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These details were last updated on 21/Oct/2008

Indoor Climbing Wall

Indoors, UNKNOWN

Climbs 68 – Rocktype Artificial – Altitude ? – Faces ?

Crag features
A generic crag used for climbing wall routes. It has no location and does not refer to any specific climbing wall. Please don't send updates or submit new routes to this crag.

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGradex
1Wall Route F22 2
2Wall Route F33 9
3Wall Route F3+3+ 8
4Wall Route F44a 41
5Wall Route F4+4c 40
6Wall Route F55a 61
7Wall Route F5+5c 69
8Wall Route F6a6a 86
9Wall Route F6a+6a+ 77
10Wall Route F6b6b 84
11Wall Route F6b+6b+ 45
12Wall Route F6c6c 43
13Wall Route F6c+6c+ 15
14Wall Route F7a7a 22
15Wall Route F7a+7a+ 10
16Wall Route F7b7b 5
17Wall Route F7b+7b+ 1
18Wall Route F7c7c 2
19Wall Route F7c+7c+ 1
20Wall Route F8a8a 3
21Wall Route F8a+8a+ 1
22Wall Route F8b8b  
23Wall Problem VBVB 11
24Wall Problem V0-V0- 9
25Wall Problem V0V0 14
26Wall Problem V0+V0+ 10
27Wall Problem V1V1 49
28Wall Problem V2V2 52
29Wall Problem V3V3 29
30Wall Problem V4V4 24
31Wall Problem V5V5 7
32Wall Problem V6V6  
33Wall Problem V7V7 1
 Climb nameGradex
34Wall Problem V8V8 1
35Wall Problem V8+V8+  
36Wall Problem V9V9  
37Wall Problem V10V10  
38Wall Problem V11V11  
39Wall Problem V12V12  
40Wall Problem V13V13  
41Wall Problem V14V14  
42Wall Problem V15V15  
43Wall Problem font 3f3  
44Wall Problem font 3+f3+  
45Wall Problem font 4f4  
46Wall Problem font 4+f4+  
47Wall Problem font 5f5 1
48Wall Problem font 5+f5+  
49Wall Problem font 6af6A  
50Wall Problem font 6a+f6A+ 4
51Wall Problem font 6bf6B 5
52Wall Problem font 6b+f6B+ 5
53Wall Problem font 6cf6C 7
54Wall Problem font 6c+f6C+ 3
55Wall Problem font 7af7A  
56Wall Problem font 7a+f7A+  
57Wall Problem font 7bf7B  
58Wall Problem font 7b+f7B+  
59Wall Problem font 7cf7C  
60Wall Problem font 7c+f7C+  
61Wall Problem font 8af8A  
62Wall Problem font 8a+f8A+  
63Wall Problem font 8bf8B  
64Wall Problem font 8b+f8B+  
65Wall Problem font 8cf8C  
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Good way to keep track of your progress though
adamwesthead - 23/Jan/13

This is hilarious.
Rachel Slater - 31/Oct/12

I think it is a joke - and brilliant.
Gordon Stainforth - 03/Mar/12

Makes me realise that maybe I'm not that sad after all.
Ciderslider - 03/Mar/12

Blimey. I thought this was a joke when I saw it in a logbook.
Ander - 26/Jul/11