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Bamford Edge

Derbyshire, ENGLAND

Climbs 260 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 400m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
A uniquely unspoilt natural gritstone edge, the benefit of access restrictions,(see below) Excellent quality grit. Elevated position above moors, dries quickly, but exposed to the elements. Good climbs of all grades approx. 8 to 13m high. Seldom busy. First visit go to The Great Tor and sample the delights of Brown's Crack (HS 4b), Quien Sabe? (VS 4c), or Bilberry Crack (VS 5a). Tussle with Undercut Crack (E2 5b), sheer thuggary, or for something more delicate, try anything on The Salmon slab (E4/5 to E7). A gem of a place.

Access notes
Access is now allowed all year due to the Countryside Rights of Way Act (apart from up to 28 days when it can be closed but must be announced in advance). See BMC access notes for details.

Approach from Bamford, north along A6013 to Ladybower. After 1 mile turn rt (Bamford Moor). Limited parking on side of rd. past edge where road starts to level out, just before a gate. Footpath leads up to RH end of edge (10 min).
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Weather forecast

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3.1mm rain
17 °C
15 kph

2.7mm rain
17 °C
18 kph

23.3mm rain
15 °C
8 kph

0.9mm rain
18 °C
11 kph

1.4mm rain
19 °C
9 kph
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Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Peak NE Pokketz (2007), Eastern Grit (2006), Burbage, Millstone and Beyond (2006), On Peak Rock (2003),
Out of print: Peak Gritstone East (2001), Peak Climbs - Stanage (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
2End FaceV0+ 5b 1
3Wall Right of End FaceHS 4c 4
4Wall left of Easy ChimneyHVD 4a 3
5Easy ChimneyM 47
6PalpitationVS 5b 9
7ThumpingHS 4b 2
8Thin on TopE2 5b 1
9Green and NastyE2 5c 6
10In My PocketHVS 5b 2
11In My Pocket AreteV0 5a 7
12Initiation WallHVD 4a 4
13InitiationS 4b 38
14Introduction WallHS 4c 5
15IntroductionS 4a 9
16Beer MattersVS 5a 18
17Fat CatHVS 5b 10
18Deep ChimneyM 56
19GeneHS 4b 3
20KellyS 4a 69
21Deaf Raspberry ClimbE1 5c 2
22Astronaut's WallHVS 5a *82
23PossibilityS 4a *236
24Primitive ChimneyD 40
25The Overhang TraverseM 4
26Undercut CrackE2 5c **37
27A35E1 5b 1
28M35 (A35)E6 6c  
29Avoiding the TraitorsE7 6c ** 
30Bad WindHS 4b 8
31Claim to FameHVS 5a 6
32Terrace RibVS 4c 42
33Terrace TrogM 117
34Missing ASGHVS 5a 2
35Terrace WallVS 4b 10
36Old WallHVS 5b 3
37Gargoyle FlakeVS 4c ***1124
38Gargoyle Gully LeftD 3
39Gargoyle Gully MiddleD 4
40Gargoyle Gully RightVD 3
41SunsetHVD 109
42BeelzebuggerHVS 5b 22
43Bum DealE1 5b 83
44Clean, Squeaky and ScentedE1 6b 7
45Hard RainE2 5c  
46Left WingS 4a 63
47Almost GraniteHVS 5a 4
48TinnerHVS 5b *108
49Right-hand TwinHVS 5a *188
50Private PracticeHVS 5b *31
51Solstice AreteVS 4c 46
53Something SillyV5 6b 1
54Something ElseV0 4c 7
55Win HillV0 5a 8
56Lose HillV3 6a 11
57Ping Pong Pocket RibV7 6b 5
58Flaky FlusterV4 6b 5
59Wriggly CrackV0- 4c 10
60SnapV0 4b 9
61Short Smart Slab CentreV0 5a 6
62Short Smart Slab Right AreteV0- 4c 5
64Hasta La Vista CornerVD 4
65Hasta La VistaS 4a 44
66Back FlipE1 5b 24
67Benberry WallE3 5c *11
68The Naked EyeE3 5c 13
69Bilberry Crack (Bamford)VS 5a **766
70Recess CrackVD *399
71Recess GrooveVS 4c 67
72Jive BunnyE4 5c  
73Nemmes SabeHVS 5a **69
74Nemmes Pas HarryE1 5b **344
75Quien Sabe?VS 4c ***769
76Quien Sabe? EliminateE3 6a  
77Brown's CrackHS 4b ***1076
78JetrunnerE4 6a **174
79Trout (Salmon Left-Hand)E6 6b **16
80Salmon DirectE6 6c ***4
81The SalmonE7 6c ** 
82Smoked SalmonE8 7b **2
83Curving CrackVS 4c *492
84Poached SalmonE5 6b *13
85Tartar SauceE5 6b  
86Sandy CrackS 4b *201
87Quebec CityVS 5a *25
88Quebec City VariationHS 4b 3
89Greydon BoddingtonHVS 5b *84
90FizzE1 5b *152
91Two Real Doleys ScroungingE3 6b  
92Flake Buttress RibHS 4b 6
93Kinked CrackVD 4
94The EggE4 6a *8
95High and DryE6 6b *3
96The ChickenHVS 5a  
97Acid SlabVD 5
98Assorted BatteriesHVS 5a  
99Various UndercutsHVS 5a  
100Alkaline AreteS 4a 3
102KleverVS 5b 7
103KluelessHS 5a 11
104K'PowV0 5a 6
105Kin'eck Hanging CrackV0 4c 9
106Kin 'eckS 17
107You Won't Make Old Bones (Kin'eck Arete)VD 13
108Crystal Tips and AlistairHS 4b 6
109K'kinHS 4c 12
110KpaxHS 4c 8
111K ProwVD 3
112The K KoleHS 4b 3
113Que? SlabVD 114
114Que? Slab Direct/K Buttress Slab DirectVD 311
115K Buttress SlabD 306
116K Kole AreteV6 6b 11
117Ko'dV2 5b 9
118Ko'd (no ledge)V4 6a 4
119K Buttress CrackS 4a *82
120K Buttress Crack DirectS 4c 8
121Wrong Hand RouteE1 5c *193
122SkarlatiE2 5b *32
123Fern ChimneyD 60
124Bracken CrackVD 211
125TomeV2 5c *2
126The BookendV4 6b 14
127Bookend RightV5 6b 3
128The Plumber has LandedV4 6a 1
129Down to EarthE4 6a 55
130Crunchy Nuts/DebVS 5a 80
131StonedV2 5b 1
132Petered OutV0 4c 8
133Wee LassieVS 5a 3
134Special KHVS 5a 11
 Climb nameGradex
135Dead Mouse CrackHS 5a 28
136Hanging CrackS 4a 19
137BamboozerV5 *11
138Spikef7B ***1
139JasmineE6 6b **28
140Access AccountE3 6a 17
141Wrinkled WallVS 4c **978
142Old and WrinkledHVS 5a *169
143The CreaseE1 5a **655
144Sinuous CrackD *209
145Duff PaddyV4 6a 1
146Save DinnomiteV4 6a 2
147Way RoodV0 5a 3
149Twiglet WallV2 5c 1
150Monster MunchV3 6a 1
151CleopatraVS 4c 9
152Samson's DelightHS 4c 183
153Dirty Stop OutE2 5b *65
154DelilahS 4b 71
155Delilah CrackV0+ 5b 13
156Short CurveVD *258
157The Business BoyV4 6b 4
158The Business BoyE1 6b 9
159Czech MateVS 5a 2
160SnuggazzabugHS 4b 4
161N.B. CornerM 104
162Big BenVS 4b 56
163ParliamentHVS 5b 60
164Neb Buttress DirectHVS 5a ***136
165AuricleE2 5c **275
166Jumping Jack LonglandE3 5c *40
167Neb ButtressHVS 5a ***482
168Bamford RibHVS 5a **598
169Holly CrackVD 15
170Bramble CrackD 71
171The Happy WandererHVS 5a **401
172ReachVS 4c 353
173Bamford WallS 4a **1121
174Bamford ButtressS 4a *551
175Busy Day at BamfordHVS 5a 61
176Twin CracksVS 4b 120
177Custard's Last StandVS 5b 4
178Deep CleftM *140
179OracleVS 4b *219
180Sterling MossE4 6b *1
181OntosE3 6b **28
182Fatal InheritanceE4 6a 3
183PurgamentumE4 6b  
184Trouble with LichenHVS 5a *58
185Slanting SlabM *119
186Grey DaysE2 5c 2
187Three Little PigsHVD 4a 5
188MurV0+ 5b 6
189FenteV0- 4c 6
190CannalureV1 5b 6
192Slab and Crack AreteHD 18
193Slab and Crack (Bamford)D 217
194MoglichkeitVS 4b 73
195Plimsoll LineHVS 5b 22
196PortholeHVS 5b 132
197PortsideS 4a 283
198Portside StartV0- 4a 20
199Leaning SlabVD 382
200A Treat for the GimpV0 5a 17
201Sloop John BHD 4b 4
202Trango 2 Left AreteHS 4c 12
203Trango 2E3 5c 22
204Trango 2 Right AreteHS 4b 12
206DreamD 9
207QuinceVD 8
208SnugHVD 10
209Midsummer MadnessHS 4b 9
210Dawn and DuskS 4b 7
211The Curse of the Shortening DayS 4b 9
212Midsummer WallVD 11
213Bilberry AreteVD 12
214Cold TurkeyHVD 4a 11
215Overindulgence AreteHS 4b 10
216Trogolodyte's RouteD 10
217Christmas PuddingVD 11
218Christmas PresentVD 12
219Christmas CrackerD 18
220A Traditional ChristmasHS 4b 9
221Paxo AreteS 4a 8
222Chestnut ChimneyD 11
223MistletoeS 4c 9
224IvyVD 13
225HollyVD 18
226Bellyflop ExtravaganzaHVD 4a 7
227Feast of StephenHS 4c 10
228WenceslasD 15
229EbenezerS 4c *17
231Jumping the GunHS 4b 17
232Shadow WallVS 5a *264
233Life During WartimeE3 5c 47
234Randy's WallVS 5a **283
235Magnum ForceVS 5b *81
236SpringboardE1 5a 7
237Gunpowder CrackVS 5b **481
238Master BlasterE1 5c *37
239Loader's BayD 236
240AmmoS 4a 342
241Long JohnVS 5b *84
242Three Real Men DancingV4 20
243Green ChimneyD 144
244Artillery CornerD 355
245GangwayVD 370
246Gangway Variation StartS 4b 70
247Gangway DirectHS 4c 68
248Green ParrotVS 5b 188
249A Minah VariationV3 6a 8
250Bosun's SlabM 424
251Concave SlabM 424
252Convex or PerplexedVS 5b 106
253Adjacent SlabD 330
254Adjacent Slab (Direct)S 4c 78
255HypotenuseM *450
256OppositeS 4a 441
257VertigoHS 4c *305
258Armed and DangerousE4 6a 13
259Dynamite GrooveHVS 5b 11
260Funny SideS 29
261TopsideHS 13
262Sunny SideS 4a 182
263Right SideS 4a 59
264Slopey SideE1 5c 35
265Downpour *HS 4b  
266Gasbag *E2 5c * 
267Neb Buttress/Bamford Rib combo *VS 4c *2
268Slab And Crack *D 2
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