Bell Hagg

Climbs 138 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 252m a.s.l – Faces N

Crag features
A popular training/bouldering spot for the 'middle graders' and worthwhile popping in for a play after a day at Rivelin. Excellent problems (some quite high - up to 9m - gulp!) on good rock which can be green early in the year. Most problems are between B0 and B4 (4c and 6a).

Access notes
Park/alight near the Hallamshire Golf Course in Lodge Moor, Sheffield. A track leads 50m left of the Clubhouse to an alley, then the start of the edge.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Burbage, Millstone and Beyond (2006),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 1 (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2MajuD 8
3MbiliVD 8
4Mbili CrackM 7
5End Crack AreteVD 11
6End CrackVD 11
7Elbow RoomVS 4c 4
8Church SpireVS 5a 4
9Church TowerM 10
10The Hand TraverseE1 5a * 
11FurherbuchVS 4c 2
12Amen CornerVD 23
13The WiggE2 5c 2
14Burglar in my BedroomE5 6b  
15Love You RockV0 4c 8
16GetawayV2 28
17CrimeV0- *41
18PunishmentV4 10
19BreakingV0 *40
20EnteringV0 36
21Grand LarcenyV0- 30
22Petty TheftV1 27
23Suspended SentenceV0 24
24Amen Corner RightS 4a 28
25Men OnlyHS 4c 9
26LowV4 6a **33
27HighV1 5b 53
29JanV0- 44
30Len's EdgesV3 **30
31Len's AreetV1 5c **63
32Len's Areet Low startV3 6a 15
33AlleluiaV0 5a 51
35Left of All HallowsV2 5c 7
36All HallowsHVS 5b *14
37Green ThinkingE5 6b 3
38BroomstickS 4a 23
39GreymalkinS 4a 20
40Cauldron CrackS 4a 15
41Witch's WallHS 4b 12
42BewitchedE1 5b  
44Nunn's TraverseV1 5c 5
45Monk's Other BulgeV0- 11
46Monk's BulgeV1 5b 24
47Nunn's EliminateV3 6a 44
48Nunn's RightV4 6b 23
49The Spike ProblemV1 5c 28
50Griff's VariantVS 5a 15
51Hangman's AreteVS 4b 23
52Hangman's Arete Direct StartVS 5b 15
53The NooseE2 6a 8
54PhlegmVS 5a 22
55Holly CrackS 8
56Birch SlabD 13
57Mantleshelf SlabD 11
58MantelpieceVS 4c 1
59ToytussE1 5b  
60Rodger's Arêtef5 22
61Scruffy CornerVD 4
62Prow AreteVD 8
63Prow WallVD 7
64Dim 'n' DismalVD 9
66Banner's RidgeE1 5b 38
67Banner's Ridge RightV1 5c 10
68Black CrackVS 5a 4
69SteptoeS 4a 4
70The Brigf5 18
71The Brig (route)E1 5c *21
72Brown's Unmentionablef5 32
73Brown's Unmentionable (route)HVS 5a **36
74Rockfax Fax09 P24V1 4
75Lurcher DirectV3 ***54
76The LurcherHS 4c *36
77The WhippetV12 7a  
78Old HaggS 4a 6
79Cave CreationV10  
80Lurcher's Side NoseV0- 4c 11
81Lurcher's NoseV1 5c 24
82Lurcher's Nose Sit StartV3 6b 17
83Lurcher's Nose FrontV4 19
84Nose Arete RightV2 6a 18
85Sitdown GrooveV4 6b 10
86Solly's AreteV5 6b 8
87Scoop AreteVS 5a 2
88Scoop Arete variationHS 4b 10
89The ScoopVD 12
90Ash Tree Wall LeftV0- 4c 14
91Ash Tree Wall MiddleV0 5a 14
92Ash Tree Wall RightV0+ 5b 11
93Ash Tree Wall (route)VD 12
94Black FlakeV1 5b 9
96HaggledS 4b 4
97Flaky WallVS 4b 2
98Green WallVD 9
99The Barrel Slap LeftV2 6a 7
100The Barrel Slap ProblemV4 6b 10
101M and SS 4a 4
102Birch Tree ChimneyVD 7
103Marvin HagglerHVS 6a  
104The Inverted AreteHVS 4c  
105Green GoldHVS 4c 2
106Rowan Wall/Roman WallVS 4a 7
107FangD 12
108DentureVD 8
109No NameD 12
110NamelessVD 8
111No Words to SayHVS 5a 2
112The InnominateS 10
113The BelleD 15
114The Flying Pig VariantHVS 5a 11
115The HaggHVS 4c 13
116DribbleD 9
118Sputum TraverseV5 6b 2
119SpunkyV0+ 5b 7
120Hole WallV0- 4a 10
121SputumV0 5a 18
122SpigoloV0- 4b 10
123SpasmVS 5a 12
124Spasm RightHVS 5b 1
125Cave WallVD *8
126Hyde's MantleshelfHVS 5b **28
127LeoHVS 5b **8
128GangwayD 6
130Birch ButtressS 4a 5
131Son of a BirchV3 6a 1
132Philosopher's SlabVD 10
133Alchemist's SlabVD 13
134AlkaliVS 4b 8
135VarappeHS 4b 2
137The Lost AreteV2 5c *4
138Hanging at the HaggV1 5b 3
139Savage DogV2 6a 3
140MuzzledHVS 5b 2
141The Goblin/The Forgotten CrackS 4a 7
142Master's RevengeV4 6a 5
143The Missing RibV1 5b 10
144FinaleS 4a 4
145Muffin Crack *M 1
146Sorcerer's Slab *S 1
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