Clodgy Point

Climbs 163 – Rocktype Greenstone – Altitude 5m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
Problems as well as their descriptions (roughly) are taken from the 2007 guide found at so they can be ticked according to that.

THE BEST bouldering in St. Ives! The boulders and faces on the foreshore around Clodgy Point have become popular as a forcing ground for hard problems and are home to many of the area’s test-pieces. Clodgy is a very accessible venue almost entirely unaffected by tides. There are top quality problems throughout the grades with everything from lowball traverses to highball scare-fests. Boomerang (V7) and The Groove (V8) are particularly notable.

Approach notes
The nearest car park is found at the western end of Porthmeor Beach. From here, follow the South-West Coast Path for about a kilometre until a wooden gate is reached. The Summit Boulders are seen ahead, with most of the bouldering lying seawards from there. More detailed access notes can be found in the online guide.

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
21V1 5c  
32VB 4c 2
43VB 3a 1
53 Sit StartVB 3c 1
64VB 3a 1
74 Sit Start.VB 3c  
85VB 4b  
96V0+ 5b 1
107V1 5b/c 1
128VB 4a  
139VB 3a 4
1410AVB 4b 1
1510BVB 4b 1
1610CV0 5b 1
1711AVB 4b/c 1
1811BV2 5c 1
1912VB 3a 4
2013V0- 4c 3
2114VB 4b 2
2215VB 4b 3
2316AV1 5c *5
2416BV3 6a * 
2517VB 4b  
2617 Sit StartVB 4c  
2718V0 5b  
2819V0 5b  
2920VB 3c  
3020 Sit StartVB 4a  
3121VB 4b  
3221 Sit StartVB 4c 1
3322V1 5c  
3423V0 5b 1
3524VB 3a 1
3625V0- 5b  
3726VB 4b  
3827VB 5a  
3928VB 4a  
4129VB 4a  
4230VB 4b  
4331V0 5b 1
4432V3 6a 1
4533A - Climax WallV0- 4c *3
4633BV0+ 5b  
4734 - The GrooveV8 6c ** 
4834 Sit Start - The Groove is in the HeartV10 *** 
5035VB 4a  
5136VB 4a  
5237VB 4a  
5338AVB 4b  
5438BVB 3c 1
5539AVB 4b  
5639BVB 4b  
5840V0+ 5b  
5941VB 4c * 
6042VB 4b *1
6143VB 4b 1
6244VB 4c  
6345VB 3a 2
6446VB 3a 2
6547VB 3b 1
6648VB 4a 1
6749VB 4a  
6850 - Camel AreteV0+ 5b **2
6951V2 5c  
7052 - The Camel's NoseV2 5c **2
7153VB 3a 5
7254VB 3a 4
7355VB 4b 2
7456VB 4b *4
7557VB 4b 4
7658VB 3a 4
7859VB 3a 5
7960VB 4a 4
8061VB 4a 5
8162VB 3a 5
8274A - Undercut Wall TraverseV4 6a * 
8374BV3 5c *1
85Northern TrackV5 6b **6
86WalkaboutV3 6a/b **7
87BoomerangV7 ***20
88J.R.AV2 5c **11
89BloodlustV6 ***36
90Bloodlust OriginalV8 ***4
91Salad FingersV8 6c *6
92Barrel of LaughsV8 6c 5
93Tramp WallV4 6b **13
94Pebble TraverseV4 6a **16
95CircumnavigationV9 6c  
96VictoriaV5 6b 11
97UluruV6 10
98161V2 6a 7
99Butterfly WallV3 6a **2
100TortoiseshellV2 5c *2
101122VB 4c 2
102123VB 123 2
103124VB 4a 3
104125VB 4b 3
105126VB 4b *3
106127VB 4c 3
10787VB 3c *7
108158 Sit StartV0- 5a 4
109159V0- 5a 6
11091. Bam - BamV1 6a 6
11192VB 3a 4
11293V0+ 5c 5
113158 - Sit StartVB 5a 5
114154 Sit StartV0- 5a 4
115156V1 5c 2
116153aV5 6b 1
11764.V0 5a 2
11876V0 5a 1
11994 - Bum ScraperV0 5b 2
12085AVB 4a 3
12185BVB 4b *2
12286V0- 5a *3
12388VB 4b 3
12489VB 4c 3
125Prob 83.V0- 4c 1
126Prob 84.VB 4a 1
127150V1 5c 2
128151VB 4c 2
129152VB 4b *2
13063AVB 4b *1
13163BVB 4b 1
13279V0- 5a 1
13382. The Perched BoulderV0- 5a 1
134The Warm UpV0+ 5b 1
135159aV0 5b 1
136153bV4 6b *1
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