
140Bastard Crack7b  
141Light Duties4a 2
142Hard Work6b+ 1
144Car Wreck6a 4
145Close To Home4c 9
146On A Wet Day5a 9
147The Last Move6b 3
148The Other Last Move6a+ 1
149I Patati Su Megghiu Ra Canni6c+ 1
150Vamos A Pilus6b+ 1
151Warm Up3 1
152Cool Down4a 3
153Revenge of the Ghost Thistles6a 6
154Monsters Versus Aliens6a+ 9
155Creature of the Black Lagoon6a 4
156Attack of the 50ft Woman6a 3
157Forgotten Realms6a 2
158La Perla in Rosa6c 4
160Soundcheck6c+ 1
162Pizza2+ 6
163Pasta2+ 7
164Gelati2+ 6
165Senior Moment5c 9
166Foot Up5a 11
167Fränkische5a 17
168Destination Unknown5c 10
169One Step Beyond6a 4
170Green Wing3 1
171Spider5c 2
172Fragrant5c 2
173Butterfly4a 5
174Giant3 6
175Bee3 6
176Wasp5c 2
178Humpty Dumpty6c 5
179White Rabbit7a 1
180Tweedledum6c+ 3
181Mad Hatter6b+ 13
182Rabbit Hole6c 4
183Drink Me4a 3
184Eat Me3 3
186Delusion6b+ 8
187Conclusion5c 21
188Pullution7b+ 3
189Gehe Duschen6b 11
190Solution5a 21
191Susie6a 6
192Für Sophia4a 13
193Two Girls...4c 6
194Easy Over5c 33
195E.J.A6a+ 30
196Redhead6a+ 22
197Red Planet6a 45
198Last Orders5c 39
199JWLG6a+ 22
200Windstorm6b 18
201White Wall7a 13
202Edge5a 20
203Panorama6b 8
205El Bahira5a 27
206Roasting Meat5c 28
207Burning Fat5a 41
208Easter Sacrifice5c 39
209FishMc5a 8
210White Shark5c 39
211Swordfish7a 6
212Just for Fun4c 44
213In Summe Gelungen6b+ 14
214Shirtcut6a 21
215Chaos6c+ 6
216Cat Walk6c+ 12
217Surprise6c 9
 Climb nameGradex
218Pilar6a 19
219White Slab6a+ 34
220Cha Cha6a 17
221Rumba6a 20
222Samba6a+ 12
223Wilkinson6a 7
224Gillette7b 1
225Red Alert7c+  
226Red Peroni7a 12
227Pipeline7c 6
228Black Snake7b  
229Rosso e Nero6a+ 34
230Walk the Line7b+ 6
231Fun to Funky6b 21
232Red Pillar6c 4
233Tarantula7b 1
234Blue Elephants7a+ 3
235Green Spiders6b 20
236Black Beetle6a+ 5
237Fast Cars and Freedom6c+ 3
238Retrobolter6a+ 14
239Thin Red Line6b+ 9
240Now It's History6c+ 3
241Öber Hit6b+ 1
242Carly5a 15
243Carly B6b 1
244Dumbo5a 12
245The Punchline 26b  
246Big Ears5a 11
247Flapper6a+ 1
248Grumpy5c 33
249Dozy3 31
250Dopy2 28
251Sneezy4a 42
252Bashful5c 47
253Doc5c 48
254Happy6a 41
255Snow White4a 21
256Razorhead5c 6
257Baying for blood6a+ 11
258Pump it Up6b 7
259Little White Bull5c 8
260Tractors in Ukranian5c 15
261Via Gogna6a 16
262Brave Old Way6a 17
263Straight into Heaven6b 12
264Forza6c 3
265Grazialone Rich5c 6
266Diedro Makari6a+ 7
267Ave5c 26
268Bella Italia5c 15
269Pretty Woman6b+ 4
270The Sound of Cows6a 21
271Welcome to Sicily6a+ 12
272Via Lucertola5a 23
273Spigolo5c 19
274Joyride6b+ 17
275El Schuppo6a 12
276Traumpfeiler5c 26
277Il Parallelo6b 5
278Finale Grande6b+  
279Hinkfuss6b 3
280Via del Grotte6b 10
281Blutbad6c 2
282Fakirelle6b+ 6
283Feste Sicilane6b+ 4
284Fine Di Vacanza6b  
285Rennaissance6a+ 12
286Caduta Sassi6b 3
287Via Rossa6a+ 20
288A Destra e a Sinistra5c 17
289The Hole6c 7
290Solo Con Te6a 6
291Per I Nostri Amici6b 17
292The Wish7c+ 2
293Soundgarden8a 2
294Soundgarden Extension8a+  
295Letta Sangu7c+  
296Il Minotauro7b 1
297Menage a Trois7a+ 4
298Lo Chiamavoto Trint7c+  
299L'uomo Delle Caverne7c 1
300Way of Light3+ 28
301Das Totenschaf5c 5
302Access Route3 8
303Caveman6b 10
304Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots7a+ 1
305Straight Edge6a 11
306Deception5a 13
307Dog Bites Man6a 5
309Samuel4a 24
310Timmy4a 29
311Via Egadi4c 13
312Talia4c 26
313Red Corner4c 21
314La Bella Vita6a 2
315Alan5a 17
316Kurt6b 9
317Lisa6a+ 5
318Dave5c 14
319Swissmade6c+ 1
320Aus Kurtz Wird Witzig5c 1
321Fratello Caldo7a+  
322Il Polpo7b  
323Il Calamaro6b 1
324Clean Me6a 2
325Rumanian Girls6a+ 8
326Grey Wall6a 4
327Sunset Arête (Roger's Route)5a 14
329Hot September5a 16
330Papa's Work6a 15
331Papa's Project6c 5
332One for Karsten6c+ 1
333Too Scared for Trad7c  
334Bolt Products6c+ 5
335Under a Dead Cow5a 8
336Bridget4c 17
337The Celestial Way of the Dead Cow4c 26
338Tower Route6b+ 10
339Sole Mio6a 19
340Tower Route Direct6b+ 12
341Sticky Fingers7b  
342Stargate7c 1
343Tower Pillar6a 17
344Tower Ramp5c 11
345Sky Walk6b 4
346Anton Aus Tyrol6a+ 7
347Luigi5c 2
348Grazie Micchele6b+ 4
349Red Bull6a 10
350Toro Rosso6c 2
351La Fessura5c 6
352Destra di Toro6a 8
353Barracuda7a 2
354Cocodrillo6a 1
355King for a Day5a 25
356Matter of Trust5c 17
358Scott's Quota5c 29
359Waiting for Moretti5a 26
360Sore Fingers, Hot Feet4c 25
361Arête Route5a 32
362Face Route5a 31
363Original Route3+ 19
364A Kind of Madness5a 25
365Diagonale6b 8
366Rapido e Facile6b 1
367Attenzione Soffitto6a 1
368Alex G6a+ 4
369Up and Down5a 5
370I Did It My Way5c 5
371Hanging Tough6b+ 2
372Don Alfredo6b+ 1
373Josef's Crack6c+ 1
374Don't Disturb The Seagull7a 1
375Clean Break6c+ 3
376Break Time6b+ 3
377Nine o'clock on the Moon6b 8
378Soap Opera7c  
379La Scala6a 3
380Puntura per l'ape7a 1
381Lo Spigolo Marisa6a+ 12
383Far Side6b 2
385Green Thumb6a+ 8
386The Knife6b 10
387Tulip6a+ 2
388Mels First5c 5
389Screwdriver6b 6
390Little Big Hole6a+ 2
391Detour4a 6
393Cassatelle *6a **1
394Easy for You *5a 2
395Easy for Me *6a+ 2
396Serpente Nero *6a+  
397Cosi Mi Piace *5c 2
398Re Del Mare *6a 2
399Mare ? Brutto *6a+ 2
400Casa Claudia *6b  
401Basta *6b+  
402Anaconda *6c  
403Lieto Fine *6c+  
404Sono Felice *7a  
405Madmax 748 *6c  
406Lo Spigolino *6a+  
407Buon Viaggio *5c  
408Usa Il Dito *6b 1
409Colpo Di Vento *6a 1
410Il Naso *6b  
411Nina .G *6a+ 1
412Piu Facile *5a  
413Optimist *6b+  
414Pessimist *6b+  
415Il Dissoluto *6c  
416Kriechspur *6b+ 1
417Ruck Zuck *6a  
418Kakatus *5c  
419Arrivederci Ingrid *6a 2
420Il Ritorno *5c  
421Via Kuchenclub *5a 2
422Vai A Sinistra *5a 2
423Fessurina *5c 2
424Per Giorgio Il Mio Amico *6a  
425Giant Slalom *6a  
426Super G (Variante ) *6b  
427Colazione Piu *5c  
428Strapiombino *6a  
429Pilastrino *6a  
430Madmans Slab *3 4
431Short Cut *4c  
432Happy Birthday *5c 1
433Gabs *6a+ 1
434Tu Vo' Fa' O Calibano *6b+ 1
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A lot of new routes have been added in the last year and details can be found here; and also copies can be picked up from the El Bahira Campsite Reception.
Paul Hy - 20/May/14

Top area. Hard to beat the combination of climbing, camping, and scenery. Nice one Scott and Jim.
Fiend - 12/Apr/10