Kinder Southern Edges

Climbs 283 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 600m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
A collection of rounded tors and crags set in fine position on the edge of the Kinder plateau. A superb place for midweek solitude, and although the routes will seldom be in pristine condition, that's part of their charm. Rounded breaks, rough holds and weird pockets abound. Enjoy the following superb routes, Herford's Route (VS 4c), Arabia (E3 5c), Gillott's Point (HVS 5a), Voyagers Destination (E2 5c) and Sons of the Desert (E7 6b). The best, and most continuous crags, Upper Tor and Nether Tor have separate entries on the database.

Approach notes
From parking midway between Barber Booth and Upper Booth, walk through Upper Booth and follow the Pennine Way Alternative Route up Jacob's Ladder to the western (left-hand) end of the outcrops (1 hr). Alternatively for the eastern most crags, approach as for Upper and Nether Tors, but continue onto the plateau's edge and walk west.

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Scrambles in the Dark Peak (2012), Over the Moors (2012), Western Grit (2009), Peak District : Climbing (2008), Peak Climbs - Kinder and Bleaklow (1990),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2My CrackVD 6
3Your CrackM 8
4LumpyD 8
5ScoopyVD 6
6PlumpyHD *2
7ShaggyD 6
9Gather Ye GritbuddsE1 5c *1
10After The Rainf7A **4
11Where's Huffy's?f7A **5
12It Never Rains, It Poursf6C **4
13OutlookD 28
14Rock BottomVS 4c 4
15Pencil SlimVS 4c *6
16AvatorE1 5b *9
17Traverse and CrackVD 26
18Well SuitedE3 5c **1
19Bending CrackVD *33
20Straight CrackD 12
21Winter's BlockE2 5b *2
22Hand of the MediciE4 6a *10
23Creme EggsE5 6c *6
24Layback CrackHVD 16
25Our DoorstepVS 4c 7
26StigmataE6 6c **9
27The Mentalist CupboardE7 6c ***1
28Trivial PursuitsVS 4c *1
29Help Meeee!E5 6b *1
31Front ClimbVD 5
33Colonel HathiS 4b 1
34Morrison's RouteS 4a *14
35Hartley's RouteE1 5b **9
36Herford's RouteHVS 5a ***42
37Dewsbury's RouteE1 5b *1
39Billie-goat GroughHVS 5c  
41Five o'clock ShadowE1 5b 1
42Bristle ChimneyS 4b 2
43Flake and ChimneyVS 5a  
44Short ChimneyHVD 4
45Pear ChimneyVS 4c *1
46SutureE2 5b *1
47Kensington Left CrackVS 4a 4
48Violent OutburstE2 5b *3
49Kensington Right CrackVD 5
50Alpine SportsS 4a 4
51Kensington High StreetVD 4
52Snow and RockVD 4
53Fashion StatementE3 5c ***1
54BethanE5 6c ** 
55Privileged and PleasureE3 5b * 
56Club ClassE5 6b  
57KindergartenE1 5b *2
58Piggy and the DukeVS 4c *6
59Bags ThatHS 4b 2
60Dour PowerE2 5b 1
61Sargent DuffyE1 6a 1
62Magic MushroomE1 6a  
64NightflightE4 6b *2
65Olympus ExplorerE1 5b *2
66Indianapolis SlabVS 4c 11
67Grassy ChimneyD 10
68Sons of the DesertE7 6b **2
69Groove RiderE7 6b ** 
70ArabiaE3 5c ***8
71Central RouteVS 4c **16
72AsparagusE1 5b **6
73AndromedaE4 6b **1
74Middle ChimneyD *8
75Windy MillerE5 6a * 
76Chimney and Slab VariationsVD *10
77StressVS 4c 1
78Playground TwistHVS 5a  
79Liquid SkinE2 6a * 
80The Dolphin's NoseE2 5c  
81Book at BedtimeE1 5b *1
82Tall StoriesE3 6a  
 ---------- THE EASTERN CRAGS ----------  
84LorriesVS 4c  
85Doyle CarteVS 5a  
86D'oeuilVS 5a  
87The ToilVS 5a  
89Green GutD 4
90Pock WallS  
91Flake ClimbVD 4
92Nail BiteD *6
93SamanthaVS 4c *3
94Slanting GrooveD 4
95Overhanging FlakeHS 3
96NightshiftE1 5b **1
97Gillott's PointE1 5b **3
98Twin StartS 1
99Flakey PastryVD 3
100Grassy CleftM 1
101Inverted VS 1
102Three babbling IdiotsE1 5b **1
103The Powers That BeE1 5b **2
104Perfideo WallHVS 5b *2
105Arrowhead CleftVD 1
106BannockS 1
107Wee LorisE1 5c  
108FirebrandVS 4b 1
109FlueVD 1
110HammockVS 4b 1
112Well Weathered WallS  
114Chinese PuzzleE1 5c  
115Canyon ClimbS  
116Cartridge CrackHVS 5b  
117Ickle AwetHS 1
118Otley CrackS  
119Byne's CrackHVS 5b *5
120Moyer's CrackHS  
121Muteable WallVS 4c  
122TinkerVS 4c  
123Voyagers DestinationE2 5c ** 
124PrecocityVS 4c  
125Garlic SoupHVS 5a  
126Pockety WallS  
127Eagle EyeVS 4c  
128Wimberry PieVS 4c  
129Bilberry SlabVS 4c * 
130Crikey TopVS 4c  
133Left-Hand RouteS 2
134Pocket BlockVS 4c  
135FaithVD 3
138Rookery NookE1 5b * 
139The Black CleftS  
140Crack and CrackHS 4b  
141Rib and CornerHVD 2
144The CrackVD *1
145Central Route (far upper tor)S 1
146Postman's CrackVS 4c  
147Year InS 1
148Year OutVS 4c  
149Two BitsVS 4c  
151Corner ClimbM 5
152First BornVD 2
153Playboy InternationalVS 4c  
154Left-hand RouteM 5
155DiglyphHVS 5b * 
156DiomedeVS 4c  
157Tydeus wallE1 5c * 
158ThesaurusD 3
159Spinning TopS 4a *1
160Yo YoHS 4b *4
161SlapeHS 5a 3
162The Jungle V.I.P.HVS 5a * 
163The FiendHVS 5a *3
164Gulf CrisisD 2
165The ConvertVD 2
166The SlabM *7
167Grindsbrook Clough1 36
168Grindsbrook Clough WinterI/II *7
169Left Hand TributaryII *2
 ---------- UPPER TOR ----------  
171Bolder WayVS 4b 1
172Boulder WayD *5
173Diamond AreteE2 5c * 
174Chockstone ChimneyD 15
175PlumbertimeE4 6b ** 
176Half a FriendHVS 5a *2
177Upper Tor WallHS 4b ***136
178Lost on the Hard ShoulderE2 5c * 
179Hiker's ChimneyHS 4b *12
180Hitching a RideE1 5c 1
181Hiker's CrackS 4a *46
182Hiker's Gully LeftHVD 17
183Hiker's Gully RightS 4a 10
184Hitch HikerVS 4b *17
185Three Flakes of ManE1 5c **8
186The PunterE1 5b *1
187GrunterVS 4b *7
188SnorterVS 4c 7
189Pinnacle GullyM 12
190Scalped Flat TopE2 5c  
191Brain DrainHVS 5b * 
192The Ivory TowerHVS 5b ***42
193Artillery ChimneyHS 4b *25
194Promontory GrooveVD 10
195Cave RibHVS 5a 1
196Cave GullyS 4a 3
197BrutalityE1 5b *6
198GoldfingerVS 5a  
199GreenfingersVS 4c 1
200RobotE3 5c 3
201Chipmunks are GoE3 5c * 
202Do the RocksteadyE7 6c * 
203RobertE2 5c **7
204Pedestal WallHVD *11
205Young TurksE4 6b * 
206The CheesemongerE6 6b * 
207Earth PlumbitE1 5b * 
208Plumber's PassageHVD 3
209Labour ManVS 4c  
210Liberal ManS 4a  
211Tory ManS 4a 3
212Dry the RainE3 6b  
213Concealed CrackHVD 2
214Tiny TorS  
216DopeyS 4a 1
217SleepyS 4a 1
218SneezyVS 4b  
219BridgetS 4a 4
220DozyVD 3
221Brahma WallHVS 5b *1
222Vishnu GrooveVS 4c *1
223Siva CrackHVS 5c * 
 ---------- NETHER TOR ----------  
225Loan ArrangerHS 4b  
226Beautiful LosersE4 6a **2
227Beautiful Losers DirectE3 6a **2
228Moneylender's CrackVS 5a ***29
229Mortgage WallHVS 5b *3
230UsurerHS 4b 1
231Headstone WallHVS 5b  
232Grave CrackHVS 5a  
233Coffin ChimneyVD *1
234ShroudVS 4c  
235Deep ChimneyM 2
236Broken ChimneyVD 6
237Edale BobbyE5 6a **3
238Square CutVD *4
239Kelvin's CornerHS 4b 2
240Linden GrooveVD 2
241The Incarcerated Sock Juggler Versus the Mushroom KidE4 6a  
242Black SevenE1 5c 2
243Crimson WallE2 5c * 
244Snooker RouteVS 5a **10
245Hot Flush CrackHVS 5c **2
246Flash WallVS 5a ***42
247The Thieves KitchenE2 5c ** 
248Bertie Meets Flash Gordon on a Walk to Nether EdgeE1 5b *4
249Recoil RibE3 5c * 
250Edale FlyerVS 4c *3
251'T' Big SurreyE5 6b ***2
252RejoyceHS 4b  
253The SteamerE1 5c *1
254Steam BoatHVS 4c  
255Corner RouteHS 4b  
256Scintillating SnatchE1 5b  
257HannahHS 4b  
258Chasing RainbowsHVS 5a  
259Caesar RidgeVS 4b **1
260Gallery CrackS 4a 3
261C.M.C Induction ProgrammeHVS 5b  
262The Roman NoseVS 4b *4
263Never say Nether AgainE1 5b ** 
264Free WallVS 4b 2
265PedestalS 4a  
266QuickstepHVS 5b  
267Three StepS 4a 6
268RucksackS 4a 3
269ObsessedVS 4c  
270ProcessedVS 5a  
271RecessedHS 4b  
272Birthday BoyS  
273Birthday EpicVS 4b 1
274Two Way RouteD 2
275Weathered WallD 1
276Pocket WallVS 4b *9
277Nose ClimbS 4a *17
278Primitive RouteHS 4c *7
279Primitive FaceHVS 5b  
280Golden CleftHVS 5b 1
281Don's MantelVS 4b  
282Inverted CrackD 1
284BuddenbrooksE1 5c 1
285ScoopVS 4c  
286Scoop WallHS 4b  
287TesselationVS 4b * 
288Scoop CrackS 2
289Split ChimneyVD 3
290AutumnE2 6a *1
291WinterE4 6b ** 
292Cheyenne WalkVS 1
294Crowden clough (Summer)1 **47
295Crowden Clough - Optional Right Hand Finish (summer)2 *2
296Crowden Clough (Winter)II **33
297Ringing Roger (summer)1 5
298Ringing Roger (winter)I/II 1
299The Cloughs (summer)1 **4
301Sinister GrooveMVS 1
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