Chapel-le-Dale Lower Tier

Climbs 114 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces SE

Approach notes
Take the 'Chapel-le-dale church' turn into the village and follow this for half a mile until you pass into an open field. Park on the grassy verge and then walk further along the road past another wall before turning uphill and through a gate.

Yorkshire Limestone (2005)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Zebra CrossingVD  
3Ox HeartVD  
4Tiger ClawsVS 4c  
5Bulldog ClipS  
6DragonflyVS 4c  
7Bird BrainS *1
8Horse SenseVD **1
9SheepishM * 
11Monkey WrenchVD **3
12Fowling PieceS *2
13CrowbarVS 5a * 
17BushedHVS 5a **5
18Model T FordMVS 4c 12
19Tricky DickyD *20
20Peanut CarterD *11
21Hoover DamD 9
22Monroe DoctrineMVS 4b 6
23ReagonomicsE2 6b * 
24Teddy BoyE1 5b *1
25Woody WilsonVS 4c 4
26Cape KennedyVS 5a 1
28Lincoln MemorialMVS 4b 7
29Jefferson AirplaneMVS 4b *18
30Monica ClintonE1 6a *3
31General IkeE1 5c *3
32Truthful GeorgeHVS 5b *4
33Bishop TutuHVS 5b 4
34Nelson MandelaVS 5a 11
 MAIN - LH  
36Mini MouseD 5
37Pram PusherD 5
38Taxi DriverS 6
39Tram ConductorS 8
40Donkey ManD 15
41Donkey EngineS *22
42Fly WeightD 11
43Fly PaperS 4a *15
44Flying FoxVD 14
45Flying MachineD 12
46Fly TrapD 17
47FlynetS *26
48RampantS *27
49Pussy CatVD 26
 MAIN - RH  
51CatalogueD *26
52DuetS 10
53BullringD *31
54Dressed CrabVD 4
55DovetailHS 4a *25
56Lynx EyedS **38
57Goggle EyedHS 4a 17
58Eye BalledMS **45
59Eyes of the LawMVS 4b **24
60Minds EyeVS 4c **18
61O My EyeVD 2
62Granny KnotVD 5
63Close RelationD 1
64Country CousinsVD 3
65Mother MaryS 3
66Sister SueD 5
67Father TedD 5
68Uncle JoeS 9
69Aunt SallyVS 5a 2
70JumperVD 7
71Apron StringsHS 4b 7
73BusbyD 9
74SlacksS *14
75BustleD 10
76TweedsHS **31
77FrockS 6
78ShawlVD 13
79SpatHVS 5a 5
80Dicky BowMS 14
81SmockHVS 5a *5
82TammyE1 5b *5
83White Tie and TailsHVS 5b 1
84String VestD 13
85JadedS 13
86Precious StoneMS 20
87OpalesenceMVS 4b *5
88OpalescenceMVS 4b *6
89Ruby LipsVS 4c 2
91Jimmy JewelMS 8
92Diamond ClaspHS 4b *9
93GemstoneVD 7
94Emerald EyesMVS 4b *3
95Best FriendE1 5b **4
96Top DogHVS 5a 4
97Dog TrotMVS 4b 1
98BulldogMVS 4b  
99Not A Dog's ChanceVD 1
100Lucky DogD 1
101Dog FightVD 1
102Dogger BankVS 5a **2
103Gone to the DogsVS 5a **4
104HangdogS 4
106Take ShelterD 1
107ShieldMS 1
109BroadswordS 1
110LongbowHS 4b  
111CrossbowHS 4a  
113Jefferson Airplane (boulder)f4 1
114Monica Clinton (Boulder SDS)f6A+ 1
115General Ike (Boulder SDS)f6A 1
116New Mat Tickf6A+ 1
117Truthful George (Boulder)f5+ 1
118Guiseley Guilef6C 1
119Bishop Tutu (Boulder)f5 1
120Low Moralsf6B+ 1
121DomeE1 5b *1
122White House MantelMVS 4c *1
123White House Mantel Sitterf6A+ 6a 1
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The Umbrella Overhangs makes a reasonable bouldering venue in an area where there isn't much about. Landing is flat but a few blocks make a mat helpful. Adding sit-down starts bumps the grades up a bit. Will add them to the route lists.
Paul Clarke - 28/Sep/14
Bumped into the farmer the other day who is very happy to allow climbers but did ask that we park in the layby back down by the church if possible. A bit further to walk but a small price to pay to allow us to climb at this lovely little crag.
Frankie boy - 01/May/14
lovely setting - v short - bit midgy on lower tier as trees and less exposed - good to do a climb and continue to mid tier / upper tier
andy gittins - 23/Jun/12